dissociative dennis


And twas was the day that Mount Massive Rec Room employees sent a memo to Gluskin’s Advising therapist recommending there be a cautionary memo on his record regarding allowing him around needles and Dennis simultaneously. 

The alternate telling of this tale is that Gluskin set his needlework aside and that it was the crayon that he shoved down Dennis’s throat. 

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"Dissociative" Dennis: I just wanted to apologize for what we put you through before.. -gulp- you went down the stairs.. "Our goat survived!" "H-hh..had t-to save our own sk-skin.." Sorry.

This is probably the first and last apology I’ll ever get from a, patient isn’t the right word- from one of you. Or all three, or whatever’s going on here.

I can’t say I appreciate it.

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So I saw someone in the tag say they didn’t like how Dennis didn’t have a custom character model.. So I thought why not make one ourselves? It’s a bit generic but I like it ;u; Feel free to use the design if you want!
The numbers on his outfit are wrong, there’s not much info on him so I just kinda made them up.. And there are black marks on his temples because of the “shock therapy” (they probably didn’t do it right so..). And the info on him said his eyes were brown (uncolored) and he’s tall (6'2’’) so I made that outfit not fit him very well!