An emotional issue caused our diet, our diet caused binge eating, binge eating caused a habit, the habit of binge eating caused weight gain and weight gain caused our sadness.

And now for something slightly different, brought to you by studio, via broadcast, via capture card, via youtube upload, via chromecast bug, via my Camera is the great Charlie Brooker.

Probably one of my biggest idols, he’s responsible for Black Mirror (Along with a host of other brilliant shows and writings). If you see this post and some how haven’t heard of this man, I encourage you to check out everything he’s ever done.

Perspective: You see in dread, while I see beauty. Your view is in disorted, By the poisoned Ruby. Background: The Ruby is known/symbolized to be the most powerful gem. In this short poem, I used Ruby as a representation of power. The ‘poisoned Ruby’ represents the present day society and government. Our society slowly programs us since birth to make us brainwashed. We are not who we really are, spread the word. Separate yourself from the society. Although we can never escape, we may separate from their idealism and fake, twisted teachings. #Bohemian #Hippie #happyhippie #poetry #vibes #goodvibes #vibespositivas #chillax #radtastic #indigovibes #indigochildren #indigochild #flowerchild #Positivity #positivevibes by a.sthtics https://instagram.com/p/29hbH3EzMs/

Want a tarot card reading? My friends have received profound life insight from a quick reading.

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"Okay okay okay, but think about this. How did the person who made the first clock know what time it was?"

‘’The first clock? You’ll see, in ancient times people used the sun to tell time, later on they would build or place a large figure prefferably in the middle of a circle so they could tell the time that it was depending on where the shadow of the figure was, to make it work the person to built the first functional clock just needed to check the time using either an antique method or by their own way, set the clock to begin working at the right time and there it would be, a functioning clock moving at the exact hour of day unless it was disorted by any means or manipulation.’’

My New 3DS XL is awesome, the 3D works really well so far (still a few disortions a few seconds after you moved your head) and looks really crisp and not blurry, the old DS games aren’t a pixel mess and the C-Stick is quite nice in MM 3D too. The power button and card slot, as well as the volume thing are something I need to get used to. The power button & card slot are worse than before, in my opinion. It’s quite hard for me to remove the games and I need to bend my hand awkwardly. For the power button : it’s really small and I need my finger nails for it.
Else… data transfer. Haven’t done it yet and had to order a screwdriver and micro SD card for it. That’s a bother.
But I’m satisfied ovob first XL for me, too.

When your goin to the fridge in the we hours in the mornin an someone hears u up an about

*Unwanted stretching groan sound effects* Person: Why… Are you awake this early?..
Me: - grabs a bowl of cereal- the sky’s awake.
Person:*disorted tired angry face* its two am the sun isnt out no birds anything its dead outside!
Me: fuck you.

I am finished with my paper mache shoe. I did my best to copy Picasso’s painting techniques and style of synthetic cubism. I outlined most of the paintings with white. Disorted the facial features as well. Used variety of colors and mixtures of colors.

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Please please tag your nsfw or smut. It gives me huge panic attacks ( I have severe anxiety disorters ) I love your blog though!

Thank you and sorry, it’s not really my art, I just reblog it the way it is

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"Ales please calm down! Nothing is following you! Only you, me and Spike are in the castle!" She says, pulling him up slightly and hugging him. "Just be calm! You're okay! There's nothing here."

“YES THERE IS I JUST SAW IT AND IT CHASED ME AND CAUSED MY VISION TO GET DISORTED!! (He hugged Twilight tightly as he continued to cry, feeling scared for his life since of what had just happened.) HELP MEEEEEE!!”