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As ive mentioned before, dissecting owl pellets is something i love to do…. put on a good horror movie, break open a bottle of wine…. and unearth the undigested material from owl vomit. 

bottom two photos are of collected pellets and one of the lovely owls who produced them, this little owl lives in a worn near abandon barn with his sibling and momma.

Photos above are listings of little bone collections and necklaces containing these little bones! 


anonymous asked:

So... were the dead animals brought home because you wanted to dissect or study them? Because I kinda had a similar problem with things I'd find or our cats would kill when I was a kid.

*Nevertheless, he seems relieved that someone else has also done something similar.

Okay, I’m done with finals and can start punching non-school activities out, yeah! First up, a thing trolithfoxyflint tagged me in.

Once you get this you have to say 5 things you like about yourself publicly then send this to your 10 favorite followers.

  1. My body
  2. My boobs. Yes, they are a part of my body, but I especially love them so they get their own spot. They fill out a shirt or dress without being big enough that I need to size up, and provide some great cleavage. I’m not even shy about it– I love my boobs!
  3. My fashion sense– once I escaped my years of mandatory dress code, I’ve really developed a sense of style that I like, and it works well with the professional lifestyle headed my way. Yay!
  4. How naturally chill I am regarding human dissection (MEDICAL human dissection, ftr– not like…independent, creepy murder stuff). Especially because I’m pretty tiny and super feminine, and I baffled all three of my much more squeamish male lab partners in Human Gross last year. Hah!
  5. My creativity

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