These Twisted Vintage Portraits Were Made Before Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop dropped in 1988, initiating the era of doubt and disbelief in photography. That same year, French artist Frédéric Fontenoy was capturing a set of images unbelievable in their own right, using a panoramic camera, ingenuity, and a willingness to run around the wilderness naked. Warped, twisted, yet clearly human characters dominate the series, entitled Metamorphose, framed by barren natural surroundings. Describing the shoot, Fontenoy tells The Creators Project, “Most of the photos are self-portraits. It was like dancing, two to three secondes in front of the camera, trying to create a ‘pre-human form,’ in landscape without any trace of humanity.”

Fontenoy cites a macabre German sculptor and surrealist photographer from the 1930s, Hans Bellmer, as the main influence on his concept of 'pre-human form.’ In turn, contemporary artists like Constant Dullart, Sam Cannon, and Lee Griggs continue both Bellmer and Fontenoy’s line of visual inquiry—how much can we distort the human form while still considering it human?

Metamorphose was one of Fontenoy’s first photographic experiments, but today he continues to make surreal photographs, both fine art and by commission. There’s something primal and utterly curious about that early work that makes it worth considering in this age of effortless digital manipulation.

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Be like stars

Look at the stars.
Aren’t they beautiful?
But they won’t stop wars. They won’t take your pain away. They can’t cause you sorrow. They can’t cause you happiness. They can’t end the limitless bullshit on Earth. They won’t do a thing. They wont help you out of your misery and crippling anxiety. They’re not supernatural. They can’t even tell you that everything’s gonna be alright.
But looking at them makes us forget all our sorrows and everything that we have been building in us.
Just by a single glance at their twinkling beauty.
Be like them.
And turn fake smiles into real ones.

But hey,
Stars are ugly nearby.
They have billion flaws and craters.
They are shapeless, disorted and really sad to look at.
They are beyond imperfect.
It looks like they have so many sorrows, pains, and anxieties.
Like a ball filled with misery and sadness.
It makes us wince in pain if we try to walk on them barefoot.

It’s like they take away all our pain from us and Bury it deep inside them, when we look at their pulchritudinous beauty.

Their soul is so tainted and broken.

Irony, who’s fake now?

I am a star. A beautiful rock star.

Torso casts

Here are the First two casts i have got out of my silicone mould. They have come out reasonably well with only a few holes that need patching up. there is one that lines up better than the other, i need to figure out why this is. My mould is well made and lines up well when there isnt any plaster inside the mould. maybe the weight of the plaster disorts it slightly. i might do anyothe practice of just the shoulders and put the mould together and see how it turns out. 

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Question: Pregnavit Capsol is use for which purpose?

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Next week I’m going to Italy with my family. Of course I won’t Take my Bikini, I’m too fat. But my biggest fear is how I can loose weight. I can’t eat in the front of my parents, I feel like shit when I do that. But we have breakfast and dinner in the hotel.
I’m afraid… ;(

I feel sick...

Today, I ate a slice Pizza, little bit bread, ice cream and jughurt. I felt so terrible. I feel terrible right now. I purged everything out what I’ve eaten today. Now, I’m afraid, I feel so terrible about myself. I’m afraid of my weight tomorrow, I think, I’ve gained weight. 

Sorry, I can’t imagine my feelings right now…

&. headcanon ;; 

        The first time Maera ( then Isela ) took from the mind of another      did not simply command with irresistable force, but reached out and in pain  e x t r a c t e d  that which she desired      the object of her efforts was her own mother. The information she desired concerned her father, a topic long avoided, save what lies Seta would offer in explanation. 

        Yet Isela did not know the scope of her abilties, had no knowledge that it was  p o s s i b l e  to drain another’s knowledge in such a manner. It was an accident. But when she put together the pieces, came to understand what she was doing, the girl pushed  h a r d e r, further. Seeking more, plunging deeper into her mother’s mind, against protests of agony, screams, disorted features. 

        She did not know. Did not know the consequences. Did not know the limits. She went too far; Seta Adan died. Medics might have labeled cause of death hemmorrhaging from burst blood vessels in the brain. Others might have looked to heart-failure to explain her sudden death. Isela was long gone and never heard either. 

        Thirteen. Thirteen individuals ( including Seta ) lost their lives before Isela learned: If she did not move to extract  all  the information a person possessed, did not push them so far beyond their pain threshold, they would live. And so she began to perfect her  t e c h n i q u e