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What the signs should stop doing from my personal exp
  • Aries:Stop yelling we can hear u
  • Taurus:Stop crying abt everything like chill
  • Gemini:Stop being so dependent on assholes
  • Cancer:Stop being an asshole ppl look up to you
  • Leo:Stop making drama for urself
  • Virgo:Stop changing who u r to make others happy
  • Libra:Stop arguing w/ ppl for no reason
  • Scorpio:Stop keeping so many damn secrets like dam son
  • Sagittarius:Stop singning its annoying
  • Capricorn:Stop stressing and chewing ur hands its disq
  • Aquarius:Stop making weird ass loud noises and telling ppl what to do
  • Picses:Stop talking abt minecraft
So what child is guaranteed to not have a severe reaction?

 Dr. Sears correctly listed dozens of factors which often indicate increased susceptibility to reactions.

 The fact that half of our children now suffer from a serious condition caused by vaccines means that the game is now 50-50, odds worse than even playing Russian Roulette. 

The fact that there would be vanishingly few families without any conditions caused by vaccines running in their family means that medical exemptions are needed by close to 100% of the population. 

Which means that any parent who says they just don’t want to take the high chance of vaccine reaction is making a sensible, well-reasoned decision, and since in theory the doctrine of informed consent being required before carrying out any medical intervention still applies (or doesn’t it? Are we now living in Fascist USA?), the doctor has a professional as well as an ethical obligation to permit the parent to make this decision so crucial to protecting the minds and health of our children.