So freaking done with my fucking job!

You know I had a really nice day. I got my septum pierced and had Thai food with my boyfriend. The we went and rented some movies, watched inside out, cuddled. All that good stuff.

Then I decide to check my schedule for the week of Nov 5th to the 11th. I’m full . I should get at least 32 hours. They fucking cut me to 24. How the fuck am I supposed to pay bills, buy food and pay for thanksgiving and Christmas if the just keep cutting me more and more. I’m so sick of working my ads off and pretty much getting punished for it.

Do not ever work for Wal-Mart. They will screw you over. They don’t care.

Disrespectful mother fuckers. . .

You all need to go dig a hole & bury your own self in it. No matter how fucked up the situation is, NEVER talk to a woman like that. Proves you aren’t worth shit. 

If your in a relationship & she fucks up. .let it go. Break up with her & let it go. Don’t go talking to your niggas saying she a worthless nasty hoe. NO. NO. NO. Shows alot about a guy actually. 

I’m about to go cut this nigga in HALF.

Day [19]

Day 19 - Disrespecting your parents.

i was a bad teenager. horrible. i did good in school but i was a rebel. my parents said no, i did it anyways. i was a disrespectful little bitch.

it wasnt until i moved out of my house that i realized “damn, what the fuck were you thinking?” looking back now, i was an awful daughter. talking back, sneaking out, not giving a fuck. it got really bad. i feel horrible about what i put my parents thru. i think every teen goes thru that but i think i pushed it to the limit.

im pretty close with my parents now. im pretty independent from them. i work full time, saving my own money to pay for school and my own bills. we’re definitely closer than we were before and im very happy.

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basketball “disrespect”



Children fighting, it’s so obvious they are just copying things they have heard from adults. I have this crazy addiction to this video.

anonymous asked:

14, 16, 22, 28

14:Biggest turn offs : ignorance, disprespect, someone who smells bad 

16:I’ll love you if: listen to me and give a shit about what i have to say 

22:What I want to be when I get older: okay so now i’m completing the mastertrack of public international law & human rights and I definitely want to work in the human rights field, not as a HR lawyer but as an ngo (such as amnesty international or oxfam novib) or for the natoinal institute of human rights, maybe for foreign affairs and then when i retire i want to travel a lot and make travel guide books where I’ll go and explore some country and then compose a tour or something idk i got really enthusiastic about this question

28:A description of the person I dislike the most: I can’t really describe this person because the people I thoroughly dislike, I’ve already filtered out of my life, but the person i really disliked was this guy who was loud, self absorbed, never listened to anything someone else had to say and when you criticized him he always started playing the victim and i really hate that 

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