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Art by @xombiedirge @mica-sky and my song of choice is basically my whole spotify playlist (seen here, some of the latest songs I’ve added to it).

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Mchanzo doodles from Twitter!

1) Horny Hanzo and nervous yet equally excited McCree
2) Aggresively affectionate Hanzo and happy as heck McCree
3 & 4) Jesse taking care of a sick and prideful Hanzo
5) Hanzo finds a lost american child while having a walk down Hanamura with Genji and now he feels the need help him search for his parents.

I draw this ship so often….

So since I am in desperate need of comic-making practice, and still knee-deep in my “Undertale things I want to draw” backlog, I’ve started working on another Sans and Frisk comic set in the post-pacfist timeline that I’ve had mulling around in my head for awhile now. I’m expecting this one to run around 15ish pages?
A lot longer than the last one, but I think it’s doable!

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happy twintails day! i doodled the first twintailed best gal that came to mind✨


Another blogger reminded me last night I had these waiting in my drafts to post. I made a few myself (Picture 1, 6 & 10). Adjustments will need to be made to fit your lockscreen for some. I don’t usually have any issues. Check out @bathyspheric for their posts on some more great lockscreens!

If you want to see more just go to this link: 

The Best

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