(M)odern fame seems particularly centred on the politics of dissolution. Not only are much of the mass and narrowcast media geared up to attacking the famous, but the famous seem increasingly unable to deal with the amount of (hostile) exposure they get. The intensity of the glare and the totalized nature of the surveillance that they are put and put themselves under creates a vision regime that leaves little if any space for them to be offscreen, out of print, switched off. The famous are caught in the collapse of the public/private and are often forced to be continually in role, in performance, as media beings. So much so, perhaps, that they exist literally only in and through media representation: as made-up beings, with no ‘consciousness’ beyond that… The adoring, obsessive fans play their part in this dissolution of the famous: they live their lives in and through the stars and celebrities they come to worship. They put them under a panopticon of fame which itself can extend into the realms of the psychotic. Obsessive fans blur and confuse the real and the fictional so that the star or celebrity is imagined to respond to, or get in the way of, their wishes and desires.
—  Intimate Fame Everywhere - Sean Redmond

I quite often hear people advocate for Statism because of its alleged devotion to social unity.  In reality, its tendency is the exact opposite.  Statism renders it largely unnecessary for the members of a community to directly interact with one another; its  product is the dissolution of community, in the genuine sense of the word. The United States began not as a national government but as groups of families building independent local communities from the ground up. These local communities then later came together on a national level, but the understanding of local life as the actual heart of community remained in place within this country for ages. Statism by contrast creates a collection of isolated individuals, dependent only upon the state; individuals whose relationship with one another is mediated through the state. Now a mediator tends to be present where there is a breach or a lack of relationship. Therefore the  bigger the state, the weaker the civil society


Many solids can dissolve in liquids like water, and while this is often treated as a matter of chemistry, fluid dynamics can play a role as well. As seen in this video by Beauty of Science, the dissolving candy coating of an M&M spreads outward from the candy. This is likely surface-tension-driven; as the coating dissolves, it changes the surface tension near the candy and flow starts moving away thanks to the Marangoni effect. With multiple candies dissolving near one another, these outward flows interfere and create more complex flow patterns. 

These flows directly affect the dissolving process by altering flow near the candy surface, which may increase the rate of dissolution by scouring away loose coating. They can also change the concentration of dissolved coating in different areas, which then feeds back to the flow by changing the surface tension gradient. (Video and image credit: Beauty of Science)


No matter how enormously successful he may have been at the start, the future of a teen idol once he’s graduated from the warm embrace of boy bandhood is always precarious. Will his star continue to rise to Justin Timberlake (or, for the U.K. crowd, Robbie Williams) status? Or will he become nothing more than a distant, fond memory—a time capsule of a generation’s youthful indiscretion?

That’s the question facing former One Directioner Harry Styles who, a little over a year after his group officially (probably) disbanded, has just made the best case yet for his enduring pop cultural relevance. In going above and beyond his musical guest duties on this week’s S.N.L., Styles proved what his die-hard fans have been saying all along: he’s more than just a haircut.

This wasn’t Styles’s first S.N.L. rodeo; as musical guest, he’s always shown a penchant for hopping into sketches. Not all guest musicians like to try their hands at live sketch comedy, but Styles and the rest of the One Directioners charmingly cropped up on a 2012 “Manuel Ortiz Show” sketch and, briefly, in a 2013 sketch featuring Paul Rudd as their biggest fan. They also endearingly and self-mockingly cameoed in Rudd’s opening monologue.

But none of Styles’s previous, light S.N.L. sketch work could have prepared his fans for his level of involvement in this week’s episode. Perhaps taking a page from his successful S.N.L. collaborations with Justin Timberlake, host Jimmy Fallon had Styles join him in two sketches as well as the episode’s monologue. That monologue appearance was the least challenging part of he played. All Styles had to do was dance and belt out a smidgeon of Bowie—right in his wheelhouse. He did it all while giggling a little at Fallon’s self-seriousness. Who wouldn’t?

But Styles had a much bigger role to play in one of the earliest sketches of the night: an impressions showcase in the guise of a Celebrity Family Feud. By rights, Fallon should have owned this sketch—he very impressively scampered back and forth across the set in order to pull off dueling John Travolta impressions. But Styles sort of stole the show out from under him by unveiling a fearless (if not always entirely accurate) Mick Jagger impression.

As any S.N.L. aficionado will tell you, complete commitment to a bit and a willingness to make a fool of yourself is key to good hosting. Timberlake was fine in a pair of early S.N.L. appearances—but it wasn’t until he showed up in 2003, cool as a cucumber, in a giant omelette costume that he proved once and for all that he could hang with the best Studio 8H had to offer. Styles-as-Jagger also took a tiny dig at his own fledgling solo career, saying, in character, “Solo? Why would anyone in a successful band go solo? That’s insane.” Self-awareness? Also a vital quality for any S.N.L. host.

Styles’s last acting appearance of the night came during a surprisingly effective, high-concept sketch which saw Fallon and a group of Union soldiers slowly turn a traditional Civil War ballad into an infectious pop song. Styles appears as a Rebel prisoner who adds a soulful bridge. The singer’s earnest crooning prompted half of the beard glued to his face to pop off—not a rare issue when it comes to live sketch comedy. Styles handled the malfunction with aplomb, first slapping the beard back on his face when the camera panned away—and then, when it came loose again, just going with it.

But like Timberlake before him, Styles has not lost sight of the gift that made him a star. For all his sketch work in this week’s S.N.L. the singer also performed a pair of songs that sent his longtime fans swooning: his chart-topping single, “Sign of the Times” and a new track, titled “Ever Since New York”

But a successful foray into the world of sketch comedy isn’t the only way Styles is taking cues from Timberlake as he embarks upon his post-One Direction career. The singer recently landed a coveted role in Christopher Nolan’s upcoming prestige drama Dunkirk. Timberlake also followed the dissolution of N*Sync with a few serious film appearances, including Alpha Dog, Black Snake Moan, and, most successfully, The Social Network. Neither Styles nor Timberlake may ever win an acting Oscar, but all that stage presence has to go somewhere—and, depending on how well Dunkirk goes over, we may be at the very beginning of another boy band member’s long perch at the top.

If an early positive review (from Oscar winner Mark Rylance, no less!) is any indication, Styles also knows exactly how to channel that surplus of charisma. Rylance said of his Dunkirk co-star: “He seems remarkable … one of those people—Sean Penn has it, too—a kind of panache. I look at them and think, ‘How did you get that? How do you get so that life is easy?’ But he has got a lovely, lovely character. It’s a gift.” Dunkirk comes out in July. If it’s a palpable hit, we could see Styles make his S.N.L. hosting debut as early as this fall.  -  VANITY FAIR

The Fire Signs - Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius

The spirit of a Fire body conjures the elixir of pure magic,
a fire dance of dream weaving, apparition, revelation, and divine dust that bursts in fireballs of crackling intuition. Aries spins a lucid Alice in Wonderland
imagination into a live playground, spiraling down the chorus of cosmos and reaching new heights in captivating flight,
flinging into the universe headfirst without hesitation or hindrance. Leo is ripe and ready to revel in the celebration of life and being, the eternal
cosmic spectacle that fire twirls under the sun and spins under the spotlight
of stars. Everything is grand, beautiful, and coated in a reverent inferno.The Sagittarius mind is ablaze with philosophical riches and colourful
worldly wisdom. Their enchanted bow and arrow is shot into the
golden radiance of heaven, and as they ride, they fly, rolling through the
musings of the moon and the thoughts of the sky Gods and angels

The Earth Signs - Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Sensuality nourishes the mind, body, and spirit with earth. As we return to the gentle rhythms of the seasons, earth grounds us with simplicity, to breathe in the fresh country air, to feel the moisture of the ocean kissing your skin, to manage the equilibrium that always returns to stability.
Earthy individuals are aligned with time, detail, and consolidation.They process stimulus logically and with a sort of naturalistic poetry. Often there is an introverted and internalized quality about earth people. Taurus is the music of mother earth, Virgo is the embroidery of natural perfection, and Capricorn is the soul of earthly wisdom.
They are withdrawing, focused, and intelligent, in touch with the physical body and typically responsive to its needs. This is why earthy people can go on binges and detoxes naturally, they just listen to the voice of their body

The Air Signs - Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius

Air is the essence that travels through every body and
every spirit. It is the medium that human beings speak and communicate through. Air exists within all of us, this invisible and translucent quality that you can’t grab a hold of for a minute. Thoughts
are invisible and opaque too
this is why Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius people can float through life in an air bubble, cushioned by veiled words and puzzles
The Air signs play the pan flute of the cosmos, inspires the breeze of everyone, breathing in the thoughts and musings of every man
and they swirl in the mind like a spectacular orchestra, the Air sign person inhales language and words, decorates and designs
and like exhaling through the panflute, they turn words into music, they turn thoughts into a melody, poetry, a tactile bliss of sensory delight

The Water Signs - Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces

The water signs symbolize the elements of historical feminine healing; witches, midwives, and nurses. They are the fundamental forces of life, their creative ether is sourced through the womb of the goddess. Music of the invisible world plays a loud orchestra in their ears and emotions are
experienced on a more extensive and intense resonance. Sleep offers a momentary solace, but even dream life tends to be vivid and potent. There is very often an internal demand to retreat in solitude, hideaway from the clamor of the world, conceal themselves within their sanctuary.
Water is the dissolute mirror, where the flap of a butterfly wing seems to send
a whirlpool through the impression; and yet here lies the liquid force so
powerful it holds up whole vessels



Chemistry is…well, technically chemistry is the study of matter. But I prefer to see it as the study of change. Now just think about this. Electrons, they change their energy levels. Molecules, molecules change their bonds. Elements, they combine and change into compounds. Well, that’s all of life, right? I mean, it’s just…it’s the constant. It’s the cycle. It’s solution, dissolution, just over and over and over. It’s growth, then decay, then transformation. It’s fascinating, really.


Russia’s decade after the collapse of the Soviet Union

In 1991, Boris Yeltsin stood atop a tank in front of the parliament building in Moscow and called on the people to resist the communist hardliners in the August coup.

Several months later, at the end of the year, Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev resigned, leaving Yeltsin as the president of Russia.

Fast forward to December 31, 1999: Yeltsin grabbed the world by surprise once again when he resigned during a live televised address.

In between those shock events, Russia went through an enormous economic, social, and political transition as the state tried to adjust to the global economy following the dissolution of the USSR. During that tumultuous decade, Russia was also involved in two Chechen Wars and was slammed by a financial crisis in 1998.

See more here. 

Harry Styles is a master of the middle distance. Look at him turning his right cheek to the camera, strands of wet hair hanging lank, a rogue petal clinging to a clump above his ear: “Sweet Creature is available now. Album is available in ten days. I am available always.” He remains an enigma after spending a half-decade in the world’s most popular boy band and dating one of the world’s biggest pop stars. And yet there’s something about Styles’ combination of roguish charm and eagerness to please that renders him exactly that: available. Leave the right Instagram comment at the right time, and he might show up on your doorstep the next morning with a bag of bagels and coffee with room. The ability to tap into this liminal space between intimacy and detachment is what makes Styles—and Harry Styles, the solo debut he’s releasing about a year and a half after One Direction’s dissolution—so captivating.
—  Pitchfork review

sierra-jk  asked:

Hi! i was wondering if you knew any fics where draco and harry are professors at hogwarts together??? xxx

I sure do! Stories where Harry teaches DADA and Draco potions (or some other Hogwarts subject) are the best! I’ve found that fics where Harry is the DADA professor and Draco is the potions are really typical in the fandom. So I’ve branched out a bit and have tried to include stories where they teach different subjects as well! Enjoy :)

  • Long Time Coming - by charlottesometimes (5k)
    the war is over and much of the Hogwarts staff has died or retired. Harry and Draco work about as well together as professors as they ever did as students.
    (All of the pent up sexual frustration between Draco and Harry is released through the numerous heated arguments they have. I laughed way too much at Draco’s snarky attitude. Note: Harry isn’t actually a professor in this story, he’s actually Headmaster of Hogwarts. But don’t let that stop you from reading this story because it was a great read!) 

  • Professor Potter and his Magical Menagerie - by dracogotgame(7k)
    Harry Potter descends on Hogwarts with a horde of magical beasts. Professor Malfoy is not amused.
    (This is the kind of fanfic that leaves you smiling the whole way through. It’s where Hagrid leaves Hogwarts and Harry takes over his Care of Magical Creatures position. A very sweet story!)

  • All Life is Yours to Miss - by Saras_Girl (114k)
    Professor Malfoy’s world is contained, controlled, and as solitary as he can make it, but when an act of petty revenge goes horribly awry, he and his trusty six-legged friend are thrown into Hogwarts life at the deep end and must learn to live, love and let go.
    (Okay, I totally fell head over heels for Draco in this story. Harry and Draco are both professors at Hogwarts. Draco accidently petrifies Harry for the better part of two-thirds of the story, so he has to take over Harry’s classes and responsibilities. It’s a very Draco-centric story and really, it’s a journey of self-discovery for Draco. It was lovely to get to know this side of him, the side that nobody else sees. Oh my god! Okay wait I almost forgot to mention Stanley, who is Draco’s beetle pet and is the most adorable critter ever!)

  • Tea For Two - by betweentheloins (14k)
    Draco Malfoy is the last person that Harry expected to be working alongside when he took the open Defense Against The Dark Arts position at Hogwarts, but now there’s nothing to do but put their past behind them.
    (This was honestly the most beautiful, lovely, and heartwarming fic I have ever had the pleasure of reading! Harry and Draco’s relationship was just perfect! There were so many cute and wonderful scenes, I don’t have enough time to quote them all but asgghklkls!!1!1! I loved every moment of this story!)

  • Lessons in Humility - by playout (86k)
    After the dissolution of his marriage and a good bit of soul-searching, Harry returns to Hogwarts as the new Defense teacher. Go figure, it happens to be the same year Draco takes over the role of Potions Master. Neither man is happy about this turn of events. Will they be able to set aside their differences and learn a thing or two about trust and humility on the way?
    (A total classic. Domestic Drarry always gives me life, and the sheer amount of fluff in this story was beautiful)

  • Potions Professor Pursuit - by Reverie Wilde (143k)
    It’s 2004. Harry, 24, has left the Auror program to become a Professor at Hogwarts. He enjoys the quiet life he has there until a new Potions professor is hired. Harry quickly become completely smitten, though too insecure to reveal his true feelings. Especially when the object of his desire seems to have interest elsewhere.
    (I really loved reading the last few chapters of this story because they were especially sweet and fluffy! Draco’s jealousy was superbly written, and overall it really was amazing)

  • Transfigurations - by Resonant (71k)
    Five years after Voldemort’s defeat, Harry returns to England to help re-open Hogwarts.
    (If you haven’t read this story before, then you’re totally missing out! It was written before OotP was released so there are some canon variances, but that just what makes the fic more enjoyable and entertaining to read! There’s quite a few plot twists - which is always amazing to see in a story - and the storyline itself is so intricate and detailed. A+ fanfic for sure)

  • Homecoming - by November Snowflake (27k)
    Harry thinks spending two weeks as a guest lecturer at Hogwarts will offer the perfect chance to get away from his troubles. Then he meets his assigned faculty guide: Potions Master Draco Malfoy.
    (The characterizations of Harry and Draco are perfect! I love how the author was able to keep this fic epilogue compliant, and the divorce and issues between Harry and Ginny were brilliantly done)

  • Everybody’s Secret - by leontina (3k)
    Harry and Draco are both professors at Hogwarts, and in a relationship with each other. They think they’re doing a good job keeping it secret — they’re not.
    (This is such a cute, funny and adorably fluffy fic! There’s so many hilarious moments and scenes, you’ll definitely love reading it!)

Black Butler Episode Moodboards - 1x22 “His Butler, Dissolution”

“You’ve lived in the darkness. A little dimness shouldn’t put you out in the least.”

Everything that we did together happened! Whether you want to believe it or not. Whether you want to remember it or not. And I am here, and I know you. You can’t just erase people. You can’t just erase me. It’s not how it works.
—  Jessa (Girls Season 6, Episode 6: Full Disclosure)
See Harry Styles Play Mick Jagger, Perform New Songs on 'SNL'
Harry Styles took over 'Saturday Night Live' as the One Direction singer popped up in multiple sketches while also serving as musical guest.

Harry Styles took over Saturday Night Live as the One Direction singer popped up in multiple sketches while also serving as musical guest.

 In one sketch, “Celebrity Family Feud: Time Travel Edition,” Styles was called upon to play a young Mick Jagger, with Styles hilariously embellishing the Rolling Stones singer’s trademark mannerisms.

When Kenan Thompson’s Steve Harvey complimented Jagger’s solo output, the singer responded, “Solo? Why would anyone in a successful band go solo? That is insane,” a nod to the (temporary?) dissolution of Styles’ One Direction.

The “Celebrity Family Feud” bit was one of three sketches that the singer and burgeoning actor appeared in as Styles planted the seeds for a potential  SNL hosting/musical guest double duty spot in the not-to-distant future.

Styles also made a cameo during Jimmy Fallon’s David Bowie-inspired opening monologue, then reappeared again during the a musical sketch about Civil War soldiers around a campfire: link

On top of all the sketch appearances, Styles also debuted a new acoustic number titled “Ever Since New York,” a track off his upcoming self-titled solo LP : link

Styles also delivered an impassioned rendition of “Sign of the Times,” the first single off Harry Styles, due out May 12th: link

anonymous asked:

could you do teacher(s) Drarry please?


All Life is Yours to Miss by Sara’s Girl (114k)
Professor Malfoy’s world is contained, controlled, and as solitary as he can make it, but when an act of petty revenge goes horribly awry, he and his trusty six-legged friend are thrown into Hogwarts life at the deep end and must learn to live, love and let go.
(This fic OWNS ME. It’s so dear to me, one of the few that truly resonates with me on a personal level. I love following Draco’s journey in this.)

Professor Potter and His Magical Menagerie by dracogotgame (7.5k)
Harry Potter descends on Hogwarts with a horde of magical beasts. Professor Malfoy is not amused.
(I love the writing style in this, it is all kinds of hilarious. So much brilliance crammed into this short lil’ fic, obliviousness, awkward flirting, yesssss.)

Only For The Lucky by SunseticMonster (73k)
Things seem to be going well for Draco Malfoy after the war. He’s working as a professor at Hogwarts and makes the papers all the time for his charitable contribution to Muggle causes.But when Malfoy is rushed into St Mungos hospital for a psychotic break, Healer Harry Potter realizes that Malfoy’s success is not all what it seems and sometimes luck can have more than one meaning.
(One of my big faves, I love the characterization of Draco in it. It’s so angsty and hilarious and all around excellent. I have so many favorite scenes.)

Draco’s Delicious Dilemma by darkmagicalgirl (5k)
Draco Malfoy bravely deals with new coffee shops, Harry Potter, low-sympathy coworkers, feelings, free muffins, Looks, and some extremely rude signage.
(I am still laughing over this one, it is a real treat. Sassy shop signs, Harry is a cinnamon roll, they give each other Looks. You won’t want to miss this one.)

The Critiquer by dysonrules (24k)
When Harry submits his cock photo to a renowned Cock Critiquer and gets a terrible review, he decides to take a photography class to hopefully improve his skills.
(A classic. I love this fic so much, it is cracktastic and really well-written. Great characterizations. Teacher!fic because Draco teaches a photography class!) 

More Than That by joosetta (10k)
This is a story about two 52 year old men who refuse to age gracefully.
(Meaning they are total dorks, lmao. There’s a softness to them in this, it begins all casual but then before they know it, they’re in love. Siigh.)

Lessons in Humility by playout (86k)
After the dissolution of his marriage and a good bit of soul-searching, Harry returns to Hogwarts as the new Defense teacher. Go figure, it happens to be the same year Draco takes over the role of Potions Master. Neither man is happy about this turn of events. Will they be able to set aside their differences and learn a thing or two about trust and humility on the way? (Spoiler Alert: Yes. Very much so.)
(ALL THE SWEET AMAZING FLUFF AND DOMESTICITY. I could honestly cry with all the feels this fic gives me. So lovely, so funny, so so good.)

Newts by astolat (13k)
“I’m twenty-eight!” Harry said. “I’ve been an Auror for ten years! You want me to go back to Hogwarts now?“
(Only Drarry can go from trying to constantly one-up each other to shagging each other senseless at every opportunity like this. LOVE IT.)


Are You There, God? It’s Me, Draco by floweringjudas (20k)
Harry and Draco are straight Aurors. Then they’re gay teachers. It makes sense in context.
(I’ll admit I haven’t actually read this one yet, but a friend of mine is BEGGING me to add it to this list because it made her laugh so much. So there!)


Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jackson

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 4,074

Summary:  You’re a medical intern, always a perfectionist and used to being the best at everything you do. Jackson Wang is the male nurse beloved by everyone and constantly on your nerves. When you two are brought together, it could be the best or the worst thing that’s ever happened.

Originally posted by got7official

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getting Real

All you see, hear, and feel during meditation are the thrashings of the mind as it begrudgingly melts into Stillness.

Meditation is the difference between knowing truth and being truth.

It is the key to remembering and experiencing what you really are: endless, boundless divinity. 

Your fear of stillness is not unique to you, nor is your fear of infinity. Everyone possesses this fear to a degree. It is the ego’s fear of dissolution and abandonment. 

The ego is identification. The ego is the part of you that wants to know itself, to rid itself of some things and gain other things, and finally to change the world to mirror itself.

The ego in its most simple form is the image that you have of yourself and how that shapes the image that you have of the world. The ego is made of judgements, opinions, insights, and perceptions. It defends these things as much as possible and is very concerned with being ‘right’.

Abandoning the ego means no longer being so certain about anything but at the same time losing no confidence. A yogi’s confidence comes from being sincere in the moment and connecting with emptiness rather than asserting any part of his or her world.

Therefore, the aim of the path is not to change the way all of this is but rather to awaken to your existence as it is beyond perception. It is what you ARE, what is doing the perceiving, rather than the perceptions themselves. It is the Realest.

Meditate. Awaken. 

BTS as autocorrect ver.1
  • Seokjin: subin, slub
  • Namjoon: namjin, Namibia
  • Yoongi: tofu, Togo
  • Hoseok: Jason, histology
  • Jimin: kookmin, Jiminnie
  • Taehyung: testing, ranting
  • Jungkook: kinfolk, mufti
  • Jikook: jiko, hokum
  • Yoonseok: tonsil, yoonseo
  • Namjin: menon, bacon
  • Yoonmin: Tonkin, yoonjin
  • Yoonjin: Tobin, yoonmin
  • Taegi: useful, taffy
  • Vmin: min, coin
  • Vkook: book, cool
  • Minjoon: minion, minim
  • Vhope: cope, coffee
  • Sugakookie: sideshow, dissolute