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“Ideas are disposable. Showing up, doing the work, finding the courage to suck on the first try – that’s the hard part.”

Kelly Sue DeConnick bringing the tough love in her workshop at San Diego Comic Con.

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i love the hieroglyphs in bomb disposal because it really shows the difference between dan and phil's thinking processes

i know it’s so funny and also cool to see how dan and phil process everything.. like phil is such a lateral thinker so he sees them as objects and dan often sees things as letter and numbers more than anything else. i love small insights into their minds it is interessante

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Name: Ashlyn
Age: 17
Country: Australia

Hi! i am ash, 17 and live in australia. i love, love vinyl, disposable film, books, tv shows and movies, the beach and lots of vegan food.

i am looking for anyone who might have similar interests in me, talk back and fourth about our own lives and deep, mysterious world things.

Preferences: 16yrs+
Anywhere around the world!

Asian Representation in Media: The Art of Yellowface and Cultural Appropriation in the name of “Feminism”

There has been a specific issue that has particularly angered and annoyed me. That issue is asian representation in media particularly with the use of yellowface and cultural appropriation in Hollywood/Celebrity Culture. Also the role of Hollywood not casting/hiring asian directors, actors, and actresses. I could talk about Ironfist and Matt Damon in The Great Wall which uses the white saviour narrative and asian people as background characters but I am going to focus on white woman and there “white feminism”.

1. Lets start off recently with the photoshoot Vogue did with Karlie Kloss. In this photoshoot, Karlie Kloss, a white woman, is portraying a geisha with the background being Japan. This is not only a case of yellowface but also an instance for the Western audience of Vogue to consume an orientalist fantasy. Karlie Kloss, has apologized but it means nothing from a person who also wore a Native-American headdress at Victoria Secret fashion show and most likely will not face any consequences for her actions.
2. Scarlett Johansson portraying Motoko Kusanagi in Ghost in the Shell is another instance of yellowface and a white actor taking a role from an Asian person. There has been a lot of controversy with this movie among asian fans. I haven’t watched the trailer because not going to support this trash movie but from what I read online the whole entire background of the movie is set in Japan. The story/setting is Japanese with scenes of japanese characters death. One argument is but “Motoko is a cyborg, cyborgs don’t have a race”. To shut down that argument in the trailer Motoko’s mom is a Japanese woman and in the manga there are clear visual distinctions between caucasian and asian women. Also there was the whole controversy of CGI people with asian features.
3. Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One. There has been controversy this movie with the casting and with the whole Tilda Swinton vs. Margaret Cho emails. First off, two asian characters Wong and the Ancient One in comics were incredibly racist depictions of asian people. The writers and directors changed Wong to not be just a sidekick and manservant to Doctor Strange but to be a strong character by himself, arguably. With that information, they did not even try to do the same with the Ancient One but instead cast a white woman. With the whole Tilda Swinton and Margaret Cho emails it was a classic case of a white woman wanting a person of colour to ease their white guilt and get approval from person of colour to forgive them of their mistakes. Tilda Swinton also tried to play the victim with the whole “it’s hard for a 55-year old, Scottish woman to get roles”. Well, it is hard for asian people to get roles period. Not only that the whole Doctor Strange movie reeked of orientalism.
4. Lastly, the Mulan movie from Disney. Another movie that had a lot of controversy when the initial script had the whole white saviour narrative written on it but then Disney reassured us that it would star asian characters. Mulan, recently got a director, Niki Caro, a white woman. There are so many asian directors that could’ve been given a chance but no they chose a white woman.
There are asian directors that are also women. I solved your problem Disney.

In regards, to Ghost in the Shell, Tilda Swinton, and Mulan this has been framed as a step towards “feminism” or framed as in the name of “feminism”. This isn’t an “asian vs. woman issue” you can have woman who are also from asian descent. WOW. This is literally a prime example of white feminism. Then there is Karlie Kloss who issued the apology with all I want to do is empower women and girls like that is such BS. You only want to empower white women. I am sick and tired of seeing white people take our roles and projects that are aimed for us. All of these examples, the use asian culture and asian people as the background just shows how disposable and unimportant we are and our stories are. It also shows the blatant white supremacy and capitalism interwoven in society/Hollywood. It shows how the “white gaze” works to favour white, Western audiences. There are 48 countries in Asia. We are not monolithic people. All I want and a lot of asians want is proper, media representation of Asian people.

On this adorable little Sapphire. She looks like a perfect little member of, I’m guessing yellow diamonds court. However given the leak we got on Lar’s Head it is pretty clear why she is not living as one of the diamonds treasured Crystal balls. Her future Vision is delayed to where it is actually past Vision. She could still be a very useful member to a research or investigation team, but as we learned from Message Recived “AKA Yellow Diamond is a clod” Yellow diamond is no where near as creative or open-minded as she wants her Gems to believe she is. So when this Sapphire could not do exactly what Yellow diamond had in mind she threw her away. Later this Sapphire met up with what looks like a band of outlaws.

Now for this duo. I think they are meant to be a pair of twins. Born from the same hole. they could either be identical twins who were split ubon being put in the ground and grew in the same place, or fraternal twins who were next to each other and then came out through the same hole

I agree with the theory that this cotton candy girl is a ruby and pearl permafusion. I am hopping that she is a little different from the other permafusions we have seen though. I want to headcannon her as platonic. Hear me out Steven Universe is a show that highlights all manner of relationships and forms of love, that is it’s thing. I once saw a post that said that given this show a pair of platonic friends could probably become a permafusion as easy as a pair of lovers, and why not? We already have Garnet who is the embodiment of Romantic love between two different Gems,  We have Topaz who appears to be a romantic permafusion as well, only with Gems from the same cut and clarity. Why do the same thing twice? Pearls are treated as the lowest rank on homeworld; they are objects. Rubies are a little higher, but still viewed as unimportant and disposable, Show me bestfriends Pearl and Sapphire who fused together so they can lean on each other as they deal with a world that constantly pushes them around.

This gorgeous, Alice in Wonderland, anomaly. She appears to be made up of five gems and at least three different types. A team? A club? A nuclear family? I do not know what she is, and I cannot wait to find out!