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I was just randomly clicking through episodes and stumbled upon this scene and it’s actually quite underappreciated and very sweet

this obviously happens shortly after their stupid argument over the lost bag of nuts (rest in peace brave soldier) and it’s clear that they’re still a bit tense after that. But Yuuri makes an attempt to break the ice 

“What would you like for a gift?” can just as easily be translated to: “I’m not annoyed anymore and would like to put this behind us.” It’s a sweet peace offering, with Yuuri showing interest and care in something that he presumes is important to Viktor.


Viktor misinterprets what Yuuri is trying to say and, while answering truthfully, also accidentally dismiss the hand Yuuri reached out for him. It’s a good display of them facing a cultural gap, since Yuuri might have planned to get Viktor a gift in advance and Viktor shoots that wish down. It’s not on purpose! But, speaking from experience, sometimes cultural gaps cause misunderstandings between couples that might lead to hurt feelings

 As is also evidently displayed here; Yuuri tries to mend what was hurt in the previous scene, in his own way, and Viktor misunderstands and Yuuri is left feeling rejected and possibly anxious that Viktor is still mad at him


VIKTOR CLEARLY NOTICES THAT YUURI GETS HURT and immediately tries to make Yuuri feel better in a way that is just as sweet as Yuuri’s own

it’s a line of dialogue that is just as simple as Yuuri’s when he asks what Viktor wants as a gift. “Do you want some hot wine, too?” is basically Viktor reaching out to Yuuri and showing care for his well being and offering to share something of his own with him. It’s simple, it’s sweet and easily leads into the hilarious line about Yuuri not handling alcohol well, bUT IT’S JUST SO CUTE AND THOUGHTFUL



A 100-Year-Old Church in Spain Transformed into a Skate Park Covered in Murals by Okuda San Miguel

A historic church in the spanish municipality of llanera, asturias is no ordinary place for parishioners. instead, the site has been made into a place of pilgrimage for athletes after its conversion into an indoor skate park. 

At the start of december 2015, artist Okuda San Miguel began work on a monumental, colorful mural which now canvasses la iglesia skate’s vaulted ceilings, and window-lined walls. a vibrant display of faceted faces, geometric skulls and psychedelic wildlife encompasses the space overhead, wrapping all interior surfaces in a mesmerizing artwork. created in collaboration with red bull, ‘kaos temple’ forms a sanctuary for both skateboarders and art lovers alike.  

Jungkook: When you catch him masturbating

Genre: Smut

Tags: sex talk/ masturbation/ kinky play


Pairing: Jungkook/Reader


You: The leader of a mafia organisation. 

Jeon Jungkook - Master of burglary and a hitman. You were childhood friends but now he works for you. 4 years younger. Doing his best to prove that despite his age he’s the right man for you.

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Setting: Having been sent on a mission to steal a very expensive piece of art, Jungkook arrives at your house to report on his job and to deliver the valuable object into the hands of its rightful owner.

If one ever asked Jeon Jungkook what was the thing that he craved most in his life he would without a doubt mention your name. He admired you. Pure adoration and much too visible eagerness displayed on his face whenever your eyes met and lingered a bit too long on each other. You were his boss. Free from doubt, he respected you greatly and made sure never to disappoint the object of his desire. That was probably why he had always been the best in completing even the most challenging and painfully shitty tasks no one else was capable of handling. Utter devotion and competing nature of your younger subordinate and childhood friend Jungkook never ceased to amaze you. It was only natural to turn to him yet another time. After all, wasn’t it obvious that he’d have been more than thrilled to fulfil your orders? Yes, you knew it well. The prospect of a possible reward left him even more restless and yearning for your attention each and every time. 

His main problem that he had to struggle with on numerous occasions however, was the fact that in your eyes he had always been a shy and cute younger friend who had to be protected. Definitely not a real man that could very well make your legs feel wobbly when in his presence.    

On the other hand, poor Jungkook could not possibly realise the fact that you were more than acutely aware of his now changed physics and strikingly different vibes that were coming out of him whenever he entered the room. Was this really the same lost baby boy with puppy eyes that used to sneak into your bed because he could not fall asleep? 

Hell, no. The moment you saw him after a 4 years break had made you question your ability to see properly. He was ridiculously handsome. Tall, slim, but with visible muscles that his too tight clothes exposed all too well. The way he walked even. His voice. Everything so drastically different you wanted to scream. And, there he was - wooing you and doing everything to prove that despite his age he can make you his. Everything to make you see that your mafia boss ass would never find better hands to take care of it. Both, literally and metaphorically.

So, once called to your office and after having heard that he indeed can once again cater to your silly whims, his stomach jumped in excitement.

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Y: Stop smirking and answer. Will you be able to complete the mission or no?

K: Seriously, though… another painting, noona? How many have I fetched for you so far?

Y: Do you have any problems with that? Shall I ask Taehyung if you chicken out already?

K: No such thing.

His voice turned dark and hoarse. After all, you really knew how to pull his strings. Who was the one smirking now?.

K: I’ll take my leave, then. We’ll see each other soon.

Y: Mhmmm…

K: No, very soon…

He corrected himself and you raised your eyes from the documents only to see his back disappearing behind the doors of your office.

The mission had gone smoothly. He’d been extremely motivated to steal that one particularly expensive piece of art for his beautiful boss. Sadly, Jeon Jungkook, professional hitman and a burglar had run into some unexpected problems on the way, which had left him slightly wounded in the end. Had he been too careless because of all that tormenting images in his head? Had it been too difficult to focus on the task at hand with your pretty face taunting him over and over again? He had refused to answer any of these nagging questions and immediately after retrieving the object of your desire his feet found its way to your breathtaking house. 

You went out of your room to fetch a glass of water from the kitchen when you saw him standing in the middle of the vast room, holding tightly onto the neatly wrapped piece of art. A small smile forming on your face, but it died out just as quickly. What was that red stain on his shirt?

Instead of going forward, your legs stopped obeying you and you found yourself taking a step back. It looked so nasty. His shirt was drenched with sticky, red liquid. Was it getting too hot in the room? You suddenly felt it was hard to breathe.

Only then did you notice your loving sister and also a partner in running one of the most fearsome Mafia gangs in the country clutching to his devastated t-shirt in an attempt to perhaps have a better look of his wound?


The word resonated in your head and you didn’t like the way it made you feel.

K: It’s alright, Lulu. I’m ok. It’s nothing major.

He tried to push away her prying fingers. Hands stretched out for you to show the prize that doubtlessly proved that he had completed the mission without fail.

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Only now you did not care much about that foul painting. You could tear it to shreds right there and then.

Despite having problems with standing he looked so content and proud for having been able to successfully finish his task.

L: Oh, fuck Kooks, it looks so awful! Get that ass of yours to the bathroom I have to tend to this wound or otherwise you’ll bleed out on all the carpets.

You knew your sister well enough to realise that she was just joking around to ease the tension. One quick glance in your direction showed her how bad the situation was.

K: Common, it’s nothing to make a fuss about!

Before she had a chance to respond you cut the discussion short with your command.

Y: Do as you’re told and stop fucking around, you brat!

He looked a bit bewildered but also knowing Jungkook too well, Lulu started pushing him into the direction of the bathroom, not letting him engage into yet another fight with you.

Once out of your sight, you felt yourself getting teary-eyed. Guilt, worry and regret… All these emotions hit you out of a sudden. You were glad Lulu was there. You could not take care of his injury with your hands shaking like that. You felt weak. You didn’t want to show how badly this incident affected you. Since when exactly was the head of a mafia organisation so fragile?

You decided to get him some food. He must have been hungry and tired. The operation to get the painting had taken the entire night and it was only a matter time for him to finally feel the exhaustion spreading over his body.

Not long after, the smell of freshly prepared food fioated around the house. As expected, forever hungry Jeon Jungkook came back to the kitchen the moment his nose sensed it. If there was something that hadn’t changed since he was a child it definitely must have been his appetite. Fond memories started roaming in your head again.

The food was ready soon after. You were observing him as he was sitting at the table and stuffing his cheeks with curry rice you had prepared for him. Cute. Your heart skipped a beat. That fucker… You hated him for being so fucking perfect.

He was visibly tired. Eyes getting smaller and smaller. He rubbed them in between stuffing another portion of rice into his now red from exhaustion fluffy cheeks.

He gulped two 0,5 glasses of cola one after the other. Asked for seconds and after devouring it you thought he’d have fallen asleep on the table.

Y: Why don’t you go and have a nap in my room?

Your melodic voice brought him back to reality. He wanted to respond but only a huge yawn escaped his mouth. He simply nodded instead and took his way to your room where he had a shower and collapsed on your bed just after.

K: Oh god… it feels so good in her bed.

He felt blessed. He was so comfy. It really felt amazing and he was struggling at this point so much. It wasn’t like every day he had a chance to lay down in your bed. He was totally taken in by the smell of your sheets. Everything had your scent and the very thought that it was your bed and that you were sleeping there must have influenced his dreams.

Needless to say, after a couple of hours later he woke up with a huge problem in his now too tight boxer briefs. The dream he had was so vivid… The truth was he’d been dreaming of you numerous times but today it was more real than ever.

He was laying there, still a bit sleepy and drowsy from his nap. When he opened his eyes he could have sworn that he really had fucked you. He didn’t even know where he was…

After the initial confusion, everything slowly came back to his pretty head and he felt a frustrating disappointment the moment he finally realised it had been all just a wet dream.

One of too many…

K: No you didn’t just have sex with Y/N in the kitchen, get a hold of yourself, you idiot… It was just a fucking dream.

He reprimanded himself. The statement he had just uttered was so mentally agonising but he had to do this to bring himself back to harsh reality. The one in which he didn’t have sex with you in the kitchen after you had prepared a curry rice for him.

All he wanted was to close his eyes and go back to this vivid dream. But, unfortunately, even though he was trying very hard to fall asleep again there was this problematic issue that didn’t let him sleep anymore…

K: Gahhh...

He growled angrily in frustration. This poor boy was shifting nervously from one to the other side of the bed while replaying images of you and him fucking mindlessly on that kitchen counter. He got so hard it was beginning to be painful. Almost unbearable. If he had been in his own bed he would have jacked himself off as he usually did when he had these dreams with you.

It felt a bit not right to do that there, though… Right? 

At least, somewhere at the back of his head, he knew he really shouldn’t have. That it was inappropriate and just simply wrong. He was having this mental fight. Weighing arguments for and against.

K: Get your shit together. You won’t wank off in her bed!

He angrily switched position to lay on his stomach and put his arms under the pillows to prevent himself from doing any nasty things.

Turned out, that it was the worst possible decision ever…

He felt his large hands brushing against some silky material. It was so nice to touch that he fumbled it in between his fingers. Soon after, the curiosity won over him and he pulled out the fabric from under the pillows.

He examined the delicate material resting in his palms.

K: No… noooo…

He took a deep breath and squeezed your panties in his hand burying head into the sheets. It was the exact moment when it dawned on him that he had lost this unfair battle. He rolled over on his back again.

His free hand immediately in his boxers and he started jerking off.


No further doubts in his head anymore. It just felt too good to control himself and he had yearned for this too much to stop.

He was playing with your panties in one of his hands, while the other slowly worked his rock hard member. He even sniffed them trying to get to know how you would taste. He was still replaying the mental images from the dream in his head. He wanted to be in you so badly.

So badly that he took your panties and without much thinking wrapped his painful erection with them. He began pumping even harder and quicker.

The fabric created this nice sensation on his skin and a soft moan escaped his lips. He was breathing laboriously and he even cried out your name from time to time, imagining that he is indeed thrusting into you on that kitchen counter as it had been in his dream.

Your panties were completely soaked wet. He was leaking with precum and only moments shared him from this much-needed release. A couple of strokes with his skilful hand and long fingers.

But then, he heard a knock on the door.

Y: Kookie, are you up?

It was you. His heart almost stopped in his chest. He quickly covered himself with the blanket and answered in a shaky voice. So unlike him.

K: Yeaahhh… Kind of…

Is he out of breath? - you were thinking to yourself, getting a little worried about his condition.

Y: Are you unwell, Kooks?

K: No, I’m just fine, noona. Perfectly fine!

Let’s be honest. It didn’t sound too convincing so you slowly opened the door and entered the room. He was covered up with blankets up to his ears. 

So cute…Too cute…

Your thoughts once again drifting away in a wrong direction. You couldn’t help, but to smile at this big boy.

Y: Did you sleep well, sleepyhead?

He saw you were moving in the direction of the bed and was mentally panicking. He wanted to die for his stupidity and lack of any control over his hormones. Being caught by your love interest while jacking off in her bed? What a wonderful prospect! It surely would help in proving that he wasn’t a childish boy anymore. He was crying inside and scolding himself in his thoughts.

it was like a really shitty predicament that he found himself in… it became clear that you intended to sit beside him on the bed and soon after, there he was with a hard on and you sitting inches away from him. His face was so red you kept on nagging him with questions…

Y: Kookie, are you sure you’re alright?

You touched hid forehead with your hand.

Y: You seem feverish…

K: No, trust me! I’m ok, noona.

He really tried to play it cool. Too bad…

Y: Maybe it’s because of the wound? Lemme see it.

After saying that you took the sheets in your hand, wanting to uncover this poor, little, wounded boy… You were so worried!


He almost jumped on the bed desperately catching the sheets and clinging to them for his dear life which in all honesty got you even more worried about him. Maybe even annoyed? Was he playing a big man while actually, he was in real pain? Your face twisted at the thought.

Y: Oh, I knew it! You’re in pain! Why didn’t you tell us earlier?!

You kept on shouting louder and louder.

Y: Don’t try to act like some fucking badass! It’s not one of your stupid video games you brat!

Then you pulled the sheets with all of your force… and well…

You didn’t quite expect to see what you saw. First of all, Jeon Jungkook,, your childhood friend and now a subordinate had a fucking hard on. Second of all? It seemed as if your panties stood out from under his boxers.


Y: Kooks, you’re huge!

You thought to yourself or maybe you wanted to but it turned out that you had just said it out loud.

Yes, it must have been the case judging from Jungkook’s reaction. His chocolate brown eyes went wide. He wanted to say something. He even opened his mouth in order to do so, but in the end, he didn’t utter a thing. At least, nothing coherent.

You were just staring at his length… Everything about this situation was oh so awkward. He felt so ashamed. He tried to read from your face what you were possibly thinking and sadly, he only had bad predictions

K: Baby girl, I’m so sorry… It just kind of… happened? I don’t know how… I mean…

And truth to be told all you were thinking then was how damn hot he looked. His body in full view. Rock hard thighs pressed together in a pathetic attempt to hide his throbbing member. He was so visibly scared of your reaction. His plump lips were left partially open in an ‘o’ shape. Eyes even bigger than ever.

You felt the sudden urge to touch him. He was just irresistible, You more or less knew what must have happened and you couldn’t really blame him… He’s so young… He had been in your bed and then he probably also found the panties.

You felt your core getting hot. The idea of Jungkook touching himself in your bed was simply too alluring… and so dirty.

Immediately, you decided to play along.

Y: Did you wank in my bed?

K: Noona, I’m so so…

Y: Answer the question, dammit!

You interrupted him not letting him utter his miserable apologies. He grabbed so hard on the sheets that it must have hurt him. He averted your gaze feeling so bad for himself, but then… he forgot how to breathe when he saw your hand approaching his boxers.

K: Noona?!

You took the string of your panties that was standing out from his boxers and you slowly pulled the string trying to take them out and unwrap his member.

And, oh fuck… You could only imagine how pleasurable it was for him observing how he threw his head back moaning in response. His body shivered feeling as the fabric was ticklishly moving around his shaft.

K: Baby girl…

Breathless plea leaving his deliciously enticing wet with saliva lips.

Y: Did you think about some other girls when you were jerking off?

Your voice as cold as it was only possible. He frowned at the accusation. He wanted to respond but you caught him short when you put a hand on his hard member caressing him through the boxers.

K: Ahhhh…

He inhaled sharply and due to the pleasurable sensation that unexpectedly crept over his body, he forgot what he was about to say. His mind completely blank focusing only on your ministrations. Hips already rocking in rhythm with you palm. His orgasm was quickly building up all over again. You were rubbing his cock in circles never really fully taking him into your hand, but applying enough pressure for him to forget his name.

Y: Answer the fucking question, you brat!

You ran up with your hand so high that it must have hurt him now. He squeaked and his hands involuntarily trying to hold you closer to his chest so as to hug you, He truly wanted to answer back, but it was all very hard because of your touch.

K: Noona, I’d never…Believe me, please!

His answer delivered in between desperate moans and harsh grunts coming out of his throat.

Y: So, what did you think about? Eh?!

K: About you!

He blurted out truthfully. His head collapsing in the crook of your neck.

Y: Like I’d believe you, you dirty, little liar!

He was so turned on that he was bending down, trying to look for your lips. His hip thrusts even more erratic now. It wasn’t going to last much longer. Despite feeling like in fucking heaven he was so flustered that you didn’t want to believe him. He quickly spat out, without much thinking. His voice cracking all the time.

K: I was dreaming about fucking you on that damned kitchen counter!

Words quickly came out of his mouth. His laborious breathing was a true music to your ears.

A way to get a confession out of a guy. Indeed. But, he sounded so sexy you felt a sudden wave of pleasure in your stomach and you felt that it was too much to tease him so you cooed…

Y: Baby, please tell me more. 

His spirits got up after hearing that familiar nickname. You went on.

Y: Did you fuck me well?

Being obviously turned on as well at this point, you couldn’t keep it in anymore. Your words were like magic. He started eagerly nodding his head. Overexcited and happy that you finally believed him.

K: Baby you were moaning so hard for me, I swear…

Y: Was I?

K: Oh, yes, yes. You did! You even screamed my name over and over again.

All the time you kept massaging his dick and, not surprisingly, being the little kinky shit that he was, your dirty talk threw him over the edge. Before climaxing he once again nuzzled his head into your neck as if embarrassed and came hard into his boxers.

Frankly, you hadn’t even palmed him properly but he came anyway. You chuckled a little when you realised that. He hugged you so tightly afraid of letting go. You hugged him back, fondly massaging his back and helping him to calm down. When he was more or less alright he put your foreheads together and looked deeply into your eyes, still a bit embarrassed. He bit his lip. The usual habit when he got nervous and then he kissed you. Deeply. With such passion, you could feel his affection towards you. He was so needy and wanted you so badly words could not express how he felt then…

Out of a sudden, you heard Yoongi screaming as if there was some kind of an emergency or what not…

S: Y/N… where are you?! I came to hang that fucking painting for you!

Judging from his voice he must have been getting closer and closer to your room. You didn’t want to let one of your most mean assistants know that you had just jerked off Jungkook, so you quickly leaped to your feet leaving him with puppy eyes.

Y: Sure, coming!

Just before leaving the room you gave Jungkook a quick peck on his forehead and he flashed that gummy smile of his that had always made your stomach feel disturbingly warm.

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And this is how Jeon Jungkook got his very first and definitely not the last orgasm from you. 

the air signs and being fake

Gemini: unintentionally fake, not two faces, but twelve faces (displays ALL of the signs)
Libra: fake fake fake, invented fake, makes an art form of artifice and façadery
Aquarius: fake deep, fake tough, actual cry babies, are they even air signs? Fake water sign, that’s why they cry so damn much.

Fandom prefers their mentally ill characters to be like a fairy tale character, cursed to become a monster after spending 100 years with a wicked witch. Fandom loves Bucky Barnes because they see him as this cursed princess. When Bucky shows symptoms they manifest either as Sebastian Stan Looking Sad And Pensive, or as Literally Not In Control of His Own Body.

Tony Stark, a more realistic day-to-day portrayal of mental illness, is pretty widely hated and treated like a villain within the fandom. When Tony displays symptoms, it’s in making poor decisions out of desperation and fear. He goes to extremes. His mistakes made from fear based in his trauma blow up in his face. He displays coping mechanisms by being obsessive and unintentionally endangering people. He uses false arrogance and humor to distance himself, he lingers on his past trauma and it continues to shape his actions, often negatively, years later. He lashes out violently when he is faced with losing the few people he is close to.

Tony’s poor choices should not be excused because of his mental illnesses. He needs to be held responsible. But the way fandom treats Tony versus how they treat Bucky is pretty telling. Fandom doesn’t want mentally ill characters. They want innocent victims who cope in perfectly healthy ways and have never made any mistakes or poor choices as a result of their mental illness or trauma. They want someone they can feel sad about, but not someone with any messy symptoms.


Prompt Request #16 - Brett Talbot

Requested by Anon

Brett Talbot x Reader

46. “You have a kid?“
70. “H-How long have you been standing there?”
106. “Can you just shut up and kiss me.” 

Brett and you had flirted for a few weeks during school time and now you both wanted to take it a step forward, in going out on a date.

Since there was much to do regarding school, Brett had invited you over for a study session. But you still hoped to snag your first kiss with him anyways.

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Someone is pissed. :-) Tiny, Tiny, Tiny snippet of Torn 21.

You heard the sound of the keypad and knew it was Eric. A smile of satisfaction displayed on your face as you heard the loud error beep from him entering the code. You were glad you had changed the code that morning. You heard a string of curse words through the door.

“Y/N!!!” He screamed through the door.

“What?” You yelled back.

“Open this fuckin door!!”

“No!” You stifled a giggle. You frowned when you heard his heavy footsteps retreat from your door.

Oh fuck! There was no way Eric would give up that easy. 

You went back into your bedroom to throw on some lounge clothes when you heard a loud banging at your door. You threw your clothes on the bed and ran to the front door in your bra and panties.

What in the fuck!

You realized Eric was smashing the code box with something. Before you could type in the code to unlock the door Eric kicked it in almost hitting you with the door. His eyes were a blazed with fury. You looked down at his right hand and saw a hammer. He literally smashed the code box to get your door open.

“Eric! What the-” Eric dropped the hammer, grabbed you by your hips and flung you across his shoulder as if you weighed nothing.


//This is part two of my Draco Malfoy imagine. I recommend reading the first part before reading this.

He raised his wand and pointed it right at you. His lips were forming the curse, but he could not make a sound. Draco could not do this to you. Not to his (Y/N). He would rather die than to harm the one who has never judged him, or forced him to do something. Without thinking he stuttered:

“I-I can’t”

“And why can’t you hurt this good for nothing mudblood?” Bellatrix answered angrily.

“Because I love her”

The room became silent. Shock was written all over Bellatrix face, but her expression changed a split second later to disgust and betrayal. Lucius was furious, how dare his son claim to love that waste of space? That filthy little mudblood? However, Narcissa’s face displayed sorrow and worry. What would the Dark Lord do when he found out that her son was in love with a muggle-born? Narcissa couldn’t care less about herself, all she cared about was to keep Draco safe. Always.

(Y/N) had a hard time trying to keep herself conscious. Draco quickly noticed, and moved to stand protectively in front of you. You were in so much pain, there was no way you could stay awake much longer. Draco looked so desperate to protect you. So vulnerable. He was standing in front of his family, who could never respect his choices and treat him right. You were quite the opposite, and he did not want to lose you. Ever.

“If you’re gonna hurt (Y/N), you’re gonna have to hurt me, too!” Draco stated determined, as he raised his wand and pointed it at the others. This was painful for Narcissa, but she could see that he really loved you. Narcissa would do anything to keep Draco happy, and you made him truly happy, she would support it. Not that she would ever admit it, you were a mudblood, after all.

“Draco -” she started, but was quickly interrupted by Draco. Tears had started to build up in his eyes.

“I-I won’t let you hurt her!” he sobbed, holding his wand out in defense. Draco was terrified about what was going to happen.

Bellatrix raised her wand, not even hesitating to harm the both of you. Fortunately for you and Draco, Narcissa stopped Bellatrix. She told some Death Eathers to take you down to the dungeon again. Before Draco could protest, Lucius held him back. He could do nothing than watch you get dragged away from him. You blacked out.

~~~ TIMESKIP ~~~

Everything hurt as you gained consciousness. The smallest movement caused so much pain. You tried to ignore the pain, because there was something else that caught your attention. There was no floor beneath you. You could feel warm arms holding you tightly as they carried you. Who was carrying you? And where were you going? You stirred slowly, and tried to figure out who the person was. All you could see was white blonde hair and features similar to a man. As you opened your eyes completely, you saw that the man was your boyfriend.

“Draco, where are we going?” you whispered. He seemed startled, obviously he hadn’t notice that you woke up. Draco looked around worriedly, probably to watch out for other Death Eaters. When he found none, he turned his head to look at you.

“Shhh” he whispered. Draco headed towards a door, that looked like the exit of the house. Your eyes widened as you realised what he was doing. He was trying to get you out of here and let you escape. This could get him in a lot of trouble! Especially if Voldemort found out!

Draco walked out the door, then opened and walked through the gate. He then set you down and looked you deeply into your eyes. Leaning in and kissing you passionately. After kissing for what felt like forever, you broke away. Your boyfriend looked at you seriously, but there was hints of sorrow in his eyes.

“Leave this place. Find someplace to hide yourself. The Death Eaters will be looking for you, so you need to change hiding place occasionally. You need to stay safe.” he stated. You could stop the tears from falling as you looked at him.

“A-And what about you?” you sobbed out. Tears had built up in his eyes, and he seemed to be fighting to remain strong.

“Don’t worry about me, (Y/N). I-I’m sure I’ll be fine, somehow.” he smiled at you sadly, his eyes looking at you with so much love.

“C-Can’t you come with me?” you whispered, hugging him tightly.

“Someone has to make a convincing cover-up story for you. I-I can’t join you because of the Dark Mark, it will be too easy for them to find us. You will be safer without me.”

“Will I ever see you again?” You cried out desperately. He broke out in tears, holding you even tighter.

“I will find you, I promise. Mark my word, I will not let you disappear from my life completely. I love you too much to let you go.”

“I love you too, Draco.” you said to him, wiping away all the tears that had fallen from your (E/C) eyes. He smiled genuinely at you.

“Go now, while you still have the chance. The others will wake up soon and might chase you down. You need to get as far away from here as possible.” he said, letting you go. You pulled him in for one last kiss, before turning around and running away. He stared at you until you were completely out of sight, sighing sadly.


Everyone stood and stared sadly at Voldemort. Harry Potter was dead. The war was lost. The hope was gone. Friends and family had died, for something we couldn’t stop in the end.

Narcissa and Lucius tried to get Draco to come over to them. Draco looked from you to his parents. He seemed conflicted about what he should do. However, it didn’t take long for him to come up with a conclusion. Without hesitation, he went to your side, holding your hand.

“Is this what you truly want?” his father asked him, quite angrily.

All Draco did was nod. He was old enough to make his own decisions, and create his own life. He didn’t want to be alone anymore, and he didn’t need to. He had you now, and that was more than good enough.

As the last fight began, you fought next to each other. You didn’t know what would happen to you the future. But as long as you were together, you knew you would be alright.

//Sorry, for the long wait, and if this sucks. I tried to make this good, but the first attempt to this part got deleted for some reason. Plus I have a terrible headache. Sorry if all the characters are OOC.

Vulture Culture Problems:

“Okay, if you got it, where would you put it?”
“….the ceiling still has room?”

You might not realize it, but in-your-face displays of heterosexuality are everywhere — the family photo on a desk, the man and woman holding hands on the beach, or an opposite-sex couple kissing in a bar. No one accuses these couples of “flaunting” their sexuality, but make it two men or two women in the photo holding hands or smooching, then we’ve crossed the line. That’s the double standard.

Coulter’s Punishment Part two…..kind..of…sort of…..Part one here.

A rare smile displayed on Eric’s lips as he watched you from across the cafeteria. He could tell you were suffering. He had edged you out before he threw you out of his office. He wondered to himself how long he will let you suffer and not achieve climax. You completely disobeyed an order and you needed to be punished. He watched you as you slowly sat down to eat. A frown displayed on your beautiful face as you sat down. You maneuvered in your seat a little and he knew sitting down was extremely uncomfortable for you. He could just imagine how swollen your clit was and how bad you ached for him. He started to get hard at the thought of your clit in his mouth again. Eric let out a low moan as his cock jumped at the image of your legs wrapped around his waist.

“Fuck this.” He snarled. He needed you now. In record speed, he was standing behind you at the table.

“Solider!” He barked.

You were stuffing your face trying not to think of him or your aching core. You had no idea he was behind you. You jumped when you felt his hand squeeze your waist.

“You need to come with me solider.” He whispered.

Thank God! You almost moaned aloud.

“Can you walk?” Eric asked his eyes trained between your legs as you stood up.

“Yes.” You answered hoarsely. Eric leaned into your ear.

“You won’t be able to for long.”

display vs aggression fights

healthy fights among cockerels for display:

  • features lots of jumping
  • prop toes (back toes) being used in a strike, rather than spurs
  • few strikes land on sensitive areas of the bird (neck, breast, face)
  • extravagant displays of raised hackles, flared capes, and drooped wings
  • relatively quiet, short squabbles. the birds can later be seen eating together or otherwise comfortable in each other’s presence

unhealthy fights among cockerels done out of aggression:

  • no mutual fighting. there is one main aggressor
  • aggressor chases the other rooster. he may grab a beakful of feathers and refuse to let go.
  • chased bird will scream, cry, and hide when he is freed. he may fast or otherwise avoid activities he previously regularly engaged in. he may show unusual submission or aggression when being picked up.
  • spurs, rather than prop toes, are used in strikes. bruises or bleeding may occur.

anonymous asked:

Paladins' reactions to their s/o having dimples? (especially if they see them for the first time)

;;ty for sending!!!! Dimples are so cute imo :#) 

Lance -

“–and then, right before we left, I told the Arusians that Keith’s a rare species of human that dies instantly if anyone so much as touches his mullet and the look on their faces was priceless!”

Lance barely manages sitting up straight as his chest heaves with laughter at his own story, the sound of [Y/N] laughing along with him sending a faint blush up the nape of his neck. He gazes up at them, just in time to see the wide grin displayed on their face, but something else makes his heart stutter in his chest.

He stops laughing for a second, leaning closer to draw their hands from their face, “Wait a tick, are those dimples?”

Lance watches as their expression changes, a furious crimson shade invading their cheeks as they turn away, “No, I don’t–”

I never knew you had dimples, [Y/N]!” He cups [Y/N]’s cheeks in his hands, trying to steer their face towards him, eyes glistening when he finally gets them to face him once more, “Why hide them? They’re adorable!”

Shiro -

“Good work out there!”

Shiro holds a hand up for a high-five as [Y/N] approaches him, smiling softly as they stop to pry their helmet from their head.

“Thanks, Shiro.” They grin back at him as they give him a satisfying high-five, holding their helmet underneath their opposite arm, “You did pretty good, too!”

Shiro flushes–but not because of the compliment–but because of the sight of dimples peeking from their cheeks. His eyes visibly widen, his mouth hanging open with forgotten words.

“I can’t believe I haven’t noticed this till now.” He makes an attempt to hide his lovestruck smile in his hand, earning a rather puzzled look from [Y/N].

“Noticed what?”

Shiro reaches up, using an index finger to tap his own cheek, “Dimples. They’re really cute on you.” 

It’s [Y/N]’s turn to blush, and they pull a flustered grin that only defines their dimples even more. To Shiro, there’s no way it could get any more endearing.

Hunk -

“Hunk, you made it back!”

As soon as Hunk stepped out of the pod after Coran, [Y/N] brought him into a hug that almost sent him reeling. Warmth swells in his chest as he hugs them back, practically lifting them off of their feet.

“Yup, and in one piece!” Hunk breathes, setting them down and pulling away just enough to gaze at their soft features, “I missed you lots.”

At this, [Y/N] beams, love radiating off of them as their smile grows enough to reveal their pair of dimples. And Hunk doesn’t miss the brief display. 

“Woah, I’ve never seen your dimples before!” Hunk gapes, eyes wide as he reaches up to gently pinch at the soft skin of their cheeks, “Have they always been there?!”

“Yea?” [Y/N] flushes, failing to obscure their embarrassment along with the blush quickly reaching their ears, “You kinda get born with them.”

Hunk’s voice lowers to an excited whisper, “They’re adorable.”

He has no idea how he hasn’t seen them until now, but to him, they only made their smile all the more cuter and appealing to see. And he definitely wants them to know that.

Keith -

“I don’t get how getting completely drenched in–quintess…whatever– is funny.”

Keith takes the towel from [Y/N]’s hands before using it to start wiping the yellow liquid from the smooth material of his armor. [Y/N] continues laughing their ass off in front of him, only making Keith’s embarrassment worse as a blush creeps onto his face. 

“Seriously, I could’ve died.” But even he can’t keep a small smile from reaching his features as he looks at them, their behavior proving to be contagious. When [Y/N] finally contains themselves, they look up at Keith with a lopsided grin, face red and flushed from their bout of laughter moments before.

“Sorry, sorry, it’s just funny since you insisted on going out there to get it in the first place.” They wipe an invisible tear from their eye, obviously continuing to find the whole situation hilarious.

And it’s hard for Keith not to notice the dimples adorning their cheeks, and he stops cleaning off his helmet to gaze at them, his heart fluttering in his chest. He’s seen [Y/N] laugh and smile before, but he never quite caught that. His blush deepens. 

“Honestly, that’s the only good thing that came out of you laughing at me.”

“….. What?”


Pidge -

“[Y/N], say cheese!”

Pidge steps back, drawing the camera up to their face as [Y/N] stares back at them, puzzled. 

“C’mon, not now, Pidge!” [Y/N] whines, ducking their face from sight.

“Why not?” Pidge pouts, lowering the camera, “It’s for memories. Who knows, I might even make a photo album one day–and I’d want you to be on the first page.” 

[Y/N] sighs at this, giving in and turning towards them. Pidge grins, lifting the camera once more and letting it gradually focus on their face. When the blurriness finally retreats, there’s [Y/N] giving the camera the most brightest smile Pidge has ever seen on them to date. They’re just about to press their finger down on the button to take the picture when–

“[Y/N], you have dimples?!” Pidge gasps, instantly regretting saying so out loud as the smile leaves [Y/N]’s face simultaneously, replaced with an embarrassed frown as they move to cover their mouth.

“You didn’t know?!”

“Nope, but they’re really, really cute… you shouldn’t hide them.” And Pidge is satisfied with the picture they take right then of [Y/N]’s cheeks turning a bright shade of red.