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Unconventional & Affordable Ingredients for Spells

Here is a list of unconventional and affordable ingredients that can be used in spells and witchcraft along with their correspondences; good for witches “in the woods” and witches on a budget. Many of these can be easily found for inexpensive prices or at home.

  • Acorns/Acorn Caps: security, abundance, longevity, good luck, youth and brings good health
  • Animal toys/stickers: relates to correspondences of that animal
  • Artist’s Charcoal: banishing negativity, protection; cursing
  • Baby Powder: cleansing, beauty, youth
  • Baking Soda: cleansing, purification, protection
  • Birthday Candles: wishes, joy; color magic and number magic depending on their color and/or what number they display
  • Black Tea Bags (used): earth magic, grounding, strength, stability, banishing negativity; ending, death 
  • Bottle Caps: prosperity, luck, material gain
  • Bubble Bath: self-love, relaxation, emotional healing, serenity; plus whatever scent the bubble bath is affects correspondences
  • Bubbles/Bubble Liquid: wishes, joy, whimsy, imagination, fantasy
  • Buckeye Nuts: luck, sexual energies, warding
  • Butter: femininity, flattery, friendship, warmth, happiness; good for fae work
  • Candy Bars: love, romance, happiness, lust, fertility, emotional healing, healing of the heart, forgiveness, friendship
  • Candy Corn: courage, imagination, endurance, energy, motivation, happiness, celebration
  • Candy Foil: sweetness, secrets, protecting one’s emotions; color magic
  • Chocolate Syrup/Milk: happiness, love, lust, romance, sweetening relationships
  • Cocktail Swords: strength, assertiveness, competition; cursing, revenge; ending rumors
  • Cotton Balls: beauty, gentleness, warmth, sleep
  • Cotton Swabs: cleansing, purification
  • Dice: chance, opportunity, luck; number magic
  • Dirt: grounding, earth magic, growth, prosperity, patience, home and family; cursing
  • Dish Soap: cleansing
  • Duct Tape: binding, storing energy, cursing
  • Egg Shells: cleansing, protection, warding
  • Energy Drinks: energy, motivation
  • Envelopes: messages, communication, protection during travel
  • Epsom Salts: purification, cleansing, protection, pain relief, serenity, comfort, stress relief
  • Fake/Play Money: wealth, prosperity
  • Fish Sauce: prosperity, water magic, curses
  • Foil: glamour, protection, storing energy, binding
  • Glue: sealing, immobility, binding, curses
  • Googley Eyes: vision, divination, scrying, creativity, protection, imagination; curses, paranoia, nightmares
  • Grass: growth, nature, learning, healing, new beginnings, recovery from loss
  • Hand Soap: cleansing, curse removal
  • Hole Punches: good for cursing
  • Hot Sauce: motivation, lust, confidence; cursing, anger, revenge, emotional pain
  • Koolaid: youth, sweetness, happiness; color magic, corresponds with flavors as well
  • Lip Balm: glamour, confidence in speaking, honesty, beauty
  • Lollipops: sweetness, innocence, ending rumors and lies, lust and sexual energies, love
  • Lotion: protection, beauty
  • Laundry Soap: cleansing, purification
  • Marshmallows: friendliness, comfort, gentleness, fidelity, sleep and dreams
  • Metal Crafting Wire: binding
  • Modeling Clay: poppets, earth magic, grounding, balance, stability, creation, change
  • Mud: grounding, earth magic; curses
  • Muslin: poppets, change, creativity
  • Noodles: Longevity, good health
  • Pompoms (craft): gentleness, comfort, love, sleep, dreams
  • Paper Clips: balance, focus, organization; curses, binding
  • Pennies: luck, wealth
  • Pickle Juice: curses to sour things
  • Plastic Bags: protection; binding
  • Plastic Ribbon (wrapping): happiness, glamour, delight; binding; color magic
  • Plastic Wrap: binding
  • Popsicle sticks: poppets
  • Scissors: offensive magic, curses
  • Seltzer Water: purification, removing negativity; curses
  • Sewing Needles: curses, pain
  • Shaving Cream: cleansing, softness, patience, calmness
  • Stamps: travel, communication
  • Sour Cream: cursing
  • Soy Sauce: protection, banishment; cursing
  • Sticky Notes: communication, memory
  • Strawberry Milk: love, self-love, beauty, sweetness, friendship
  • Syrup: joy, sweetening one’s emotions
  • Taco Sauce: Focus, Energy, motivation
  • Taffy: joy, flexibility
  • Thumbtacks: curses
  • Tissue Paper: softness, serenity; color magic
  • Toothpaste: cleansing
  • Toothpicks: curse
  • Walnut Shells: protection, warding
  • Wasabi: Energy; curses, anger, envy
  • Whipped Cream: beauty, light-heartedness
  • Whistles: communication, attention grabbing, warding

Other Tips:

  • Recycle bottles, jars and medicine bottles for jar/bottle magic
  • Reuse tea bags (though not too long after use) in bath magic
  • If you do wish to use herbs, it is cheaper to order them online in bulk rather than the supermarket. Trust me, supermarkets and grocery stores really over price most herbs. You can get triple the amount for 2 dollars less online
  • Make up and toiletries are great for glamours
  • Its fine to use kitchen knives if you can’t afford am athame
  • Look at the ingredients in food you eat to see what is in it and determine that food’s correspondences, quick and easy kitchen magic
  • Crayons, colored pencils, markers and pens are good for easy sigil and color magic
  • Binders are cheaper than blank books and make great grimoires

Walter Potter (2 July 1835 – 21 May 1918) was an English taxidermist noted for his anthropomorphic dioramas featuring mounted animals mimicking human life, which he displayed at his museum in Bramber, Sussex, England. The exhibition was a well-known and popular example of “Victorian whimsy” for many years, even after Potter’s death; however enthusiasm for such entertainments waned in the twentieth century, and his collection was finally dispersed in 2003.

Amongst his scenes were “a rats’ den being raided by the local police rats … [a] village school … featuring 48 little rabbits busy writing on tiny slates, while the Kittens’ Tea Party displayed feline etiquette and a game of croquet. A guinea pigs’ cricket match was in progress, and 20 kittens attended a wedding, wearing little morning suits or brocade dresses, with a feline vicar in white surplice.” Potter’s attention to detail in these scenes has been noted, to the extent that “The kittens even wear frilly knickers under their formal attire!” Apart from the simulations of human situations, he had also added examples of bizarrely deformed animals such as two-headed lambs and four-legged chickens. Potter’s collection, billed as “Mr Potter’s Museum of Curiosities” was to build into a “world-famous example of Victorian whimsy”, with special coach trips from Brighton being arranged; and the village and Potter’s museum were so popular that an extension was built to the platform at Bramber railway station.

sangrites  asked:

Michi and Eos doing something cute like baking a cake or making flowercrowns?

“How on earth did you get flour in your hair, Michi?”

Eos giggled, reaching over to muss up the flour-tinted green curls, almost spilling the egg concoction in her hands in the process. Hands sprung out to steady her, not quite touching, the hesitance brought from his childhood never quite ending, despite the years of friendship between them. She grinned sheepishly, straightening up to avoid catastrophe, yet again.

“You ask that, yet you have flour literally behind your ear.”

“Is it that clear that we are more used to messing in the garden?”

Blue eyes rolled to the ceiling with exasperated fondness. Grabbing the wooden spoon from out of Eos’ overalls, he began mixing the cake batter, as Eos readied the pan nearby. The kitchen was small and cramped, but probably the most eclectic, homey, warm-feeling room in the flat. Michi had his thrifted collection of Tea Cups displayed on the walls, only some cute pins and sticky magic keeping them up, and Eos had her ridiculously large assortment of bottle caps strung from the ceiling like streamers. They had painted it by hand with the (questionable) help from Afaeyueyth, the youngest daughter of their friend Mags, and it had so many bright splashes of colour that it was, frankly, quite distracting. It was welcoming though, and ultimately home, and they loved it.

Eos reached out suddenly, tossing a handful of confetti sprinkles into the batter; she stuck out her tongue at Michi’s face, causing him to stifle laughter, shaking his head fondly before putting the pan into the oven. As all they had was a waiting game now, Eos made to take her raucous raven locks out of the bun it was in, when she suddenly got a face full of flour. Sputtering, she wiped her eyes, vivid green eyes lighting up at the challenge, causing Michi’s curls to bounce at the suddenness of his twist to grab more flour, as the fun began.

And that was what Salem, Michi’s boyfriend, came home to a few hours later; A kitchen covered in flour, sugar, sprinkles, glitter, and icing, with his two Hufflepuffs passed out cuddled on the floor, the cake they had half eaten on a homemade plate in the middle of the floor, three to many forks poked into it. He shook his head fondly.

“This is why I am the one who bakes.”