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Cinder launched up from her chair, nearly toppling over when she forgot about her missing limb. Steadying herself with both hands on the table, she managed an awkward bow. The retina display sank out of sight.

“Your Highness,”she stammered, head lowered, glad that he couldn’t see her empty ankle behind the tablecloth.

The prince flinched and cast a glance over his shoulder before hunching toward her. “Maybe, um…” –he pulled his fingers across his lips –”on the Highness stuff?”

- “Cinder” by Marissa Meyer

submitted by Kenny

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Just another day at the bar…

simple graphic tutorial

tutorial for this graphic as request by a lovely anon

what you’ll need:

  • photoshop (i’m using cc)
  • a few basic ps skills like how layer masks work
  • please like/reblog if you use or found this helpful! the notes inspire me to make more things.

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Introducing “Oscar” - Free Tumblr Theme for Personal Blogs

Demo | Install

Theme features:

  •    Fixed sidebar
  •    Custom background image, colors, font sizes, post width
  •    Custom note buttons colors
  •    Support of hi-res images for all post types
  •    Avatar for retina displays
  •    Google fonts
  •    Disqus comments
  •    Follow widget with 14 social icons
  •    Custom meta title
  •    Google Analytics
  •    Looks good on any device

Play with sidebar background color and background image opacity to create different image overlay effects.

anonymous asked:

Cameron, I recently switched computers and my tool of choice for map making was Inkscape. However, it appears Inkscape isn't quite optimized for my computer's screen (I'm on a Mac Retina display). What other tools that are just shy of Illustrator do you know of that have similar features to Inkscape?

I think I answer this question and many more in the site’s FAQ, but you should definitely check out Affinity Designer. As their website cheekily says, it costs $49.99 total, no subscription required (a full Creative Cloud subscription is that much per month). I haven’t used it myself, but it gets good reviews, is optimised for MacOS, and certainly looks more polished than the freeware Inkscape.

If anyone has had experience with Affinity Designer for transit map design, leave a comment and let us know what you think! What other cheap/free design tools do people use?

“Hey children of Panama!… Look what I have!! Wanna watch a cartoon?”

Jesus made children say “wow!” with miracles too….

Whatever it takes to reach their little hearts with the good news using modern retina displays and modern 3D touch technology.

I’m pretty sure he is using an Apple iOS

Back in the day we upgraded the wow factor for children by adding illustrations and color to our books.

Jehovah will take care of the physical needs of these poor children.