just dissociation things, gym class edition:

not knowing where the ball exists in space
how long are my arms? this long?
being hit in the head because you forget to move out of the way
being hit in the head because nothing is real until it suddenly is
being hit in the head because you were staring at a wall
legs?? walking???
“what’s the score” “the what?”
*starts bleeding, doesn’t notice*
depth perception? don’t know her
where is my arm? it’s next to me? where does it Go
ball hits floor in front of you while you stare at it

anonymous asked:

hey can u give some advice on how to stop dissociating?

I don’t think I have a definitive answer on this, but i’ll describe what helps for me. 

I use the 5 senses grounding technique, where you ask yourself (or get someone else to ask you):
-What 5 things can you see?
-What 5 things can you feel? 
-What 5 things wan you hear?
-What 1 or 2 things you can smell? (candles and perfumes help with this)
-What 1 thing you can taste? (can add more if you like)

One of my love languages is joking and pranks, and so I also find that having someone joke around with me or putting on a funny video helps me gain a bit more of a hold on reality.
Having people joke around me has many times even brought me out of non-verbal dissociative states!

When I dissociate in session, my psych often gets me to talk about facts and things that have happened.
e.g How did you get here today? How long did it take? When did you come in? What did eat today? etc. (obviously don’t be tempted to recall triggering facts)

If you’re looking for an answer on how to stop dissociating permanently, then that comes with time. It may never happen completely, but your mental health professionals need to be in the loop about that.

Hope this helps, let me know the outcome.

-Elke x

does anyone else with a fucked time perception feel like its friday the entire week, but as soon as it gets to thursday-friday you cant register that the week is almost over 

Dissociation is so weird because half the time i’ll dissociate as a coping mechanism to deal with some kind of stressful event, and the other half of the time i’ll just be chillin eating some pancakes and my brain will be like “u aren’t real and neither are these pancakes” and I’m just like “ok”

when your friend/loved one is dissociating

how to tell if they are dissociating

- non-focused, “zoned out”
- doesnt reply to comments, or replies very half-heartedly
- eyes arent focused
- doesnt seem to notice anything going on around them
- repeats doing or saying the same things over and over
- forgets what they said or did, whether in the last few minutes or the last few days

things you can do to help

- get them to a quiet, calm place
- ask them very basic questions: “are you okay?” “how are you feeling?” “is there anything you need from me right now?”
- help them recount the events theyve forgotten, whether in the last few minutes or last few weeks
- walk them through what is going on, tell them, if you can, that you think that theyre dissociating
- if you can, keep an eye on them and look out for things they might miss, ie: crossing the street, accidentally bumping into something, receiving important information
- sometimes showing them funny stuff or having them read an article or something after doing the previous steps helps

keep in mind that i am not a doctor or professionally qualified to help with mental illness. i just wrote down a list of what i like to have people do when i dissociate. hope this helps someone!