I don't know how many of you play Skydoesminecraft's Pixelmon Servers, but please, please listen to this.

Sky is nothing but a figurehead, the staff and leaders have nothing to do with him and vice versa. But I’ve noticed how *incredibly* sexist, homophobic, transphobic, and plain corrupt they really are.

First off the staff are supposed to treat everyone equally, but I know from my time as a gym leader that is not the case. On multiple occasions my friends were insulted on there both to them and behind their backs in staff chat, which I could see as a gym leader. One of the staff, an admin on the Sky Four Server, IGN Kitanaxox, has on multiple occasions put down people who are trans, claiming they’re ‘lying’ to everyone by asking to be called by their gender and to be used pronouns likewise, and by saying they are a trans-boy or trans-girl.

Another admin on Sky Four is XinFengXing or something along those lines, I apologise, who has gone so far as to mute me and others, and even kick and temp ban multiple people for defending Transgenders by saying it’s ‘innapropriate’ though it’s perfectly acceptable to insult transgender and call them liars. Any time he is asked to stop them he refuses, saying he won’t do anything because it ‘isn’t a lie’ though it’s a clear disrespect, and against the staff rules to ignore disrespect. Yet NO ONE DOES ANYTHING just saying ‘go to the forums’ in which no one ever responds.

On to a more personal case, I was hired as a water gym leader for around a month, in this time I was the subject to MANY cases of verbal abuse by the staff, saying I’m ‘worse’ then them because gym leaders are staff, calling me weak and going so far to, get this because surprise surprise, KICK ME AND OTHERS FOR DEFENDING ME saying I’m disrespecting the staff for saying they’re wrong.

To a lot of you this won’t matter, probably not even be seen but for Transgenders, sympathisers, and especially Skydoesminecraft fans this is a BIG DEAL if anyone watched his live cast a while back or the video he posted after, he talks about how much he struggled with depression and wants nothing more then to make sure this happens to no one else by making them happy, hoping he can brighten their day. But things like this are going on behind the scenes of his server and no one has done anything because none of the staff even care, and no one is stopping them.

I beg you please, I don’t know about the other servers, they may be accepting, but Sky Four on skypixelmon is heartless and cold towards Transgenders, homosexuals, and anyone who tries to help them. Please boycott the server. Stop them from doing it and bring it to their attention that this needs to STOP!

Worldly Love

Worldly love is backwards. Yep, backwards. When we love someone in the natural the more we get to know them, the more intimate we become, the more comfortable we get. The good side is that we can be ourselves. The bad side is that familiarity breeds…

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Disrespectful mother fuckers. . .

You all need to go dig a hole & bury your own self in it. No matter how fucked up the situation is, NEVER talk to a woman like that. Proves you aren’t worth shit. 

If your in a relationship & she fucks up. .let it go. Break up with her & let it go. Don’t go talking to your niggas saying she a worthless nasty hoe. NO. NO. NO. Shows alot about a guy actually. 

I’m about to go cut this nigga in HALF.

Day [19]

Day 19 - Disrespecting your parents.

i was a bad teenager. horrible. i did good in school but i was a rebel. my parents said no, i did it anyways. i was a disrespectful little bitch.

it wasnt until i moved out of my house that i realized “damn, what the fuck were you thinking?” looking back now, i was an awful daughter. talking back, sneaking out, not giving a fuck. it got really bad. i feel horrible about what i put my parents thru. i think every teen goes thru that but i think i pushed it to the limit.

im pretty close with my parents now. im pretty independent from them. i work full time, saving my own money to pay for school and my own bills. we’re definitely closer than we were before and im very happy.

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basketball “disrespect”



Children fighting, it’s so obvious they are just copying things they have heard from adults. I have this crazy addiction to this video.

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Stan means like more than a fan it actually stands for stalker fan like check urban dictionary like someone who tracks thekr.flights knows where they are concerts tweets etc. That's a Stan. Basically a fan on steroids. No disprespect

oh.. i didnt know :i