So on twitter tons of people confirmed that Brendon and Dallon were both physically touched/attacked and I could fucking lose it right now.

Brendon Urie, Dallon Weekes, Kenny Harris, Dan Palwovich, even Zack Hall. These are just guys doing what they love. They’re in Australia to bring music to people. What the actual fuck are some people’s problems. Whether the people who touched them were real fans or not, I’m going to go off at this whole fan base.


Panic! at the Disco is an amazing band. They don’t have to do what they do. They don’t have to do meet and greets. They don’t have to do concerts. But they do. They still make music after so much shit has happened. And every time someone fucks it up, it leaves a bad experience with them. Bad experiences stick with people much more than good ones. In their minds, that’s what they first think of when they think of fans.

Brendon has anxiety. Takes medication for it. I’ve heard of Dallon having it as well, though it’s not been confirmed. As someone who suffers from bad anxiety, walking off a plane right into a crowd of fans would already make me tense. But then to have the people disobey and defy Zack and start touching and prodding….like??? Who the fuck raised these people. If I hear about another stunt like this in any other city I swear to god. This is not okay. Treat Panic! (and any singer, actor or celebrity) like people and do not invade their space or privacy.

I can tell you with good faith (thanks to being personal friends with a close friend of Brendon’s) that one of the reasons they decided not to do meet and greets this year was because some of the fan interactions of the last tour left the band uncomfortable. Speaking of-

If you meet this band, treat Dallon, Kenny and Dan with respect. They are part of the band whether you like it or not. Do not bring up old band members. Do not ask for a picture with only Brendon. That is so incredibly disprespectful.

As fans, we have a voice that they hear, the good and the bad. Be mature about everything and do not treat them as anything but humans who want to have a good, peaceful time.

Chapter 11 Pt 2


Limping back to bed, as I exited the bathroom. Blair was sleeping peacefully curled into a little ball on one side of my little ass hospital bed. A niggah’s bladder was on one and I was completely over everyone treating me as if Im handicapped. It was like Battle of the Nurses in this Bitch. Between Blair treating me disabled, my moms babying me and the Nurses and Doctors doping me, I was over it. I mean yea I got shot but but damn let a niggah’s balls breath.

Settling back in bed, I adjusted so I was comfortable sitting slightly up to look at the tv.

“Hey angel” my mom greeted as she entered the room with several bags.

“Wassup mama” I sat up to hug her.

“How ya feeling babe, any pain? ya hungry? … ofcourse you are. I know some people you have around might not even taking care of you ” she stated glaring at Blair before pulling out fold covered plates of food.

The shade though.

I shook my head at her pettiness. “Chill ma, im good . Blair actually fixed me breakfast before she came back” I stated glancing down at my angel.

“mhmm” she waved me off .

I have no idea whats this woman’s problem. I mean I get Im her only son and she just doesnt want to see me hurt but she needs to stop. Im a grown ass man. Besides Blair has does nothing but show respect, especially even when she says slick stuff. I admire her for that. She’s not trying be disrespectful on my behalf. Which I appreciate because her temper is something serious.

“All im saying though, Nicole was a lovely girl Christopher . She was domestic, supported you and loved you like a woman should” she stated as she took a seat across from me.

Sucking my teeth as she gased Nicole up. She’s an Ex for a reason.

“Yea right, she wasnt all those things when she left with no word was she? ” I asked rhetorically. I scoffed before shaking my head.

“She was just stressed Chris. Its not easy being with someone in your line of business . Dont fault her…..atleast she was a real woman . Not some little fling you got going on , looking like 2cent hooker” she scoffed. Yes she knows about my dealing , I could never hide things from her too long . She doesnt hassle me anymore but doesn’t agree with it either.

Hold the hell up … I never in my life claim so close to cussing out my own mama but she was going to damn far.

Before I even had a chance to put her in her place, Blair’s voice took over, I didnt even known she was awake.

“Excuse me , see now that where I draw the line I dont care who’s mother you are . You arent , matter fact You Will not sit there and disrespect me , especially when you dont know shit about me . You wanna sit there and praise Chris’s ex and for what? For lying on her back and cooking and cleaning for a man and sitting and waiting for some attention?! ” she chuckled bitterly. “Unlike her I actually have something going for myself other than waiting hand and foot on a man all day , Did she have job or degree? dont think so , all she did was play maid and spend your son’s money . If you were a real mother you would want better for ya son instead of going against him when he’s happy in his relationship ” she spat , burning wholes through my mother who sat there fuming.

She removed the covers to climb off the bed, before she go any further I grabbed her arm only for her to snatch away . Great now she’s probably mad at me too.

She treaded to the bathroom before slamming the door. I know the whole floor had to had heard that.

“See thats what you want Chris?! … someone that has now respect for the woman who birthed you” she shook her head.

“No, I want someone who’s respect and kind but isnt going to sit and let anyone disprespect her and thats exactly what I got . . You deserved it ma ” I shrugged . Fuck she want me to do, You a grown ass woman being hella childish, a real woman isn’t going to tolerate that.

She shook her head before standing, “Call me as soon the heffs gives me my real son back” she said before leaving out.

Sighing out loudly, I ran my hand down my face. These woman gon be the death of me .


Three days later, I was now being released from this hell hole. Being in this hospital for a week , It wasn’t completely horrible but a niggah missed his own home. Especially my King size bed.

My stitches from the wound were done and all I had to do was take my prescription for the pain and come back in two weeks to get the stitches removed.

Sitting down in the wheelchair has the nurse transported me to the entrance where Qweeny was waiting with the car .

After my mom left we had a talk, to come to an understanding. She wasn’t mad at me because im not accountable for my mom’s actions and I was grateful for that. Even though I sensed a little hurt, which I understood. Not having a mother of your own growing up I know it would mean alot to her to at least have a good relationship with her future mother in law.

But ofcourse I am gonna visit moms hand have a mature conversation with her. Because whatever hostility she has against Blair needs to be over with, because like I told Blair , She aint going No where. She’s going to be the one I marry and have kids with. Simple as that, and if we dont work out best believe she still giving me my six kids, together or not. But I for damn sure aint Wifing up nobody else.

“What you over there cheesing about” She chuckled, making her way over to me.

I licked my lips, before shrugging. “ shit , just how you giving me my basketball ball team of seeds” I chuckled at her stank expression.

“Niggah whatt? Niggah who” she stated in her best ghetto voice trying sound like a jay z song.

“Guh, stop playin … I want my six kids and ya ass better giving up” I grumbled, strapping my seatbelt on.

“We’ll see, tuh want torture my walls trynna get out all ya big head kids , niggah you would THOUGHT” she laughed loudly, coming to red light.

I scrunched up my face. Not at her wack ass comment though, but at that ugly ass laugh she just did.

“ How a pretty bitch gon have an ugly ass laugh tho” i chuckled but busted out lauging at how quickly she staled faced me.

“Wasnt saying that when you clockin my pussy tho” she smirked. Cocky ass

“Whack ass punani doe, Get the fuck” I fronted her . Im lying like a bitch tho, her shit lethal as fuck. I chuckled

“Lets not boo, because ya Stroke game be weak as hell … but but aye What dat mouf do doeee” she impersonated Lil Duval.

I mugged her , before laughter escaped my lips.
“Childish ass” I mumbled trying not to laugh anymore.


It was now 1'oclock inna morning , Im up bored as hell. Chris grizzly bear ass was snoring up a storm next to me.

Earlier the whole crew and a few of Chris’s cousins came over to welcome him home . We had a nice lor family dinner. I made my famous spaghetti and meatballs along with Chris’s favorite red velvet cake with chocolate frosting.

After cleaning up and everyone left, Chris wanted to lay down. Since he took his pills he could barely stay awake.

Unlocking my phone, I decided to try to entertain myself.

Scrolling down my Twitter newsfeed, as I bumped to Aint Nobody’s Business by Chris and Rih .

I jumped after feeling Chris pinch my nipple, “Chris what fuck , that shit hurts. Trying give me breast cancer niggah” I mugged him after pulling out one of my earbuds.

“If ya ass wasnt blasting that ugly niggah so loud ya would’ve heard me talking to ya” he grumbled.

Lawdd , Why must he talk now. He knows what his sleep voice does to me.

“Stop” he demand sexily, while pulling at my botton lip to stop me from biting.

Me biting my bottom lip has the same effect as his sleepy voice on me.

“Fuck is you up for anyway guh” he grumbled pulling me closer if that was any possible.

Shrugging, I didnt respond verbally.

“Take ya ass to sleep woman” he smacked my thigh. I moaned with a smirk.

“Stop yo , freak ass” he mumbled before tucking his face in my neck.

Pouting I gave up my fight to keep him up. Wrapping one my thick thighs around him, I felt his hard length through his boxers on my leg .

Cuddling up closer, careful not to hit his wound . I kissed his big pink lips, he immediately respond. Before it could turn into something more he pulled away pecking my neck.
Pecking his lips once more, I let sleep take over in the arms of the love of my life.

I want to begin this rant with saying: I’m going to be talking a lot about respect in differentiating opinions, which is the main point in this, along with some other facts. Here we go:

It stemmed from me commenting on a post that the Masashi Kishimoto (the creator of Naruto) facebook page made, stating something about how I ship NejiHina (if any of you are unfamiliar with what shipping is, it’s basically the desire to want two characters to be together. Like if you say, “I ship those two,” it means you want them to be in a relationship. But shipping also has nothing to do with a “ship” being canon– which is a whole other rant completely). NejiHina being, Neji and Hinata from Naruto. Most of you know that this is my number one OTP (please look this word up if you don’t know what it is) in Naruto.

A lot of people, not all, automatically start getting defensive with me when I say that I ship NejiHina, which, 1.) Why? Because it’s simply my own opinion, and I’m not going to disprespect anything you ship; and, 2.) Getting upset that they’re cousins is completely irrelevant. I’m going to talk about this second point first, and then move onto the first point.

Hyuuga Neji, and Hyuuga Hinata are cousins, within the Hyuuga clan. Their fathers are brothers. That’s a basic fact that the entire Naruto fandom knows. But some people fail to realize a few things. Let me give you some FACTS:

- “Children of non-related couples have a 2-3% risk of birth defects, as opposed to first cousins having a 4-6% risk. Genetic counseling is available for those couples that may be at a special risk for birth defects (e.g. You have a defect that runs in your family) In plain terms first cousins have at a 94 percent + chance of having healthy children. Check the links section for more information on genetic counselors. The National Society of Genetic Counselors estimated the increased risk for first cousins is between 1.7 to 2.8 percent, or about the same a any woman over 40 years of age.”

When people bring up “Oh, cousins shouldn’t marry or have children because their kids could have birth defects,” I honestly just want to start laughing for like two hours straight, because EVERYONE’S CHILDREN COULD HAVE BIRTH DEFECTS. The literal only reason that the percentage is 1% more is because if two parents both have a bad recessive gene, it could be transferred to the child. And with cousins, being related, there is a chance that they might both have a bad recessive gene. But this chance is also likely with any non-related families as well.

- “Gautama Buddha married his first cousin, Princess Yasodhara. Buddhists have the most relaxed marriage laws of any religious faction. In fact, it may be more appropriate to say they have no marriage laws whatsoever. Buddhists see the institution of marriage, and nearly all matters of the heart, as very private matters, to be decided solely by each individual.”

Buddhism in Japan is a very common religion, and it has also been confirmed that Masashi Kishimoto is Buddhist. That being said, those individuals who try to say that the creators would never put Neji and Hinata together because it’s “incest” are sadly, sadly mistaken. Marriage within families is accepted within Masashi Kisimoto’s religion, and he will write whatever he wants to write.

Going off of that fact, let me refer you to the photo. In this photo, you can see four men from the Hyuuga clan on the right. If you will notice, they all four have the byakugan, which is what the Hyuuga clan is known for. What I’ve come to notice is that for some VERY STRANGE reason, those who retort with, “they can’t be together; they’re cousins,” obviously have.not.been.watching.this.series. To keep the byakugan within their clan, they have to intermarry! I’ve yet to understand why people don’t realize this simple fact. It’s also the same with the Uchiha clan. To keep the sharingan within the bloodline, Uchiha have to marry and conceive children with other Uchiha. 

Now, going back to the photo, if you’ll look at the three pictures in the middle and left, you will see a gathering of Hyuuga clan members, and Hinata with her fatherand mother. Please take a look at their hair. They all have dark-coloured hair, which, as we know, isn’t just a trait of the Naruto animation (because we have Sakura with pink hair, Sasori and Gaara with red, Kabuto with silver, Zetsu with green, etc.). The entirety of the Hyuuga clan has dark hair, because their clan has intermarried to keep their byakugan bloodline trait. And, although we never meet his mother, it’s a known fact that Neji’s mother was from the branch family, which is a part of the Hyuuga clan. Marriage within Japanese families in feudal Japan was also a common thing. And as most of us know, marriage within royal families is/was common, and often necessary to keep the royal blood. These well-known clans within Naruto, like the Hyuuga and Uchiha, would be what we consider sort-of “royal” because they both have traits –the byakugan and sharigan– that are sought after. It’s just a fact. Nothing I’m making up to try to prove anything. 

Now that you have been slightly educated on the facts of intermarriage within families, and of the facts of the clans within Naruto, I will move onto my first listed point:

I can make it very simple and clear, and will try to limit this part of the rant as much as possible, because I don’t know WHY I’m even having to talk about this. DO.NOT.DISRESPECT.ANYONE’S.OPINION.NO.MATTER.WHAT. I have talked about this before, and I hate having to talk about it again. But people still fail to understand. If I ship NejiHina, and you ship NaruHina (or anything else), that is JUST FINE. Joking around, in a non-abusive, non-serious way with someone about their ship is JUST FINE. But do not blantantly disrespect someone about their opinion. And this goes for everything, not just shipping. Do not disrespect anyone (which also goes to say, don’t be rude or abusive about your own opinion either). This is not a hard concept. If you have a different opinion from someone, simply accept that fact, and move on to a different topic. Because fighting with someone about their opinion will do you no good, and it will make you look like an ass.

I have seen so many “shipping wars” going on on tumblr just because two people disagree on a ship. This is not the way to be. If you don’t want to see a certain ship on your dashboard, let me recommend you a thing: it is called Tumblr Saviour and you can download it and black list certain words so that you don’t have to see them on your dashboard. Don’t like NaruSaku? Black list the word. Don’t like SasuNaru? Black list the word. Don’t like NejiHina? BLACK LIST THE WORD. This isn’t hard to do, and the download takes mere seconds. 

And on an unrelated subject to shipping, please, please, please, please don’t fight with anyone about what they think about ANY subject. The world will be much happier if we can all just accept the fact that all people are going to think differently about some things. And not only respect opinions, but respect everyone as PEOPLE (also respect animals, but that’s a different rant as well). It doesn’t matter what gender someone is, or chooses to be; what age someone is; their sexual orientation and preferences; religion they worship, or lack of religion; skin colour they have; height or weight they are; ANYTHING. You need to respect everybody, and don’t talk down to anyone (or badly behind their back) about anything that they are, just because you disagree with it. This is very important.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

I don't know how many of you play Skydoesminecraft's Pixelmon Servers, but please, please listen to this.

Sky is nothing but a figurehead, the staff and leaders have nothing to do with him and vice versa. But I’ve noticed how *incredibly* sexist, homophobic, transphobic, and plain corrupt they really are.

First off the staff are supposed to treat everyone equally, but I know from my time as a gym leader that is not the case. On multiple occasions my friends were insulted on there both to them and behind their backs in staff chat, which I could see as a gym leader. One of the staff, an admin on the Sky Four Server, IGN Kitanaxox, has on multiple occasions put down people who are trans, claiming they’re ‘lying’ to everyone by asking to be called by their gender and to be used pronouns likewise, and by saying they are a trans-boy or trans-girl.

Another admin on Sky Four is XinFengXing or something along those lines, I apologise, who has gone so far as to mute me and others, and even kick and temp ban multiple people for defending Transgenders by saying it’s ‘innapropriate’ though it’s perfectly acceptable to insult transgender and call them liars. Any time he is asked to stop them he refuses, saying he won’t do anything because it ‘isn’t a lie’ though it’s a clear disrespect, and against the staff rules to ignore disrespect. Yet NO ONE DOES ANYTHING just saying ‘go to the forums’ in which no one ever responds.

On to a more personal case, I was hired as a water gym leader for around a month, in this time I was the subject to MANY cases of verbal abuse by the staff, saying I’m ‘worse’ then them because gym leaders are staff, calling me weak and going so far to, get this because surprise surprise, KICK ME AND OTHERS FOR DEFENDING ME saying I’m disrespecting the staff for saying they’re wrong.

To a lot of you this won’t matter, probably not even be seen but for Transgenders, sympathisers, and especially Skydoesminecraft fans this is a BIG DEAL if anyone watched his live cast a while back or the video he posted after, he talks about how much he struggled with depression and wants nothing more then to make sure this happens to no one else by making them happy, hoping he can brighten their day. But things like this are going on behind the scenes of his server and no one has done anything because none of the staff even care, and no one is stopping them.

I beg you please, I don’t know about the other servers, they may be accepting, but Sky Four on skypixelmon is heartless and cold towards Transgenders, homosexuals, and anyone who tries to help them. Please boycott the server. Stop them from doing it and bring it to their attention that this needs to STOP!

Ruki: Druaaaaa! ngaaaaa!
Ruki: hehe, when i get a little irritated, I scream like this and it calms me down ( ⁼̴̶̤̀ω⁼̴̶̤́ )
Ruki: I wanna dig a hole and throw everything out, but in the middle of digging I get tired and don’t even care anymore. that’s a type B.

(the entry is about aquarius signs and basically how stubborn and difficult they are)
Ruki: totally disprespecting us. Aquarius/B-types, gather!
Ruki: writing this (especially type B) in those red letters, MY ENEMY.
Ruki: look at that, at this point I totally forgot about the thing I was so irritated about earlier ( ˘ω˘ )

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Since you're a combat veteran and all, how do you feel about people who disrespect soldiers/veterans and make them all out to be Chris Kyle wannabes? I agree with most social justice blogs on things but as someone who has a lot of family members in the Navy this secretly pisses me off

I’m of two minds.  On one hand, I totally get why people tend to sometimes have a certain level of disrespect, especially for active duty soldiers.  There’s a certain arrogance that comes with it and it makes them easy to hate.  Additionally, I would say the majority of active duty soldiers, sailors, marines, etc. don’t spend a lot of time critiquing their involvement in the military, or U.S. foreign policy, or the implications of it.  Frankly, we can be assholes.  With that being said, I tend to pay attention to individuals.  As a group military personnel are usually shitty right-wing types, but hidden within those ranks are people who ARE intensely critical of what they’re doing but don’t have any other way to make things work.  A lot of military personnel join because they don’t have any other options.  It’s paid work.  It’s a route to higher education.  For some it truly is a calling and they believe that they can be a force for positive change in the world.  And often you will find that veterans who are no longer active duty have given a lot more thought to the things mentioned above.  Many of the staunchest anti-war activists I know are veterans.  There is a certain perspective to be gained.

Anyway, I’m starting to ramble, but long story short, as a group I’m afraid we often fit into that stereotype and I understand why people tend to denigrate and disprespect us, but I would encourage people to remember that military personnel, cops, religious extremists, etc. are still people.  Some of them have different motivations than you might imagine and you never know how or why someone got to where they are.  Pay attention to what people are doing RIGHT NOW and take that into consideration when you make a judgement on who they are and who they’ve been.

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can everyone stop for a second and think about how wonderful the hoot owl fandom used to be?? can everyone think back to ATBAB and spoons and adamyounglaughingalongwithsalad, and acceptance, and love, and warmth, and happiness, and the worst of our problems being whether or not to listen to the leaked tracks?? please?? can you all think for a second and consider how silly and ridiculous and disprespectful and immature this fandom has become and how we can become that again??