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@demisexualhale sorry you had a rough time today. have this au that i saw you talking about after i creeped on your blog. it’s… uh. probably not what anyone involved thought it would be. but i hope you like it? 


sterek. 2k. spy au. warnings: i know nothing about spies, secret criminal organizations, or technology in general. just roll with it.

“I’ll pay you twenty bucks to hum the Mission Impossible theme while I do this,” Stiles muttered, fishing an exacto knife out of his tool belt. He fit it under the very edge of the ID scanner and, with a flick of his wrist, popped it off like a dream.

“You could pay me twenty thousand and I still wouldn’t do it.”

“Spoilsport.” Gently pulling all the wires out into the open was the easy part; it was identifying the right one to snip that was going to be the tricky part. Would it kill all organized crime syndicates to stick to one universal standard?

“Try the yellow wire. Third from the left.”

Try?” Stiles repeated under his breath. “We’ve been planning this job for weeks and you want me to go in with ‘try’?”

He could practically hear the eye roll on the other end of the earbud. “Cut the wire, agent.”

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BTS Theory of Spring Day - Sinking of MV Sewol

Pretty sure a lot of people already posted ideas regarding this video, but here are some as well in another version. First off, Spring day is a story centered around friendship. The lyrics talk about friends missing each other and being unable to meet. When you’re far away from your friends, everything around you seems cold.

“It’s all winter here even in August” (1:07) 

The train has similar corridors to the ones from the ferry. Also, the luggages from the background in RapMonster’s part (0:48) are a refference to the ones of the victims.

Another clue is that during 0:48-0:49, while RM says “I miss you”, the sea washing the shore is being shown.

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Bacteria from 300-year-old Ovid poetry volume inspires ‘bio-artist’

There was more than poetry trapped between the leather covers of a 300-year-old volume of Ovid’s Metamorphoses: blood, sweat and snot feature in an art installation that displays the bacteria within its pages.

The sweat and the droplets from an ancient sneeze that spattered one page were contributed by centuries of previous owners and readers of the book – but the blood was the artist’s own, donated by Sarah Craske as part of the medium for cultivating the organisms.

Craske found the rare early English translation of Ovid’s epic Latin poem, published in London in 1735, in a junk shop in Margate. Photograph: PartPR


From September 1947 until January 1949, the Declaration of Independence crossed the country in a traveling museum called the Freedom Train.

A group of 27 Marines protected the 133 documents, which came from the US National Archives​, the The Library of Congress​, and private museums and personal collections.

The Freedom Train stopped in cities in each of the 48 states (Alaska and Hawaii were not yet states), and the documents it carried were seen by more than 3.5 million Americans.

True to its name, the Freedom Train mandated that the admission lines for the exhibit were to be desegregated. Memphis, Tennessee, rejected this condition; in response, the Freedom Train did not stop there as scheduled.

After a successful national tour, the Freedom Train arrived in Washington, DC, for President Truman’s Inauguration Week. At the end of the week, the scrolls of 3.5 million names signed under the Freedom Pledge were donated to the Library of Congress.

Learn more about this amazing traveling museum in our Google​ Cultural Institute exhibit.

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Please stop with all the Bellamy and lexa drawings, you are causing serious trouble in the fandom and insulting many LGBT people. People are uncomfortable with you art and the subject. Be responsible and respectful and stop trying to cause drama to get your art attention.

In 1989 The Corcoran Gallery of Art refused to exhibit gay artist Robert Mapplethorpe’s solo-exhibition ‘The Perfect Moment’. Artist Tracey Emin displayed an installation consisting of the her bed with bedroom objects but also included condoms, menstrual stained underwear, and other detritus. Kara Walker, a black female artist, is known for her racially controversial drawings and cut paper silhouettes depicting sexual and violent scenes particular to the American Civil War era.

All of these artist are from different walks of life with different intentions and understandings for their practice but have all met the same public protest. They have all created work, work based on their own real life and experiences and points of views, that has offended someone. The explicit gay nature of his work caused Mapplethrope to be apart of a national debate on the public funding of art deemed too controversial, a witch hunt lead by North Carolina Senator Jesse Helms, the very same senator who lead an unsuccessful filibuster against making MLK day a national holiday and fought against feminism, disability rights, and gay rights. Much of the public criticized Emin for her installation, deeming it ‘sluttish and improper for a woman’ when she revealed these intimate, imperfect, and insecure details of her life when she was at her lowest. And audiences wanted to silence Walker when she depicted a black female slave having sex with a white man because it was uncomfortable reminder of the horrors of racial oppression that is still imposed on her people.

But who decides what is obscene or offensive? And does that mean we are allowed to silence these people to ease the discomfort of others? Then does that mean all three of these artists all should have been silenced to appease men like Jesse Helms? 

‘No wait, I’m not like that man! I’m not a bigot or a racist! I’m standing up for the LGBT!’ and yes you are right, you aren’t him but what you are doing is no different. 

You, like Jesse Helms, believes that your way of life is the only way and have deemed my work an insult to it just because it doesn’t depict LGBTIGA+ life the way you live it. Not once have you or anyone else asked me if I’m a member of LGBTIGA+ or if any of my work is a reflection of my life and the important people in. Do you ever think that maybe I dress like this or interact with my friends like this, that our cultures may be different or maybe the woman I loved was very much was this way and the way I choose to depict the character is because I miss her? Just because you don’t live the way we do doesn’t mean we are wrong. This is my personal account where I post personal work that you and anyone else are free to block and ignore if it’s so offensive because I don’t dictate how you feel, but you don’t get to dictate what I do. I have not started anything to get any attention and if people steal my work and use to harm others, it is a reflection of them. I have responded to people who have come to my inbox anonymous to make me stop drawing, which you have no right to do. I will not be silenced just because you are unhappy with my work when I haven’t made anything explicit or disrespectful unless you mean to say men and women cannot be friends. I have always maintained that Lexa is a lesbian and never condone her depicted in a heterosexual relations. 

You’ve come here in the name of social justice which I applaud you for, but all you’ve done is tell me that how I live and love is wrong and I should just be quiet

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Right now I’m putting together my Silmarillion art book for my Senior Thesis. 

This is how it looks so far~

I’ve had a lot of ideas for the cover but I’ve wanted from the start for it to be pretty dark background with a strong lighting. 

So because I’m running out of time I’m just going to use this rough draft of Fëanor holding a Silmaril for when I turn in a pdf of the book tomorrow.  

We have to turn in everything we intend to show in the Senior Exhibition tomorrow so the art professors can judge if we’re allowed to put the work in the show or not. If we don’t bring something we want to the gallery tomorrow it won’t be allowed in so even if something’s not finished it needs to be brought in. But they’re giving us next week/Spring Break to fix anything in our artwork before we display and install everything the following week for show’s opening. So I’m just trying to get through this night and tomorrow :’<