dissertation defense


“It’s my most sacred and valuable material possession. I call it ‘the super jacket.’ It started in high school, when I got a jacket, which I actually hated, and I slightly fought with my mom. As time went by, it started to rip, but I wore it every day. I would stitch on different pieces of clothing and it just kept growing. Eventually, the jacket became a physical representation of my soul.
I’m not necessarily Hindu, but the soul in Hindu spirituality sheds different shells as it goes on its journey. In the same way, the jacket changes as I pass through the different phases of my life. That’s why I think clothing should be a symbolic representation of what’s important to the wearer.
I wear my super jacket all the time. I’ve worn it during official presentations, I wear it in my office, and I will wear it at my dissertation defense.”
One of the special patches is this one. It’s made from my mother’s wedding sari. The patch itself is an embryonic blue-color and you can see two spindles pulling apart two components—death and life. Life is the green-colored wavelike turbulence, and death the compartmentalized squares because death often reorganizes what was in life. Here, they are pulled apart but as the individual grows, they come together again. When you die, they reunite.“

Lexington, MA

actually what if instead of reading my anthropology books I would simply make black-out poetry out of them all? the process is just so enthralling and relaxing. will it count as a scholarly pursuit? will I still get my grants? and imagine the presentations that I’ll do! I can make a revolution in anthropology. I see it already: admittance to grad programs in black-out poetry, qualification exams, dissertation defenses, international conferences—black-out poetry! discussions of a new work of a certain professor So-and-so: have you seen their black-out of Maliniwski’s pages?! that was hilarious! and so instructive! the whole page was marred except for the word “Chthulucene.” wait I think it was not Malinowski’s.

Scheduling my defense

Successfully passed my dissertation proposal defense. I have such a great, supportive committee.
Now, it’s time to nap after getting so little sleep the past few days. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

So no one told you fifth year was gonna be this way

I’ve been focusing most of my time on my dissertation these past two months, and in that time I only managed to get three pages done. Still, I hope you guys will enjoy them. And yes, the Maenads are maids, and I swear I have a reasonable answer for this which I will reveal down the road!

I don’t know (though I highly doubt) if I will get any more pages drawn in the next week or so. My dissertation defense is in less than a week and I’ll need to make changes to my dissertation as suggested by my committee. I have no idea how much editing they will want me to do, and I’m preparing for a worst-case scenario. Also, I have to get ready for my move to the city where I’ll be doing my future post-doc, and everyone knows how much of a pain moving is. DX