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How Venus Signs Act Around the Person they Like <3

so… if you want to know if someone likes you, watch out for them dropping hints based on their Venus sign!

Venus in Aries is straightforward, boldly telling the person they like them. “I’m just going to say it, I LOVE YOU!”  Their sassy ways are exciting to some and annoying to others. With a daring sense of humor, they flirt with the fire in their soul…

Venus in Taurus pampers the person they like with gifts and upscale cuisine at a classy restaurant. They are all or nothing in relationships and want to own the person they are with. Their love is affectionate and tender.

Venus in Gemini is talkative and goofy around the person they like, they show off their intellect more, perhaps by dropping fun facts whatever they can.  They will act more curious about you than they do to other people.  If they ask you questions about your opinions and your interests, they probably admire you!

Venus in Cancer caters to the whims of who they like, becoming creamed over, caring for the person however they wish to be treated. They eagerly listen to their loved ones problems, their sympathetic nature can coddle others and they are hesitant to tell it like it is. They end up sugar coating what needs to be said for fear of sounding harsh.

Venus in Leo acts more bold and dramatic around the person they like. Of course everyone gets excited around who they like, but Venus in Leo is more outwardly excited. They make it obvious, as they’re bashful around that special person. They proudly display their creativity. Though they may try to make it seem like they’re not arrogant, they anticipate compliments and act all flattered even though they expected praise.

Venus in Virgo is more open to affection around the person they like, otherwise they are reserved. They act coy around the person they like because they are afraid to brag. Their femininity is modest earthiness. A Virgo Venus may take pride in doing favors or chores for a loved one, as they want to be perceived as useful and productive.

Venus in Libra turns on their charm to max capacity around their crush. They pay extra attention to what that person is offended by and what they’re excited by so that way they know how to get that person to like them back. They’re able to use their charisma for good or evil purposes.

Venus in Scorpio begins scheming, figuring out how to eliminate the competition of whoever else likes the person they like. When a Venus in Scorpio likes someone, it isn’t a casual fancy that comes and goes, they cling onto those feelings. They never forget the brutality of their heartbreaks.

Venus in Sagittarius takes more chances around the person they like, acting more adventurous, exploring new things and places to try to appeal to this person. They might even express more of an attitude around people they like. They want to be seen as an open minded, free thinker, so they flaunt what they know about the world, passionately speaking on how they seek higher than the ordinary world. They shine by partaking in a variety of religions, expressing the cultured goddess within them.

Venus in Capricorn tries to maintain their composure around the person they fancy, acting more dignified and sophisticated than they might normally be, to impress this person. Some who have Venus in Capricorn seek physical pleasure for the sheer sensation itself and aren’t always passionate about the person. Showing off their sophistication makes them think they are more appealing to whoever they like. They like to lavish someone special with quality food, but otherwise, they watch their dollars.

Venus in Aquarius plays up their strange sense of humor around the person they like, flaunting their intellect to get the person to like them.  They don’t want to admit how much they like/love someone.  I have even known some who will cut someone off, just like that, perhaps because its easier than having a drawn out, painful breakup.  They can be more self-preserving than caring for their significant other.  Yet they can also represent the love of humanity, where they see what makes everyone special, they may value their significant other as their counterpart but not in a way that they see them as above anyone else.

Venus in Pisces acts sweeter than they would otherwise be when they are near the person they like, playing up their mystique and flaunting their compassion. They make a point to show sympathy to any difficulties that the person they like speaks of, attempting to soothe them. Whether or not they realize it, their ego seeks a love that transcends reality.

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An Open Letter to Our Fans:

We appreciate you. We love you. You are wanted in our fandom. When you cackle out loud, cry, or squeal at a line, it means SO much to us.

There’s nothing we love more than seeing your art, your stories, and your creativity displayed for the whole world to see. It’s why we work these long hours, because of fans like you.

Our games are about the trials of love and of life; if we can fit into your trials, if our characters have brightened your day or helped you through tough times, then we’ve done our job. Share those moments with us and with your fellow fans!

Support one another and realize that we’re ALL here because we care.

And so from all of us at Voltage Inc., we just want to say:

We do notice you.

We appreciate you.

And we love that you contribute to our universe.

With all the love in the world,

Voltage Inc.

  • Aries: My spirit is not overbearing and intimidating, it is inspiring, magical, pioneering, and rapture
  • Taurus: Its ok to satisfy my need to touch and feel. But I can hold my own body, and relish in my own curves
  • Gemini: Every phonetic that I must speak is valid and the world is meant to hear my words
  • Cancer: Home is a place within that I can go, all the company I need is within
  • Leo: My theatrics are a grand display of God's creative genius, I am the human form in colourful showcase
  • Virgo: My ideals come from my spectacular imagination. It's ok if sometimes I can't live up to these
  • Libra: I listen to everyone else's opinion except when it comes to myself, next time they tell me I'm beautiful I will believe it!
  • Scorpio: I am way too profound and advanced for this shit
  • Sagittarius: My joy brings great delight to others. My smile is what sets me apart from the crowd
  • Capricorn: These high expectations are coming from me. I will not have to answer to anyone if things don't go to plan
  • Aquarius: I must be alone if I am to comprehend ideas that are beyond human
  • Pisces: I am not losing my soul because I am still worried there is one to lose at all
  • -Cherry
Elective Classes (Marauders)

James: Photography; just imagine him getting technical to the point where his geek shows with the shutter speed and aperture and ISO and all that crap. Imagine him getting frustrated because he had the perfect shot and hurried to take the picture and hit the camera with his glasses (resulting in an unhinged temple and scratched display).

Sirius: Creative Writing; what if he was put in the class as a mistake but gave it a go and fell in love with reading short stories. Imagine him staying up trying to compose something and getting frustrated because it ‘just doesn’t sound right.’ Imagine his pride at recieving an A in the class.

Remus: Guitar; again, imagine him being uncertain about the class at first but then becoming really determined to learn all the chords and plucking techniques. Imagine him playing the Beatles and Pink Floyd in his free time but never letting anyone else listen because he’d feel like it would be too personal.

Peter: Religion; imagine me forcing him into it because he needs Jesus.

Nocturnal Signs
Taurus absolving away from the world and into the consciousness of mother earth producing art. Pisces undertaking intense spiritual processes through their own body. Cancer dreams the disciple’s dream by themselves, Virgo serves others from the hiding place of the shadow, all of Scorpio’s activity occurs in invisible places, Capricorn internalises the duties they have inherited and work hard on themselves to create their own reality and undertaking this privately 

Diurnal Signs 
Aries hollering toward the horizon with absolute certainty tomorrow exists. Gemini seeking out every external pursuit to satiate their curiosity. Leo knows their own brilliance and overtly displays their creative energy, Libra’s own personal condition makes living without people at all difficult, while sagittarius uses the physical world in their search for answers. Aquarius knows the knowledge will puncture their psyche soon and their very duty relates to dispersing this light 


Hey! So, I’ve been working on a project for a while, and I think I’ve gotten enough done to post the occasional teaser! Tada! The nascent works of a browser-based pet sim targeting creatively-inclined adults looking to recapture some of that nostalgia of a pre-Viacom Neopets era while incorporating the newer ideas of similar browser-based sims that have been successful, while avoiding or tweaking aspects that have not. My focus is having a strong foundation of history and plot that players interact with individually and as a community to engender storytelling and artwork. I will be building the site around accessibility, design customization (to better display a user’s creative works, be it writing, art, or other) and moderation of the community to balance mature themes and users in a way that protects people from harassment while also protecting creators from censorship.

1. This has been taking up the most of my effort. The core of gameplay will be acquiring genetic traits via a unique system tied to the lore of the site, as well as breeding traits to create unique characters while building up a bond between the player and their avatar. This is one species of many, demonstrating different teeth genetics, mane display and texture, coat color, and scale pattern. It took some time to figure out how I wanted to divide up traits to allow for efficient expansions of colors, patterns, and other mutations while avoiding issues of clipping, but I’m getting happy with my progress! Many traits will be able to pass between species, and colors specifically are based on custom color gradients on a patterned base to keep the colors consistent. Eyes, nose, pawpads, hair and scales will all have variants of color as well; this is just a demonstration of variety for now. Much, MUCH more to come!

2. Another species, demonstrating the same scale and hair texture as the last frame of the first image, showing how a trait like hair texture will transfer between species.

3. The initial sketch of a major NPC, Vayawla. Autumn helped me workshop his design quite a bit, so she can take a lot of credit for that. I plan on having a rich cast of NPCs that players will interact with and grow close with in-game, with some features dependent on reputation with the NPCs.

4. A quick sketch of one of the upcoming species, based on Xolotl, a figure from Aztec mythology associated with dogs, axolotls, maize, fire, death, and lightning. I want to focus on creating creatures less drawn upon by popular media while still being ripe with possibility and a fun model for artists, so less dragons and griffons and more shishi, jackalopes, and serpopards!

It will be a long time before I’ve finished enough assets to start seriously looking at domain names and site creation, but I do have plans for developing this as a business as things develop.

Let me know if you wanna see more of my process!


Artists’ Book Display for the week of September 4th, 2018.

Jack! by Tara Bryan- St. John’s Nfld : Walking Bird Press, 2002

Marking projects by Diane Samuels: Pittsburgh, PA : Dial Publishng Company, 1993

House of cabbage Cheryl Solomon- New York : 1992

My Adventure in New York City with a Dinosaur Friend by Leonard Bonanni- 1996

Everyday is your birthday in the fifth house. It is a cosmic Disneyland that opens just for you.

Sun in the 5th house/Leo in the 5th house
The world is a stage and the performer is gracious, radiant, and absolutely transcendent. A Queen dancing on the rays of the Sun, the whole world is watching on

Moon in the 5th house/Cancer in the 5th house
A child walks under a white Moon spotlight, exquisite and enchanting, glowing with the sovereign of an heiress

Mercury in the 5th house/Gemini or Virgo in the 5th house
The word alchemist, wings made of sun, a painter of children’s fairytales with language, a pen that pops with confetti holding books full of colour and delight

Venus in the 5th house/Libra or Taurus in the 5th house
The lover dances on a stage, blowing kisses and swaying with the sun, releasing the bubbles of pleasure, music, and indulgence and seduction

Mars in the 5th house/Aries in the 5th house
A child emerges from a box of crayons ready to draw a world into this one, a woman flickers lights from her fingers, under a blaze she bedazzles with a fire twirling display

Jupiter in the 5th house/Sagittarius in the 5th house
Laughter radiates from the crackle of morning light, today is everybody’s birthday, it’s eating a marshmellow icecream cake for breakfast

Saturn in the 5th house/Capricorn in the 5th house
A guardian appears, one who swoops in to hold and love and protect those vulnerable children, a guardian emerges to soothe his own inner child

Uranus in the 5th house/Aquarius in the 5th house
A bizarre artist walks from his home, an abandoned church in the woods, eccentric portraits and paintings hang upside down

Neptune in the 5th house/Pisces in the 5th house
A circus performer walks and floats and contorts, every movement a display of bodily art and entrancing sensuality, she creates ambient music with her thoughts

Pluto in the 5th house/Scorpio in the 5th house
Beneath a pastel sea, swirling with hypnotic music and art, a spellcaster swims with a wand, every exertion of self is a creative display of godly magnificence



Disclaimer: I’m sure this has been done somewhere already, so credit to whoever thought this up first! Also, while the collages are my own, all pictures are from Google Images, so credit to their owners. For each house, I found a list of their typical characteristics, and picked the three that most matched to each person.

ALEXANDER HAMILTON: Gryffindor; courage, determination, daring

Alexander was the definition of brave; he literally fought for everything he had. His courageous and daring personality catapulted him into a world he never dreamed of as a bastard child in the Caribbean. His determination paved the way for him to become one of the Founding Fathers of the US.

JOHN LAURENS: Gryffindor; courage, determination, chivalry

John was courageous in everything he did. His tragically short life’s mission was to lead an all black battalion. He fought for this in a time where it was unusual to say the least. A Southern gentleman, he was courteous and chivalrous to all he encountered. He died fighting for the country he loved, determined to gain equality and freedom for all people. 

HERCULES MULLIGAN: Ravenclaw; intelligence, creativity, originality

Hercules was a highly creative person, working with his hands and mind to create clothing for his clients. During the revolution, he successfully pretended to be on the side of the British officers he worked for while he gained valuable information to relay back to Washington. Keeping up this charade required a careful intelligence few possess. He was not afraid to rebel against the British, further proving his ability to go his own way.

MARQUIS DE LAFAYETTE: Hufflepuff; loyalty, hard working, tolerance

Lafayette was one of America’s most loyal allies. While France was his home, he had a special place in his heart for the US. He stayed loyal to General Washington his whole life, naming his first and only son after the future president. He worked tirelessly to help turn the tides of the Revolutionary War against the British, and then went back home to France to help lead the French Revolution. He fought for freedom for all, regardless of their personal trappings.

AARON BURR: Slytherin; traditionalism, preservation, ambition

Aaron took a traditional approach to his entire career, never taking a big risk or risking offending anyone. He fought to stay relevant in a rapidly growing and changing new form of government. He aspired for great things, but ironically, was held back by doing everything by the book. He was willing to adapt his personality to whatever the situation called for (see: talk less, smile more). He willingly switched political parties when he saw an opening in the Senate.

GEORGE WASHINGTON: Gryffindor; bravery, heroism, strength

George was perhaps one of the bravest men in the history of the US. In addition to leading countless battles, he ventured into new territory when he became the first president of the country. He was seen as a hero to Americans everywhere in his time, and now as well. His strength was most well exhibited in his ability to avoid being attached to one political party, and in staying neutral in conflicts between the British and the French. These decisions were not easy, but he was the right man at the right time.

THOMAS JEFFERSON: Ravenclaw; intelligence, creativity, individuality

Thomas embodied the word intelligence. A master of language, he wrote an estimated 19,000 letters in his life. He collected books, and his personal library had hundreds of works on all sorts of subjects. He had a wide variety of interests, ranging from law to science to the natural environment. He designed dozens of inventions, and was skilled in the field of architecture, displaying his creativity. He was a strong individual, with his own ideas and views that faltered for no one. 

ELIZA SCHUYLER: Hufflepuff; loyalty, patience, dedication

Eliza was one of the most loyal people you could ever find. Her husband was always away; at the beginning of their marriage, fighting in the war, and then working as a lawyer, and eventually in politics. Through these separations, she stuck by his side, raising their children. This not only exhibits an amazing amount of loyalty, but it proves her patience as well. She lived a long life, and dedicated it to preserving the legacy of her loved ones. She established an orphanage in honor of Alexander, fought for the end of slavery as Laurens would have, and worked to help establish the Washington monument.

ANGELICA SCHUYLER: Ravenclaw; wit, intuition, curiosity

Angelica was a witty woman in a time where many women didn’t even have access to basic education. She had a hunger for knowledge, and found very few people to be her intellectual match. Her curiosity was greatly heightened when the Revolutionary War began to surround her. She was very conscious of her place in the world, and despised the fact that her opportunities were limited by her gender. She fell for Alexander, but knew that he would not be a socially acceptable partner for her, and introduced him to her younger sister instead. Her intuition is best observed in these actions.

PEGGY SCHUYLER: Hufflepuff; kindness, enthusiasm, practical

Peggy is the most practical of the Schuyler Sisters in some senses. For example, she is the only one to fear the impending war, which would most definitely instill fear in the average person. She is portrayed as being enthusiastic, seen in her reactions when her sister Eliza becomes engaged to Alexander. Despite any fears she had for her sister about her future brother-in-law’s lower station, she is nothing but kind to him.

PHILIP HAMILTON: Gryffindor; bravery, willful, pride

Philip was extremely brave; he died protecting his father’s honor. He expressed fear before the duel, but carried on despite these feelings, displaying a sort of bravery rarely seen. One could argue his pride was the death of him. George Eacker’s insults ended his young life, when the whole issue could have been ended fairly easily. He was a willful man as well; his stubbornness against ending the feud when his father warned him further contributed to his untimely death.

JAMES MADISON: Hufflepuff; loyalty, hard working, practical

James preferred a practical sort of politics for the time, being a Southern Democratic-Republican. He, along with many others, felt that the country would not last with a radically different financial system. He was very close with Jefferson, forming a friendship that lasted 50 years. This sense of loyalty bonded them in matters both political and personal. He exhibited a strong work ethic throughout his career, contributing largely to the Federalist Papers, proposing the Virginia Plan, and even writing the Bill of Rights. 

Dominant-Tertiary Loops and Common Personality Disorders

ENTP/ESFJ: Ne/Fe or Fe/Ne Loop–Narcissistic Personality Disorder. This type often behaves impulsively and manipulatively, needing constant approval and admiration from others, running around investing in new thing after new thing but never developing the self-confidence of a strong subjective perspective. Fe used negatively may use its awareness of the cultural standards of others to intentionally offend or upset them, in order to service Ne’s curiosity about the patterns in their responses. If Ti/Si were working properly, it would give the user a balancing sense of personal, subjective importance and free him of his dependence upon the adulation and unconditional acceptance of others. (Horrible example: Patrick Bateman from American Psycho.)

INTP/ISFJ: Ti/Si or Si/Ti Loop–Schizotypal Personality Disorder. I see this most commonly in INTP dom/tert loops (Ti+Si), resulting in totally giving up on attempting to obtain the social/interpersonal connections that inferior Fe drives them to unconsciously desire. Schizotypal people are seen (and typically see themselves) as having such unusual thoughts and behaviors that widespread social acceptance is nearly impossible. Ti thinks, “I cannot find any logical explanation for social rituals” and Si reinforces this self-isolating, risk-averse behavior by constantly reminding the user: “Remember how badly this went last time you tried?” If Ne were doing its job, it would remind the user to continue experimenting to find a new approach. In the ISFJ version, Si becomes ultra risk-averse and refuses to try anything new or unfamiliar. If Fe were doing its job, the ISFJ would learn that some risk is necessary in order to uphold obligations to others and avoid living in total solitude. Deep down, these types really do want social connection and ritual (Fe), but have found themselves so poor at it that they simply give up trying.

ESTP/ENFJ: Se/Fe or Fe/Se Loop–Histrionic Personality Disorder. This tends to manifest itself in terms of exaggerated, aggressive sexual behavior and physical impulsiveness. Since reflecting the outer world is the only thing that matters, whatever will shock, impress, or otherwise affect others enough to include the user in their social rituals is what has to be done. Real empathy is rare as this type requires constant thrills or conflict–in the ENFJ version, this often results in excessive sensitivity to perceived “rudeness” or failure to respect the user’s preferred cultural custom (Fe), combined with tertiary Se responding aggressively through implied threats of brute force. (e.g., Vito Corleone: “I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse”–gives a surface appearance of respecting the cultural standards of negotiation, but implies that refusal to accept this “offer” would be quite unpleasant for the recipient!) If Ti/Ni were doing its job, the user would find a sense of balance and comfortability with himself, granting him the ability to discover what is subjectively important to him, rather than constantly shifting with the tide of cultural and social trends.

ISTP/INFJ: Ti/Ni or Ni/Ti Loop–Schizoid Personality Disorder. These types are socially incompetent for lack of trying, because they see little to no value in significant interaction with others. They live in their own abstract worlds, constantly second-guessing themselves as Ti poses a framework for a problem and Ni shoots it down as too definitionally precise. Without any real external input, these two functions will dream up all sorts of elaborate systems and implications for them, only to repeat their own self-defeating behavior, never bothering to emphasize putting any of its intense ideas into practice. Frequent disregard for rules, laws and other forms of behavioral standards is common, as no function provides any significant sense of external influence. If Se/Fe were doing its job, the user would recognize the value of connecting with others and of paying attention to their needs, preferences, habits and appearances.

ESFP/ENTJ: Se/Te or Te/Se Loop–Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder (not the same thing as OCD)! I’ve seen people mistake ESFPs in Se+Te dom-tert loops for ESTPs because they can be so insistent upon controlling their surroundings. These types epitomize enneagram type 8, as they are aggressive, blunt, confrontational and not the least bit afraid of hurting anyone’s feelings. Inside they require the approval of others to a much higher degree than they let on, as Te insists on controlling and organizing external surroundings to ridiculous proportions, while Se pushes any naysayers out of the way with aggressive force and a take-no-prisoners attitude. Territorial and looking for any reason to display their power, these types are some of the most difficult to deal with of all dom-tert loops. If Fi/Ni were doing its job, these types would stop to consider that their actions have negative implications for others, and that aggressively taking charge is not always the best solution in every situation.

ISFP/INTJ: Fi/Ni or Ni/Fi Loop–Paranoid Personality Disorder. These types are your typical conspiracy theorists; they cling deeply to their personal values and can find a conspiracy to assault or attack those values everywhere they look. Chronically distrustful of others’ intentions for no legitimate reason, these types are certain they are the only ones who really know “the truth.” The inferior function, Te or Se, can sometimes lead to an unconscious desire to attract the attention of or lead/organize others in efforts to expose the nefarious conspiracies they invariably see everywhere. If Te/Se were doing its job, these types would be able to look around them and observe empirical evidence that most of their theories are probably not reflected in reality, but as they rely almost entirely on internal validation, Ni will go to any lengths to justify Fi’s emotion-based suspicions. (I mentioned Dale Gribble from King of the Hill in a previous article–he’s a perfect example.) There’s also this guy Victor on typologycentral who’s such a perfect example of this it’s absolutely ridiculous. ;)

ENFP/ESTJ: Ne/Te or Te/Ne Loop–Borderline Personality Disorder. The ENFP I described above may have been one of these types. They simultaneously desire to control and dazzle others with their extraordinary leadership and grandiose performances. For the ENFP, this tends to take the form of insisting on consistent, scheduled attention from others for his/her artistic or creative gifts, while for the ESTJ it tends to manifest itself in terms of indignation when others refuse to follow every detail of the user’s “visionary” leadership style. This combination, ironically, makes the user extremely dependent upon others for meaning, never really finding a sense of internal balance, no matter how hard he works to create and delegate. While Te leads these types to desire structure and discipline, Ne continually contradicts it by insisting on impulsive displays of creative freedom. Often self-denigrating over the inability to control Ne’s impulsive explorations, Te will go to any lengths to keep the user in a position of power and influence, where others must defer to his authority. If Fi/Si were doing its job, these types would recognize that what they’re looking for cannot be found outside themselves–they must learn to sometimes live for themselves and only themselves, and forget about external results for a moment.

INFP/ISTJ: Fi/Si or Si/Fi Loop–Avoidant Personality Disorder. Often scarred by some intensely negative past experience with opening up too many of their private emotions, this type compulsively avoids social situations and interaction with others. They are fiercely sensitive and may exaggerate or misconstrue perceived negative emotional intent in the words or actions of others. They will sometimes project their negative feelings onto others (Fi), as Si tells them that if I were to behave this way, I would have to be very upset, so anyone who behaves that way must also be. These types often have a chronic problem with trusting the intentions or motivations of others, refusing to share private information with even their closest friends and family. They are so deeply sensitive that they refuse to risk being hurt by attempting deep connections with others–you’ll see this a lot in ISTJs with Asperger’s. If Ne/Te were doing its job, these types would maintain a heathy grip on the importance of letting go of the past and trying something new in the name of accomplishing a greater goal, but some of these remain total recluses for most (if not all) of their lives.

Seventeen’s 2nd Anniversary Awards
  • The Friendship Award: Kim Mingyu (the member who contributed to the cooperation of Seventeen with his excellent arbitration skills) 
  • The Pro Gamer Award: Lee Jihoon (despite his busy schedule, this member never fails to play smartphone mobile games and online computer games) 
  • The Nobel Prize: Kwon Soonyoung (the member who has displayed creative ideas and has shown his wits) 
  • The Trust Award: Choi Seungcheol (the member who showed his trustworthiness) 
  • The Random Award: Wen Junhui (this member, despite his good looks, with his random actions and words got a big laugh from everyone) 
  • The God of Liberty Award: Chwe Hansol (this member is unique with his free spirit and god-like looks; he’s done good for this world) 
  • The Smile Award: Lee Seokmin (this member always smiles brightly and gives happy energy to those who see it) 
  • The Boy Who Cries Sheep Award: Yoon Jeonghan (the member who made the other members stronger with his pranks) 
  • The Unexpected Award: Hong Jisoo (the member who has unexpected attractiveness, contrary to his gentle image)
  • The Fashion Leader Award: Xu Minghao (with legs that are more superior to those of a model and his unique fashion sense, this member has become a joy to the eyes of fans) 
  • The Adult Award: Lee Chan (from the cutest and youngest of Seventeen, this member has grown up to be a fine man) 
  • The Beyond Imagination Award: Jeon Wonwoo (the member who makes four-dimensional jokes that are unimaginable) 
  • The Golden Microphone Award: Boo Seungkwan (to appreciate when this member showed some funny sides of himself; because of this member, whenever Seventeen appears on entertainment shows, things progress very smoothly)