Happy pi day! 

Unlike us, echinoderms like sea urchins have what is known as radial symmetry – meaning they’re symmetrical around a center point, like a pie. These purple and red sea urchins were observed in Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary off the coast of California. 

(Photo: Steve Lonhart/NOAA)

Science Fact Friday: Homology

I’ve also found this a helpful art tool. Whenever you forget which way a particular joint bends you can just reference your own!

I revamped my Persona! (because I hardly draw it, and it was so detailed and hard to draw from memory)

With this though, the idea was, hey, I really like horror, I’ve always been a fan, I love indulging on movies, games, music, pictures, ect, so why not make a horrorish based persona? Along with adding Cryptid like features because, well, I also have a love for Cryptozoology. But that isn’t all! I tend to help some friends/family calm down if they are freaking out, so this Sona will have a second form that’ll I’ll be drawing shortly. (I didn’t add it in the picture, but it has large bat wings)


  • Left arm: Upper is a humerus, lower is a mannequin(?) like thing.
  • Shoulders, elbows and wrists do not connect to body, floats.
  • Right Arm: Upper is mannequin and lower is a radial and ulna.
  • Claws: Mannequin like, nails are fountain pen quill tips.
  • Feet: Snowey owl feet, fountail quill tips.
  • Tail: Braid that goes down like a tail.
  • Antlers, “Plague Doctor” Bird skull mask, Eight eyes and odd poncho that covers left arm and shoulder.

Goodness it reminds me of something from Pans Labyrinth