In Regards to Love: the 6 finalists

Ok! @vortexe​ and I have been talking, and we noticed something… interesting about the 2 GP finalists this yoi year

All through YOI, the theme of all kinds of love has been displayed in different ways though the show - notably with In Regards to Love: Eros and Agape - and the numerous parallels that people have been pointing out as the show goes on. Eros and Agape are both greek forms of love, but actually there are six different types of love that the greeks acknowledged!

EDIT: @aelle (thank you!!!) pointed out that in fact the article is Shitty™ and that it’s based on a misconception… so for the purpose of this post, please disregard the Greek comment and read it as: 

Each of the Grand Prix Finalists represent a different kind of love.

*pulls out giant stack of papers, grinning* let me explain!

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[x]: Because people were too lazy to watch the video, but instead, took [x] at face value.

hey so just letting you guys know!! fisk is coded very autistic in the daredevil show and his actor is autistic as well, so don’t call him a “manchild” or “childish”, etc. cause guess what!! autistic adults are often called children to remove their agency or to disregard them as humans!! so please, call him a jerk, call him evil, call him whatever, but don’t call him a child.

I just moved a decent-sized client to the email server. 

Client: For some reason everyone who is emailing me is receiving a blank email in response. 

Me: Well, everything’s set up correctly, and I can’t seem to find an issue on the server.

Client: Well it stopped for now.

Me: Ok, I’ll take another look, but you’re good to go on our end. 

Next day:

Client: I’m sending out blank emails again, this must be fixed ASAP.

He then forwards me about 5 messages from people complaining about his blank emails.

Me: I’ll look around again, but I’m 99% sure the server and your post offices are set up correctly. 

The same day the client sends an email blast to his clients and employees.

Client: The new email platform from [Company] is having major issues. Please disregard any blank emails from my address until they fix their problem.

Me: (email response) Dear Client, I have located your problem. Please log in to your email account via the online interface and disable your auto-reply. You should only use this if you are out of the office, and please make sure to fill out the response email and not leave it blank.

The client never responded.

Bathing RP With Kat (CLOSED)

“I’m sorry My Lord. I meant nothing by it. please disregard it.” She whimpered. She hoped he didn’t ask beyond that. For once, she wished for him to not be interested.

He shook his head, “You are such an unruly servant, misbehaving and begging for forgiveness as a spoiled child asks for a reward. I feel a need to punish and discipline you.”