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Hey guys… please remember that this show is meant for children. So the food jokes and over-explanations at characters expenses no matter how unnecessary it may seem, they serve a purpose. Whether it’s to entertain or to inform. Bc honestly, while we might know what the word hypothesis means a 9 year old watching might not. And you gotta admit those jokes are cute and kinda funny.


robron chrobert messages

  • neonazis: you have no place in rodnovery if you're anything else than our idea of White™
  • neonazis: and fuck you if you're gay or trans or whatever else we feel threatened by because we don't understand
  • neonazis: our gods would laugh at you
  • Perun: ...
  • Perun: okay Veles I know we have like a beef and stuff
  • Veles: no no it's okay just let me call Svarog and Svantevit too I'm sure they want in on that
  • Morana: gentlemen please I know your ways
  • Morana: please don't end them too soon, make sure they suffer first
  • Jarilo: goshdarn Morana you're all dark again
  • Jarilo: she's right though lemme get my horse I'm going with you
  • trust me, Old Gods want nothing to do with you. You're the one they won't even look at. Or at least you should hope they won't pay attention to you - because if they will, it won't end nice for you.

I don’t want to make any of my followers upset, because I really love all of them! So I’m going to try to just do this in the politest way and try to put my honest opinion out there:
The issue between Karamel (Kara x Mon-El) and Karolsen (Kara x James).

Lately there has been this post going around my dash and I just wanted to address my feelings about it:

I just want to start out with the very obvious here. I LOVE JAMES. I really do like Karolsen and I started this series shipping them, so I mean no ill will towards any of those shippers.

Mon-El is an ALIEN, He is from a completely different planet and crashed landed on Earth not too long ago. When he crash landed all he wanted to do was to go home to his family! He didn’t want cause any trouble on this strange planet, he just wanted to return to Daxam…but was instead being blamed for an attack on the US President. I know that I would be a bit pissed off that I had been taken to a strange medical facility and accused of attacking someone when all i really wanted to do was go home.

Another point people point out is “Mon-El is selfish and doesn’t want to do anything”. I know it may be our dreams to be a real life superhero, but that isn’t how everyone feels. First he crash landed, then was told he could never return home because his planet had been blown up, then everyone told him that he has these incredible powers! And then cinnamon roll Kara/Supergirl says “oh you have these fantastic powers, so you must lay down your life and use these powers to help the people of this planet. A planet that you barely know and haven’t lived on for very long.” I WOULD BE TERRIFIED. What if he doesn’t want to be a superhero?! What if Mon-El does just want to go to the alien bar? The DEO, with a bit of help from Kara, seem to be pushing him to become the hero that Supergirl is. But what if he isn’t ready to do that yet?

Mon-El doesn’t want Kara to believe in him because he doesn’t want to be like her! At least, not at this current moment.

They kissed because he likes her! He fought crazy cyborg J’onn outside the alien bar because he felt that it was right. Kara is starting to have a good influence on him and cause him to think about/try to be a better person.

But he told Kara he doesn’t remember the kiss they had. How many of us pretended not to like someone because we didn’t think they would really like us back, or we didn’t feel like we deserved them?

All I’m saying is that Mon-El and James and Karamel and Karolsen are being judged on the same platform…but they shouldn’t be. They aren’t the same men. They are in different places in their lives. I get why some people may feel this way about Mon-El. I’m just asking that everyone open their minds a bit.


I’ve been seeing in my dash a lot of hate to the Yurio x Otabek ship and guys??? I respect everyone’s opinion and  I try fucking HARD to not be the savage asshole I am. It’s not fucking pedophilia and It’s horrible that you guys compare that to a mental illiness as serious as it is. As the definition says:  Pedophilia or paedophilia is a psychiatric disorder in which an adult experiences a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children. (LET ME REMARK  THE PRIMARY OR EXCLUSIVE SEXUAL ATTRACTION)

It’s a 3 years gap, 3 years, not 30, not 40, 3. 

I have an example that touches me personally. My fucking parents met when my mom was 15 and my dad was 20, nearly the same as these 2. And y’all fucking see my father as a pedophile??? Bc i fucking not, he loved and loves my mother. As a person not as an age. 

You can fucking ship it as a romatic couple or as a brotp and that’s cool as fuck, and if you think it’s disgusting okay, go ahead, hate the ship and call it your NOTP but don’t fucking disrespect or say that we are supporting pedophilia or that we are disgusting and start looking beyond your nose. 

Sorry I really hate seeing this kind of things. If you have an answer for me please say it with respect (you can curse bc i did) but please don’t be an ass about it. Also, if i had offended anyone just message me and I will apologize to you personally.


This actually makes me really sad. Like I can’t explain why but it does.

You know he has to care enough about his comments on his videos to disable them. He cares that the people that watch/leave comments don’t really care about what he’s doing or are even remotely interested in his content-which he worked really hard on btw.

If you have ever made a video or tried to, then you know how much time and effort gets put into making one, and for people to just start commenting random shit promoting their channels or just stupid things to get likes, is honestly ridiculous. The comments are for giving feedback to the creator who puts their time and effort into making something they hope people will enjoy.

And to cover up genuine comments with something like: “If you enjoy this channel, then subscribe to me!!!!”
Is just disrespectful.

Just stop.

God, I feel like I could go on about this all night because it just upsets me so much and I don’t even make videos!!!

I really just want to see a change in the YouTube comments. Rant over.

anonymous asked:

I see Ro used a Markiplier gif, do we have a Markimoo fan? (I see your post and went to distract you.) what is your thoughts on Mark defending Felix "pewds" is you a fan of Irish flower Jack??😂I gotta know!

Originally posted by lightninglime

Ro is very much a fan of Mark and friends, I love Tyler, Wade, Bob and Ethan. I also love Felix and Jack, I watch their videos as I write and edit. (Can be bad because on occasion Mark yells “YOU PAY ATTENTION!” Randomly and scares me!)

I don’t want to start a debate or conversation over the Felix thing on this blog (I have shit going on, so like, refrain from replying or trying to start a debate because my head is trying to comprehend other things.) BUT as someone who has watched the media bring celebrities and famous personalities down… I gotta stand with Felix. Why do you think Ms.Spears had her metal down in 07? People were saying shit, people were saying she was a bad mum. It happens to every famous personality.

I’m not saying what Felix did was right, it was so far from being right. It was the opposite, it was so left field but as someone who appreciates “dark humour” who has grown up with UK comedians (Jimmy Carr, Sean Lock) it’s not something that… “shocks” me. I’ve heard worse and seen worse be done- again this doesn’t take away what was done, was horrible. It was.- But as someone who actively watched Felix, who has been for over 4/5 years, I agree for what he was trying to defend.

Online media loves to twist things. What Felix did was shitty, I know but it doesn’t make him Anti-semi or racist, heck, even a facist. The media has made Felix to be out as some kind of monster, that’s far from true and I’ll stand by that. I’ve been around people who are racist, who says things with the intent of hurting people, Felix wasn’t doing that. I’m not saying he’s a “good person” cause not many people are nowadays, but he isn’t a racist!

The Mark situation though, people are reaching with the “he’s advocating hate because he’s friends with Pewdiepie!” Okay, so Mark is hateful now? Has everyone lost their minds? Mark is hands down, the nicest™ guy ever. I have yet to see someone as nice as him. He’s pure sunshine, Jack is close just for being Irish but Mark is just the epitome of Nice™. He’s sticking up for FELIX. Not for Pewdiepie, he’s sticking up for the person behind the brand, okay? His friend. The person he knows more than any of us! We forget Pewdiepie and Markiplier are just brands, those two know one another. They’re gonna defend each other when the other is getting hate thrown at them, labelled for being racist because they know. If you don’t agree with me, that’s okay.

As Mark said in his recent video, basic respect. I respect everyone’s opinions on the matter, I do. I get it but don’t hate on Mark because he is sticking up for his friend, you’d do the same if someone you loved was being unfairly treated by mob-mentality people plus media. He’s also sticking up for himself because now people are labelling him “hateful”! Again I don’t want people flocking to me, I have a lot on my plate, I just wanted to answer honestly with the situation. Hope everyone has a better day than me, and a good weekend.

- Ro

Oh Mark is doing a charity livestream tomorrow 10am PST for St. Judes Hospital!

tell me again how ChellDOS is inherently abusive while Chelley is perfect and fluffy even though they both tried to kill Chell and how that view isn’t at all a product of heteronormativity and misogyny and fandom aversion to f/f ships

this is just part of the shitty post i saw in the anti tony tags

  1. RDJ did not fucking invent the MCU. RDJ did not invent Iron Man or any character in the Marvel universe he is just a damn actor. Marvel is responsible for the creation of the MCU and if Iron Man had flopped they would’ve moved on to another hero. Thanks for erasing all the writers, crew, and executives who saved Racist Downey’s flatlining career.
  2. RDJ/Stank isn’t entitled to appear in every movie in the Universe what in the Stank hell is wrong with you????? The only person we should see in every Marvel movie is Stan Lee. Iron Man may be the first movie but it isn’t the center of the fucking universe oh my god.
  3. The disrespect with this one smh….Peter Parker was a hero before Stank came into the picture??????? Tony didn’t inspire him to become a hero he literally already was through his own circumstances and if there was anyone who inspired him it was Steve Rogers who was THE Hero long before Stank stopped selling bombs. He dragged that boy into a fight in which he didn’t belong. Peter Parker was stopping thugs and criminals in his own city, he did not need to be across the world in the middle of grown ass adults’ drama. It’s one of the worst decisions Tony has made.
  4. This one is just disgusting and gross. Rhodey isn’t fucking there to wipe away Tony’s fucking tears and coddle him through every trial and trauma. Pepper wasn’t either, god ya’ll are even revolting to characters within the IM universe. He’s not the only one who’s lost people or has PTSD. (he literally reduced Cap’s trauma to a cute lil “capsicle” joke????? He attacked Sam who had JUST relived a trauma of his, he poked fun at something Bruce literally suffers with, Also he made the bomb that killed the Maximoffs parents. yeah. he’s literally responsible for their trauma. Not to mention, he created Ultron who wrecked Sokovia and created the villain that is Zemo. And Zemo killed T’chaka and became the source of T’challa’s trauma.) None of that is an excuse for him to be dependent, especially a child, on a stranger. None of this is an excuse for him to be involved with the Spider-Man series. 
  5. I’d also like to add that ya’ll made Rhodey’s disability a source of Tony’s goddamn manpain so ya’ll can go somewhere lol

For a character who is supposed to be pragmatic and logical his fans are the opposite oh my god.

When I was working seasonal, the news was covering that college who banned the US flag. I stood angrily and hurried to my locker to get out of the break room.

As I walked, a Marine vet who worked there caught my eye and gave me a look that shared my pain.

I fucking dare you burn or ban a flag around me. I will kick your ass so far into the future you’ll be viewed as a caveman.

Some people in the Ichiruki fandom are mad disrespectful god damn it’s sad. And when you call them out on their shit, they try to turn it around and make themselves look like they’re the victim? I wish the rest of their fandom would call them out as well because some of the shit they are saying is disgusting af and shouldn’t be tolerated