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Who Do You Belong To? - Johnny (M)


•Can I get a Johnny or Ten (you can choose) smut where he gets jealous because your flirting with another member. 

•Can I get a johnny smut where he gets jealous because your “flirting” with another member? 

 A/N: First post YAY! It’s a bit rough just as a heads up but I hope you like it 😬 

-Admin Kay

 Pairing: Johnny x Reader 

 Genre: (Rough) Smut - Sexual Content 

Word Count: 1,421

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Made Her Choice

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

This is the second part to @letsgetfuckingsuperwholocked’s It Can’t Be from Heart Break Weekend.

Warning: Swearing, heartache

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You had been pacing back and forth in front of the main doors for at least 15 minutes, you wipe your eyes quickly once more, knowing you looked just horrible as if you’d been up for days crying. Your hair slipping from the braid over your shoulder, the black zip up you had cloaking your baby bump, somehow you had managed to put on jeans ripped and distressed much like how you were feeling since the night Peter had walked out of your apartment. Your hand grips tightly around the satchel bag strap across your chest, as you pull open the door, the lady behind the counter was watching you.

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Domesticating the Devil

No one said dating the devil would be easy…

(These are just going to be a series of drabbles based on every day life with Lucifer as your boyfriend.)

Lucifer x Reader

Words: 608

Warnings: Nothing really…

Summary: There’s no such thing as a quiet, normal evening with Lucifer.

1 – Raspberry Jam

It had been a relatively normal and uneventful evening as you and your boyfriend, Lucifer, sat on the couch watching some cheesy horror movie that was on the television. You hadn’t had much time together lately and you had insisted on having a night where you did nothing but sit together on the couch, order some pizza and watch terrible movies. Lucifer didn’t understand the point of watching movies you found terrible, but agreed and put everything else aside to give you a full evening of his attentions. He neglected watching the movie, favoring to watch you instead, but you enjoyed the way he studied you and let it slide.

The evening had gone so smoothly that when the doorbell rang, announcing the arrival of the pizza, you gave Lucifer the cash and asked him to get it while you went to fetch the plates. From the kitchen you could hear him greet the pizza guy, the two of them talking and you smiled to yourself. The pizza guy would probably wet his pants if he knew to whom he was speaking. A sudden sickly squish noise from the hall made you freeze, plate and napkins in hand. The eerie silence followed the noise made you put everything down to investigate with an overwhelming sense of dread.

Turning the corner your eyes went wide and shock blanketed your features.

“Lucifer, in the name of your father, please tell me that this is somehow raspberry jam splattered in my hallway…” you say slowly, eyes taking in the explosive mess.

What looked like a Rorschach test gone wrong painted the walls and floor of your hallway, with even some residual spray landing on the ceiling. The mess decorated nearly 10 feet around Lucifer, who stood looking utterly impassive, if only a little irritated.

“He was a rude, pathetic excuse of a cockroach…” he said calmly. Through his tone you could hear a little of the defensiveness that seeped into his voice when he did something you didn’t approve of, almost like a vulnerability.

“That’s pretty much what pizza guys are. They are abrupt and rude, they just want their tip so they can leave to make the rest of their deliveries” you whine, pinching the bridge of your nose with your fingers. If you weren’t a hunter the scene before you might have been enough to make you faint.

“I didn’t like his tone… and he made a vulgar comment about you” Lucifer pressed.

“You can’t just… explode people because you don’t like the way they talk!” you say with no small amount of exasperation.

“You don’t want me to defend your honor?” he puzzled, tilting his head slightly.

“Not like this I don’t! Who is going to clean this up? How are we going to explain this?! You exploded someone!” you rage. While occasionally you wished ill of delivery boys, you never wanted anything like this.

Lucifer snapped his fingers and the mess was gone, no trace of the incident was left behind save for the pizza mans car sitting on the street. You racked for brain for a few moments, trying to figure out the best way to handle the situation. Finally you gave up and pointed a finger at the car on the street for Lucifer to dispose of. He smiled and raised his hand, ready to snap his fingers.

“Wait!” you call out suddenly.

Lucifer turned to look at you expectantly as if you had changed your mind.

“Can you see if there’s anymore pizza in the car first?”

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All Too Well

Prompt: Rucas OneShot : All Too Well by TS was the inspiration for this. I needed to take a break from my multi’s because I’m feeling uninspired so for awhile I’m just going to write some one shots. Hope you like it. :) 
Word Count: 2,700

♡ ♡ ♡ 

Riley hastily walked through the streets of Manhattan as she made her way to her old college hangout. She didn’t have the heart to tell her mom she had a favorite café that wasn’t hers but alas she did. It was a bit more modern than the one her mother owned. Trendy booths with pop culture artwork hung on the walls. If Andy Warhol ran a coffee shop this would be the one.

She opens the door and is immediately hit with the familiar scent of freshly baked croissants and overpriced coffee. Her eyes scan the crowded café searching for the petite raven-haired friend she was supposed to be meeting 15 minutes ago. Finally, she spots her over in the corner, sipping on a hot drink.

“I’m so sorry Izz.” She groans, sliding into the booth across from her dear friend. She slings off her jacket and smiles. “I got distracted.”

The bespectacled beauty narrows her eyes at the tardy brunette. “Would this distraction happen to be of the male species?”

“Maaaybe.” Riley sings, reaching into her bag to pull out a manila folder. “But enough of that – I’ve got them.” She smiles, handing it over to her.

Izzy excitedly opens the folder and beams at the photos that were inside. They were the shots from her engagement shoot with her fiancé.

After getting her degree in Theatre at Columbia university, Riley decided to take up photography as a pastime to earn her some money will she tried to find a job. As it turned out, she was a natural. Eventually she opened up her own photography studio, much to the dismay of her mother, and started taking pictures full time. She even did weddings, engagements and birthdays which is why she was meeting Izzy there today.

One of the first things she asked when Isadora told her she was engaged was if she could take the engagement photos which of course, Izzy agreed to.

“Do you like them?” Riley smiled, watching on as her friend aw’d and oo’d her work.

“I love them bubbles.” She looks up, giving Riley a small squeeze. “You’re really talented.”

“Well you were really easy to take pictures of.” She admits. “It wasn’t hard to capture the love between the two of you, you were practically radiating.”

“He’s going to love these.” Izzy states, tucking them into her bag. “Speaking of which – I’m meeting him in like 20 minutes so I better get going.”

Riley stands to hug her friend and pulls some cash out to cover Izzy’s bill. “It’s the least I could do since I was late.”

They hug goodbye once more and as Riley is pulling her jacket back on her eye catches the glimpse of someone across the way. Dirty blonde hair and a pair of green eyes she’d recognize anywhere.

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Characters: Jensen x Reader

Words: 1104

Summary: Jensen and the reader finish their lunch, and get started on cutting Jensen’s hair, when Jared joins them.

Part 4 in The Future Series.  Read Part 1 here, and Part 2 here, and Part 3 here.

Part 4 already! :) So, i need your help…but you have to read through this first. :) Enjoy!!

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