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thanks [takes the fuck and puts it on the bedside table next to my VHS is a standard for consumer-level analog video recording on tape cassettes. Developed by Victor Company of Japan (JVC) in the early 1970s, it was released in Japan in late 1976 and in the USA in early 1977.From the 1950s, magnetic tape video recording became a major contributor to the television industry, via the first commercialized video tape recorders (VTRs). At that time, the devices were used only in expensive professional environments such as television studios and medical imaging (fluoroscopy). In the 1970s, videotape entered home use, creating the home video industry and changing the economics of the television and movie businesses. The television industry viewed videocassette recorders (VCRs) as having the power to disrupt their business, while television users viewed the VCR as the means to take control of their hobby. In the 1980s and 1990s, at the peak of VHS’s popularity, there were videotape format wars in the home video industry. Two of the formats, VHS and Betamax, received the most media exposure. VHS eventually won the war, dominating 60 percent of the North American market by 1980 and emerging as the dominant home video format throughout the tape media period.Optical disc formats later began to offer better quality than analog consumer video tape such as standard and super-VHS. The earliest of these formats, LaserDisc, was not widely adopted. However, after the introduction of the DVD format in 1997, VHS’s market share began to decline.By 2008, DVD had replaced VHS as the preferred low-end method of distribution.]

Official : part two of Exclusive

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Just wanted to say I am completely blown over by the response to Exclusive, love you guys.

Words: 3047

Pairing:  Reader x Happy             

Warnings: Blood, mentions of smut and Tig’s poor sense of humour.

 This is Part two - find Part One here & part three 

Kozik had been flirting with you since he’d met you, mostly because he’d never seen a chick rock mechanic overalls and oil splashes like you did. But it got a lot funnier when he found out that him flirting with you pissed off Tig because you were a friend of the club but then again everything he did pissed off Tig.
So you thought nothing of it as he leaned close to you against the truck while telling you how good your overalls would look on his floor. It was oh so corny but incredibly Kozik and honestly it felt nice to have someone so happy to seen with you. Kozik always flirted with you no matter the company, he wasn’t usually so forward or physical but his cheesy grin took a bit of the sting away of knowing Happy was actively hiding your shenanigans.

“Jackie!! Ope! Tig!” You heard Chibs shouting across the yard like he was panicked. You tried to look around Kozik to see what had distressed Chibs but Kozik leaned more into your space blocking your view.
“Come on Y/N, you have no idea what you’rer missing out on.” Kozik smirked and you tried not to giggle.
“Kozik move!” Chibs shouted, this time louder like he was a lot closer.

It was like a switch had flicked and Kozik was suddenly in fight mode like on a run. He moved almost instantly, his hands came off of the truck and to the tops of your arms as he gripped onto you and pulled you to the side as Happy’s fist just missed his face. Kozik let you go to protect his face from Happy’s next blow and you fell inelegantly to the floor.

“What the fuck is wrong with you man?” Kozik snapped as he jumped out of the way of another punch. Happy sneered at him and swung this time hitting Kozik hard in face, the blonde’s nose erupted in blood instantly as he fell down beside you.

“What the fuck?!” You shouted jumping up as Happy dove onto Kozik and carried on punching him in the face, “Happy stop! Leave him alone!”

All at once the boys where on the pair, Chibs was shouting something about impressions at Happy, Jax and Opie were pulling Happy off of Kozik and Tig…well Tig was laughing.
“What the fuck is going here?!” Clay’s voice thundered and Happy stopped struggling against Jax and Opie as Clay, Bobby and Juice stormed towards you all.

Chibs helped Kozik up and started to check his face for any fractures, he for sure had a broken nose, possibly even a shattered eye socket.
Tig looked at the damage to Kozik’s face and laughed wildly, “You enjoy your make over there sweetheart?”
“Fuck you.” Kozik spat blood back at him.
“That was a really stupid thing to do brother.” Chibs hissed at Happy who was stood rigid still glaring down Kozik. The others reached you and Tig stood between you and the boys in case the extra Sons made shit kick off again.

“The fuck was that for?” Kozik growled at him.
“I’m very interested too.” Clay rumbled at the pair them.
“I get the urge to beat his face in too, Hap just beat me to the punch. You get it? Punch?” Tig chuckled to himself but he let it die when he realised he was the only one laughing.
“Well?” Clay snapped at looked between the pair of them.
Kozik raised his hands in surrender, he had no fucking clue what had happened.
“Y/N?” Clay focused his attentions on you and the rest of the boys seemed to follow suit but you focused on Clay. You daren’t look at Happy right now, his usually dark look had intensified like it always did after a fight and you worried you’d melt under his gaze.

“I honestly have no idea what the fuck just happened.” You breathed and Clay let out a sigh, he was getting impatient.
“I think we should talk about this inside.” Chibs offered, his voice was heavy with suggestion that this was not a conversation you should be hearing. Club business you presumed.

“That right?” Clay seemed to take the suggestion, “Y/N take a break then get back to work, I need that car fixed by close today. Happy, Kozik, you two wait in church for me, unless you need your face fixing now?”
“No, I’ll wait. Sure it won’t kill me.” Kozik snared towards Happy. You nodded quickly and finally daring to look up you caught Happy’s eyes. Fuck what was going on in his head? He looked like he wanted to drag you off to the dorms or kill you. God you hoped it was the former. You bit your lip at the dirty thoughts that swirled through your mind before turning quickly and rushing into garage.
Happy and Kozik set off into the club house, Kozik hanging back slightly so he could walk behind Happy instead he decided to jump him from behind.

“I’ve never seen Happy lose it on a brother with no good reason.” Bobby weighed in they all turned their attention to Chibs who clearly knew more than he was letting on. Chibs sighed awkwardly and scratched at his goatee, this wouldn’t have been his business to tell but Happy took it too far with Kozik and made it club business.
“Happy’s been bumping uglies with Y/N, he pissed her off last week by asking her not to tell us that’s why she’s been hard to deal with. He came out to find Kozik trying to push on her and snapped.” Chibs explained.

They were all silent for a moment until Tig broke it, “I gotta say I’m proud of Hap, Y/N is hot.”
“Wait so is this why he’s been ignoring the croweaters?” Bobby asked, eyebrows raised.
Chibs gave a nod, “They’re exclusive.”
Opie gave him a look like he’d figured everything out, “That’s why he asked her not to tell us? Thought we’d think it was a sign to try and get on her?”

“So how serious is it?” Tig asked.
“Serious enough to rearrange Kozik’s face for flirting with her, I did not see this one coming at all.” Jax offered.
“But they’re not together?” Juice asked.
Chibs shook his head, “No lad, they’re nay quite there yet.”
“Well we can’t have it affecting the club like this, we have a run tomorrow night and I need those two ready to dish out the muscle. Not working against each other. ” Clay had his hands on his hips, he didn’t need this shit.

“So what’d we do?” Jax asked and Clay gave him an evil smirk.
“Oh that’s the face of a man with plan.” Tig laughed.
“I need you guys to play along with me on this one, you got it?” Clay smirked and they all began to walk towards the clubhouse, “Its time to shit or get of the pot for Hap.”


“Are you serious?” Kozik snapped across the table as they sat in church, Happy continued to stare him down with his dark eyes, “She didn’t tell me she was with anyone.”
“Well that’s because Happy told her not too.” Tig told him and Happy moved his glare to his crazy haired brother instead.

“Why?” Kozik asked, his voice thick with confusion and pain from the beating.
“Embarrassed by her, that’s what she thinks anyway.” Chibs offered.
“That’s not true.” Happy’s deep voice rumbled and his eyes glanced down, he wasn’t offering any more information.

“True or not, I can’t have a woman disrupting business like this. Putting my guys at odds with each other, it’s just not gonna work.” Clay gave a deep dramatic sigh, “She’s gotta go.”
“What?” Happy snapped and his brothers could see him tensing his jaw, “She did nothing wrong.” The other guys regarded Clay with shock which they quickly covered; this was what he wanted them to go along with?!
“No Hap but you did,” Bobby joined in.
“You can’t seriously be talking about firing her?” Happy snarled.

“Happy she’s a friend of the club, we’ll make sure she’s gets a good leave package and we’ll always have her back if she needs anything but if working here is going to cause grief then it’s just easier this way.” Clay reasoned.

"Who gives a fuck about easier? This had nothing to do with her.” Happy argued.
“This,” Tig began pointing at Kozik’s bloody face, “Had everything to do with her brother.”

Poor Kozik, with his swollen beaten face stared between his brothers. Something was off, he just couldn’t put his finger on it having missed the conversation outside. The club had happily let Tig and him rip into each for years without consequence. Hell they all regularly beat the shit out of each other for one grievance or another. Why was this any different? Y/N was a hell of a mechanic; you took care of business and always had the Old Ladies backs on Lock Down.

Hell, Kozik had once seen you take on a guy twice your size who was giving Tara grief at one of the parties. Happy and Jax stepped in and beat his face into the ground. Why would the club be so willing to fire you over sleeping with Happy?
By all accounts they owed you a thank you. Happy was psychotic and they loved him for it but in the last few weeks he’d been a lot more creative with his beat downs, he volunteered to do more shifts at the TM and just generally seemed more at ease with life. And now the club had figured out who to thank, they were going to fire you?

Kozik narrowed his good eye at them; the sneaky bastards were up to something.

“Happy Y/N’s an attractive girl, just because we can’t have her working here doesn’t mean there isn’t space for up at Caracara for her.” Tig teased.

It happened fast.

Happy slamming his hand down on their carved table was the only warning they got before he was up and diving towards Tig.
“Woah woah woah!” Jax shouted as they jumped up to stop Happy.
Happy had Tig by his overalls, his brothers trying to catch him, when he caught Tig’s amused smirk and it all clicked into place. He let go of Tig straight away and raised his hands up in mock surrender so the guys backed off.

He stared them all down, “You fucking bitches.”

And then they were laughing. Openly laughing at the Tocoma Killer while he stalked back around and dropped into his seat, the others returning to their seats.
“Sorry couldn’t help ourselves.” Chibs laughed.
“Can’t believe you hit that brother, Y/N is hot.” Juice laughed and the boys gave a few sounds of agreement.
“Careful Juice don’t get too close or Happy will mash your face up.” Jax joked and the boys broke out laughing and Happy couldn’t help but feel relief. He should have known that the boys would have his back 100%. They loved you and you already treated them like family and vice versa.

Clay leaned forward, “In all seriousness Happy, we’re pleased for you but this can’t happen again. You need to sort your shit out with Y/N, however it falls we’re here for both of you. Now this can’t go without punishment, double duty at TM for three weeks and you’re Kozik’s bitch for a week.”
Happy gave a nod accepting the punishment, it basically meant he’d be at the garage twice as much with you, he’d figure out how to deal with Kozik being demanding later. Maybe he could get you to help release some tension. That’s if you were still talking to him after this.

Fifteen minutes later and the boys were leaving church, all of them slapping Happy on the back with woops of encouragement. They came out into the yard to see you sending off a customer in their newly fixed car.
“Go get her Killa.” Tig laughed and nudged him off towards you.
“Alright now you can all fuck off.” Happy rasped as he started off towards you. The guys burst out laughing, the volume of their laughing drawing your attention across the yard.
You turned and upon seeing Happy approaching you, you put your hands on your hips waiting his explanation.

“Oh man she’s going to fuck him up.” Bobby laughed seeing you stood with your hands on your hips.
“When Gemma pulls that move I just give her my wallet.” Clay chuckled deeply.
They watched as Happy managed to guide you into the office will minimal fuss on your part.


You’d opted to perch on the desk and wait for Happy to talk. It looked like he was going to make you wait a long time and you were not in the mood, your eyes were tired and sore from crying, you were embarrassed from crying as well and mostly you were angry that you guy were – well you don’t know what you were – had just beaten a close friend of yours for no good reason.

“Well, I’m waiting.” You snapped and crossed your arms across your chest. He fixed you with a dark look that almost made you swoon. When he made no move to answer you continued, “Why’d you beat the shit outta Kozik like that?”
“He had a bee on his face?” Happy offered and you had to look away from him so that he couldn’t see the smile pulling at your lips. Fuck this fucker and his stupid handsome face and dry humour.

“If you’re not gonna take me seriously Happy then I don’t care about hearing you out.” You snapped and stood up going to move. You didn’t make it far before his hands pushed you back down on desk except this time he was stood between your legs, one of his hands on your face and the other on the top of your arm. You let out a shaky breath as you looked up at him, you couldn’t be this close to him without your heart starting to skip.

He always looked at you with such intensity and his calloused hand held your face with such care. Hands that had and would continue to take lives and spill blood but supported you and made you feel safe, feel whole.

His voice came out deep and raspy and so quiet even with this closeness, “I’ve not fucked anyone else since you.”
You blinked before the words registered, “What do you want a fucking thank you?!” You hissed and went to push him away.
He caught your hands and pushed them down by your hips on the desk, “Listen to me.” He grated, “I haven’t fucked anyone else and I wanted to make sure that you didn’t either.”
You let the words roll over you but you must have been taking too long because his chapped lips where pushed against yours, his hands came up to hold your face and he pressed his body against yours. You let out a soft moan and twisted your hands into the front of his t-shirt to pull him closer before returning the kiss with earnest.

You pulled apart with a whimper. He stayed close to you, his hands still on your face, his thumbs absentmindedly running along your cheeks.
“So we’re a couple?” You whispered, you were terrified that speaking would shatter the intimacy of this situation but you needed to know.
Because of his closeness when he chuckled you felt it ghost over your lips and tried to suppress a shiver, “Little girl, we always were you just hadn’t realised.”
“You mean you hadn’t manned up?” You teased and he nipped at your lip playfully making you giggle as he pulled you closer by your hips.
You sighed and rested your head in his chest, you were just the right height while perched on the desk. You hummed in contentment against his chest and just held you close.

“Is Kozik okay?” You asked and started to chuckle.
“He’s had worse and now he knows if he tries it again I’ll kill him.” Happy said simply as you pulled away from him so could look at his face as he spoke.
“Happy, you’re not jealous are you?” You teased.
He glared down at you and leaned forward so that his nose brushed against yours, “And if I am?” He growled.

You leaned up and pressed your lips to his before coming away and biting your lip, “Well, it would be incredibly hot.” You purred.

He growled playfully and pulled you up by your hips so that your legs wrapped around his waist and pushed you against the wall with his lips on your neck as you laughed, wonderfully happy for the first time all week.


Out in the yard sat Jax, Tig and Kozik with Chibs starting to fix up the side of his face, they were facing the office.
“How much you betting that Hap left the blinds open to send a message?” Jax asked as he took a sip of beer. Even from across the yard they could see Happy pushing you up against the wal, you holding onto him tightly as he moved against you.
Chibs didn’t look up from his work, “He just wants everyone to know she’s his that all.”
“Yeah because this,” Kozik pointed at his face, “would never give it away.”
They all laughed.
“Shit man, I wish I had hit that before Hap,” Tig mused, “You gotta admit that Y/N is hot.”
“Hey that’s Happy’s future Old Lady you’re talking about there.” Chibs mumbled as he still concentrated.

“Shit you think it’s that serious?” Jax asked.
“Aye, all the way brother.” Chibs answered.
“Bet you ten bucks she has his crow as a tramp stamp.” Tig declared to them all and Jax extended out his own hand shaking Tig’s, “I’ll take that bet.”

They were quiet for a moment, having lost interest in watching you and Happy from this distance. Tig turned and stared at Kozik’s swollen face for a moment like he was pondering something before asking, “Hey weren’t you in that film The Goonies?”

“Fuck off dickbag.”



Think there will be a Part Three of Exclusive, exploring either how Happy reacts to the Reader being pregnant or the Reader being taken by a rival gang.
Let me know what you think?

Part three - Old Lady - lives here.

Associations of Azeroth: Harboson Company, Investing in Others for Success

By Risri Elthron

Tucked into a corner on the canal side of the Trade District is the Medical Supply store “The Vital Spice” owned and operated by Harboson Company. The Royal Courier spent some time with the owner Elstine Harboson and members of his organization to learn more about the growing business that is looking to aid with economic growth throughout the Alliance.

Entering The Vital Spice, one can see the meticulous care and detail put into organizing and maintaining the medical supply shop. The store itself is covered in plants hanging from the ceiling in various stages of the drying process - the air being influenced by the sage, mint, thyme, basil, and dozens of other herbs and flowers. The counter wielding small boxes, opened to reveal different quality bandages and medical supplies. Operated by three of Harboson Company’s employees, the store open on Saturday evenings selling and taking orders for supplies from individuals and other organizations.

Employing approximately twenty-five individuals, Harboson Company is more than just the proprietor of a shop. The company is a legal fighting force for hire, contracting out to any who wish the support of their elite team. In addition to the contract work, Harboson Company is an investment and trading organization. They look for business opportunities to help support and grow the Alliance economy.  Owner Elstine Harboson detailed their interest in investment as looking for opportunities to support new or struggling businesses. “Someone that is just interested in owning their own business, or just wants to sell products. We’re very liberal and freeing; our newest client for example only provides us with ten percent of their income and some various trading restrictions when and where necessary; otherwise the store is theirs and we just help promote them and better their business.”

The well-structured family-owned company has both a merchant and soldier branch, with individuals encouraged to develop in their own skills and follow the path suited best for their interests. “The Soldiering Branch is fairly standard, a Bloodsworn acts as a General of sorts, below that is the Captains of a squad, and within that squad are members of the professional paid soldiers. – On the other spectrum we have the Viceroy who’s one simple purpose is to keep the coin flowing and expanding. Below that we have the store owners, merchants, entrepreneurs and so forth - then their employees,” Harboson explained.

 Moving up within the organization is based on merit, as Mr. Harboson explained, “We promote based on ambition and willingness to better oneself, learn, and of course lead. Everyone we have in a leadership position has been with us for a long time and served in the field - battlefield or otherwise. I can’t say we really have a checklist; it’s more we present the need for ‘blank’ position to be filled and see who steps up; we don’t hold hands.”

The individuals best suited to working with the company are those who are not only hard workers but also, as Mr. Harboson described “ambitious, curious - rather than loyal, and dormant. Our end goal is to create leaders that in turn expand the business - we do well when our employees do well. So they need to have a desire to grow and better themselves, really just that burning passion to be something more.”

New employees are given a trial period to find their way within the organization. Once the trial is successfully passed, the individual is given the Harboson Contract to cement their employment within the organization, “The contract is there in favor of the employee rather than the employer; we provided monthly pay, plus a signing bonus to last you to the first pay check. Training for the work place was given for free, health insurance to pay for any medical bills within reason and that happened in service, and then of course life insurance that provided a severance pay to your family should the worse come. As we’ve grown and adapted into much more than just a Company that works primarily with professional mercenaries however, we’ve looked recently to editing the contract with updated terms.”

Joining in the discussion were Elstine’s wife Scassira, Varro Balisteri and Jarisleif, members of the Soldiering branch, and Ms. Caeliam Flamboisia. Each of the members described an organization that was professional, yet full of camaraderie that gives each of them a sense of purpose larger than themselves.

Scassira shared her thoughts on the organization, “Best, I would say is the way we do approach the other organizations such as the Guard or the like. Offering donations of product, securing business trades and deals. Ensuring our military is supplied and well nourished with medicinal items. It is a feel-good thing, I would say. As for worst, the chaos that can accompany such things as securing those deals. That includes many meetings and a long paper trail, but none of which cannot be managed. Simply tedious work, you see.“

Caeliam Flamboisia who joined the company in late January spoke of her role and her thoughts in a kind voice that reiterated her words, “I help the other when they need help of a mage for anything… and because I did want to be stronger for everyone. The best part is to work with a nice company, I must say that we do have many good person here and kind people.”

Jarisleif, another longer term member and main herald for the shop, complained good-naturedly about the lack of permission to swear but that it was made up for in his opportunities to bash heads when an employee was in trouble, “ I usually just clobber things and yell in the streets to keep people coming in the shop. Best part is that Employees always get in trouble somehow so you always have an excuse to fight. Worst part is that I cannot swear whenever I want.”

Varro Balisteri, a new member, shared his specialty and his thoughts on being a part of the company, “I have a heavy hammer that tends to land on the heads of those that disrupt business ordeals. I am looking forward to my signing-on bonus. The worst bits would be…we have an -awful- time 'camping.'”

While not all the employees were available, the sense of the spirit of the organization could be felt in the room as we spoke for more than an hour. A strong proponent of working hard and achieving your potential, Harboson Company is an organization serving all of the Alliance with integrity and honor. Stop by the shop next Wednesday evening for your medical supply needs and if you’re interested in a job, speak with one of the employees for your opportunity!

(OOC:  The group is focused on realistic roleplay.  A lore friendly, and heavy roleplay guild, Harboson Company does not discriminate on roleplay experience. Elstine expressed his passion for helping new roleplayers “I also really want to stress a huge passion of mine is working with new RPers; so you don’t necessarily have to be highly skilled to join; I’ve also taught several ESL folks, like Deccius the Brazilian; and of course. I’ve helped Cae out a little too - she’s French, but I’ve dozens of RP students, a few in the guild with us.”  

Caeliam a non-native English speaker reiterated that love of the guild and its guild leader, “El is a really good teacher and I have improve a lot with him helping me!”

Elstine shared what he looks for with new members “I’m very particular with my members; we do very extensive interviews OOCly - personally I think it’s way more important to have decent people OOCly than anything else. We want a family in guild, we wall want to be close, and to have a good time - and I think we have that, especially now. I think we’re all really inclusive, open-minded, but also willing to work; a guild is a lot of work especially a decent one - it can’t be a free ride for everyone. Some things have to be done. In short: patient, ambitious/self-starter, eager, friendly, not vindictive/egotistical.”

Varro added, “I think the major attraction to this guild is the change of pace it provides from the typical 'mercenary’ guild.”

Elstine was thoughtful about the type of roleplay that is important to him, “I think it’s important, and I try to stress it a lot that a lot of people can take it as… Elitism with our style of RP; and to a degree there are plenty of groups that do kinda turn their noses up. We try to act different in that as mentioned, we help new roleplayers out where we can, and try to offer assistance and just generally be welcoming to new folks on the server; it’s our community, our neighborhood - we need to take care of it, not try to scare people out.  really that’s kinda our selling point; I think to most of these guys they were looking for that intense, realistic/logical combat, or that non-handholding feeling on the business side. We really want you to go out and take a dive into things, learn things, and expand not only as a character but OOCly. – I think the combat is a big draw for people though, as well as the general theme and I’d say… Extremism of the guild when it comes to business. Like, we have a legit document for the employee contracts, and business contracts - we have an orientation guide for new members that acts like an orientation guide that you’d get on your first day of work.”

Scassira added, “I have been told the 'selling point’ for us is the immersive feel and realism by several people.”

Varro spoke of his experiences, while still new on this particular character, he had been a member previously and rejoined when he found a character that fit better within the structure of Harboson Company, “Well. As Elstine said earlier, there is an emphasis on realism. At least to a degree. That on top of the actual business that is being run in the background? It’s nice. Most guilds usually hire 'mercenaries’ to beat people up in taverns and get drunk. There is an air of professionalism to Harboson.”

Elstine added, “I think the dedication of the leadership helps out alot too; so many guilds just roll over that have good ideas and concepts, but the leadership isn’t there. We’ve tried and tested leaders, I’ve been leading guilds since BC - and all our leaders have been in leadership positions, or are just hard workers.”

 The members of Harboson Company were such a pleasure to speak with. Thank you to the members who participated. If you are looking for guild focused on realistic roleplay reach out to Elstine, Scassira or Tideguard to talk about how you could fit.)

@harboson-c @scassira-harboson

Onion Gang (Rewrite)

Steven finds out that Onion has been collecting corrupted gems and gem mutants as friends. He takes really good care of them but trouble starts when the mutants begin to follow Onion around town. The critters are moderately harmless. They disrupt boardwalk business and even frighten a few citizens. Onion enlists Steven to help him gather up his new friends. Things quickly spiral out of control when Squash, a 8 foot tall, three-eyed, maroon-colored corruption, goes on a rampage when he sees Steven accidentally brandishes his shield.

Onion tries to sooth Squash, but she is blinded by rage. Squash then begins to attack Steven, chasing him and Onion down the Boardwalk. At that moment, Amethyst and Pearl are walking down towards the boardwalk. Pearl talks to Amethyst about needing to find Steven so they can go investigate reports about Gem corruptions in Beach City. Amethyst then comments that she’s more concerned about getting her Bits from the Fry Shop than a bunch of pesky mutants. Steven and Onion then run past the two Gems, followed by Squash.

Amethyst and Pearl then land in front of Squash and summon their weapons. Squash steps back, seeming to back off. However, Squash releases a loud scream that shatters nearby glass and makes Onion’s corruption friends enraged as well. Amethyst, Pearl, and Steven then enter a fight with the mutants and corruptions. Onion looks on in horror as Pearl and Amethyst poof his gang. Pearl and Amethyst then target Squash. Onion tries to get in the way of the Gems but Steven grabs him, explaining that she is dangerous this is the only way we can help her right now.

 Onion then elbows Steven in the eye so he can run and protect Squash. Pearl exclaims that it’s time to end this. Amethyst nods before spin dashing around Squash, entangling her with a whip. Pearl then dashes to Squash to deliver the final blow. Onion leaps in front of Squash at the last second. Squash regains her senses briefly enough to notice Onion and knock him out the way. Onion looks at Squash with tears in his eyes as she was poofed. 

Onion then rushes to the fallen corruption and grasps her amalgamated gem. Steven comforts Onion recounting briefly about how Squash was once a person and now she’s sick. It’s up to the Gems to find a way to keep them safe until they can fix them. Steven then bubbles Squash’s gem. Together he and Onion send Squash back to the Temple. The episode then ends with Steven, Amethyst, Pearl, and Onion walking away. The star wipe then closes in on Onion as a gem mutation of 2 hands crawls on to Onion’s back and Onion hides it under his shirt.

For third place, the story I picked is ‘Brewery Tour’ by @jhoomwrites

I’ve seen the text post that this is based on floating around on Tumblr, and I honestly love what you did with it! The banter between Dean and Cas via their little postcards is adorable, and the ending was hella cute! 

I don’t follow you yet, so you get a follow back from me as promised! And of course everyone should take a looksie at your blog and AO3! Congratulations on a job well done!

It’s a frosty January morning when Castiel pulls his robe tight to go out and check his mail. He hastily grabs the contents and darts back inside before the chill can settle in his lungs. Briefly carding through it, there’s nothing of interest. Only junk mail, it seems, so he tosses it into the recycling.

A postcard, tucked in between a flyer and a large coupon book, slips free and flutters to the floor. Castiel barely gives it a second glance, reaching down to throw it in with the rest. However, something makes him stop to read it first. On one side is a picture of the Sam Adams Brewery, on the other is a brief note.

I used to live in your house. I’m drunk in Boston, and it’s the only
address I know.  
Happy Holidays.
- DW

There’s something oddly sweet about the sentiment, so he decides to keep the card from this mystery DW. He pins it to his fridge, held in place (fittingly enough) by a magnetic bottle opener. And there it would have stayed, forgotten. Except that Castiel can’t stop thinking about the unknown sender. It nags at him until he gives in. Such a well-meaning message deserves to be answered, and he’s determined to do just that.

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A Few People In The Silicon Valley Tech Industry Who Should Be Punched In The Face:
  • The asshole who decided that the online equivalent of robocalls was more efficient as a way of dealing with user complaints than hiring an actual person
  • The assholes who keep putting into place measures to make their site “kid-friendly” that end up not only not doing that but also censoring LGBTQIAP people and artists to boot.
  • Anybody who uses “disruption” for their business model when they mean “Break this industry so we can fuck over workers in this service even HARDER for more profit”
  • Anybody who exploits their workers passion for their work by running on perpetual unhealthy “crunch time” and tiny wages.

Feel free to add your own on here! I’m sure people who know about this scene have plenty to hate!

And if you want to know how strong my feelings on this subject are; the original title of this post was gonna be “People In The Silicon Valley Tech Industry Who Should Be Shot”…

Decide to cheat a web-designer? I'll sell your website to your competitor and sue you.

Let’s go back to January 2014 - we design a full working website. 15 pages, one of the best pages in our client’s immediate area - by far, and that’s not because it was our work. He literally had shit competitors.

We finish the website, try to get a hold of him and he’s traveling for business to find partners and vendors. He asks us to send it live since he’ll be meeting a few people and once he makes it back home, he’ll send out the invoice.

January 20th, we still haven’t heard anything back. We e-mail him, nothing. We call him, nothing. We spoof our phone number, instant pickup and he gives us a BS excuse that he’s been up to his neck with work but has us on his schedule.

February 20th, Nothing from said client, we decided to pull down his website after sending him 10 e-mails, calling him 5 times, and sending him 3 warnings. February 20th 9:00 pm, he calls me pissed of that he’s in the middle of a conference and hasn’t been able to checked his e-mails or phone but a client told him that his website was down - keep in mind we’re hosting his website as well.

March 15th, we again tried to call him, etc. Nothing comes out of it. For this particular client, March to April was the busiest time of year. His website was getting 100+ visitors per day and people were actually using a lead generation form. We again decided to shut it down and he immediatley called us back.

“Due to the fact that you have disrupted my business multiple times, we’re not going to pay. You need to have our website transferred away from your servers and into our servers or we will pursue damages.”

March 16th, we contact our attorney (a few companies and I partnered up to have an attorney on retainer. $120 per month for free legal services when we need them? Not bad at all). The attorney tells us to fuck him, our contract protects us and to simply bring down the site.

March 17th, we shut down the website and put a for-sale advertisement on the site. We start to advertise the website on Facebook and contact several of his competitors.

March 17th, client calls us and tells us that he’s getting an attorney and that I’m not authorize to sell his domain name or website “Generic-City-Keyword.com” that we were going to sell to him, but he never paid.

March 18th, Competitor in desperate need of clients calls up. He doesn’t really have the money up front but he will meet us with a cashier’s check for $1,500 and $500 in cash if we can sell it to him. He’ll pay us $500 per month for the next 5 months for the rest.

March 19th, we transfer the site, and our new client instantly gets a call from a new vendor and he pays us the rest of the money that same day.

March 21th, we get a law suit from an attorney.

March 27th, we counter sue and go to court.

— Attorney business.

April 20th, we go to court, ex-client loses. He pays for all our damages and attorney fees and pays us $700 for loss time.

Present: Client has a website tonight page, 0 SEO ranking and he has lost a lot of business. His company was one that lived or died through SEO services. He lost 4 employees that ended up getting hired by the guy who bought the website.

We saw our new client at a chamber event and he couldn’t be happier. He was about 8 months from going broke, and now he has a business that is expanding. He does Lawn Care, Christmas Light Installs, Flower Shop, Pumpkin Sales, and Christmas Tree Sales. Every season he has something else going on. The website has a page for each of the services and seasons and gets him a bunch of traffic during those times.

Location! Location! Location!

Picture it: Austin, 2016. 

The setting is deep in the “backyard” of a ranch location out in the motherfucking nowhere land of the hill country. It’s about as Texas as you can imagine. Prickly plants. Cows. Confederate flags. Dudes with guns. Dirt roads. Bad cell reception. Terrible studded designer jeans bought at the dollar store. This “backyard” is a 20 minute van drive from basecamp, which is at the main house next door. Walkies barely reach. Cellphones are in and out. The quickest way through was in a land rover through a very dangerous path through the woods. 

The set itself is a beautiful dreamy little pond buried in clay cliffs decorated with cedar trees. The sun creates a golden glow at certain points in the day. Perfect for the camera. The rest of us, however… 

At first, no bathrooms except back at basecamp (20 minutes from set) (they later got portas delievered).Food on the set, like crafty, was difficult because the fields near the pond were infested with bees. Like, actually infested. Not an understatement. Figuring out where to eat lunch everyday was a misery. If an emergency happened, we were in the middle of nowhere. Basecamp could barely hear us and there were only two vans making trips so if you didn’t get on the van, it could be 40 minutes until you’re back on set. Not only that, the neighbors were weird about the road the worktrucks were parked on and one guy got in our faces with a video camera threatening us. 

As a result, this beautiful set cost us a LOT of shots. Like a LOT. 

One more example. Dallas, 2016. The set is in a beautiful floor to ceiling plate glass 6th floor high rise, overpriced apartment in uptown. Full cinematic views of downtown Dallas. Tenants of the building did not want us there. The building restricted our abilities to get equipment in quickly by eliminating the elevators we could use and the entrances we could use. Loading was too steep for the trucks so they had to park in an alley nearby. We had constant supervision and constant complaints, including yet another guy threatening us (this time physically). We couldn’t talk normally in the halls, we couldn’t park near the building, and we had to lay down layout board on carpets designed for high density traffic and heavy loads. Again lost a lot of time and shots didn’t work. 

When we plan production, we spend a lot of time on blocking and the script and what camera to use and lighting and casting. We discuss costume design and what crew to bring in. But we often skip one of the most important parts of the filmmaking process: seriously weighing the pros and cons of our locations.  On indie films, our budgets are limited and we try to have producers or directors do the jobs of production managers and location managers. This is not good. Directors & producers should not be in charge of locations.



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Caged [9]

Characters: NamjoonxReader
Length: 2597 words
Genre: Mafia AU
Warnings: Violence

Part 8  Part 10

Yoongi was tapping an imaginary rhythm on the leather steering wheel while his eyes were fixed on the entrance of the fancy restaurant on the other of the street. He had been here since the early evening, since before Jung Hoseok had arrived, gotten out of his ridiculous sports car, and turned his car keys over to the valet. A short peek on the calendar in front of the receptionist of the law firm Hoseok worked at had told Yoongi where he would find him, and presumably his brother, that night.

Taehyung had come walking down the street about twenty minutes later, head high and even from this distance Yoongi had been able to see the bright smile his younger brother had flashed the doorman holding open the door for him.

Hoseok was an incredibly gaudy man for someone with as many secrets as him. He drove a Bugatti convertible – not Yoongi’s personal taste, but with a top speed of over 400 km/h he couldn’t deny that it was an impressive car – and was always dressed impeccably in expensive suits and with eye-catching accessories. He was one of the most charming men Yoongi had ever had the displeasure of meeting, and he could see why Taehyung had started copying some of his mannerisms after meeting him in Daegu more than eight years ago and following his budding career in the news.

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strider-juice  asked:

A lot of people who are over 18 also don't know how to turn it off or can't access it which could severely hurt a lot of sex workers as well. It's also filtering artists with very little history of nsfw content and generally sfw blogs and disrupting their business. It's all around just a poorly implemented system that disproportionately targets LGBT art and content

KJJDSGLSNG ITS ACTUALLY BLOCKING YOUR BLOCK AND YOUR ICON FOR ME… this is really shitty though and really fucking inconvenient


Originally posted by mcgree

Featuring: Nochang

Genre: Fluff/short short fic

Word Count: 724

Request:  Anonymous sent: Hi :)! Can I ask a Nochang scenario? You convince him to not going to work and you’re just watching movie and eating on the couch.

A/N: Sorry it’s not exactly what you asked for ://

You snuck a peek at your significant other through the the slightly cracked open door of your shared bedroom. Seeing him sleeping so peacefully made you smile. You were relieved he was finally getting some rest from the studio where he usually buried himself in work. You scurried off to the kitchen to prepare him some breakfast. It wasn’t everyday that you had a chance like this, you were going to make him the best breakfast in bed. You were set on spoiling him rotten today and having him all to yourself.

You had the t.v on listening to the morning news at a low volume making sure not to disrupt Changjoong’s sleep. You busied yourself with making his favorite breakfast and making sure it was perfect. About half an hour later everything was ready was ready. You were washing up the pan you used to make breakfast when you were surprised by a pair of arms looping around your waist.
“Good morning baby.”
“Aw oppa! What are you doing up?” you pouted having your plan ruined. You turned around with an evident pout still on your face. You were expecting to surprise him but you ended up being the one surprised to find Changjoong shirtless, fresh out the shower, with a towel wrapped around his hips and another hanging loosely around his shoulders.
“Not happy to see me?” he asked as he leaned over to give you a peck.
“ I was trying to surprise you but you woke up sooner than I expected.”
He smiled at  you endearingly, “It’s the thought that counts. Thanks baby.”
“You’re welcome. Now go put on some clothes before you catch a cold or something and come and eat.” you said as you nudged him towards the bedroom.
You both had enjoyed breakfast together. You walked over to your bedroom after tidying up the kitchen a bit to see Changjoong putting on his jacket.
“I thought you had the day off?”
“ Yeah but I’m still working on something at the studio.”
No way you were letting Changjoong go and bury himself in the studio again. Not now, knowing what he’s going through. You weren’t going to let him overwork himself to point of exhaustion. You knew he was just looking for an outlet, but this wasn’t the way. He’d been feeling down for awhile but for you, he would try his best to fake he was okay. He wouldn’t open up about what was going on, but you weren’t going to push any further to force him to open up to you. You didn’t want to make feel him feel more pressured than he already did. You just wanted him to know you’d be there for him no matter what and remind him how to relax and take everything one thing at a time.
You climbed up on bed on your knees so you could be closer to eye level with him. You took hold of his jacket collar and tugged him closer to yourself.
“How about actually taking a day off?”, You have him a slight puppy eye look.
“Um.”  he hesitated to answer.
You tugged him closer to you and gave him a peck on the lips.
A small smile appeared on his lips
You gave him another peck but this time trapping his bottom lip between yours and playfully tugging at his bottom lip.
“We can have a movie marathon…” your voice trailed as you gave him an Eskimo kiss.
His arms wrapped around you as he returned the gesture, “What else?”
“ Hm we can order take out…” you nipped at his lip and raised an eyebrow in question.
“What else?” he insisted.
You playfully made a trail of kisses from his lips down to his neck, “Anything you want.”
His hands gripped under your bottom tugging you towards him, you wrapped your legs around him, your arms around his shoulders. He lead the way to your cozy sofa. You had won this round and you were going to make the best out of it. You both got comfortable on the sofa, you motioned for him to lay on your lap. His head rested comfortably on your lap. He loved the way just being with you put him at ease. A lazy day in your company in this hectic world was just perfect.

:) Another extremely past due scenario request -_- but I hope you guys still enjoyed reading it.

Praying and hoping for the best for Nochang



Fight for Your Life

Within Frozen, I think the most controversial scene with Elsa is when she fights the Duke’s two henchmen in her ice palace. There are some fans and haters of the film who believe that Elsa was really trying to kill the men, that this was the moment she became a villain, or evil. But that is not the case at all. Elsa is and was always good. I believe that these haters are just not looking, and maybe even refusing to look, at the scene correctly because murder was never Elsa’s intention.

When the thugs first barge into Elsa’s palace and corner her on the top floor, she pleads, “No, please.” Like all other times when she is around people, she is afraid and hesitant. She knows she can harm people with her powers, and she desperately wants to make sure that doesn’t happen. But when she pleads, how does one of the men respond to that?

By firing an arrow straight for her head!

Elsa conjures up a small wall of ice to protect herself from being hit. But once she notices the arrow and how close it is, Elsa realizes that she is in danger, that the men are going in for the kill, and that they will not stop until she is dead. They came to the palace for one reason and one reason only, and that is to kill her. They have no intention of leaving until that mission is complete.

So while Elsa understands the mens’ intentions, she still doesn’t want to fight them. At the same time, she knows she has to protect herself. She subsequently fires a few shots of ice in an attempt to ward them off, saying “Stay away!” But she doesn’t want to use her powers against them because she still fears she might accidentally harm or kill them. She shows great reluctance, fear, and uncertainty while firing the shots. The last thing she wants to do with her powers, besides harming people, is use them to fight.

And when she tells the men, like she has said to everyone else, to stay away, it sounds like she is saying, “Don’t hurt me.” But what she really means in saying this is “I don’t want to hurt you.” Her face seems to be saying just that in the gif below.

However, as Elsa tells them to stay away while firing the ice, the men yell to one other, “Fire, fire!” and “Get her!” while throwing each other more arrows to fill up their crossbows. They completely ignore her warning to stay away and are engaging her more violently. They grow more relentless, ruthless, and persistent.

Then after Hans defeats Marshmallow, the fight between Elsa and the guards grows more intense. By now, Elsa’s fight or flight response has finally kicked in, and it’s kicked in big time. She’s not going to run away; she’s going to stay and fight. Now when a person is in a situation like this, adrenaline gets pumped around the system, and you become focused on only one thing: self-defense. While in this state, nothing else matters to the person. Elsa currently has two targets on which to focus, and she manages to do so with ease now because her senses are fine-tuned, thanks to that rushing adrenaline.

As Elsa stands her ground, the guards surround her, ready to fire, then she notices that the clean-shaven man about to shoot an arrow. Seconds before he can do that, Elsa releases ice to pin him to the wall, which is needed for her to do so she can stop one dead in his tracks and focus solely on the other. And while it may look like it, she is NOT trying to stab or impale him with those spikes! Her only intention there is to make sure that the man is stuck, that he is unable to go anywhere, and has limited access to his weapon. This leaves her free to focus on the mustached man.

After trapping the one man, Elsa senses the moment when the other man is about to strike, so she quickly fires back and successfully disarms him. Once that is done, her next move is to get him out of her palace. So she creates an ice corridor to prevent him from escaping, then starts to push him out the balcony door.

Now this is the start of the scene that makes people think that Elsa is acting evil or murderous, but I have a good explanation for it. Just think about it for a moment: these men broke into her home, started the unprovoked, attempted murder, and refused to listen or negotiate even when Elsa pleaded and didn’t even harm them first. They were the ones who tried to murder her in cold blood! And now that she’s disarmed the one man, what do you think is the next instinctive thing for her to do? Get him out of her house! Just think about all of that and what YOUR instincts would be if someone came into YOUR house uninvited and tried to attack you!

Then there is the moment that focuses on Elsa’s expression right in the gif below. I think this is the moment that especially makes people think she is in a bloodlust, murderous rage. But if you look at it another way, it is actually suggests that Elsa is in extreme concentration here because she’s focusing so hard on getting the man out of her home. Sure, she looks mad, too, because she is mad! As I said before, these guys broke into her palace and immediately went for the kill when she did nothing at all! That alone gives her every right and reason to be mad! But at the same time, she’s very concentrated on the task at hand.

The other misinterpreted part of the scene here is where Elsa is pushing him. What viewers should understand here is that she’s focused so hard on getting him out that she’s just pushing him out of the closest door. The closest door just so happens to be the balcony door, which faces a cliff. But remember, Elsa’s sole intention here is self-defense. She is just so caught up in trying to get rid of the guard that she hasn’t taken a moment to think about where she is pushing him. She just wants him out, so she’s taking the opportunity to get him out in the fastest possible way.

Enter Hans along with Arendelle’s guards. He quickly takes notice of the man pinned to the wall and immediately realizes that Elsa has almost pushed the other guard out from her balcony. Making a quick judgement from the scene before him, Hans immediately works out his entire game plan. He acts accordingly, by addressing Elsa with, “Queen Elsa!”

At first, she’s annoyed at the disruption. She’s busy trying to deal with two men who entered her house unannounced and immediately tried to kill her. Then she’s infuriated. Hans is the last person with whom she wants to deal right now. As he keeps talking, which she just does not want to hear, she angrily turns to face him.

But just as she is turning around, Hans speaks: “Don’t be the monster they fear you are!”

Elsa stops dead in her tracks as Hans says those words, and they hurt. She realizes that what she’s doing is exactly what she wanted to avoid doing her entire life, and the realization makes her recoil. But make no mistake: Hans’s words were fully intended to have this exact effect on her. They were chosen carefully to catch her off guard and make her pause.

Despite what some people say, and I know they do, Hans did not say those words in order to save Elsa from turning into a monster. He did not save her in that scene and had no intention of doing so. Simultaneously, Hans was not protecting the guards, either. His actions were specifically chosen to serve one person: himself. He could have said the exact same thing if the guards were dead, and that would have had even more of an impact on her. Hans just took advantage of the situation presented to him.

Elsa never turned evil in this scene, so anyone who says so and thinks she was redeemed, that’s not true. At least, you can’t compare Elsa’s “redemption” with Hans having one, too. In the words of my friend foreverfrozensolid, Elsa was more freed than redeemed. Elsa gets redeemed and accepted back into Arendelle because she removes the winter she unintentionally created. She realizes she can fix what she makes and that her powers aren’t all bad, which is what the Arendelle citizens learn, too. She makes the ice rink in order to give the townspeople something enjoyable. Hans is a completely different story, however. He indirectly tries to kill Anna. He lies to the dignitaries that Anna had died and that they married before her death. He lies to achieve power in Arendelle. He lies about Anna to Elsa, then tries to kill the latter while managing to keep his real motive for doing so a secret. So again, you really cannot compare Elsa and Hans each having a redemption, or even the negative things they do in the film. Elsa is aware, feels bad, and tries to stop it and change, while Hans doesn’t care and doesn’t stop. 

I once explained in this analysis that I believe part of the reason why Elsa was so afraid of her powers being exposed was because she knows that it makes her so different. Like in the real world, there are people who do not always accept others due to the kind of, sometimes unusual, differences they have and thus only assume the worst about them. Anger, confusion, and fear are the kinds of reactions people have when they don’t understand something so different or unique. And Elsa knows just that, so she knows that there is always a chance of people not accepting her and deeming her as weird or a monster just because of her powers. In seeing how they can be dangerous, such people might only see her as a danger, and some would fear or hate her so much for this that they would want to kill her. As we see at the start of the scene, she wants to avoid fighting as much as possible because she fears harming others. Also, unlike Hans, Elsa is well aware of the difference between right and wrong, and she definitely does not want to kill someone, even accidentally. But if people like the thugs just try to kill her and won't stop until they do, then I think Elsa will fight back because she knows she would have no other choice.

So if you go back to the beginning of the scene and watch it again, Elsa never intended to kill the men nor did she turn evil! Again, look at it from this angle: these thugs broke into her home and initiated an unprovoked attack on Elsa with the sole intention of killing her! They completely ignore her when she pleads for them to stay away; they just keep going at it because they will not stop or leave until they have killed her. They were the ones aiming straight for the kill, never Elsa! She looks angry during this scene because she is angry! They instigated her and tried to murder her in cold blood, and she did absolutely NOTHING to make them do that! As much as Elsa didn’t want to do it, she knew she was in danger and had no other choice. The thugs were not afraid of her at first, but by fighting back, Elsa had to let them know that she meant business just as they did. She wanted to scare them off so they would never come back and do this again. In all, if the men hadn’t attacked Elsa first, she wouldn’t have attacked back. She only attacked back in order to defend herself from being killed.

So there you have it with my analyzation on Elsa during this scene. For those of you just think Elsa was turning evil and trying to kill the guards, read this, then watch it again! That is not what is happening here!!

And finally, today is my birthday, so I decided to make this analysis as a present for myself. :)

Your Coffee Is From Where? California?
Farmers in Southern California are nurturing coffee bushes in what may be the first serious effort to commercialize beans from the contiguous United States.
By Stephanie Strom

The avocado growers face major disruptions in their business, including increased competition from Mexican imports, less access to water and rising real estate prices, all of which are forcing them to rethink that crop. But thanks to Mr. Ruskey, they have realized that their sprawling avocado trees provide perfect shade for high-quality coffee bushes.

At the same time, climate change threatens to damage the coffee crop in the tropical highlands that produce nearly all the world’s beans, potentially opening up a lucrative opportunity in the $20 billion export market for beans. Last year, some small Brazilian coffee farmers lost 90 percent of their crop to drought and heat, and similar conditions in Sumatra in western Indonesia made it uneconomical for many farmers there to harvest what little crop they had.

Visa is pushing further into the B2B payments industry


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Visa is promoting virtual commercial cards in Singapore. The card network has teamed up with alternative lender Validus to help small businesses in Singapore use virtual cards to receive working capital and pay off invoices, according to Enterprise Innovation. For small businesses in particular, digital invoicing capabilities are often unaffordable, or too difficult to implement, which means these players are frequently stuck using costly, time-consuming paper invoices. Virtual credit cards allow merchants to pay their invoices online, rather than via check, ultimately saving them time and money that they can then invest back into business development and performance, according to EI.

For Visa, pushing into the digital B2B space could be a lucrative alley for the firm to pursue. B2B payments are still in the early days of disruption — over half of business payments were made by check in 2016, according to AFP. But it’s a massive opportunity, with the industry being worth roughly $18.5 trillion in the US alone last year. For Visa, being at the forefront of B2B could be a massive volume opportunity, which in turn could help Visa grow its business and revenue. And getting into the space now could help Visa gain an early-mover advantage, and put it on track to capture substantial volume moving forward.

As the world around us digitizes, payments are no exception. The way we manage money and make payments has moved from physical channels, like cash and checks, to digital methods, like cards and online platforms. And though that’s been a long-term shift, it’s one that’s occurred rather seamlessly. 

This isn’t the case for businesses, where the business-to-business (B2B) payments process is considerably more complex, and as a result, almost entirely analog for the majority of businesses. That makes payments a top pain point for sellers and buyers alike, because the existing process is cumbersome, expensive, and often unsafe. And though digital solutions exist, until now, they’ve been too costly and complex to be accessible to the majority of merchants, particularly smaller businesses — the population that’s hurt the most by the challenges of the existing system. 

However, the tides are beginning to turn.

BI Intelligence, Business Insider’s premium research service, has compiled a detailed report on B2B payments that:

  • Sizes the B2B payments market relative to other major US payment segments
  • Explains how the B2B payments process works, and what makes it so complicated relative to consumer payments
  • Discusses the pain points associated with analog B2B payments
  • Analyzes the factors behind eroding barriers to industry digitization
  • Evaluates what it will take to eventually build up an industry-wise digital payments standard

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You can also purchase and download the report from our research store.

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Farmer’s Market 2.0

Anonymous said: Could we please, please have another farmer’s market pumpkin story? Who is Will going to start fights with this year? (It was the first story by you that I read and its my favourite!) Thank you so much for wdoing prompts this year, it’s the halloween event I look forward to the most. <3


“Ouch,” Will cried. That was his foot, which that oaf in an eye-watering plaid suit had unmercifully crushed. The same foot he’d twisted by falling into a muddy ditch, chasing after a suspect much earlier that very morning.

“Watch where you’re stepping,” he snapped, hand on his hip, blinking back tears of pain.

The look he received in return would have made a lesser omega tremble. But Will glared right back. He was owed an apology.

Moments later, Will was hustled out of the farmer’s market for disrupting business and harassing other customers.

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In 1908, German housewife Melitta Bentz invented the coffee filter, after expressing frustration over other brewing methods that led to lingering coffee grounds or bitterness caused by over-brewing. She utilized blotting paper from her son Willi’s school notebook placed over a brass pot punctured with nails.

Upon noticing the positive response her coffee received, she decided to set up her own business. She patented the device in June 1908 under the name “filter top device lined with filter paper”, and after contracting a tinsmith to manufacture her vision, she wound up selling 1,200 coffee filters at the 1909 Leipzig fair. Though business was disrupted during World War I, the company produced approximately 100,000 filters by 1929.

Melitta’s son Horst Bentz took over the business in 1930, but she remained active in ensuring the happiness of employees - pushing for Christmas bonuses, increasing vacation days from six to fifteen days a year and reducing the work week to five days.

Once again, production was disrupted during World War II, yet by the time of Melitta’s death in 1950, the company had made nearly 5 million in German currency. Melitta’s grandchildren Thomas and Stephen continue to control the company to this day.


A War Over Bananas — The Banana Wars of the 1920’s and 30’s

Before the Spanish American War the United States was a very isolationist nation.  Generally, the government and the military did not get involved overseas unless the nation was directly involved.  Then, quite suddenly American interests began to expand across the globe with the capture of Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, and the annexation of Hawaii.  Suddenly then, America became an imperial colonial power, with whole armies stationed overseas and American corporations spreading out to foreign nations.  It was the beginning of the time when the US would get involved in international affairs.

By the turn of the century, the United States came to dominate the banana industry, which was primarily centered in Central America.  The top dog of the banana business was United Fruit Company (now Chiquita Brands International), which also traded in Central American goods such as coffee, tobacco, and sugar.  There were other American competitors in Central America, such as Standard Fruit Company (now Dole Foods), and Cuyamel Fruit Company.  The fruit companies became so powerful, they influenced and even controlled their host nations laws, government, and elections.  Many government services were run by the fruit companies, whole controlled the national railroads, postal services, radio services, electric services, and telegraph/telephone services.  Essentially, the countries of Central America were controlled and run by the fruit companies (and other American companies) who made a fortune in bananas, hence they were often termed the “Banana Republics”.

The fruit companies tended to install conservative politicians in office who supported policies beneficial to the companies.  However these politicians tended to be highly unpopular with the people living in those countries.  Around the time of World War I, the 1920’s, up to the early 1930’s a series of rebellions and revolutions broke out in Central America, typically liberal revolutions with the purpose of overthrowing conservative (and often oppressive) fruit company controlled governments or pro-America governments.  For the American economy, the financial stakes were very high as a disruption of American business in Central America could lead to high losses for those businesses, high losses for stock and bond holders, high losses for banks, and high losses for subsidiary industries that worked with the fruit companies.  Not to mention, in this age of imperialism, it seemed vital that the United States maintain Latin America as a strong sphere of influence, especially since a destabilized Central America could pose a threat to US control over the Panama Canal.  Finally, it would not be a leap of imagination to assume that the fruit companies had many US politicians in their pockets.

In 1904 President Theodore Roosevelt issued the Roosevelt Corollary, the doctrine that the US had the right to intervene in Caribbean and Central American countries in order to maintain economic stability, especially in nations who owed the US money.  Such a policy was totally revolutionary.  During the Spanish American War and Philippine War, the justification for foreign intervention was that it was America’s destiny to civilize “backward” nations and spread American style democracy and Christianity around the world — the so called “White Man’s Burden”.  Now, the US had no grand moral idealistic pretenses, this was all about protecting America’s cash flow.

Thus in the early 19th century up to 1934, a series of military interventions and occupations would occur to put down on control the various revolutions in Central America, with the goal of protecting US business interests. In 1912, US Marines invaded and occupied Nicaragua.  The occupation would last until 1933, would lead to the deaths 125 US Marines, and an untold hundreds of thousands of Nicaraguans.  Between 1903 and 1925 hundreds of US troops conducted operations to fight Honduran rebels who threatened the business interests of the United Fruit Company.  Finally, while bananas were not involved, the Dominican Republic and Haiti were both occupied in 1915 and 1916 to protect American business interests in the region, and to end German political and military influence in the region as well.

At the time the use of military and political intervention to protect American business interests was something that had rarely ever been done before.  The Banana Wars would make such a policy normal routine.  From overthrowing the Prime Minister of Iran in 1953 to protect oil interests to supporting tinpot dictators for cheap consumer items, it’s all good business.

Baltimore Update

From eyewitness Dan McGregor

“I want everyone to know what’s happening in Baltimore.

I rolled up to Penn and North at 10:30 AM. There was a massive clean-up effort organized to start at 10 AM. When I got there, everything in the public realm was already cleaned up, and people were cleaning up the legendary trash piles that are strewn randomly about the city (if you live in a poorer city or a poorer neighborhood, you know what I’m talking about, the piles of trash that are just around town). The end result was a west side that was going to be cleaner than it was to begin with.

There were 100’s of people out, all races, all ages, all demeanors. Totally peaceful, quiet. It was amazing. Everybody was working hand-in-hand to clean up the city, spread out along North Ave and its immediate side streets. People were talking about what was happening and why. People were expressing themselves. This is ideal.

At around 11:30 AM, there was a large-scale police mobilization at Penn and North. No idea why. A bus, an armored vehicle, several vans, several cars. A medium-sized police force, in full riot gear, with automatic weapons, some National Guard troops. The vehicles were all Anne Arundell County and I’m guessing the cops were too.

The cops showed up and shut down a couple of blocks. They cut people off from their residencies and places of work. They stopped people from cleaning. They formed a line and inched forward, telling people to get off the street, that this is a State of Emergency so this street has to be shut down.

Why? Why were the cops there? Why were they shutting down the street? Why did they stop a community effort to clean up? Why did they disrupt the daily business of residents and employees? Why did they arrive in full riot gear to deal with 100’s of people armed only with shovels, brooms, trashbags, and gloves?

This is agitating. This is belligerent. This is picking a fight. If the cops hadn’t come, nothing would have happened beyond people cleaning and going about another day of their lives. Now that the cops are there, trying to intimidate and agitate, there’s a risk of things exploding again.

You know what I saw? I saw police yelling at people, intimidating people, making moves without provocation. And I saw gang members calmly, reasonably asking people to move, asking people to play along, asking people to stay calm and not to provoke the police.

The media won’t tell you that. The police state is REAL. This shit HAPPENS. The police are NOT here to protect ANYBODY right now. They are BRINGING THE DANGER WITH THEM. They are BRINGING THE VIOLENCE WITH THEM.


anonymous asked:

Hello~! First of all, i just wanna say that your blog is amazing and i really love it UuU <3 <3 You're doing an amazing job here :DDD! Now, the scenario: How would Shiro!Kaneki, Uta, Ayato, Tatara, Tsukiyama, Touka and Yomo react or say if his partner (a ghoul) is the leader of one of the most dangerous districts? I hope this is okay~ Merry Christmas! <3 <3

thanks for your supportive compliments! ★>d(„・ε´-„)⌒☆

shiro!Kaneki: He doesn’t have a lot of experience in leading groups yet, and he knows that his little band of ghouls is very different from his partner’s gang. Kaneki’s surprised to hear about their origins from a very dangerous district, and he knows that they’ve been through a lot of hardships in order to reach their current position. He’s a comforting safe zone that his partner can retreat to when the pressure climbs, and his partner tells him how happy they are to be with Kaneki. In turn, Kaneki simply wishes that his partner would be safe, because both ghouls and doves are dangerous opponents that should not be trifled with.

Uta: He’s had an inkling about his partner’s connections for some time, but now that they’re confirmed Uta’s rather interested in the way they lead their ghouls. How different are they from his own gang of clowns? Are they serious fighters? Or are they simply a pack of ghouls that band together and hunt? He’d try to worm some facts out of his partner, but Uta’s subtle about it, making sure his partner doesn’t think of him as suspicious. He is curious, but Uta wouldn’t mind having a few tidbits of information up his sleeve in case anything happens.

Ayato: Doesn’t quite understand why his partner wants to keep so many ghouls under their command, because god knows how annoying trying to keep unruly and powerful ghouls in line is. Ayato’s also cautious about his partner’s intentions now, because while he isn’t exactly fond of Aogiri, he also wouldn’t like it if his partner’s group and his organization came to butt heads. Other than that, Ayato wouldn’t really care about his partner’s occupation, and they’d simply carry on.

Tatara: Sees his partner’s status as a potential asset, and makes it clear to them that he wants them to co-operate. Tatara knows that there’s a good chance his partner will agree with him, seeing as they’re in a relationship and already see eye-to-eye on certain subjects. Now that he’s invested in a somewhat professional and intimate relationship with them, Tatara wonders if it’ll be a liability to be involved with somebody that’s now become a co-worker of sorts.

Tsukiyama: He’s startled and doesn’t see the appeal of leading around a band of ghouls all the time, but Tsukiyama has always enjoyed operating solo because of his unique tastes. He’s rather impressed by his partner’s connections and their leadership, and quickly finds it hot when they’re in a commanding mood. Still, it makes his partner blush when Tsukiyama teases them for being a commander of his heart, and it’s good to know that nothing’s changed much between them after all.

Touka: She’s shocked to realize her partner had such an influential role in the world of ghouls, but Touka wouldn’t want to become privy to the sort of things her partner does. Now that she knows who they are, she’s somewhat wary that her partner might be involved in some unsavoury business, as ghouls often are, but she doesn’t see any reason to split off from them. She does warn her partner to be cautious about who to trust and tells them she’ll personally beat them up if they ever get hurt and scare her.

Yomo: It makes him anxious to know that his partner’s constantly in the company of dangerous ghouls, even though Yomo knows that they wouldn’t be a leader if they can’t already take care of themselves. He doesn’t like associating with the ghouls and gently requests that his partner ensure that those ghouls wouldn’t disrupt the flow of business at Anteiku because a lot of weaker ghouls depend on them. His partner is quick to reassure Yomo, promising him that no harm would come to the cafe, and Yomo trusts his partner to keep their word. He believes they’ll be alright— they are a tough nut to crack, after all.

7 Tips For Making Necessity The Mother Of Success

Here are seven tips for creating a disruptive business that is likely to thrive, not just survive:

1. Take the right risks

2. Play to your distinctive strengths

3. Embrace constraints

4. Battle entitlement

5. Be driven by discovery

Two more tips to help make your business a success.