Two months has passed since the upload of the last video of Nom Nom. Since then, noone knew about the koala; his mansion remained closed and noone saw his limousine in the city. Basically, he had dissapeared. Where has he gone?

Even when he tried to keep his usual happiness, in his deep Grizz was really sad for Nom Nom’s dissapearing. And worried. Really worried. In the loneliness of his room, he spent hours hugging his pillow and asking himself if someday he’d see again Nom Nom’s cute face.

Until a day, when someone knocked the door of the bears’ cave.

Ice Bear opened the door, and there he was: in front of him, there was Nom Nom. He looked dirty and full of scratches and wounds. And was holding a box, full of holes, on his arms.

Ice Bear looked at him with distrust. He never liked that mean koala, and he wasn’t dispossed to see him hurting his brothers again.

“Who is at the door, bro?” Grizzly asked before to see Nom Nom. Grizzly felt a suddenly mix of surprise, happiness, and even he wanted to cry.

“Hi Grizz” Nom Nom said. “I wanted to fix some mistakes; this is for you and your brothers”

So, question for my watchers… what is in that box?

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If I’m not wrong, recently Daniel Chong said that he’s dispossed to make his characters evolve, and put Nom Nom as a main example. I wanna think that we’ll see more development of this character in a future. I wanna think that the WBB team will do nice episodes with a more complex characters and no more episodes in which Nom Nom could say “Muahahahahaha! I’m SO EVIL!”

That’s what I’m hoping for, and I thought we were going to continue to see that after NNE, but then they followed up that beautiful gem with…well…I don’t think you wanna hear it.

As much as I loved AM, i don’t want to let myself be duped again, so I’m remaining skeptical. It’s not that I doubt we’ll see more episodes like NNE and AM. It’s just that I’m afraid we’ll see more “Captain Craboo”s and “Christmas Parties” between them….which just ends up taking away from that progress. Sure, characters slip up as they grow, but Christ…they don’t go from ‘Yeah, I guess I kinda like these losers’ in one episode to ‘I’ll get you, my pretties! And your little crab too!’ in another o.0

Just…no more “Captain Craboo”s. PLEASE. Nothing like that. Ever. Again.

088-DRUMBOIL [Drum-Oil]
-The Waste pokemon
-Ability: Toxic Zone* - Heavy Metal(HA)
-Dex: “This Pokemon came to life from a pool of toxic waste that was not propely dispossed. Since its body is too soft to mantain a proper form, it shelters itself in a metal drum that becomes part of its own body.”
    -Acid Spray
    -Iron Defense
    -Acid Armor

–>Evolves at lv. 38<–

089-POLUSTRIAL [Pollution-Industrial]
-The Toxic Pokemon
-Ability:  Toxic Zone - Heavy Metal(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemons corrosive body is able to eat trough almost any organic matter, and even some metals. Using pipes and industrial junk, this pokemon is able to construct a shell strong enough to hold its highly acidic body.  ”
    -Gunk Shot
    -Heavy Slam
    -Sludge Wave

*Toxic Zone “As long as this pokemon is out on battle, any pokemon entering will get poisoned, if an already poisoned pokemon enters battle, it will get badly poisoned. Doesnt affect poison or steel type pokemon”

The original“Gem Rebellion” was a rebellion of classes and it’s not over

Oh yeah, I completely believe that Rose saw the earth and thought it was a lovely planet that deserved to be safe, but i don’t think earth was much more better than any other lovely planet destroyed by Homeworld.

Of course there must have been something about earth that ticked Rose Quartz, a good theory is that she was made on earth and this was her home, but that theory could fall because of the cliff scene from “Rose’s scabbard”, when she tells Pearl that if they win they can never return home, implying Rose has, at least, seen Homeworld before.

So yeah, life on earth was definetely a motive for Rose,but i don’t think it was quite like that for the others. As such, i’m recognizing 2 stages of the rebellion, the first being a rebellion of classes, for identity, equality and freedom; the 2nd stage being the rebellion for earth itself and life on it.

 Bismuth discourse and quotes shade quite a light on what was the original mentality of the rebellion:

  • They were fighting Homeworld’s system of classes, that dispossed of Gems’ lifes and considered them things to use however the higher classes decided, deciding their whole lifes for them and never giving them a chance to explore their own limits and potential, this first battle was a battle for Freedom.

  • It was also a battle for equality: During the episode, Bismuth repeats a word that i’m very familiar with: Elites. An Elite implies there’s a reduced group of people in a higher station that everyone else, who are cattered to by the system and enjoy all the privileges and hold the economichal and social power, therefore, perpetuating the system that keeps the rest of the population down in order to increase and/or mantain those privileges.

    This translates in inequality, in injustice. The first stage of the rebellion’s ultimate goal was the freedom of all gems, that could only be achieved by putting each and every one of them in the same position as their fellow gem. That means: no lower class gems, no elites that could abuse other gems just because. That every gem could be in an equal situation so they could decide to be whatever they wanted and with whoever they wanted, including Fusion.

  • The only way to achieve this was to rebell against the stablishment and overthrow the Diamond Authority, in doing this, the gems were rebelling against the class system that runs Homeworld, the ultimate goal was to end it and create a place- earth- were all gems were free, equal and appreciated. With a leader (Rose) but without any stablished authority like the one existing in homeworld.
  • Like this, the Gem War resembles quite a lot to every independence movement from every nation ever.
  • This stage is represented by Bismuth, Pearl and Garnet.

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The second stage is the fight for earth itself. For the life on it, the nature, the resources, the planet itself. They got their home, and they share it with other species (humans), so now they defend it.

This stage focuses more on “life on earth” rather than“let’s free all gems and make earth our home”. It values earht from a more…natural perspective and focuses more on its native beings such as animals, humans, bugs, etc. it’s the realization of Rose’s vision: That all forms of life are precious and that earth has so many of them, each of them worth protecting.

It also stands for the only home they’ve known and the place they been existing as free individuals, where they’ve gotten attached to other beings, formed bonds, broke them, and in general living, in every sense of that word.

This stage is represented by Peridot, Connie, Amethyst and Steven.

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Thus the fundamental approaches of the ideals, tactics and feelings between the representatives of both stages of the rebellion.