disruptive peace

different ways to be intimate

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: Just small descriptions of non-sexual acts of intimacy with Tom.

*Notes: This is for Cassie ( @purelyparker ). She’s having a really rough time right now, just wanted to make it a little less rough :) xoxo



Tom and you had been dating for a little over seven months – agreeing to take things slow between you two, especially when both of your schedules were busy, you two had very rare physically intimate moments. It had started with shameless flirting, not expecting it to go any further than that. Then, out of nowhere, you two were going on dates. They weren’t official, he’d ask if you wanted to get ice cream with him, some days coffee. You’d ask him if he’d like to come over and watch a movie or go to the park with you. It was very subtle, so subtle that neither of you realized what was happening. Soon enough, verbal ‘goodnights’ became kisses on the cheeks, slowly turning into kisses on the mouth.

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This line if anyone doesn’t know comes from Tony and Fury’s conversation during Age of Ultron. The conversation where Tony says that the vision Wanda gave him, is the future. He blames himself. 

This is not just the end of the path the group started them on, Tony claims all responsibility. I started us on. This idea that Tony tries to push off the blame for his actions, is honestly baffling. Tony consistently accepts blame for other people’s actions. 

Let’s go through some of the movies and see where Tony takes responsibility. 

In Ironman 1 we see Tony Stark, talking with Yinsen in Afghanistan. He’s scaredd, confused, and in pain. Despite all of that, one of the first things he notices about his kidnappers, they have his weapon. Which he finds absolutely jarring because he only sells his weapons to the US military. 

He is absolutely shocked that these terrorists have his weapons, because Obidiah was the one selling to them behind his back. However, he takes responsibility for his weapons getting in the wrong hands, and sets out to personally destroy every stockpile of weapons.

He took full responsibility for something that was not his fault. 

What about Age of Ultron.

The entire movie in Captain America civil war, is Tony attempting to make up for what happened. Notice he again says my fault. He has taken every bit of blame, he doesn’t blame Wanda for what she did to him, or for what she did to help Ultron with his plan. He doesn’t blame Bruce for helping him study the scepter. He doesn’t blame Ultron because ultimately Ultron’s actions were his own, he was a sentient being. Tony takes all of the blame on his shoulders, and supports the accords as a way of preventing further tragedies like Ultron. 

Tony consistently accepts blames for things he was only marginally connected to. Other people expect him to, and he gets blamed for the actions of others regularly.


This man blamed Tony Stark for the crimes Howard Stark committed against his father. Tony is expected to pay in blood for crimes that are not his own.  

Or what about 

Who after years of planning, and evil deeds blames Tony for all of it. A drunk celebrity said he would talk with him and then didn’t. I understand maybe Aldrich was devastated, and dealing with depression. However, his crimes are still his own, he still chose to commit them. He has had years to get a good therapist, he chose to develop a serum that kills people, and causes them to explode. 

This is not Tony’s fault, this is Killain’s. He made the decision to be a villain. 

Now let’s look at some of the other Avengers accepting responsibility for their actions. 

Well, that doesn’t sound like accepting responsibility for unleashing the Hulk onto a city of innocent people, and completely disrupting Dr. Banner’s peace of mind. She has to have accepted blame at some point, Captain America wouldn’t let her get away with this type of thing, would he?

“She’s just a kid.” Oh, of course well at least he accepts responsibility for his own mistakes.

“Did you know?” 

“I didn’t know it was him.”

“Don’t bullshit me Rogers, did you know?” 


Well he admits that he hid the truth for years after having his own lie waved in his face, not exactly taking responsibility.

What about Clint, he’s well known for considering the consequences of his actions. Mr. Clint “They’re considered.” Barton.

Oh no wait here’s another example of someone breaking the law and then blaming Tony for their own crimes. Wow the Aldrich Killian parallel I never wanted to make with one of my favorite comic book characters.

Now, all of the original team Cap is guilty of refusing responsibility for their crimes. What about Natasha? While we haven’t seen much of her origin Story she is supposed to be known for clearing the red off her ledger, and while we never see her take blame for much in canon, I blame Marvel’s shitiness with female characters and screen time. 

Or Bruce? Bruce is the only original Avenger we see taking blame for things other than Tony. He’ll take blame for any event the Hulk was involved in, that’s why he leaves at the end of AoU, because of Johannesburg. He still blames himself for breaking Harlem, despite the fight being necessary to protect people. 

Tl:dr this idea that Tony never accepts responsibility is really baffling to me, because team Cap never seemed to accept responsibility for anything they did wrong. Whereas Tony is constantly accepting blame, and working to improve himself and the situation. 

today’s fact: seventeen were underdogs who had a lot going against their chances of succeeding as they came from a failing company with little money, and were stigmatized for having such a large amount of members. they couldn’t rely on seniors to promote them (not that I have any problem with groups that do) and they had to be incredibly resourceful in order to get any attention at all aka promoting their do-it-yourself dynamic. despite a debut that was mostly overlooked and a sprinkling of tiny “scandals” here and there that could disrupt the peace, they persevered, gained many new fans every comeback, and are now one of the best selling boy groups and are 1/3rd of the famous EBS trend. they absolutely deserve every ounce of success they have received thus far and all that they will achieve in the future

Song of Themyscira | masterlist

Wonder Woman AU // As an Amazonian warrior, you’re invited to Man’s World by Diana Prince. Ares, angered by the situation, decides to send an army, led by his son, to disrupt the peace. Will James be able to follow through, or will the Amazonians keep the peace?

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sequel series: If I Believe

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Eight | Yoongi

Scenario: Eight times Min Yoongi tells you he loves you
Genre: Fluff and implied sexual activities
Word Count: 5,154
Author’s Note: Inspired by R. McKinley’s “8 Ways To Say I Love You”

i. when he gets a little too drunk and calls you

The first time he lets those three damn little words escape his mouth, he had been drunk—swimming in the courage that could only be ignited by alcohol. The alcohol had been brought forth by Taehyung as a celebratory congratulations for another successful comeback. The guys had all figured what the hell, they deserved this break, even if the freedom that comes with downing shots only lasts so long, everyone jumped at the chance to let loose for a little while. At least, until the sun rises with the promise of a new day.

Yoongi loses count after his fifth shot, the night slowly blending into shared laughter, jokes, crude memories, and conversations about the short existence of human life. Jimin and Jungkook had drunk lots more than Yoongi—and Yoongi had downed a lot—and the pair of younger boys appear to be having a private conversation of their own. Hoseok is knocked out on the couch. Yoongi barely hears something about pigeons and black holes, before he dismisses himself out of the living room and into the hallway.

He can hear Taehyung, Seokjin, and Namjoon in another room, laughing over the sound of what could be a video game. Barely paying attention to any of that, Yoongi lazily manages to reach for the phone in his back pocket as he stops in the middle of the hallway to dial the only seven digits he’ll ever bother to memorize.

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To Aries, from Libra

Undeveloped Aries: “I stand alone; I will fight because that is what gets results; I take what I want by asserting my force, my way is the only way.”

Developed Libra: “We stand together; Let us seek a compromise, unanimous decision brings a wider spectrum of results; We must consider how force will affect others, let us think through multiple perspectives and find a fair way.”

To Libra, from Aries

Undeveloped Libra: “I feel alone and unloved, I fill the hollowness through accommodating to others; It is better to avoid conflict as to refrain disrupting the peace”

Developed Aries: “Do not look outwards for what you can find inside, wholesomeness and independence will come through loving yourself; Letting conflict be is what disrupts the tranquility of others, you must confront the battlefield and stop war in order to bring peace.”

#sister sign lessons

Here’s a list of all of the things in both TG and TG:Re that Touka has done that had nothing to do with Kaneki. And I’m probably missing some things.


  • Survive for years on the street in order to take care of both herself and her younger brother.
  • Fights off Tsukiyama and other brutal ghouls in order to take care of both herself and her younger brother.
  • Go to school in order to better blend in with humans and try to live a normal life so that she and her brother could be safe.
  • Become good friends with a human girl despite distrusting most humans (and for good reason given the life that she’s led).
  • Bonds with Hinami and Ryouko.
  • Fights off Nishiki (in order to save Kaneki, though she doesn’t realize she is saving Kaneki at first. It’s implied that Touka had fought Nishiki before, as well as other ghouls who try to disrupt the peace of the 20th ward).
  • Saves Hide from Kaneki. Brings Hide back to anteiku for care even though she didn’t have to and could have just left him in the alleyway.
  • Attempt to get revenge on the Doves for killing Ryouko.
  • Spreads false information to the CCG about Hinami in order for them to lose her trail.
  • Fights and kills Mado after he tries to kill Hinami in order to protect the younger girl.
  • Realizes that revenge is wrong because Mado has a family and killing continues the cycle of death and destruction that lead to her father’s death/disappearance.
  • Takes Hinami into her home and cares for her.
  • Helps to save Nishiki’s life from Tsukiyama.
  • Spares Kimi
  • Tries to get into Kamii in order to major in biology and learn more about why ghouls are the way that they are.
  • Talks to Shinohara and Juuzou in Roma’s place since the girl is “afraid” of the doves.
  • Displays such intense loyalty that she wants to go and die during the anteiku raid because she doesn’t want to abandon her new family.


  • While Re is made in part to give Kaneki a place to return to, it also seems to serve a similar purpose as anteiku, as a peaceful place for ghouls to congregate. It’s implied hat she, Yomo, and Nishiki also enforce peace and stability among ghouls in their ward give that she takes part in other rescue efforts and seems to send Nishiki out to help with early scuffles in TG:RE.
  • Is the leader of Re:. Both Yomo and Nishiki defer to her and take orders from her.
  • Gives flowers to Shinohara as a way to gain personal closure to what she feels is an endless and pointless cycle of death and revenge.
  • Seems to know about the clowns and knows about Uta’s part in the clowns. Both she and Yomo use him as an informant.
  • Saves Tsukiyama, even though she doesn’t have to. Puts herself in danger to do this.
  • Takes part in the cochlea raid to rescue Hinami.
  • Makes up with her brother for their previous volatile relationship.
  • Saves Hinami. Reprimands her lovingly.
  • Fights Aura and that other guy in order to help save Hinami, her brother, and her uncle.
  • Takes the force of hive mind with her kagune in order to save Hinami, her brother, and her uncle.
  • Allows squad 0 and all of the ghouls who are now apart of GOAT a place to stay at Re:
  • Talks to Amon at her own behest in order to reach closure with him. Encourages him to speak to Akira.
  • Reaches closure with Akira. Changes Akira’s mind about revenge and ghouls. Gets Akira to make up with Hinami.
  • Takes care of the aogiri children and offers them a place to live.
  • During the 24th ward raid, she fights to kill some of the oggai, and protects the weaker ghouls and children.
  • Comes up with a plan to guide the weaker ghouls and children to safety.
  • Injures Hajime after he injures Hinami.
  • Takes on leadership role to protect the weaker ghouls and children instead of running off on her own, even though she could cover more ground alone or just with Hinami.

So, it’s almost like – Touka has all kinds of interesting character dynamics and motivations that has nothing to do with her husband and unborn child. It’s almost like she’s still an interesting character that is doing a lot of things EVEN STILL that has nothing to do with Kaneki. It’s almost like a woman falling in love and getting married doesn’t immediately cancel out every interesting thing about her that existed previously! And brace yourselves for this – she still is doing a lot of things that have absolutely nothing to do with Kaneki even after marrying him!

Wow, what a shocker.


@the-porcelain-doll-xo as part of Exordia Academy - a series of ongoing one shots with @kpopfanfictrash & @eradikeats-writes

Creative Content Contributors: moodboard by @everybodykpops because she’s amazing

Pairing: Reader x Kyungsoo

Rating: M - sex, language

Word Count: 3.7K

Superpower: Telepathy

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Song of Themyscira | One

Summary: As an Amazonian warrior, you’re invited to Man’s World by Diana Prince. Ares, angered by the situation, decides to send an army, led by his son, to disrupt the peace. Will James be able to follow through, or will the Amazonians keep the peace?

Pairing: James ‘Bucky’ Barnes x Amazon!Reader

Word Count: 972

Warnings: None (yet)

A/N: SURPRISE! As a welcome gift to my new wave of followers, I’ve decided to post the first chapter of SoT a week in advance :) I hope you all enjoy this (April beta’d and said it’s good so I’ll take her word for it) and please, let me know what you think!

Originally posted by rohgers

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Humans are weird: Fears

Like just think of how we are the dominate species on Earth, we have conquered so much and uncovered the impossible yet we are fearful of things that might seems mundane to another race.

Zar'chaken was making his rounds around the deck of the ship as per usual. After supper most of the crew retired to the cabins to prepare for bed. Of course Zar'chaken didn’t particularly participate in this activity due to the limited sleep required for his survival, resulting in his adopted duty of roaming the halls and keeping a watch on things.

As of late, Zar'chaken has become very interested in the behaviors of the Humans. He has observed them and it seems that each one seems to be different in some way, unlike the Charkren species which are very uniform.

Tonight he finds one lagging behind in the common space reading some sort of “thriller” text as the female Human had informed him earlier that day. Down the hall he could hear the image monitor, or “tv”, playing quietly as a couple Human crew members watched the screen.
As he continued, he passed the sleeping quarters where there was little noise. Except for tonight.

A startling high-pitch scream disrupted this peacefulness immediately. Zar'chaken rushed to the sound. Entering the room he turned on the light and his four eyes landed upon the being making the noise. Human Sarah was standing on an office chair dressed in her night clothing and clenching a pillow in her arms. The screams died down when she noticed the other entity in the room.

“Zar!” She half yelled half panted when she recognized him through her disorientation. She was shaking and hunched into a position unlike that of her normal fighting stance. Before he could ask her if she was not injured, she spoke again. “Help, there’s a- there’s a..” she pointed to her bed, covers thrown to the floor in a hurry. At first Zar'chaken did not understand what Human Sarah was pointing to. He cautiously moved closer to the bed until he was able to spot what she had been scared of. On top of the mattress laid a small black dot, Zar'chaken had to crouch down in order to properly examine the intruder. The spider was very small, from his guess it was no bigger that Human Sarah’s eye and yet she was afraid of it. From what he could remember, she had faced many opponents larger than she, but was firm and unintimidated by them. She is well known around the crew as fearless and incomparable in hand-to-hand combat. Which made her behavior now only further puzzling to the Charkren.

“Human Sarah, I do not understand why you are frightened. Did you have an unpleasant dream?” He offered, because how could an unimpressive creature scare a Human.
“No, Zar! The spider! Right there!” She pointed at the black spot on the mattress again, “It- it crawled on me and woke me up! I hate those things.”
“Oh I understand now. The specimen startled you awake and that is why you called out. It is okay now.”
“No, you don’t understand, it needs to go.”
Zar'chaken looked at the small insect before looking at his Human crew mate in confusion again. “The spider?” He asked to clarify.
“Yes. That disgusting thing needs to be disposed of before I’m getting off this chair.”
Still unsure of her behavior, but recognizing her resolve he reluctantly complied and scooped the arachnid into his tentacles and made his way to the door. He only glanced at Human Sarah when she made a repulsive noise.
“What are you going to do with it?” She asked curiously.
“A spider eats other insects such as flies, I’m sure it will do fine near the garbage unit. It is far from where you venture so I assume you will not see it again.”
Human Sarah let out a sigh as she climbed down from the chair. “I better not.”

As Zar'chaken departed from the Human’s chambers, he looked down at the spider still confused about the encounter. However he did learn that Humans are frightened of arachnids…unless this is a trait only Human Sarah possesses. He will only have to test the other Humans aboard the ship to know.

Tumbleweed, Her (M) #1 - [BAP] Mafia!Au

Originally posted by daenana

[A/N] This kind of writing falls under the ‘Noir’ category. It involves crime and is rated M for mature contents. One part, every week. OK? OK.

The Lieutenant: Bang Yongguk.

The smell of cigarettes from his superior is blocking his mind. He tried to shake his discomforts, a few times, but he had to settle for a walk for a minute. He never bothered to take his phone to the toilet but this time, he did. He picked the cubicle farthest from the entrance and placed the seat cover down. He slip his phone out of his back pocket and he sighed, before anything else. He sighed, tiredly. As if he’ll be expecting some unwanted texts. And like he predicted, he did.

“Please, answer my call.”
“I need you.”
“Call me.”
“I won’t be asking you for help. Not anymore.”
“This will be the last time.”

He locked the screen and hovered his eyes away from it, while tilting his head back. “You have seven missed calls, since Monday.” The last text arrived. He had been out of town, but isn’t very far from where he lives. This was the kind of text messages he refused to reply to. He cares about you too much, and for that same reason he had been avoiding you. So that you’ll grow out of it.

[Several months ago]

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Fic Recs- Summer Edition 2017

This is my first time ever doing these types of posts but I figured, what the hell! It’s the end of my summer vacation and I wanted to share some amazing fics I read all throughout my break. Check out these great writers! 

An Overrated Cliche by @heaventide (Peter Parker x Reader) 

SUMMARY: That Spider-Man kiss video was definitely cliche and cheesy, which is exactly the reason that Spidey and Y/N have to do it.

Lovebug by @thewinterswimmer (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

SUMMARY: lovebug (n); the name given to the person with whom you have fallen head over heels in love. to be called a lovebug is the ultimate expression of affection. they are the love of your life.

Personal Shopper by @brighterlights (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

SUMMARY: Modern AU. You help Bucky, your crush and a frequent shopper at the store you work for, choose an outfit for a date. 

Seven Days by @vibranium-ass (Peter Parker x Reader)

SUMMARY: One week of your life, featuring your Best Friend, (a very jealous) Peter Parker.

One Time by @theassetseyeliner (Lance Tucker x Reader)

SUMMARY: After one night with the cocky Lance Tucker, he suggests a “no-love, all-fuck” relationship. You agree, but you’re not so sure about the “no-love” side of things.

Hot Guy by @avengersandchill (Bucky Barnes x Reader) 

SUMMARY: It’s finals week, and that means lots and lots of studying in the library. However, a certain stranger keeps distracting you from your studying. (College Alternate Universe Drabble Series)

Song of Themyscira by @sanjariti (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

SUMMARY: As an Amazonian warrior, you’re invited to Man’s World by Diana Prince. Ares, angered by the situation, decides to send an army, led by his son, to disrupt the peace. Will James be able to follow through, or will the Amazonians keep the peace?

Reminder by @buckyywiththegoodhair (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

SUMMARY: In which Bucky needs a reminder that he’s the only person you want to be with.

Pear & Blue Cheese Ice Cream by @jurassicbarnes (Sebastian Stan x Reader) 

SUMMARY: (College AU) your neighbor likes to party a lot, you simply needed some peace. or “I’m sorry, what were you saying? I keep getting lost in your eyes.”

Song of Themyscira | Two

Summary: As an Amazonian warrior, you’re invited to Man’s World by Diana Prince. Ares, angered by the situation, decides to send an army, led by his son, to disrupt the peace. Will James be able to follow through, or will the Amazonians keep the peace?

Pairing: James ‘Bucky’ Barnes x Amazon!Reader

Word Count: 1028

Warnings: None (yet)

A/N: Update! The immensely positive response to the first chapter of SoT had me shook and scared to follow it up, so I hope you all love this chapter just as much, and please, let me know what you think! || SoT masterlist

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anonymous asked:

Most to least clingy Mars signs?

This isn’t a perfect most to least but roughly

I’m assuming Mars to be negatively manifested here AND that it’s clinging to people

Pisces - due to negative expression of Neptune’s delusion
Cancer - emotional attachment, not always for the best
Scorpio - sometimes find it hard to let go of a good thing once it ends
Leo - in the sense of clinging to those who offer them attention, they’ll get petty if u leave
Taurus - want things to stay how they like them
Aries - this could be nearer to the top because they cling to desires and wants, but I don’t wanna overlap any of the signs
Libra - if they gotta stop clinging, it’s likely bc of an argument or a fight, which disrupts their inner peace
Sagittarius - clinging to passions and experiences, rather than people
Capricorn - similar to Sagittarius but more success and ambition related
Virgo - they want to be of service to people and be helpful, and clinging isn’t helpful
Aquarius - the opposite of clinging, actually often get annoyed when people do
Gemini - the opposite of clingy

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Angsty #18 and #20 from 'Writing Prompts 2.0' for Jaehyun please!

“I came here to explain what happened, and I’m not leaving until you listen.”
“H-How long have you been standing there?”

Originally posted by mintokkies

pairing: jaehyun & reader insert
genre: angst
wc: 2.3k
note: this was inspired a little bit by weightlifting fairy! i also wanted to add more but my mind is tired and i just came back from a friends house ;; ill do the rest tomorrow! ^~^

It was not an everyday occurrence for your boyfriend, Jaehyun, to cross the demarcation of what was right and wrong in your relationship.

Rather than the boundary being prominent, it was a dashed line to Jaehyun; he was unable to differentiate from the good he had committed in the relationship, and the bad, but that never stopped him from working to his premier ability.

Though, tonight was one of the nights he had unpremeditatedly crossed the boundary.

It was a complicated situation—the series of events that had been spurred out of an irate twist. Jaehyun’s ex-girlfriend had came back to town in search of him, a plethora of apologies pouring from her mouth whenever she had the chance. Jaehyun was never one to speak about his ex-relationships; you assumed it was too scarring for him to voice a thought about, but you never saw it as a protective caution he committed to.

And that was one of the many mistakes.

You always assumed that you had a substantial part in Jaehyun’s life, considering the two and a half years you guys had spent together—thicker than thieves. Though, there was always someone else who had topped you, someone you were left unaware of until her presence had disrupted the peaceful milieu.

Her name was Eunha, and she was Jaehyun’s ex-girlfriend.

When she first saw you she had a bitter look sketching on her face, bitterness lacing her tone and poison coating each word that flew from her mouth. There was an unfair treatment between you and Jaehyun that was caused by her, and it was because her sole purpose was to win Jaehyun back.

Jaehyun never spoke much about his relationship with Eunha, to which you assumed was a positive turn to move on, but it was the polar opposite.

Because your boyfriend, Jung Jaehyun, never wanted you to find out a single factor about his ex-relationship with Eunha.

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a letter to virgo

I can hear your heart begin beating like a drum, and your hands begin to shake. Your nerves are uncontrollable, aren’t they? Really… or is it your thoughts? It’s hard to know. So much goes on inside that Mercury mind. And I wish I could see in, it seems like crystal compartments and maths and magic. There’s always the dust of wicked wit.
I can see the worries in your eyes, the way you scan your environment for those who could harm and those who could disrupt the peace. When there is pain, you are always putting others before yourself, not many people seem to notice, I know, it seems. Your heart makes a difference. Sometimes it’s just not clearly seen.
You are a freshness in the stale air. But I want to wrap my soul around your arteries and hold you as tightly together as I could inside, I know how close you are to breaking, because a world so perfect can only seem momentary


Song of Themyscira | Three

Summary: As an Amazonian warrior, you’re invited to Man’s World by Diana Prince. Ares, angered by the situation, decides to send an army, led by his son, to disrupt the peace. Will James be able to follow through, or will the Amazonians keep the peace?

Pairing: James ‘Bucky’ Barnes x Amazon!Reader

Word Count: 1524

Warnings: None (yet)

A/N: Update! hope you all enjoy :)

SoT | 2

Originally posted by rohgers

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~Morning Cuddles~

When you have to study, but have needy hybrids who just want to chill in bed all day with you.


Word Count: 2,790

🎶Up in the skyyy- NO. You fumble around blindly, snaking your hand through the warm sheets to try and find your phone without having to actually open your eyes.

Where the hell is it? It’s gotta be around here somewhere. Ah, got it. You desperately poke the screen and it finally goes quiet, encasing the room in a cocoon of silence. Goosebumps pop out along your hand and you shudder at the cold air, yanking your appendage back into the nest of blankets.

How can it already be 6:00 am? It seems like only moments ago you had gone to bed, winding down for a blissful sleep. Your eyes are barely cracked open and through the haziness you can see that it’s still definitely dark outside.

You love that song, it’s one of your favorites, hence why you chose it as your alarm, but you’re not doing it. You refuse to get up. It’s way too cozy in here. With the warmth of your sheets and comforter, the softness of your pillows, even the weight that’s crushing you more and more as the seconds, or is it minutes, that tick by are making you almost fall back into oblivion. Almost being the key word. Unfortunately, your lungs start to scream otherwise.

Damn it.

You groan, which seemingly uses the last of your air supply and you start fidgeting in discomfort.

Why must he insist on laying right on top on you? You half-heartedly try to push him away and the only response you are rewarded with is a grunt before he crushes you even closer to him.

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Disney Movie Marathon || Chris Evans

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

Relationship: Chris Evans x reader

Summary: Your love of Disney may not go as far as Chris’ but he’s determined to change that.

Warnings: a. lot. of. fluff.

Word Count: 706 words

A/N: this was just an idea that popped into my head and i wrote it in like 7 minutes so i hope you enjoy it i really tried to embody a fluffy chris

Wasn’t great?! What do you even mean!” Chris shouted sounding shocked and offended by your statement as you tried to stifle your laughter as much as you could. 

Chris and his never ending love for Disney was endearing most days, but sometimes you felt bad that you didn’t share the same love for Disney as he did. You had obviously seen Disney classics but you never really grew up on them and your trip to Disney when you were younger was nothing extraordinary for you.

When you suggested that Disney World wasn’t as amazing and wonderful as he had known it to be he practically combusted right then and there.

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