something i really miss about lj fandoms: you could have private communities with posts and threads so if you needed to keep stuff behind a wall, it was easy. tumblr makes it infinitely harder because you can’t connect in those same ways. like i really wanna scream about something on the extras blog? but where can i do that except in a vague-post or a private chat with one other person? that’s  not nearly as fun. :( and i try to participate in chats, but honestly they make my head spin and i get anxious. comment threads are so much easier to understand and interact with for me because i can think about what i want to say. which is why tumblr is totally fine for most things, but when it comes to the Top Secret stuff, i wish we had an outlet like disqus comments on the extras blog or a password protected forum?

¿Saben qué va a pasar? Los tatuados y/o perforados que no cumplían con los "requisitos" necesarios, pero, sí con el currículum perfecto, van a dejar de intentar ser contratados por empresas estúpidas a las que les importa más la apariencia que el cerebro y, ellos que no aplicaban para el puesto van a ejercer por su propia mano. Ya quiero ver a los hijos de los que discriminaron trabajar para un líder tatuado.
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