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hello, sorry if you answered it already (i looked it up but couldn't find exactly what i'm looking for) do you know which brand of toner hoseok uses? it seems he has the same type of skin than i so it'd be useful to me. thank you in advance, i love your blog so much :-)

Anonymous said do you happen to know the toner hoseok uses?he showed it for a second in the latest vlive he did with yoongi

no i don’t sorry :( i honestly think he just dispensed his toner on travel size spray bottle…

coldcupcakeface said Recently discovered your blog and it is such a big help, thank you 🙌❤️

mareebothersme said PATIENTLY waiting for the base makeup masterpost. I’ve got post notifications on!

thank you so much it’s my pleasure 💖

Anonymous said should i wash my face after i apply cleanser? and what are some good cleansers?

sorry i don’t really get the question? because you’re supposed to rinse your face after applying the cleanser, however there are indeed some type of cleansers that dont require rinsing e.g. micellar / cleansing water.

and how can i recommend products if i don’t know your skin type……… but in general you should look for gentle, non-stripping cleanser that has low pH (close to our skin’s natural pH which is around 5.0). Cosrx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser is an affordable option.

Anonymous said Hi, i live in a very humid place and I have oily to combination skin, and it’s also sensitive :P. Can you give me any recommendation? Please 🙏. Sorry for my English and you have a lovely blog btw.

hi! i’ve answered similar question here and talked about my routine here. if you have sensitive skin, i would suggest you to read the ingredients carefully, avoid products with alcohol and fragrance/linalool & use very gentle cleanser that produces little-to-no foam (referring to the ask above ^). You can utilize websites like Cosdna or Glowpick (korean only) to check for possible irritants in the ingredients list of a product. 

Some brands that i like and are supposedly safe for people who have sensitive skin: Avene, Muji, and Sukin. 

Anonymous said Is there anything about what BTS use for the treatment of pimples and acne or what soap do they use? Thank you

not that i know of… i think they just go to dermatologist instead of using over-the-counter products for treating their acne / pimples (but i could be wrong though)

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hiiii i really love your 1920s au, it’s very original!! the art is amazing, the plot great, and sure it’ll get even better! however I gotta say some scenarios are kinda cliché and overseen in fics in general? like it’s not meant to sound bad, but for example overly masculine mafia leader!jungkook who does some crazy stuff because of influences has been done so many times. if you still wanna go for it, there’s nothing wrong with it!! but I feel like people only talk abt it bc it gets them off

aw man thank you !! but don’t worry my friend, despite being a lover of clichés myself, my favorite thing to do is to break them~ ( my aus and stories usually follow on the basis of breaking stereotypes as i’m never one to follow convention ah)
most of the time i dispense clichés and stereotype as a red herring- to sort of give a sense of what a character is going to be like, give you a grasp behind their thinking, only to pull a total 180 in the events to follow

while i love love LOVE indulging in the scenarios and ideas the others send me, i’ve finalized this story outline for a while good 2 months now (18 pages and counting…) and that’s what i intend to stick to in terms of plot <3  the scenarios you guys send provide good material for a “what if?”/side-scenario i could explore in the future! (and i actually haven’t thought of mafia jungkook until you guys showed me i never knew it was an actual trope  😱 😱 )

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'Do you know sign?' Scout asked a little hopefully. He's never met another BLU scout before! This was so exciting! (ask-mute-scout)

It took him a second to figure out what was happening.  “Uhh, what are you doing with… oh,” he said.  He can’t talk!?

Yeesh, this poor guy!  To think, he’d never be able to warn teammates of Spies!  To call Snipers bad shots while double-jumping!  To annoy an Engineer by demanding dispensers for no reason!

“I, umm… I don’t understand…” he said apologetically.  Perhaps he could learn?

Shiro wanted something big and Keith did not disappoint. Keith gave him the biggest sunflower he could find and Shiro died laughing. How can he possibly love this guy even more? So pure, too good for this world. ಥ_ಥ Redbubble  

Thanks to modern technology we have developed the perfect utensil to alleviate syrup drenched pancakes! Now you can administer the proper amount of syrup for each bite using the POURk! With a push of a button syrup is dispensed directly from the tines, giving you full control of your syrup to pancake ratio!!

the bathroom scene - us style
  • Isaac: *comes out of the stall to wash his hands*
  • Evan: *washes his hands, and then proceeds to dunk his head under the water and wash his hair*
  • Evan: *starts using the eco-friendly, litter free hand dryer to blow dry his hair*
  • Isaac:
  • Evan:
  • Evan: oh sorry, did you also need to use the dryer?

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boyf riends with 'is it bad i really want to kiss you right now?' ;0

“How do you like a machete to the FACE, ZOMBIE?!” Michael yelled, his body twisting wildly back and forth on his bean bag as if he himself were being attacked rather than just smashing the buttons on his controller.

Jeremy laughed under his breath, glancing at Michael out of the corner of his eye.  His stare lingered a little too long and, before he knew it, he couldn’t take his eyes away.

Jeremy watched Michael fondly, smiling when Michael scrunched his nose in concentration.  Michael cheered, throwing his hands up in the air, continuing to abuse his controller, that large, dopey grin of his overtaking his lips.  

Jeremy practically melted.  His hands fell to his lap, his controller completely forgotten.  His cheeks turned pink as he carefully watched Michael’s features as they turned from excited, anger, anxiety, and back to excitement.  And the way Michael would stick his tongue out when he was really concentrated…; it drove Jeremy up the wall.  

“Jeremy, what’re you doing?!” Michael cried, not daring to tear his eyes from the screen as he fought to protect both his and Jeremy’s characters lives.  

Jeremy knew he should return to the game, he knew he was going to get caught staring, but he just couldn’t look away.  

He loved Michael; everything about him.  Loved, loved, loved.

His soft, warm skin, his fluffy hair that was messy and disheveled in the most perfect way, his beautiful bright eyes, his lips, oh God, his lips.  Michael’s lips were so soft and inviting and all he wanted to do was kiss him till he couldn’t kiss no more.

“JEREMY!” Michael exclaimed, throwing his hands in the air when the screen turned to the ‘game over’ screen, playing the defeat tune.  “What happened, we were doing so good!”  Michael turned to Jeremy, losing his train of thought when he saw the dazed look in Jeremy’s eyes.  

“Is it bad I really wanna kiss you right now?” Jeremy murmured, feeling his blush grow.

“I, erm, yes,” Michael stated firmly.  “Considering we have been stuck on this level for two weeks and you just lost us a level up, then yes, it is bad.”

Jeremy smiled nervously, pulling at the front of his shirt.  Oops…

But,” Michael continued, “maybe that kiss will help me forgive you?”  

“You are so embarrassing,” Jeremy murmured, scooching from his bean bag to Michael’s.

I’m embarrassing?” Michael scoffed as Jeremy placed a kiss on his cheek.  “I’m not the one who went ass Romeo and Juliet star crossed lovers here.  And that,” Michael said, pointing to his cheek, “was a lame ass apology kiss.”

“B-be quiet,” Jeremy replied, taking the front of Michael’s sweatshirt in his hands and pulling him into a proper kiss.

hey a reminder since the uk’s undergoing a heatwave rn

average temperature in the uk today is about 27 celsius. that’s ~80 farenheit, i think? which to people who live in, for example, the us or australia doesn’t sound all that hot. BUT:

the uk is generally not a hot country, which means we have no infrastructure to deal with heat. our houses are built to keep heat IN, not out. only rich people have air con in their homes. people don’t usually have ice makers/cold water dispensers in their fridges. our roads sometimes…melt.

also: our heatwaves are very humid. 27 celcius feels closer to about 33, 34. humidity makes it harder to sweat, so people get really hot really easily.

what this means is that heatwaves are dangerous in britain. people die. every year we have a heatwave about 500 people die, most often the old, ill, or very young, from heat-related causes. 

what i’m trying to say is: when british people complain about the heat this week, maybe don’t take the piss? we’re miserable enough as a country already, it doesn’t need adding to.