I wanted to share this amazing website I am lucky enough to be published on soon, sometime in Jan 2014. Dispose sends one disposable camera to people around the world, from Lithuania to Rwanda,  where they are required to shoot an entire roll, 27 exposures, in 24 hours, including one self portrait. There is some really beautiful and interesting work on here with participants such as James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem, Magnum Photographer, Alec Soth, and New York based artist, Will Cotton. It goes to show that you can create fascinating, intimate and beautiful shots with any sort of camera available. Take a look at their archives and check back often to see updates. They are also on kickstarter to fund their first book, support if you can, but at the very least click here to go to Dispose.co  I am not part of this site in any way other than a participating photorapher. I just think it is a wonderful and unique venue for different visions! xx SW