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“When they were young, Juana’s and Katherine’s futures appeared promising. They had secured politically advantageous marriages, but their dreams of love and power quickly dissolved, and the unions for which they’d spent their whole lives preparing were fraught with duplicity and betrayal.

They are linked not only by blood, but by their fight against the forces ranged against them, for they were born female in a male-dominated society.”

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Miranda Lambert 'wanted to salvage marriage'

Miranda Lambert reportedly wanted a separation from Blake Shelton, rather than an immediate divorce.

The country music stars announced they were divorcing on Monday, with the confirmation coming out of the blue for fans. Things moved quickly, with a judge almost immediately signing off on the paperwork which Blake had filed a fortnight ago.

However, it’s suggested that Miranda wasn’t completely ready to let their four-year marriage go.

“She wanted to try and make it work, maybe have more of a separation,” a friend of hers told People magazine. “But he said, ‘I’m filing.’”

Blake officially lodged to dissolve the union in Oklahoma on July 6, at which time Miranda had reportedly wanted time to “reflect” on it. It’s suggested the former couple’s schedules meant they didn’t get much time together, and they are also rumoured to have argued about having a family. While Blake, 39, was ready to have children, his 31-year-old wife still wanted to wait.

“It came on very quickly,” a source close to Blake said. “It was very clear that things weren’t going to work out. So he decided to end it. He still loved her very much.”

There has also been speculation about infidelity, with country performer Chris Young lashing out on Twitter yesterday after he was linked to Miranda. He vehemently insisted there was no truth to the rumour, explaining he is friends with both her and Blake and will continue to support them both as they come to terms with the way their lives have changed.

Following this Blake’s fidelity was called into question by a source to TMZ, but that has also been slammed.

“He hasn’t cheated ever, ever, ever. This has really shaken him,” the insider close to him insisted.

Another bone of contention is thought to have been Blake’s appearance on reality TV show The Voice. He’s one of the judges and it’s seen his star skyrocket, which apparently didn’t sit that well with his singer spouse.

“He liked [being a celebrity], which isn’t a negative thing, but it’s just polar opposite to what she wants,” a source added to People. “It was frustrating, and she didn’t want to be part of that machine.”

Miranda and Blake started dating in 2006, with the pair marrying in May 2011.

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