disrespectful neighbors

Ready for the Hate Train

So, someone in Richmond, Va tagged a Confederate monument with “black lives matter.” The only problem I have with this is I wanted all the statues to be given this message as a group action.

Naturally, the white tears have been immense on the local level. On CBS 6’s Facebook page, I got tired of it so I left the following gift. If anyone wants to hmu about how to strengthen my arguments to get the point across better to people definitely let me know.

“ Let me break it down for you, people of Richmond, VA.

You can’t say all lives matter until you prove black lives matter. You can’t prove black lives matter until you recognize 1) the disparate treatment of African-Americans in arrests and sentencing still occurring today and 2) this country belongs to all of us so having monuments and markers to people who owned, murdered, dehumanized, and bought and sold relatives of our fellow citizens is disrespectful to our neighbors, our friends, our communities. Add on to that the fact people on these monuments went to war to save their “right” to own human beings as they saw fit, you can only fail to recognize how outrageous these monuments are due to indoctrination or bigotry.

Your fallacious arguments are very uninspiring.

Y'all say that removing the statues won’t change history so what’s the point? Keeping them doesn’t change history either, so what’s the point?

"The flag isn’t even the flag of the Confederacy.” Indeed, it’s the battle flag and was brought back into public view prominently during the Civil rights movement by those opposed to integration. So it represents war and bigotry in the name of violence and inequality; the Klan knows this, why don’t you?

“No one is the son or daughter of a slave, slavery is over.” No one is the son or daughter of anyone on these statues either. Also, there are plenty of people alive who were segregated and abused by people in this state by state design into the 1970s. That is a continued legacy of slavery, separation, and mistreatment of black lives.

“Black on black crime.” This derailing argument is used to want to strengthen the belief that somehow black people don’t actually care about black lives. The high majority of white people are killed by white people also but you’ll never hear that from the black on black crime losers. Do you know why the statistics are like that? Because you can only hurt those you are near and most places are still segregated to this day by zoning codes, red line districts, consistently legally recognized housing discrimination, and intentional moving patterns, also known as “white flight.”

I say good on the person who defaced the statue. I’m proud of them for standing up to the hero worship and pride of so-called southern heritage. I want to live in the America where we dismiss the celebration of people and symbols that represented such a dark time in our nation’s past. Do not mistake it, a statue is a form of celebration, a page in a history book is the practice of how not to forget.“

So my dad was talking to the new next door neighbors and he was talking to the neighbor lady and goes, “Yeah you guys seem really nice, i’m glad those other people moved out they were disrespectful idiots.” and the lady just looked at him for a minute and was like, “yeah…That was my brother and his wife…” and my dad just got all red and was like “oh, oh, im so sorry…” and she’s all “no youre right my brothers an idiot. I’m sorry he was so disrespectful.”

Bless u, new neighbor lady.