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Burkeburkeburkeburke//// (Or Lore if someone asks for Burke before me)

SORRY, SARS. SINCE MINTY (positive it was her. she’s the only one who types with “EAE” as an emote that I know.) ASKED BURKE, I’LL GIVE YOU LORE.

1. He’s a high school dropout. After his family was brutally murdered and he left town, he didn’t return to school.

2. He’s an optimist. Even though his current living situation is rather shitty, he still keeps his head up because he wants things to get better.

3. His entire family had the accent he speaks with, which, at times, can be hard to decipher.

4. He’s not physically strong, but he knows how to handle weapons. He’s really skinny and nimble, able to dodge attacks easily, but you can seriously hurt him if you hit him hard enough.

5. Due to his lack of food in the last year or so, he’d grown to love all food and isn’t picky at all. He’ll eat whatever he can when he can and is always grateful for the meals he has.