Its Time For The Fridge Tour Mother Fucker’s
Disclaimer: I Have Two Fridge’s. I Made Them Battle To Decide Which Fridge I Would Give An Tour Of. This Is The Basement Fridge. This Salty Oaf Mad He Dont Have An Ice Dispencer Like The Kitchen Fridge But Guess What He Full Of Surprises, And He Is Bout To Rock Your World.

Hear It Is.

Hear We Fucking Go.

Oh Geez, Get A Load Of This Fucking Action.

The Only Thing In This Fridge Is Drinks and Butter.
Welcome To The Hydration Chamber Mother Fucker.

Theres The Apple Cider. But Dont Be Fooled

Theres Something Vary Special About This Box Of Apple Cider’s.

MOTHER FUCKER, IT’S WHERE I HIDE MY CHICKEN COLD CUTS. You Will Be Telling, Everyone About This Fucking LIFE HACK. Hide Your Fucking Cold Cuts. No One Will Be The Wiser.

Well Thats It For This Fridge Tour Be Sure To Like COmment Subscribe