dissapoint me

“Here at bioware we make sure our players can have many different and varied hairstyles for their Ryders! Options inculde: a Bob, a bob, a short bob, an asymetrical bob, a bob with an undercut, a bob tucked behind the ears, a bob tucked behind only ONE ear, a bob thats blow dried, a teased bob, and finally a bob in a ponytail!” 

What I want from Riverdale?
I want it to be a special show risking something only a few like OTH or The OC did.
Make a couple so special, so meant to be, that no matter what happens, they’ll be together till the end. Maybe there can be break ups and problems, that’s how life is and anything is perfect, but the beautifulness of that kind of relationship portrayal is that even with that, they’ll supper everything together.

And I want that with Betty and Jughead please