Hungry For Love page 2

2nd page of my comic (I really should think of a title *edit: as you can see it has a title now, thanks to my girl*)

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Monster high/Ninjago

Kai would be a demon

Nya would be a vampire with wings

Jay would be “the son of frankenstien”

Cole would be part ghost part werewolf

Zane would be a ghost that uses a robot body

Pixal would be a robot

Lloyd would be like Jackson Jekkle and Holt Hyde (with a multiple personality disorter)

‘I was wrong. I wasn’t eating ghouls. I’m the one who was being eaten!’
Just a really rough sketch of Kaneki. I’m not feeling very artistic at the moment, so I’m doodling random crap in different ways until I feel motivated enough to release better pieces.

(Make sure to check my #edit tag to see more of my designs!)
(Also, ask for my permission before using any of my work!)

Au where everything is the same except the snakes are the ninja and the ninja are snakes

Like human Pythor is the green ninja, human scales is the fire ninja, human skalidor is the earth ninja, human fangtom (who has a multiple personality disorter) is the lightning ninja and human Acidus is the ice ninja

Ohio Portrait no. 154

Every day at lunch, he wore a duct tape Korn mask and sat alone at a table on the far end of the cafeteria.

It was comprised of several reinforced layers of standard silver duct tape, forming the disorted visage of a member of the band Korn. The mask had duct tape dreadlocks, and a sharp duct tape nose, and rictused and horrifying gash at the bottom, forming a mouth.

He sat by himself at that table every day, anonymized by the mask. All that could be seen of his person were two skinny white arms jutting out of an oversized black t-shirt. He wore zip-off pants. Sometimes he lingered by the vending machines, shaking his duct tape dreads to and fro.

I decided to acknowledge him once, while in line with 50 cents to buy a Zebra cake. I just looked at him, through the slits that held his eyes, and gave a mild, social smile.

“You like my mask?” he said.

“Uh.” I said.

Say it before you run out of time. Say it before it’s too late. Say whatever you are feeling. Waiting is a mistake and you’ll regret it if you don’t - Via disort


Next week I’m going to Italy with my family. Of course I won’t Take my Bikini, I’m too fat. But my biggest fear is how I can loose weight. I can’t eat in the front of my parents, I feel like shit when I do that. But we have breakfast and dinner in the hotel.
I’m afraid… ;(