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Anti Latinx Racism Is...

• Assuming all Latinxs are from the same/said country

• Assuming all Latinxs know Spanish

• Assuming all Latinxs should know Spanish

• Thinking issues Latinxs face are secondary to issues other marginalized groups face.

• Telling us to go back “where we came from”

• Thinking a Latinx is only respectable if they have a “high profile career” such as being a doctor, lawyer, etc

• Thinking all Latinxs look the same- we come in many different colors from all around the world

• Telling us we have to assimilate

• Trying to speak Spanish to us, thinking we all know it

• Thinking we all listen to Spanish speaking artists

• Blending in our cultures together. Latinxs come from many different cultures and all of them are unique and respectable

• Asking us to cook for you / assuming all we eat is Chipotle and Taco Bell shit

• Saying we’re “the best in bed” or “the best cooks” - that is FETISHIZATION. We will not appreciate or tolerate it.

• Calling us “spicy”, “caliente”, “fuego”, “mami” or whatever dumbass word you can think of. That is also fetishization.

• Making jokes about Trump’s dumb fucking wall

• Thinking Black Latinxs are less valid than non Black Latinxs. That’s also anti black racism which is also disgusting.

• Telling us we are not “Latinx enough” because of our skin color / ability to speak Spanish

• Thinking we all dance salsa, bachata, merengue… like seriously?

• Thinking all Latinxs know each other. No, I don’t know “Maria” from your job.

• Thinking only white people can be prejudiced against us

• Eating our food, listening to our music, using our fashion but blatantly disrespecting Latinxs. This one is pretty obvious and very common.

• Prioritizing documented Latinxs over undocumented Latinxs

• Thinking we all are teen parents. That’s ignorant and guess what? We’re not. Even if a Latinx is/was a teen parent, they’re still deserving of the utmost respect.

• Thinking every Latinx is “illegal”

• Thinking Latinxs owe you shit

• Calling us stereotypical names such as “Maria”, “Juan”, “Rosa”, “Diego”, “Jorge”, “Juanita”, “Alejandro”.. etc.. we have any name and our names, whether Spanish or not, are not for you to joke about. Shut the fuck up and go along with Richard Spencer and be a trash bag far away from us.

• Thinking we need to have a last name that is Spanish

• Derailing us when we try to talk about the issues we face. BIG ONE. Shut the hell up and listen to us for fucking once.

• Thinking we’re all criminals.. honest to god…

• Disrespecting Cinco De Mayo, Dia De Los Muertos, or any other Latinx holiday. If it’s not from your culture, either respect it or shut the fuck up.

• Disrespecting our culture.. duh!

• Calling us “Spanish”.. guess what, you dumb fuck? Spanish people are FROM SPAIN. Spanish people are also not Latinx. It’s not that hard. That’s like saying all white people are German or all Asian people are Chinese. That’s so fucking stupid. You are an idiot if you do this.

• “You don’t look Spanish / Latinx”

• Again, telling us the issues we face are secondary / invalid

• Using Latinx slurs.. if this wasn’t obvious..

• Calling us all “chola” or whatever.. you’re also very ignorant if you do this

• Telling us to calm down if we get angry.. we have a right to be angry just like everyone else on this damn planet

• Assuming we listen to a Spanish speaking music artist… like… ???

• Refusing to recognize the racism Latinxs face

• Thinking we should be glad to be fetishized. No fucking way, I will not be glad someone sees me as less than human and equates me basically to a sex toy.

• Thinking we haven’t face any problems.. we do. We do. Oh hell we do. Just because they’re not addressed in the media does not mean we don’t.

• Making jokes about calling immigration on us. It’s funny how I’ve seen Non Latinx POC do this more than white people.

• Thinking all Latinxs come from Spanish speaking countries… no…

• Thinking we’re all maids, janitors, fast food workers, nannies, etc… first of all, those are honorable jobs. Secondly, so fucking what if we were? You’re not better than people with those occupations. Thirdly, we have so many occupations- each and every one of them deserving of respect.

• Thinking we have to chose between our culture and westernized culture. We don’t.

• Saying stupid shit like “hot like Mexico”.. really? Are you serious?

• Only respecting Latinxs that look a certain way

• Making Anti Latinx jokes.. this is obvious

• Thinking you can appropriate our language and culture. There’s Spanish from Spain and then there’s Latinx slang. You cannot use our slang and then disrespect us which you all do tbh.

Other Latinxs feel free to add in because I obviously missed so much.

Say it with my now

It’s public SERVICE

Not public SERVANT 

Please show a little more respect to your food service folks, your retail folks and just anyone who’s out there with a job making things easier and more convenient for YOU. You’re paying for a SERVICE not a SERVANT and they really aren’t out to get you, they’re doing the best with what’s in their power. Please don’t act like you know their job better than them DESPITE not even working in that field once, they know their own job more than you do. Please be respectful to your workers for the service they give. 

After Maurice was tied up
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Gaston: </b> </b>We are criminals now, perhaps we will have to hide from justice and earn one's living by robbery </b> <p/><b>Lefou:</b> </b> Like Bonnie and Clyde?<p/><b>Gaston:</b> Like Joker and Harley<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

as all my jewish followers and friends know, we have a holiday coming up! the featival of purim is this sunday. purim celebrates hidden miracles and hidden beauty and hidden saviours. there’s a lot of hiding. that’s why we dress up!

i’m aware that the vast majority of gentiles and a lot of jews don’t fully know the story of purim, which is recorded in the scroll of esther, or megillat esther. the megillah’s my favourite story, and has so many amazing midrashim (bit like rabbinical fanfiction) that i study year round. this story, which is the story of how a young jewish woman saved our people from a genocide, has a lot of parallels with our current political situation in the u.s., so i thought now would be a great time to tell the story!

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remember how during the year that never was that woman sold martha out, but when things were back to normal martha brought her flowers because she understood why she did it and still respected her

even as so much of the fandom was hating on martha like mad, martha jones herself refused to villainize other women for the choices they made in difficult circumstances. and the more brilliant and badass and wonderful martha is, the sadder it makes people look for hating on her.

Long story short, if you’re going to worship pagan gods no matter what pantheon/otherwise, that’s fine. You can be eclectic. But- worship the gods in respect to their cultures and traditions. You can’t take a bunch of gods and invent a religion with your own rules and just kinda smush it all together and expect it not to be disrespectful to the gods because They deserve to be worshipped the way They want. I’m not saying you have to be a reconstructionist but if the gods require offerings and for you to be cleansed and for you to call Them certain names etc you should. Also why wouldn’t you want to respectfully worship Them according to Their cultures???? Worship all the gods you want (if They’re okay with it) but do it right. If you’re worshipping Zeus among Norse and Kemetic and Irish gods, fine, you need to perform Khernips and cleanse yourself for Zeus and give Him proper offerings and prayers. Make sense?

  • neonazis: you have no place in rodnovery if you're anything else than our idea of White™
  • neonazis: and fuck you if you're gay or trans or whatever else we feel threatened by because we don't understand
  • neonazis: our gods would laugh at you
  • Perun: ...
  • Perun: okay Veles I know we have like a beef and stuff
  • Veles: no no it's okay just let me call Svarog and Svantevit too I'm sure they want in on that
  • Morana: gentlemen please I know your ways
  • Morana: please don't end them too soon, make sure they suffer first
  • Jarilo: goshdarn Morana you're all dark again
  • Jarilo: she's right though lemme get my horse I'm going with you
  • trust me, Old Gods want nothing to do with you. You're the one they won't even look at. Or at least you should hope they won't pay attention to you - because if they will, it won't end nice for you.
12x19 Deconstruction: Cas and Kelly, and Most of the Episode

Oh, this episode. This episode has me salivating with inspiration and a bit of worship - the structure is so damn good I want to just use it as a private staple from here on out. (I won’t.) (Or will I?…) Okay, let’s move onto the actual focus of this deconstruction: the baby. I have stated again and again how…

I do not believe the baby is evil - I believe it’s good

So let me here give you my foremost reasons for why I so firmly believe this, but first, can we just do a slow clap for the amazing work of writers Robert Berens and Meredith Glynn and the stunning job done on this episode by director Amanda Tapping? Thank you. (Yes, okay, let’s stop now.)

I’m going to have to dip into the entirety of this episode now in order to make my reasons for believing the baby is of the Good stick. I’ll spend an extra moment on the pivotal scene in the motel room, but honestly, this episode is so Cas/Kelly focused that it’s impossible not to look at the entirety of both of their story lines through every beat of this forty-two minute blitz of deep character development for Cas. It’s fucking amazingly crafted. Again, prostrated on the floor, Writers.

But what about Destiel?

Well, of course this is a Destiel heavy episode, and for very good reasons, too, but I’m going to discuss Dean as he relates to Cas’ character arc this time around, rather than how they both relate to their joint love story arc. (Okay, the love story arc will be part of this discussion because it can’t not be, but it won’t be in focus.) (There will be Destiel.) (Wait COME BACK I SAID THERE WILL BE DESTIE—… Good. Hi. There will be Destiel. Okay? Just alittlemoreCasKellybabydiscussionshhhhhhh let’s begin now.)

So, then: Why Is the Baby Good?

Oh, boy. The answer is a long and complex one, because it doesn’t really occur in one scene, rather it just keeps coming at you throughout the episode. And it starts as early as the recap sequence, where we’re reminded of Dagon’s role as Protector. The dialogue where she convinces Kelly to come with her is chilling, and significant:

Dagon: I’m a demon - you’re Rosemary, complete with baby. Kelly, the angels, the Wincesters, the good guys - they want you dead, but I can protect you. I can protect your son.

Even though Kelly might have had reservations, what happens when the Winchesters decide to interfere, tricking Kelly and more or less kidnapping her against her will, really only serves to prove one thing: they have nothing on Dagon.

Sam: We want to help.
Kelly: You call this helping?

Kelly has no faith in them whatsoever and when Dagon comes for her, she’s resigned to go with her - there’s no salvation to be had here, the Winchesters, whatever their motivation, can’t protect her or her child.

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