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I had a dream where I literally just sat and played Crysis 2 (I was the protag) and at the end of one of the missions, instead of fighting aliens, I fought angry Mercies who were mad bc I hadn't protected them or stayed on the payload. ...Which is what I do in Overwatch; I'm That Angry Mercy.

Mercy: Heroes never die…but you aren’t a hero so eat tic-tacs!

I mean, I’m a Zen player and nothing makes me want to discord my own teammates like them not protecting me….

Requested: spencer Reid x Reader

Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader

Prompt: I’d like a oneshot in which the agents have to protect a young rebel and when the reader goes to call Spencer for dinner and it makes them sad. But Spencer dispences the girl girl and goes after you :’)

Requested: Yes, by @lovers-on-call-13

(A/N): I don’t really know if you want them to be still together in the end, so i’m just going to wing it and make Reader a bad-ass girl. I hope you like it, though;)

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With a sight that left your lips, you turned around. Spencer still wasn’t here. You understood that he had a lot of work to do, for sure with this person they needed to protect. He had talked about her. She had pink hair, dressed in short skirts and tank tops, yet she had a pretty face, almost angelic. He also stated she was rather smart. She understood almost everything he said. But Spencer also said she was a rebel. That made you feel slightly better, knowing he wouldn’t fall for a rebel. However, he had spent a lot of time with her. Yesterday, he didn’t even come home. That wasn’t unusual, but knowing he was with her, Angelina, made it hard to swallow. You decided to go look for him. You had no problem with leaving your house, jumping your car and driving to the bureau.You knew you did it more for you, to reassure you Spencer didn’t do things with Angelina. You parked the car, hopped out and walked to the doors, smiling when you saw Morgan. “Hello Derek.” You said with a smile.”Do you know where Spencer is?” Morgan grinned and nodded. “He took Angie for a smoke.She asked for him.” You clenched your jaw, you didn’t notice how your hands were fists, an angry expression on your face. “No need to be jealous. He’s a good boy. He won’t do anything to hurt you.” You let your jaw relax, nodding. “I guess you are right. But I do want to check it out.” Derek smiled and nodded his head, for you to follow him. He walked in front of you, humming slightly. He wanted to open the door, but as soon as he opened it, he closed it. “What’s wrong?” You asked,frowning. “Maybe we should drink some coffee first?” Derek said, looking pale. “No, let me through.” You tried to push him away. You didn’t expect it to work, but he moved. You opened the door. “I was wrong. Sorry Y/n/n.” You heard him say.You didn’t understand until you saw Spencer. And Angelina. Kissing. They stood only a few feet away, his hands moving over her body, passion and lust in his movements. You couldn’t stop a loud gasp. Spencer and Angelina broke apart, she was smiling. “Is this the slut you were talking about?” She sneered. You felt so angry, enraged you walked over to her, and slapped her on the face. “The only slut here is you, bitch.”You said as your fist hit her nose, you didn’t see her fall, grabbing her nose. You stormed of, not giving Spencer any attention. You thought he would help Angelina, but he didn’t. “Y/n, I’m so sorry, she-” He started, grabbing your wrist. You laughed, an empty laugh. “Well, let me guess? She kissed you? You wanted to push her away?Well you didn’t. Nothing to explain. Now let me go.”You said, pulling your arm back. You stormed back to the door, the door where Derek would be waiting. “I love you.” He blurted. You didn’t stop, you didn’t let a tear slip over your cheek. You shook your head and let out another hollow laugh. “Should’ve figured that out before you kissed Angie.” You called, not looking back. 


Its Time For The Fridge Tour Mother Fucker’s
Disclaimer: I Have Two Fridge’s. I Made Them Battle To Decide Which Fridge I Would Give An Tour Of. This Is The Basement Fridge. This Salty Oaf Mad He Dont Have An Ice Dispencer Like The Kitchen Fridge But Guess What He Full Of Surprises, And He Is Bout To Rock Your World.

Hear It Is.

Hear We Fucking Go.

Oh Geez, Get A Load Of This Fucking Action.

The Only Thing In This Fridge Is Drinks and Butter.
Welcome To The Hydration Chamber Mother Fucker.

Theres The Apple Cider. But Dont Be Fooled

Theres Something Vary Special About This Box Of Apple Cider’s.

MOTHER FUCKER, IT’S WHERE I HIDE MY CHICKEN COLD CUTS. You Will Be Telling, Everyone About This Fucking LIFE HACK. Hide Your Fucking Cold Cuts. No One Will Be The Wiser.

Well Thats It For This Fridge Tour Be Sure To Like COmment Subscribe