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Is it unvegan for me to participate in dissecting a cat for my human anatomy class? To be honest, I have no guilt in doing so (everyone in my class is aspiring to be in the medical field & are REALLY passionate about what theyre doing, as I am) and ive worked really hard to get to this point. Not sure if its wrong for me to not feel guilt..

There are a multitude of virtual cat dissection alternatives.  

A PETA undercover investigator at one of the nation’s largest suppliers of animals used for dissection was told by his supervisor that some of the cats killed there were companion animals who had “escaped” from their homes.

I don’t think you are going to find a humane rational for this that will sit well with most vegans.  Many humans donate their bodies to medical science (including my neighbor who just passed & proudly spoke of her intentions beforehand.) Dissection is very important & essential to anatomy, but a well prepared virtual terminal or a well designed model that can be reused makes the most sense if a human isn’t available.  http://www.pcrm.org/research/animaltestalt/animaltesting/dissection-alternatives

I’d be interested to hear what vet’s have to say on the matter & what vegan’s think about donating their companions to medical science after the animal’s death to help an up and coming veterinarian student? 

 Live dog dissection was recently removed from all medical schools and replaced with superior methods.   https://www.pcrm.org/research/edtraining/meded/faq-animal-use-in-medical-school-education  

My bottom line is dissecting a cat for a human anatomy class is moronic when its HUMAN anatomy you are trying to learn & Medical Schools don’t even do that…  we can remove the “unvegan” even from the discussion.  

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Against Dissection.

A strong objection of River’s..

“I’m working with students Against Dissection because I believe that students have a special role to play in alleviating animal suffering. Dissection teaches the cruel lesson that animal life is cheap and expendable. Choosing alternatives to dissection in biology classes is a simple and direct way for students to show respect for animals. — "Dissection is really the most barbaric form of mutilation.”

• River was a spokesperson for ALDF’s Students against Dissection Hotline.