skincare tag

hihiih me n ashley displaying started this..it’s like the makeup tag but w skincare products :+)

rules: list 5 of your fav skincare products/how you use them (or u can list ur skincare routine wtever) 

i have very dry, sensitive skin so here’s wt i use!!! 

1. yes to cucumbers makeup wipes: these SUCK they BURN n HURT n PAIN n dnt even take all me makeup off!!!! these r unfortunately wt i use 2 take my makeup off..
2. cetaphil gentle skin cleanser: i use this 2 cleanse my face. i like this cos it has a gel consistency n feels moisturizing 
3. kiehls midnight eye recovery: i literally just got this idk how well it works but it better work cos i want my bags n wrinkles around my eyes gone.. it smells like medicine 
4. cetaphil moistruizing cream : my face a baby’s butt when i use this :+) it unscented too (i cnt do scented products it makes me red n chapped) 
5. BIG JAR OF VASELINE!!!!!!!!!!!!: my babie since 6th grade. i think it’s bad to use? but i use this all around me mouth n my lips cos i have eczema n it helps 

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do this i wanna know wht yall use 

Rules: Once you have been tagged you are supposed to write 92 truths about yourself. At the end, choose 25 people to tag!

i was tagged by kkulbeokjji officialumji and my bb iwiazumi

what was your last…
drink - lemonade
phonecall - father
text message - something to mimi
song you listened to - shut up and dance with me // walk the moon
time you cried - monday morning

have you ever…
dated someone twice - kinda
been cheated on - yea
lost someone special - yea
been depressed - idk i don’t have depression but ive been sad a lot
gotten drunk and thrown up - no

in the last year have you…
made a new friend - lots !
fallen out of love - ig
laughed until you cried - yea
met someone who changed you - mhmm
found out who your true friends are - :/
kissed someone on your facebook list - yea

how many of your facebook friends do you know in real life - most
do you have any pets - no
do you want to change your name - i want to just be jas tbh
what did you do for you last birthday - went to school and got upstaged by the two other ppl with my bday
what time did you wake up - 8am
what were you doing at midnight last night - sleeping surprisingly
name something you cannot wait for - sacanime
when was the last time you saw your mother - last night
what are you listening to right now - nothing
have you ever met a person named tom - yea
something that’s getting on your nerves - ap hw
blood type - idk
nickname - every jazz pun there is
relationship status - ugh
zodiac sign - virgo tiger
pronouns - they
fav tv show - none
tattoos - none
right or left handed - right

surgery - something abt my heart
piercing - ears
best friend - catherine she was my white girl bff until i moved
sport - what’s that
vacation - idk
pair of trainers - this is a foreign language

right now…
eating - idk
drinking - idk
i’m about to - fall asleep
listening to - traffic
waiting for - my friend to reply
want kids - yuck
get married - ?
dream career - actor tbh

which is better…
hugs or kisses - i like making out
lips or eyes - lips
shorter or taller - listen,
older or younger - older i don’t like dating younger ppl
romantic or spontaneous - don’t touch me
nice arms or nice stomach - muscles
sensitive or loud - idc
hook up or relationship - hookups always
trouble maker or hesitant - idc !

have you ever…
kissed a stranger - nah
drank hard liquor - no
sex on the first date - no
broke someones heart - yeah
had your own heart broken - not yet
been arrested - no
cried when someone died - yea
fallen for a friend - idk

do you believe in…
yourself - more than i used to
miracles - yea i managed to get out of PE senior year
love at first sight - not for me
Santa Claus - sometimes
kiss on the first date - ive kissed under sooner circumstances
angels - yea me

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anonymous asked:

Do you happen to know of any stuck fics that involve the 'public displays of affection make people uncomfortable' things but with Steve and bucky esp after cap2? I can never find any, and it pains me that Fandom isn't taking advantage of Nats genius

no, unfortunately not, but damn i would like to read that

Atomic Lollipop Artist Alley Review (2015)

A rather lengthy review and outline of the artist alley at Atomic Lollipop to help artists who might be interested to attend in the future!


Thank you so much snowwhitebirdie for taking the time to write and submit this detailed con report! The review includes a handy score summary for each category (Time, Location, Profit/Pricing, and People)

I’m a bit curious as to how the donation piece was handled, if anyone has time to comment on that! (This year on the application forms Atomic Lollipop had a requirement for all exhibitors to donate an item of a certain value for use as prizes)

– AAtoast!

Courtesy of Max Fields

A Two-Year, 100-Billboard Celebration of Going West

Though blizzards and rent checks will always revive New Yorkers’ dreams of avocado trees and sunshine, for a certain set of creatives, the allure of the American West is so passé it’s history. The “Manifest Destiny Billboard Project,” a two-year, 100-billboard journey from sea to shining sea along Interstate 10, kicks off its culminating festivities in Los Angeles. 

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