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Rick Sanchez is such a fascinating character to dissect. In the finale, though, I think we missed a few key things that were highlighted towards the end of season three.

  1. Rick is about to lose control of his comfortable reality. As stated by the therapist in the “pickle rick” episode, Rick loves both the thrill of spontaneity and the comfort of control. However, as we’ve begun to see, Rick is losing control of his life. Jerry, who often leads the charge against Rick’s will, is now back as a reigning force in the family. Morty, who is normally Rick’s sidekick, is beginning to push back against him for his unhealthy habits. In many ways, Rick is slipping out of favor in the Smith household.
  2. Rick is staying with his family because he has grown attached to them. In the finale, Beth asks why Rick doesn’t just go to another timeline where things are more favorable for him—because clearly this timeline is about to bend against his favor. In the final scene of the Rick and Morty season three finale, we see the family laughing, seemingly at Rick’s expense. Beth tells Rick off for insulting Jerry, which has previously almost never happened, and is entirely different from the previous dynamic between Beth and Rick. And, in this moment, Rick does nothing. No snide remarks to shut them up. No anger. No retaliation. Though he is clearly upset, he lets them laugh and enjoy their newly adopted dynamic—which seems to be in ostracization of Rick. Rick not only shows that he loves his family in the scene, but he shows once again that he will go to great lengths for them. Considering how prideful Rick tends to be (he practically rants about being a god at least once every season), allowing them to remove his control and attack his ego is a huge symbol of love and tolerance.
  3. The infamous Rick and Morty duo are on the decline. Recently, it seems that Rick and Morty are now on an equal level in terms of action in the overarching plot. Rick no longer leads the charge, and Morty is beginning to become independent of Rick. Morty has shown that he has learned several other stellar languages, has an excellent knowledge of other planets and cultures, and is more than capable of verbally defending himself against nearly every authority figure. At this point, it almost seems as though Morty no longer needs Rick—or is maybe even growing tired of him. While that new dynamic flourishes, Rick seems to be more keen on spending time with Morty (i.e. “it’s not an adventure without Morty”) whereas Morty will escape to a cabin in the woods to hide from Rick at the drop of a hat. Rick has let himself get attached to his grabdson riiiight as his grandson is growing tired of him.
  4. As all of this is happening, let’s not forget a few key elements of Rick’s personality.

From the very beginning Rick has struggled to make it through the challenges of his complicated life. It seems that just as Rick gets what he wants (no matter how wrong and unhealthy), it’s ripped away from him in an instant. And, in this finale, we see Rick finally lose what he’s been gaining from the very beginning—unconditional and unquestioned love.

anyway im already exhausted abt this site & the mercy concept like

when you cope with your emotions by forcing yourself to be aware of everything you feel and figuring out the reason you are feeling it but you encounter an area where even your intensely trained introspection can not dissect and pull apart your feelings into comprehensible pieces so you panic because you simply must know what’s going on inside your head because if you don’t you can’t deal with the feeling or see it coming when it arises again because you don’t know what it is or what it is caused by

We all remember this:
It wasn’t after the 2017 Upfronts, it was during. CS just…left. Scamharts were angry because that meant no breadcrumbs. I was sure KJ was going to be joining him since KJ had to be there for MCM Comic...

Not gonna dissect this point by point (too redundant, stupid, etc)…but….

Cole went to London to shoot the soon to be Mrs. Joe Jonas, was waaay too busy working and then went to a drag club because he’s a laid back, artsy guy and straight dudes have gone to drag clubs for fucking decades. As have het ladies, because I have, with all my het lady friends. More than once.

Ru Paul’s fan base has as many straights as it does queers and always has (actually his guest judge is always someone het and over 40, usually a chick)

Being supportive of LGBTQ culture doesn’t mean you’re queer. Let alone that you’re fucking your village idiot co-star. And that it’s verboten by the PR Overlords, who never would’ve permitted it to have surfaced IF that were true….

If He Doesn’t Conform 1952′s Concept of Macho, Then He’s a Nancee Boy’s Nightmare signing off….

Oh PS…..we “scamharts” weren’t one bit disappointed, because even in that half morning, we had a lovely feast:

Cole’s fingers in Lili’s hair kink

Dommie Cole

First Noticeable “Geez Cole, is it ever DOWN?” sighting

And…you know….

The Big Mouth cartoon with Freddie:

So sick of comments about it saying “This is bi erasure cos Freddie self-confessed to being bi in his obituary. He would not lie in his own obituary”.



Freddie died the night before the obituary came out.




And he also said he’d never confess his sexuality to a tabloid newspaper because he is “too intelligent”.  The obituary in question is from a tabloid.

People are so fucking thick.

But glad to see people posting my blog post where I dissect the obituary which has lies and mistakes on nearly every paragraph and a list of fictional girlfriends!

As much as it pains me, I must admit the animation probably isn’t terribly accurate. I happened to choose a topic that has surprisingly few resources available that clearly show the sequence and tendon attachments. I did find two dissection videos but they both skimmed over what I really wanted to see. Sigh.

At any rate, as a schematic it’ll do. Cat claws!


The Brain Scoop
Wolves can be… Coy

Wolves and humans have a prehistoric relationship - and it’s complicated, to say the least. Between the 1600s and the mid 1960s, nearly every wolf in the lower 48 states was completely wiped out; the eradication of wolves was largely encouraged by government-issued bounties and extermination programs, carried out by farmers and ranchers who saw wolves as threats to their livestock and families.

But after the gray wolf received protection by the Endangered Species Act in1974 and populations started once again spreading across the United States, a funny thing began happening. The wolves - unable to find and therefore breed with other wolves due to scarcity of individuals - ended up breeding with coyotes instead.

And now, there exists a huge amount of confusion about some of these populations; wolves and coyotes are hybridizing at a rate faster than can be detected through scientific studies or can be managed by wildlife conservation laws and programs. How much DNA of an endangered species does an organism need to have before we consider it endangered itself? How can we enforce laws and regulations to manage - or restrict management - of population growth? 

We spent four months working on this video and it’s the most comprehensive episode we’ve ever made for The Brain Scoop. We even got the grossometer back in there. I hope you like it- and please do share! 


artworks by Kristian Wahlin, port I

Kristian Wahlin is a Swedish musician, graphic designer, and album cover artist for many bands in the extreme metal scene worldwide. He is often credited under his pseudonym, Necrolord.

Wåhlin’s interest in art began while attending Schillerska Grammar School, a secondary educational institution in central Gothenburg. He has referenced Romantic and Renaissance painters like Caspar David Friedrich, Albrecht Dürer and Hieronymus Bosch as early influences. This interest also coincided with the time in which he studied music.

Dissection, who shared practice quarters with At the Gates, would display illustrations by Wåhlin on the cover of The Somberlain and also Storm of the Light’s Bane; the latter featuring the infamous scene of the “grim reaper horseman” in the middle of a snow-covered forest tundra. In the Nightside Eclipse, the debut of seminal Norwegian black metal band Emperor, would also be graced with his work on the cover. Wåhlin would continue as an album artist for several other bands in the European death, black, doom, power and gothic metal collective throughout the 2000s.

The Phandom in a Nutshell
  • Person: Your show sucks.
  • Danny Phandom: Heh heh, I mean kinda. A lot of it is really good, but a lot of it sucks.
  • Person: Yeah, and Danny is a horrible character!
  • Phandom: (Brings out ecto-guns, dissection knives, claws, bats, and other various extremely dangerous looking weapons) You say that about our son again and we will use these to their full extents. We have destroyed and re-destroyed our precious child countless times, what makes you think you're safe from our wrath?