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Do you still like Undertale?

i kinda suspected this would happen ,,

i still love undertale! i owe it a lot of my thanks! it got me out of a lot of tough spots in the past and it helped me make a LOT of friends!! so i’ll always love it.

but ive been trying to take a step back from fandom stuff and trying to be more original with my art. im not saying fandom stuff is bad! but its kind of refreshing to get out your original ideas!

and i understand a lot of you guys follow me for undertale related content. i mean its the whole reason i have as many followers as i do in the first place!  i just wanna take a bit of a break from it ;w;


Ok so I decided to replay some of MCSM on another save file to pass time while I was waiting for ep 7 to come out the I realized something. When the narrator began introducing The Order of The Stone, he litterally referred to Soren as the “Builder of Worlds” I’m not sure if this confirms if he’s an old builder or if it’s just a very weird coincidence. I’ve been thinking about this ever since and just wanted to share it and get your guys opinion. I honestly believe that he is an old builder due to all of the books that have been appearing in all of worlds, too.

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I am so dissapointed at Netflix just like I still am with abc

i just read the news and my heart literally dropped to my stomach :(

marvel has NEVER given their female characters the recognition they deserve and this really just further proves that fact. “it was more of a business decision” my ass, they could’ve worked something out with the owning rights or at least tried harder. AGENT CARTER ISNT EVEN ON US NETFLIX LIKE???? i mean they spent HOW long and HOW much money trying to bring spidey home when we already have 1081945375023852 movies of peter parker’s origin story but they don’t care about doing the same for peggy???? 

i’m just glad hayley at least isn’t unemployed and i hope conviction does really really really well and she’s treated right by the writers and producers because this whole agent carter mess has been so stressful from start to finish. the only saving grace is that i know hayley will never let peggy truly die and maybe one day her full story will be told.

every day i wake up so dissapointed that canon fallout 4 protagonist is either a vet or a housewife

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But the fact that she slept through college is literally canon and so is the fact he manipulated her. Read the comic mad love or watch the episode. He tells her a fake sob story, she feels bad for her and sees him as a helpless angel. Yes Harleen is smart, she isn't exactly book smart but she is intelligent but joker is very good at manipulating people and he knew he could take advantage of her. I don't see Harley as some helpless anti hero but I'm not gonna ignore what happened in mad love

Yo, 1.: I know the comic so stay calm. 2.: Go make yourself a tea or somethin’, this will make you even more calm. And last but not least: Go and bother someone who agrees to your opinion. I’ll never share yours and you’ll never share mine. The thing is: I can live with this fact and you can’t, poor soul. Just one more thing: Surely you’ll be so dissapointed from Suicide Squad. But then don’t come back and cry your hater tears on my shoulder ♥

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do you have any klapollo proposal headcanons or fic recs?? i love your hcs so much and im in a fluffy mood aaa

mmmm i found some old stuff on my blog, but i’d hate to show things that you’ve already seen and potentially dissapoint anyone so i added a few things alongside them. i hope you like!

  • also a buddy of mine wrote a fic right here about klavier proposing too! it’s great omg
  • i also have a pretty long list here of klapollo prososal stuff here!
  • but in new stuff: apollo is definitely a huge family man so klavier, if he was the one proposing, would get the whole squad involved. he’d be in charge of everything but he’d definitely need support and would ask for suggestions from the other people who love apollo just as much as him. he wouldn’t dare consider proposing privately- he’d want to make it a beautiful occasion, like maybe he proposes when they’re alone in a park and to celebrate he takes apollo to a resturant where the whole squad is waiting with confetti and congrulations and lots of cuddles for the newly engaged couple
  • also i made a post about this a while back but i fucked up the klapollo proposal on tomodachi life and i cried? not really but imagine klavier and apollo going out to watch the fireworks on the fourth of july and klavier’s so grumpy because apollo’s being disgustingly american but he loves him, wants to spend the rest of his life with him so he’s planning to propose. he works up his nerve as they watch the fireworks but he gets so anxious he blurts out “marry me!” at the exact same time there’s a huge explosion and apollo’s like WOW DID YOU SEE THAT and klavier’s completely lost his nerve so he’s just like ja….aha…wow….okay
  • but klavier absolutely loses his nerve when he tries. he’s terrified enough of being turned down because abandonment issues but he gets down on his knee and looks up at apollo and suddenly thinks “oh, shit, this is apollo” and completely loses his nerve because he just loves apollo and he’s terrified of losing him
  • klavier tying the ring and a little note that says ‘marry me’ on vongole’s collar and apollo sees it and cries his eyes out (but jokingly agrees to marry vongole later)
  • klavier getting a bit too into it and is like it has to be! perfect! PERFECT! and clay and trucy can’t calm him down so when apollo says yes and they’re planning the wedding klavier’s insistent it has to be PERFECT- the weather, the food, the setting, etc. apollo can only calm klavier down for ten minutes at a time by smooching him and telling klavier he loves him and he’s just like !!! <3 until he needs more smooching

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‘’This pizza is so good! Why don’t we order from this place more often?’’ You asked Michael as you two had one of your classic friday nights with watching movies and eating junk food. ‘’Yeah, it’s pretty good and I’m actually gonna pay for it unlike that asshole you have datedfor the past few months.’’ You just looked at him and threw a pillow at his face. ‘’That was not funny.’’ you said and took a sip of your drink. ‘’I am so done with guys for a while. There is not one guy who treated me right in our relationship, I’m over, I don’t know a guy who would be good to me.’’ Michael looked at you with that dissapointed look of his and said “Have you ever thought about… like… us?” You looked at him suprised and started talking as if he heard all of the things you thought. ‘’You always say you know and can read guys so well but in five years you never realised how madly I am inlove with you and how good I would treat you if we were together.’’ He got up and went to bring himself another beer and left you thinking how you might finally have everything you ever wanted.

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Unpopular opinion

I’m so tired of this trend of “cancelling” celebs because they don’t do *enough* in certain people’s perspective or because of an offensive joke or something.

They are actors, and in most part not activists. Yeah you have your Jesse Williams here or your Kerry Washington there but most of these people are in the business to fucking act.They have twitters or instagrams to interact with their fans and selectively display their opinion. If Chris Evans wants to bash Trump on twitter but doesn’t say anything about BLM movement that’s his own right. Can we be dissapointed? yes. But it doesn’t make him a lesser person because he isn’t saying exactly what you want him to say.

Now obviously there are some things people can’t come back from:

  • “Bill cosby innocent”
  • “Black Lives Matter is racist”
  • “Transgender people in bathrooms is a threat to children”
  • “I support Trump”

Like all the above can kiss all of my ass. But come on people. Nobody is fucking perfect and nobody is “unproblematic”. I could go back on my own facebook and cringe from shit i posted 5, 4 and even a year ago, I AM AN EVOLVING HUMAN BEING, and your celeb fav is too. But by the same token, learn to take a damn joke. The idea that someone with a lot of twitter followers is no longer allowed to make jokes because somebody somewhere may be offended is frankly unfair. Nobody can live their entire life on a stage and still feel human. Renner was “cancelled” after he made a joke about Black Widow being a slut after her flirtationships with both Hawkeye and Cap and din’t really apologize for it the way Chris did. And honestly *shrug* It was in bad taste but we need to be able to differentiate between a super off color joke about yes a fictional character, and actual treatment of real women. And considering he seems to have a pretty great relationship with Scarlett and Elizabeth I’m not going to write him off as a misogynist just yet. Plus by that logic everyone calling Mackie a hoe because of his friendships with his co-stars is being incredibly offensive. But we don’t censure ourselves because we all know that we’re joking. In my group chat with my primarily gay friends, I can make jokes about “heterophobia” because they know I don’t truly believe I’m being discriminated against as a heterosexual. If someone is really your ~fave~ maybe give them the same benefit of the doubt. 

(Again if someone is a trash person, fine. Show me the receipts and I’ll be done with them too but we need to find a line)

Exciting news!

I just realised that if you put /chrono at the end of your url, you get a chronological posting with old -> new instead of new -> old SO if anyone hasn’t read Galactica yet and wants to read it without bothering with a masterpost, you now can by following:


Please note that the two first stories are not thought of as a canon part of main Galactica, but more of a writing excersise into the universe. Also, I realise the tag says “au aag verse” so please don’t be too dissapointed if you’re only familiare with my other series <3

I hope you’ll enjoy! <3

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