What happens when you give 100 homeless people disposable cameras? You get true works of art.

In July 2015, a London art group gave 100 cameras to members of the city’s homeless population.

The organization, called Cafe Art, is dedicated to empowering those affected by homelessness to express themselves through art and photography.

By providing insight into their lives, Cafe Art helps fight stigma surrounding the homeless population.

When we’re able to see the world through someone else’s eyes, we can better empathize with what they’re going through. By providing an outlet for a marginalized group — in this case, people experiencing homelessness — Cafe Art is helping to connect them to a world in which they might not feel welcome.

Me (to the right) and two other interns, during our visit to Green Bank in June. We were inside the 40 ft telescope using its 60′s analog electronics to observe a galaxy in radio as it passed over us. I kept the strip of paper where we recorded it.

Since no electronics are allowed in the site, we were given disposable 35mm cameras to shoot stuff.