La technologie

I thought since we are all living online maybe you would be interested about the internet’s vocabulary in France! As usual, n : noun, v : verb, adj : adjective ; m : masculine, f : feminine (about the first word if there are several).

- computer : ordinateur (m)

- desktop computer : ordinateur fixe

- laptop : ordinateur portable

- printer : imprimante (f)

- scanner : scanner (m)

- tablet : tablette (f)

- keyboard : clavier (m)

- battery : batterie (f) (also the word for drums)

- key : touche (f)

- arrow : flèche (f)

- space bar : barre d’espace (f)

- mouse : souris (f) (also the word for the rodent)

- flash drive : clé USB (f)

- hard drive : disque dur (m)

- wire : câble (m)

- input device : périphérique (m)

- USB port : port USB (m)

- on/off switch : bouton de marche/arrêt

 - wifi : wifi (m) “wee-fee”

- service : réseau (m), ex : je n’ai pas de réseau, je ne capte pas/plus

- hosting platform : plateforme d’hébergement (f), hébergeur (m)

- password : mot de passe (m)

- typo : faute de frappe (f) (“mistake of strike”)

- virus : virus (m)

- to lag : ramer, v / “ça rame”

- to edit : modifier, v

- to scroll : faire défiler, v (we also use scroll)

- toolbar : barre d’outils (f)

- click : clic (m), cliquer, v

- tab : onglet (m)

- window : fenêtre (f)

- socket : prise (f)

- multi-socket adaptor, plug : multiprise (f)

- adapter : adaptateur (m)

- phone : téléphone

- cellphone : téléphone portable (m)

- landline : téléphone fixe

- phone company : compagnie de téléphone (f)

- phone call : appel (m)

- text : sms (m), message (m), texto (m), ex : tu as reçu mon texto?

- answering machine : répondeur (m)

- message : message (vocal) (m)

- phonebook : répertoire (m), contacts (m, pl)

- spam : spam (m), pub(licité) (f) (: advertising), ex : c’est encore de la pub!

- receiver : combiné (m)

- screen : écran (m)

- broken : cassé-e

- crack : fissure (f)

- bill : facture (f)

- IT : informatique, n+adj

- service technician : technicien-ne de maintenance

- operator : opérateur (téléphonique but no need), m

- inbox : boîte de réception (f)

- outbox : boîte d’envoi

- trash : corbeille (f) “trash bin”

- junk mail : courrier indésirable (m)

- scam : arnarque (f), arnaquer, v

- newsletter : newsletter (f), lettre d’information (f)

- e-mail : e-mail (m), mailto (m)

- subject of an e-mail : objet (m)

- attached document : pièce jointe (f)

- to attach : joindre, v

- to send : envoyer, v

- to receive : recevoir, v

- to answer : répondre, v

- to delete : supprimer, v

- reply to all : répondre à tous


Paris, France

Michel Gaubert, legendary French sound illustrator, is the go-to sonic maven for fashion designers from Raf Simons to Karl Lagerfeld, Loewe to Rodarte. Music obsessed his whole life, Gaubert’s record collection is a behemoth, physical history of his tastes, as is his Instagram account, widely noted for its originality and idiosyncratic visual vocabulary. For this episode of Just/TalkAce friend, DJ and music producer Justin Strauss caught up with Gaubert at his home in Paris to talk about the downfall of Champs Discques, if Paris or New York has better nightclubs and what it’s like to soundtrack a Chanel show. 

Justin Strauss: For me, fashion and music have always gone hand in hand. When I was a kid, I saw The Beatles and that changed my life musically. Seeing the way they looked, how they dressed played a huge part. What was your inspiration? When did your love affair with music and fashion start?

Michel Gaubert: It started at a very early age because my mother was very much into fashion. She had a bookstore, and we would get all the magazines at home, and I was watching those TV programs, and I liked the whole thing — just like you.

I thought there was more to music, more to music than just the actual music. There was also the lifestyle — I mean I don’t like that word, “lifestyle,” but they dressed to represent themselves because I think representation is also a part of it, part of the music, like the artwork on records. I was conscious of that. I think the biggest revelation for me was David Bowie and Roxy Music because they were performers. And then Patti Smith came along with a whole different thing where style meant something. 

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¿Saben qué va a pasar? Los tatuados y/o perforados que no cumplían con los "requisitos" necesarios, pero, sí con el currículum perfecto, van a dejar de intentar ser contratados por empresas estúpidas a las que les importa más la apariencia que el cerebro y, ellos que no aplicaban para el puesto van a ejercer por su propia mano. Ya quiero ver a los hijos de los que discriminaron trabajar para un líder tatuado.
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E não adianta acreditar nem por um segundo que você vai mudar. Mesmo que o céu fique rosa, que todas as estrelas caiam, mesmo que o cigarro apague, que a culpa seja minha, que não exista culpa, que os olhos ardam, que eu disque seu numero. Não dá, não existe a menor chance de você me atender depois de o terceiro toque. Algumas coisas simplesmente não nasceram para dar certo. Não importa quantas vezes você tente. Nossa história é uma delas. Não adianta acreditar, ele sabe.
—  Reset? I love both of us.