No.2 - Disco Inferno

Surprised he’s not number one? Same here. Disco Inferno is one of my fondest memories from WCW, a gimmick so dumb and so outdated, for the time period, that is works for whom they dawned the gimmick on to. He would come out to the goofiest disco song I’ve ever heard, and that’s saying a lot, and I would always dance to it, no matter what. My favorite part about him making his way to the ring? Seeing him in the giant disco ball he had, it was glorious and so great. And it still surprises me that the gimmick lasted from 1996 to 2000, before he would change his name to Disqo, in reference to Sisqo with his hit song, “The Thong Song”, and be affiliated with The Filthy Animals. Yeah. Even though I like him, I didn’t care for him in The Filthy Animals, personally. The highlight of his career would probably be feuding with Konnan in early 1999 over editing Konnan’s music video for “Psycho” and had Disco Inferno spliced in horribly breakdancing, it was fantastic stuff. His finishers would include a stunner he called Chartbuster, and later on, The Last Dance, for reasons I will never know. He also used a spike piledriver from time to time, even as a main finisher, and the best ones were in 1998 where he would do the Macarena before lifting his opponents for the spike piledriver; good stuff. Disco may not be first on this list, but he’s still a great dumb wrestling gimmick, nonetheless.