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shadowhunters showrunners in season 1: this show loves lgbt fans!!!! we’re gonna cater to you guys and to fans of color!!!!!! see we have so much diversity!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

shadowhunters showrunners in season 2: give magnus and alec approx. 2 minutes of screentime each episode, make their “sex scene” (??) fade to black even though Every straight couple on the show gets to makeout or have sex on screen, treat every character of color like shit, suddenly forgot that izzy is latina???, dispose of characters of color quickly, feed into multiple harmful racial stereotypes, etc etc


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could i get positivity for a roman torchwick whos still clinging to the unrealistic hope that the show didnt actually kill him off and the writers dont actually view him as just some disposable character that nothing could be done with, and is really sick of seeing people in the fandom saying things like "well he deserved [to be killed off]" or otherwise talking about how it was Good Writing because I was Irredeemable, and is just overall.... very, very tired of All Of This

Hello, Roman; it’s really awful for people to simply let this go like that. Everyone is redeemable if the circumstances are right; Don’t be bothered by what anyone says. What matters is you, and that you weren’t just someone that the writers decided to dispose of. You mean something, despite what everyone else may say.

-Mod Ren

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I honestly doubt the killer could've been any of the core characters (the main 4 + Cheryl and Josie) mainly bc if they decide to renew the show; having one of their main characters in jail or something like that wouldn't work easily nor give them as much freedom with the character. Which is why I think it'll probably be a disposable character that they can get rid off at the end of the season and can pop up in future seasons without restaraining the storytelling much. What do you think?

I agree!

I understand people die on this show a lot, ofc I do it’s a slasher show. But I am heartbroken Zoe died. Her character had such potential, and she was broken down to “the girl that deflowered Noah” and then she was killed. Like after that, she was useless & disposable. Her character could have been so much more than that, a way to portray mental illness struggles and recovery, to show her story. We didn’t have enough time to be proud of her for overcoming what she went through and even fucking winning Lady of the Lake. I’m fucking sad. Zoe Vaughn deserved better.

Problematics within OUaT:
  • Their disposable (and scant) POC characters.
  • Their many non consensual relationships.
  • They make villains say the “feminist” quotes.
  • They make hero and “partner goals” out of an abusive, misogynist man.
  • They have a villain voice the criticism they receive from their audience.
  • They invalidate said critique by having heroes justify or dismiss it.
  • They make a “healthier” suitor for a wicked villain than they do for their precious Savior— their princess and female lead.
  • They romanticise threatening your partner with suicide.
  • They have parents choose to beheroic” over raising their children.
  • No “outed,” happily ever after LGBTQIAP.
  • They call themselves progressive.

A fairytale — specially one endorsed by Disney — should have a “moral” to their story, but theirs is sending all the wrong messages. The only way this can possibly have a moral is if they finally address it and call ONCE a cautionary tale. This “fairytale” is even labeled a family show. It shouldn’t be.

TBH I’m also bitter cuz why is bismuth still fuckin bubbled. SU stop giving us characters and dropping them. Bismuth had so much depth to her and y'all tossed her like some disposable side character. Especially when it was proven that Rose was a hypocrite *waves hands* and if y'all do that shit where she returns like 300 episodes later I’m gonna flip.

Dear writers of The 100, The Walking Dead, and all other potential queer killers.

Queerness does not mean ‘deserving of death’.

Having a queer character does not mean they have to die.

Whether gay, lesbian, bi, or anything else, just because they exist does not mean you get to write them off without giving them the respect any other character would get.

You do not get to give us one or two characters to identify with, kill them off, and call it diversity.

You do not get to wave your fucking consolation prizes in front of our faces, say your being progressive, and then kill them in the same scene.

You don’t get to kill us in the name of tragedy.

We are fucking sick of ‘tragedy’.

We are not replacements for when you don’t wanna kill off your favorite straight white guy.

We are not placeholders for more ‘interesting’ characters.

We are not disposable background characters you can fuck with as you please.

We are not your fucking cliffhanger.

We are not your fucking introduction.

We. Are. Not. Your. Fucking. SHOCK VALUE.

We’re fucking human beings. Start treating us like it.

My Favourite Shows...

Or my could have been favourite shows, for showing true progressive stories with fully realised female characters.

The 100: All the societies have female and poc leaders, interracial relationships, tribes and loyalty at not only about race, sexuality is not something to angst over, bisexual lead character, commentaries on war.
Ends up treating poc and lgbt characters as disposable, kills off people in well recognised tropes and ways that mimics real life murder of minorities, makes white men the ‘real hero of the show’ (Jasper), takes away human culpability of the end of the world by making it A.

Pretty Little Liars: A show about strong female friendship and loyalty, young women having agency and control of their sexuality, one of the most beautiful coming out stories ever written, more lesbian and bisexual young women than you can shake a stick at, complex looks at mental health and addicition.
Numerous queer women of colour murdered, a trans woman being the 'crazy evil killer’ and then murdered, a lesbian character with significantly less love interests than straight characters, a love triangle between two of the main characters destroying the close female friendship, a predator of teenage girls constantly redeemed and teacher/student relationship romanticized.

Once Upon a Time: A story about blended families, led by a variety of fascinating and complicated female characters, not damsels in distress, agency given to fairytale princesses, the potential for a beautiful lesbian relationship, the importance of all types of love, not just romantic love.
Queer baiting, very few poc who are often killed off when they do appear, female characters losing their strength in order to build up male characters, romanticising abusive relationships, writing in rape and never acknowledging it

Friendly reminder that if you ship MadoMami (Or any other crack pair) you are implying that the strong feelings Madoka has in the series are weak, shallow, and disposable.

The characters are not just tools for shipping, and you degrade them by treating them as such.

Also remember to not make uninformed posts, and anything you think has more than likely been said and disproven before.

still not really sure what the whole point of lexa’s character was now that they’ve killed her literally in the middle of her story like her whole character development arc was about being a visionary and changing a hundred years of tradition and being the commander that would bring peace to the world and she never even got to see it through and she never really got to be happy so literally what was the point she was just another one of jrot’s disposable characters yay i feel so good about getting invested in her

Stan Lee cameos in Marvel properties are like that sticky seat you keep getting in the movie theater. You should see it coming, but you’re never quite prepared, and you can only hope it doesn’t affect the movie too much or give you herpes.

But there are people who believe these simple cameos aren’t separate, disposable characters thrown in for the sake of tradition and a quick laugh. Instead, this theory states, Lee might have been playing the same character all along: Uatu The Watcher, an immortal observer/giant Maury-episode baby character created by Lee himself.

Uatu’s whole deal is to observe everything in the Marvel Universe – specifically, the Earth area – unnoticed, yet all-powerful. He’s like your neighbor who peeps through the blinds. Never doing more than looking, at least as far as you can tell. Stan Lee’s everyman cameos all over the MCU fit that mission statement to a tee. Even though he occasionally communicates with the heroes (just like the comic version of Uatu), they never see through his unassuming disguise. What’s more – and this is important – he isn’t shackled by puny things like “character rights” and “lawyers.”

5 Crazy Fan Theories That Improve Famous Superhero Movies

sinclair’s death reminded me of monroe’s. pointless. unimpactful. meaningless. quickly forgotten. the episode would have been the exact same without it. the episode probably would have been BETTER without it.

it’s another example of these writer’s kink for pointlessly murdering characters to show how “edgy” they are. and they’re running out of “disposable” characters.