An emotional issue caused our diet, our diet caused binge eating, binge eating caused a habit, the habit of binge eating caused weight gain and weight gain caused our sadness.

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Poor kaizen always answering and translating the same thing over and over again...

Now it seems I’ll have to translate a certain part of the interview with Kana Boon. Antis are so predictable about what things they’re going to disort…

I don’t want to lose a beautiful person. When I say beautiful I don’t mean it regarding your physical attributes. I mean it regarding the being you are and your impact on others. The way you smile and the way your eyes light up and flutter. The way you put others before yourself and your fear of perception and how your vision is disorted that glasses can’t fix. The way you walk like you could walk through hell with a smile and greet the devil like a familiar friend. The way despite everything you crack your ribs open to reveal all the butterflies inside that you have locked away and that is hard to do. The way you rather drown yourself to save someone else from the storm. You are a beautiful person. Don’t you dare leave me.
—  Lovely friend’s

Comfort are Sean, Paul and Andrew. A brand new band based in Glasgow who today release their first two tracks as free downloads via their Bandcamp page.

It’s like nothing else I’ve ever heard. On ‘Wealth’ the firey rhetoric, pulsating bass and crushed electronics build tension over 6 full minutes. “Reward is a faint glimmer decaying in the distance, an unachievable stigma” Paul rages over glitchy synths and disorted guitars, rejecting the notion that self-sacrifice leads to achieving economic aspirations.

The second track ‘Anti-Capitalists On MTV’ is just as brutal, as industrial beats Trent Reznor would be proud of push along a vitriolic ‘art vs commerce’ type dialogue.

Comfortable listening this is not. Referencing disenchantment, impotent revolution and an obselete generation, this is the voice of Britain’s angry young Left today, and it’s absolutely brilliant.

the way [a lot of] dagestani men treat their wives and how they got used to it just annoys the fuck out of me, honestly speaking. once me and my cousin and sister and great auntie were going home and my cousin said to that auntie ‘dont get offended but your husband is kinda…henpecked’. ofc i couldnt shut the fuck up about this. bitch if a man respects her wife and does something to make her happy does this mean he’s a henpecked???? yo you gotta some disorted concept of a marriage.

But the most beautiful things in life are
not just things; they’re people, places,
memories, and pictures. They’re feelings,
moments, smiles, and laughter.
—  (via disort)

Next week I’m going to Italy with my family. Of course I won’t Take my Bikini, I’m too fat. But my biggest fear is how I can loose weight. I can’t eat in the front of my parents, I feel like shit when I do that. But we have breakfast and dinner in the hotel.
I’m afraid… ;(

I feel sick...

Today, I ate a slice Pizza, little bit bread, ice cream and jughurt. I felt so terrible. I feel terrible right now. I purged everything out what I’ve eaten today. Now, I’m afraid, I feel so terrible about myself. I’m afraid of my weight tomorrow, I think, I’ve gained weight. 

Sorry, I can’t imagine my feelings right now…