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M. Night Shyamalan's Latest Flop: Demonizing Mental Illness | Gradient
'Split' is the latest Hollywood effort to make a monster out of mental illness.

Another very well written article about how Split demonizes people with DID and mental illness in general! Also have some very telling statistics that show just how bad the stigma against people with mental disorders is even today~Scarlet

anonymous asked:

I'm having trouble communicating with my alters, like I know they're there but it's really hard to get an answer out of them when I ask any questions. Is there anything I can do?

Hey Anon!

I know that one go-to method is journaling. You can write down questions and have your alters answer them when they’re out. I had a friend direct my alters to the journal I made for questions whenever they were out. Sometimes they wrote in it, sometimes not, but I did learn some things from it! You could try the same.

Also for journaling, you can write down questions and then ask inside if anyone would like to answer. Try and make sure everyone knows that they don’t have to do anything they don’t want to; I know you want communication, but no one should be pressured into it. If an answer pops into your head, write it down. Try and note any changes in handwriting styles or phrasing that might mean it’s different than your normal thoughts.

Speaking of thoughts, if writing things down doesn’t help or feels like it might scare someone inside, try just asking, internally or out loud, any questions you might have. Start off with ‘Does anyone want to talk?’ and see how that feels. Alters communicate in many different ways; you might hear their voices, get intrusive thoughts that seem foreign, feel sudden emotions that don’t make sense based on what you’re experiencing, ect. Try and be open to any forms of safe* communication that your alters try.

I made a post about using little objects/toys to help with communication. You could try even just going to the store and walking the isles, trying to be open to any pulls or urges for objects that feel like they’re coming from someone else. You don’t have to buy anything if you don’t want, but if someone asks for something safe, and you have the money, feel free to indulge them. I’ve found that smols/littles having a toy of their own helps them feel more in control and more willing to communicate.

You could also try listening to music! Try songs you’ve never heard before in genres you don’t normally listen to, and see if anyone comes around to listen with you. Ask inside, ‘Does anyone like this song? Does anyone want to listen to something specific?’ Depending on if you have child alters, Disney songs or songs from the body’s childhood might be helpful. Take care though, because music can also be a trigger for some.

Another good way to communicate with smols/littles (and some older alters, potentially) is coloring or drawing. Get some crayons and start drawing, inviting anyone who wants to to help you with it. Color in a coloring page and relax and offer to let anyone who wants to color as well (provided you’re safe enough to risk switching to a child).

If you have a therapist**, you could get them to help you with communication as well. Have your therapist talk directly to an alter, even if they’re not out. Sometimes addressing them through you can help them feel more secure, as they’re able to answer without exposing themselves fully. For example: Your therapist might ask “[Alter name], what is your favorite color?” to you, and you might have a color or word pop into your head in response, which you can then use to answer for them.

A big thing to remember is not to demand or force anyone to do something they don’t want to do. If someone doesn’t want to communicate right now, that’s okay. You’ll work towards communication later, but if they’re not ready, then you can focus on showing them that they can trust you and that they’re safe. They’ll come out and open up when they’re ready. Some alters might be more forthcoming than others, and that’s alright! They might not be ready to share certain things, or they might be protecting you, or others, from what they know. I know it can be frustrating, but they deserve time and care, and so do you; don’t pressure yourself either, it’ll happen.

Good luck!

*Sometimes, alters might communicate in dangerous ways, like self harm or lashing out. You don’t have to let them hurt themselves/the body, or any objects, in order to communicate. A therapist would be able to help you find alternate ways of communication if an alter insists on communicating or expressing themselves destructively. 

**If you don’t have a therapist, I urge you to get one if you’re able, but this method can also be done with a close friend who’s aware and supportive of your system. Just take care to avoid any triggers or things that might upset you/other alters.

All my followers who follow my DID blog, for right now, it is password protected because I have been getting messages to kill myself again for talking about my disorders. I will probably be revamping it soon, so those of you who follow me on there, I will post again when I have revamped everything. But right now I had to block access from people who don’t have anything better to do than bully a trauma survivor.

my grandmother was so worried about me.. I dissociated last night and Buddy was out. he’s very quiet, doesn’t talk much, usually keeps to himself and draws Steven universe characters. but seeing him… seeing me not being me… I guess just really worried her. especially because Buddy can’t swallow pills, so I didn’t take my meds last night. this isn’t the first time she’s met one of my alters but I guess it just scares her to realize how real it is. I feel ya, it scares me too.

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Can alters front for positive reasons? Like to play a game or eat certain foods, etc? Thank you

Hello Nonner!

Absolutely! Alters can come out for a variety of reasons, positive and negative. Triggers are a common negative reason, but there can also be triggers of positive things.

One of my child alters likes chicken nuggets from McDonald’s; if I go to McDonald’s, there’s a chance she might come out to order/eat nuggets.

Another of my alters loves spicy food (I personally cannot handle anything even a little spicy). He’s come out when food has been too spicy for me before.

I’ve had a child alter come out because a cartoon they liked was on, and also because there were coloring supplies around.

There’s so many reasons why an alter might front, and sometimes it might even seem random.

Hope that helps!

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is having a fictional introject from recent media still possible, tho? like, how can you tell if someone is faking it?

Yes, that’s very possible!

What raises red flags of faking is when a “system” claims that all or the majority of their alters are based off of fictional media, treats their fictional introjects like roleplay characters, or seems to be constantly losing and gaining alters so as to always have fictional introjects from their current favorite media.

Having a logical explanation for why a new split occurred and why said new split identifies as a specific fictional introject from recent media is on its own not a problem at all. It’s the overall presentation that’s important, not one detail about a particular alter.

I hope that this helps,

-Katherine of Those Interrupted

The idea that people can successfully fake or exaggerate multiple personalities was soundly disproved by Dr. Gorge Fraser, M.D., and associates in a 1999 study. Using the SCID-D, the research project detected individuals asked to fake multiple personalities in a group consisting of the pretenders, DID patients, schizophrenics, and normal people. On the SCID-D 100 percent of the true DID patients were diagnosed with DID, and none of the pretenders or the normals was.
—  The Stranger In The Mirror

hey guys, I want to talk about an upcoming movie called Split.

it’s not coming out until 2017, but I feel it’s important to discuss it anyway, because its first trailer just came out…and frankly, I’m horrified.

here’s the synopsis of the movie: “When a young man with 23 different personalities is compelled to abduct three young girls, he strives to survive as the final and most dangerous one of all tries to take full control.”

….because there weren’t enough movies/shows out there demonizing people with DID as it is, of course.

a brief explanation of what dissociative identity disorder, or DID, is: it’s multiple personalities, formed by trauma, sharing one body.

very, very few of those personalities are aggressive, and I’ve never actually encountered any that were outright dangerous–and yet every movie and show that involves us makes us out to be killers and kidnappers.

Criminal Minds has had two episodes involving people with DID, and in one the man with DID kidnapped a federal agent and tortured him, on top of being a serial killer; the other man with DID was just a regular old serial killer. even a show that’s usually quite good about not demonizing mentally ill people demonizes us.

and now there’s this. a horror film about a person with DID, who presumably went through some serious trauma to get it, and how he’s a kidnapper and probably also a killer.

here’s the thing, though: we aren’t dangerous. we aren’t bad people. we aren’t killers and kidnappers fighting to stop our alters/systemmates from acting out. people with dissociative identity disorder are just typical groups of people who happen to all share a body! we aren’t dangerous to anyone; if anything, most of us tend to be more dangerous to ourselves than anyone else, thanks to self-destructive systemmates who want to hurt the body or other system members. but the bottom line is: we aren’t out to hurt anyone and we aren’t dangerous. the fact that every single movie and episode about us makes us out to be violent killers and kidnappers is appalling and horrendous and screams stigma.

DID has a serious stigma around it. and movies like this are only serving to add to that stigma, to demonize us more, to make more people afraid of us.

I refuse to stand for it.

please, if you can–boycott this movie. tell them you won’t stand for the demonization of your fellow mentally ill people anymore. tell them that we are not their props or toys to play with and create stigma against. tell them that just because it doesn’t affect them doesn’t mean it’s all right to hurt others with their bullshit. listen to systems and people with DID and OSDD who talk about this movie and how it’s bad, and don’t speak over them, but work with us to try and change things so this sort of thing is frowned upon and doesn’t happen so much. please.

On sleep deprivation

A little over a year ago I was placed into acute inpatient treatment due to sleep deprivation that was causing me to feel very depressed and causing emotional problems throughout our system. I was not sleeping because I was having seriously triggering nightmares as my trauma was resurfacing. Not getting enough sleep only caused more emotional distress though. I thought I would be ok if I just didn’t sleep but it have very negative mental and physical effects on me. Sleep is so important. I really can’t stress that enough. If you are scared to sleep because of nightmares talk to someone, don’t let it get o the point that you need to be hospitalized. I was put on Prozasin and it actually has helped me have less vivid dreams and not have as many nightmares. This medication has done wonders for us and it’s certainly better than depriving our body of sleep. If you are scared to sleep talk to your T, if you don’t have one talk to someone you trust. Make an appointment with a psychiatrist. Do what ever you can to get yourself help but please please please do not just continue to avoid sleep because it can be very dangerous and detrimental to your health and recovery. Sleep is so important, remember that. ~Amelia

  • someone with only depression/anxiety:I can't believe!! someone dared to use the word 'depressed' to just mean sad!!!! thats an insult to all people w depression!!
  • same person:(uses slurs against people with psychotic disorders, personality disorders, DID, etc.)
  • same person:(blames all violent acts on the "scary" mentally ill people)

So there is a new movie coming out in January called Split (this is the trailer and could have potential triggers in it, stay safe) feel compelled to talk about. The short of it is a man with Dissociative Identity Disorder kidnaps three teenage girls for reasons not shown in the trailer. Theres talk of “The Beast” but its made unclear if this is a personality or an outside force.

There are several reasons why this movie is offensive to us who have DID, one of the major ones is we are consistently portrayed in a negative light, used for a cheap twist, or heavily dramatized with the main focus being on the “horrific abuse” instead of the person.

I’d ask you not to give money to this film, but if you want to go see it I can’t stop you, I can only inform you of facts about DID and what it is not:

  • Dissociative Identity Disorder is formed at a young age (usually between 6-9) before the child really has a defining sense of self. It comes from repetitive, ongoing trauma from one or more perps. It is a survival mechanism so a child is able to function day to day, and so they can attach to their abuser/s or stand to be around them, because very often the child doesn’t have anyone else to attach to. It is essential for children to form attachments.
  • DID is typically not noticeable. Switches are not as dramatic as the media would like you to believe. This is meant to be a covert disorder meant to protect the system. Switches can happen for any reason and not just because of a trigger. The alter out could simply be tired, or not want to do something (”I don’t want to go to work”/”I don’t want to clean”).
  • Alters are meant to protect and they always serve a purpose even if they don’t “make sense” to anyone who would see them from the outside. Here is a list of alters who can appear in a system. See how none of them appear to be explicitly dangerous the public? Even if an alter in childhood was forced to hurt someone, he/she did it under extreme duress and are ultimately not responsible for those actions they had to take to protect themselves or someone else. Alters who are considered dangerous by any measure of the word are dangerous to the system, not other people. And even then they need to be understood and not feared (as hard as it is). They are doing a function (whether it be self-harm or other dangerous behaviors) which was something they have deemed necessary for survival. Which, again, is what DID is all about. These behaviors can continue long after the threat is gone.
  • Sometimes you don’t even black out completely. You can remember pieces of conversation, or you are doing something called “co-consciousness” which allows two or more alters to being out at the same time, doing tasks together in different degrees of co-con.
  • People with DID are not any more dangerous than anyone else, mentally ill or otherwise. People who have mental illnesses  are actually more likely to be victims of violence than to be perpetrators.
  • Here is a page about myths and misconceptions. This website is full of good, reliable info, and is a website created by systems. If you would like a couple informative tumblr blogs run by systems theres whynot-dissociativedeguif-we-were-to-tell-the-truth, and thisisnotdissociative.

What I’m trying to get across here is the trope of “evil personality” is false. Alters are not evil, they do not exist merely to cause destruction and are extremely unlikely to go out and hurt someone. An alter may have been told they are evil, and state this when they are out, but in reality it is something they were forced to believe because at the time there was no other option.

We are not dangerous. We are just trying to survive and live our life. Dissociative Identity Disorder is not a crutch for a writer to use to create a weak villain, or to do a cheap twist.