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I’ve been thinking a while about this thing. Since I lost my father, it has been heavily on my mind that I haven’t got a handwritten letter from him. I know friends forgot their mother’s and father’s voices, and we all wish we had something more to hold on to.
So this is for people who still have their parents and are afraid of this unspeakable idea that one day they’ll be gone and there’s not much to hold on to:

Ask them to write you a letter. If you have a big event (graduation, marriage, first move away from home…) coming up, ask them to write a letter to you. They can also write a letter and keep it safe for you to read in the future.

Film them. Maybe just put a phone up for a dinner and film or record the conversations for a while. It doesn’t have to be anything special – in fact, that will make it better one day in the future.

Don’t wait for a reason. I had a reason to ask, and I still didn’t, and I was still surprised by the number of things I’d still wanted to do with my father. I have a cassette on which we recorded a dinner conversation in 2001, and a ten seconds video, and I can’t tell you how much this means to me.

Alright so. There’s a blog out there (I’m not going to link to it because I don’t want this person getting any more attention) that has posted lots of nasty things accusing people I consider to be my friends to be making up things and/or twisting them to fit what they believe with no proof. That doesn’t sit well with me. That person at some point posted a picture of who THEY identified as Josh and Claudia in Hawaii. Here is the photo they posted:

Originally I said to my good friend and number one rubyfalls “there’s no way that’s Josh, he’s too clean, there’s no stubble” but I didn’t have any proof for that other than I know it would take a small army of people to tie him down and shave him. Maybe he shaved in the last 72 hours. Who knows. Anything is possible. But then I realized I had a great tool at my disposal. Reverse image search engines! I saved the photo, and ran it through the TinEye Reverse Image search and what did I find?!

Looks like TinEye found this particular image on that Tumblr on JULY 2nd!  How could it be Josh and Claudia if they didn’t get to Hawaii until 7/31 or 8/1? After that, I decided to run the image through one more reverse image search, on Google. This is what Google found:

It found me the Twitter account where the image was originally posted! I didn’t save any of this guy’s pictures, but if you look at them, it becomes very obvious he’s the guy in the picture.

So tell me again, what’s that about people posting things with no proof? If you’re going to accuse other people of lying and making up stories to fit their narrative, maybe you shouldn’t do it yourself. Just a thought.

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Context : my party and I are facing a marilith and in the next room is a very large vrock and other high demons facing the NPCs.  One of the NPCs opens the ground beneath the biggest vrock and he is being sucked into who knows where.

Angry Nordic Archer (OOC) : “just imaging garbage disposal noises”

Me the bomb throwing tiefling (OOC) : “Lets do the vrok in the garbage disposal…” Waves arms in air yelling in pain.

DM & Party : hysterical tear inducing laughter.

Druid in cat shape (OOC) : “ I don’t know what I expected”