An emotional issue caused our diet, our diet caused binge eating, binge eating caused a habit, the habit of binge eating caused weight gain and weight gain caused our sadness.

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you're kinda being toxic to the vocaloid community?? you're dissing other vocaloid and denying neru's existence. please stop



But Neru isn’t a Vocaloid?

Akita Neru (亞北ネル) is an officially recognized derivative. The term “Derivative” is used here to describe a fanmade VOCALOID character that is based on an already existing character.

Neru is a DERIVATIVE and FAN MADE. Neru is NOT a Vocaloid, not ONCE did I deny Neru’s existence. I simply stated she is NOT a VOCALOID due to the fact her voice is basically Miku and Rin deeper.

I am in no way toxic to the vocaloid community, I only CRITICIZE Vocaloids because sometimes Crypton REALLY messes up with V3/V4′s. (Luka’s V4 disorts on high notes and hiccups i.e. )  

I do not like Kaai Yuki’s voicebank and that is okay

I do not like Gachapoid’s voicebank and that is okay.

Some people will not like voicebanks and that’s okay

Thanks so much for sending me this as soon as I got out of a shitty time at the hospital I realllyyy appreciate it!!!!!!!

i tthinki i hhad a drea tthat resembled soem of my chidldhoood traumam im sshaking i don’t tknow i knowwwo dreamss are disortted bttt noww that it is mornign i kknow tthat tthath hhappeened iiit is comigng bback

In driving school they always say “leave an out”.
In a car its simple.
Distance, quick change in direction, speed adjustment.
But tell me when the war is raging on the second story where is my out?
When I’m running out the back door praying I don’t get caught.
Then I can’t stop.
Running against the headlights hoping they’re not coming to take me home.
My mind is spinning everything’s spinning I thought I was strong. Spinning. Bold. Spinning. I don’t understand how the lights can look so disorted. I can’t breathe. Spinning.
Wheres my out.

I think I found it.

Cool places in Chicago, in no specific order

As you will know from my other post about the US, I love this city. These are my top 10 favorite places of Chicago, in no particular order: (I don´t hold any rights or achievements to the text, written below)

Anish Kapoor´s Cloud Gate: (Millennium Park) The surface of the sculpture, nicknamed “The Bean” reflects and disorts the city´s skyline. On the underside is the “omhalos”  (Greek for “navel”), a concave chamber that warps andmultiplies reflections.

Jay Pritzker Pavilion: (Millennium Park) Labeled by many as Millennium Park´s “showstopper“, the pavilion was constructed as a “work of art” including a bandshell. In summer you are able to listen to live music/concerts here.

City Hall´s Green Rooftop: (121 N. LaSalle Street) In 1999, then-Mayor Richard M. Daley initiated the construction of a green roof on City Hall, in an effort to moderate the heat-island effect. The building´s rooftop garden spreads out across over 20,000 square feet. It includes 20,000 plants of over 150 different species, mostly native to the Chicago area, selected for their ability to thrive in the hot, dry, and windy conditions on the rooftop. The green rooftop saves City Hall over $5,000 per year on utility costs. City Hall´s green roof stands in stark contrast to the black tar and metal on surrounding downtown rooftops, but with 500 million square feet of green rooftops across the city, Chicago leads the country in green roof planting.

The Rookery: (209 S. LaSalle Street)

“inst 25″ with ringshifter, distortion and limiter. This instrument is used in the breakdown section towards the end. This is based on the “fretless wonder” bassline, but with a longer release, a ringshifter and disortion. The ringshifter gives it a “wobble” effect similar to that seen in dubstep and the distortion adds grittiness to the sound.

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"Focus on my voice."

Injury II [Starter Sentences]


It’s tempting, to just fade into the blackness— maybe then
It won’t hurt so much. But she keeps hearing words, sometimes
A little disorted by dizzyness and agony, and she tries her
Best to do as it says, lips moving as if to form a sentence
In response, although she can’t find the actual words.

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*Sees soring trap and balloon boy laughing at me as it echos my head and it slows down as i get up and run as springtrap disear as he lock the door to the office but then i makea fist and punched the glass window as i make a similar scream as him but disorted and creepy

Dude! Clam down! Please! I’ll get Mr.Schmidt to help! MR.SCHMIDT!?