dissidia: 012


Suho isn’t just some over-emotional mama bear!

Xuimin isn’t just some sex-crazed maniac…

Baekhyun isn’t just a whiny, clingy baby.

Chanyeol isn’t just some hyper goofball.

Sehun isn’t just a bratty maknae!

Chen isn’t just a sassy diva!

Kyungsoo isn’t some evil murderer in the making.

Kai doesn’t only think about chicken, dogs or dancing.

Tao doesn’t just love Gucci.

Kris isn’t as self-absorbed as you think.

Luhan isn’t always a hot mess of anger, stubbornness and manliness.

And Lay isn’t just some airhead…

  I love this fandom and all the inside jokes we managed to create and enjoy about these 12 lovely men.  But please understand that they are HUMAN!  They are complex, emotional and creative beings just like you and I.  I’m so tired of scrolling through all these reactions and scenarios portraying them as the same stereotype, over and over again.  When someone requests something, please take a moment to really think what they would truly react. Seriously, analyzing their behavior and words can uncover so much, not just the airhead, gucci-obsessed, whiny, sensitive or energetic act they are so used to playing up for their fans.

BTW….Lay knows two languages, trained so hard for about 4 years, stood by EXO even when his beloved Chinese ‘brothers’ left and claimed that he wants to prove that Chinese people can be trusted and hardworking.  and who travels the most and is the most busy within the group?  Lay.  SO STOP SAYING HE’S JUST SOME INNOCENT, CONFUSED OR AIRHEADED LITTLE ‘UNICORN’ BC THERE’S SO MUCH MORE TO HIM!!

Gabriel sat in his apartment, watching the little rabbit sleeping on his lap. Maybe it hadn’t been the smartest idea to bring him home, but he was adorable and Gabriel had a weakness for small, cute animals. And small, cute humans, as it turned out. Unfortunately he hadn’t thought it all the way through before taking him home. Keeping a rabbit in an apartment wasn’t generally the best idea, and Gabriel wasn’t cruel enough to keep him cooped up inside all the time.

Thankfully Gabriel had a boyfriend with both a house and a garden, which he remembered half way to panicking. He figured Salem would agree to help him one way or another. Gabriel found his phone after a minute searching for it and called him.


Ketchup | Holden&Seb

Holden grinned and threw his phone down on the couch, snuggling into the sweater that still smelt like his boyfriend. He padded off to the kitchen to find some snacks, eating bits of apple while waiting for his friend to come over. Sebastian was someone he wasn’t sure if he would get close to, given the HIV, and knowing how he lost an old friend. After spending a few minutes with the other he knew there was no going back. He danced a little as he hummed. Going through Withdrawal was rough and he hated every minute of it, but he was starting to even out again. Time with friends would only help more. When he heard the buzzer he bounced over to let him in.


It was late. Two or three days after Gus had shown up on his doorstep, a day after he’d spoken to his mother about his own… coming out thing. And Gus was still here. 

It was funny, for a while, Matteo felt like he was going to lose everything. His mother cried a little, though admitted she had always suspected. Swore she wouldn’t tell his father and that there was no way Mr. Sousa was going to get anywhere near him either. So their secret was safe. But still, Matteo felt like he’d lost something precious. 

In a few days his mother would call tearful and apologize, say she loved him anyway. But for now he was stuck in a strange sort of limbo. Which only made him hug Gustavo tighter. 

“I love you,” he whispered, pressing kisses to the boy’s sleeping form. Matteo hadn’t slept well lately. “I love you I love you I love you.” 


Lorcan Scamander had never been happier in his entire life. He had a great career, and now an Order of Merlin medal hanging in his office. He had his brother back in his life. And to top it all, he was officially moved in with the guy he’d been in love with for over half his life. James Potter was one of the main sources of his happiness and now that they were out to the public, he couldn’t stop smiling. They’d basically been living together since Lysander got away from Evander, but it had been a week since he’d moved in officially and it was just about everything he’d imagined it would be. But coming home from work, what he found wasn’t anything he ever thought he would see. His bag dropped from his shoulder as he looked around the torn up flat, something that you’d see in a muggle movie after a robbery. “James?” He called out, now desperately looking through their flat trying to find his boyfriend. But as he failed to find him, as he came into the kitchen, he found a note from Evander Carrow and his blood ran cold at the mere sight of the letter. His eyes glanced over it several times before it all sunk in. Evander had taken James and all he wanted in return was Lysander. It wasn’t something he wanted either way. He wanted James back and he wanted Lysander to be safe. Of course his first thought was Harry, but Carrow wasn’t stupid. If Harry was even seen on his property, James was a dead man.

He grabbed his wand and dashed for the fireplace, flooing to his former flat, now where Lysander had been staying, and the moment he landed, he called out for his twin. “Lysander!” He moved around the flat, hoping to find him and not find out his brother was out or, the possible worse possibility, had already made a run for it. As he pushed open the door to the bedroom, he found his brother and he thrusted the note into his chest. “Your husband has gone too far this time, Ly.”