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Hi Lou. Can you pass on to your nonnie that according to her Twitter, Carly Pope has been in Australia for the past few weeks. She was still there 3 days ago. Don't trust those paps as sources, they're trolls who hate Olicity fans. Just let the story unfold.

Thanks for the heads up, @sadfangirl05

And I agree, I think for your ultimate Arrow experience, just watch the show and don’t get caught up in all the guff going on bts. It just distracts and disorientates and takes you out of the story unfolding. :)


William E. Jones, Four Frames from “Spatial Disorientation”, (2010)


Sequence of digital files, color, silent, 4 minutes and 45 seconds looped.

 The original footage of Spatial Disorientation is a flight test seen from the cockpit of a U. S. Air Force plane.  The material has been edited into a loop that repeats in variations: magenta, blue and green.


Alexandra Pacula 

“My work investigates a world of visual intoxication; it captures moments of enchantment, which are associated with urban nightlife," 

"I am fascinated by the ambiance of the city at night and its seductive qualities. The breathtaking turbulence of speeding vehicles and hasty pedestrians evoke feelings of wonder and disorientation. The vibrant lights become a magical landscape with enticing opportunities and promises of fulfillment.”

“I suggest motion in order to slow down the scene and capture the fleeting moments, which tend to be forgotten,” she says. “By interpreting lights in graphic or painterly ways, I create a sense of space, alluding to a hallucinogenic experience. I want the viewer’s eye to travel within my composition and experience a familiar exhilarating event of an actual nightly excursion.”

crying in public / the signs' breaking point
  • aries: by injury; a fist struck to the face; falling to the ground as the victor stands above them; applause rings, but not for them
  • taurus: by disruption; constant change around them; an influx off too much movement, too much talking; loud voices shouting and strange sensations making them jump;
  • gemini: by stress; voices fighting too loudly in their heads; deadlines and broken promises entwining them; too much to do and too little time
  • cancer: by abandon; lost in the surge of a crowd; an influx of restlessness in an unfamiliar world; alone and afraid to fend for themselves
  • leo: by humiliation; frozen on a stage with bright lights in their eyes; deer in headlights; laughter pouring over each of their flaws; past actions twisted by others' words to make them seem like an embarassment
  • virgo: by disorientation; expectations that need to be met but something hold them back; fuzzy mind as they navigate an unfamiliar terrain; no guidance or help when they most need it
  • libra: by mistake; a wrong decision spoken; a bad turn made; suddenly their world is falling apart, and it's all their fault; spreading hurt without meaning
  • scorpio: by a love lost; heart and soul destroyed; everything they've worked for dissipating before their eyes; in an instant, their only affection in their heart is shattered
  • sagittarius: by confinement; another day trapped in the same routine; the cycle repeating itself beyond their own power
  • capricorn: by ignorance; their voice isn't heard; everyone is going astray; their own solutions are thrown away, and their words stomped down to dust
  • aquarius: by hopelessness; the dirty truth of real life hitting them in the middle of the day; too much wrong and not enough good
  • pisces: by fear; isolated to face their own nightmares; their life on the line, dangerously close to tipping; death lingering in the back of their mind; ghouls and spirits threatening to tear their souls open
the signs as untranslatable french words
  • aries: Cartonner- something that has had huge success
  • taurus: Bricoleur- handyman who makes use of whatever tools are available to him
  • gemini: Épater- to wow, to stun, to amaze!
  • cancer: Flâner- wandering the streets of Paris with no goal, only to enjoy the beauty of the city
  • leo: La douleur exquise - the pain of unrequited love
  • virgo: Savoir-Faire- used to mean know how as in how to solve a certain practical problem, now means knowing how to act appropriately in social situations
  • libra: Retrouvailles- reuniting with someone you haven't seen in awhile
  • scorpio: Jolie Laide- ugly beautiful. someone who is unconventionally beautiful.
  • sagittarius: Spleen: boredom and dissatisfaction
  • capricorn: Dépaysement- disorientation one feels when in a completely foreign setting
  • aquarius: A l’ouest - describing someone a little strange or different
  • pisces: L’appel du vide- the sudden urge to jump when standing on a high rise

how does one draw snow in SAI again…

anyhow, here’s a fanart for @pemprika‘s werewolf!yuu AU! >w< i haven’t done any proper colouring in a while so this was sort of a challenge for me as well TwT

i hope you like this!~ ;v;

The one major issue with the Magi origin is that, because the player is dropped into the middle of a brand new world that the character has inhabited all their life, Amell or Surana will spend the entire time wandering around like “new brain who dis?”  I like to headcanon that temporary memory loss and disorientation is a well-known side effect of the lyrium taken at their Harrowing. This is why you don’t immediately know the name and backstory of the hundred or so people you’ve been locked in a tower with for at least a decade. All those templars are just rolling their eyes behind their helmets at you as you get lost trying to get to Irving’s office. They’re like oh, no, here we go again, “You can’t leave the tower, remember? You have to stay here because you’re a mage, okay? You do magic. Your name is Amell. Aaa-melll.” 

This also accounts for some of the more awkward conversations you can have with tower residents:

“Why hello, my dearest and oldest friend who I have known since we were both wee magelings, how are you today?”

“Are we fucking?”

“No. Just… No.”

How to Know Whether Someone is Gaslighting You

Gaslighting is so harmful because it promotes anxiety, depression, and with enough frequency in our lives, can sometimes trigger nervous breakdowns.  So the question now it: are you being gaslighted?  How can you know whether you’re experiencing this subtle form of manipulation in your life?  Review the following tell-tale signs:

  1. Something is “off” about your friend, partner, son, daughter, mother, father, sister, brother, colleagues, boss, or other person in your life … but you can’t quite explain or pinpoint what.
  2. You frequently second-guess your ability to remember the details of past events.
  3. You feel confused and disorientated.
  4. You feel threatened and on-edge, but you don’t know why.
  5. You feel the need to apologize all the time for what you do or who you are.
  6. You never quite feel “good enough” and try to live up to the expectations and demands of others, even if they are unreasonable or harm you in some way.
  7. You feel like there’s something fundamentally wrong with you, e.g. you’re neurotic or are “losing it.”
  8. You feel like you’re constantly overreacting or are too sensitive.
  9. You feel isolated, hopeless, misunderstood and depressed.
  10. You find it hard to trust your own judgement, and given a choice, you choose to believe the judgement of another.
  11. You feel scared and as though “something is terribly wrong,” but you don’t know what or why.
  12. You find it hard to make decisions.
  13. You feel as though you’re a much weaker version of yourself, and you were much more strong and confident in the past.
  14. You feel guilty for not feeling happy like you used to.
  15. You’ve become afraid of “speaking up” or expressing your emotions, so you stay silent instead.

How “Gaslighting” Erodes Your Sanity by Aletheia Lun


Fem!Gray for NYCC, so happy to have run into some great Erza, Natsu and Juvia (Of course I needed a slice of gruvia)

Bystander: Is she supposed to be Gray…?
@sasukekuns in my defense: SHE CAN ONLY TAKE OFF SO MUCH OKAY

Insecure Attachment Patterns

Avoidant attachment

When  parent is emotionally unavailable, rejecting, or prematurely forcing independence, a girl may become avoidably attached.  These girls adapt by avoiding closeness and emotional connection.  

On the surface, this girl may appear to be very independent, but their self reliance is a cover for insecurity.  Avoidant girls may have difficulty forming relationships, be aggressive and bully other children.

Ambivalent attachment

An ambivalent attached girl experience the parents’ communication as inconsistent.  Sometimes their need are met, sometimes not, and sometimes the communication can be overly intrusive. 

Because these children cannot reliably depend on the parent for attunement and connection, they may be insecure and anxious.  They may also display excessive clingness and dependence, on the unconscious hope that their needs will be met some of the time. 

Disorganized attachment

Disorganized attachment occurs when the girl’s need for emotional closeness remains unseen or ignored, and the parents behavior is a source of disorientation or terror.

When girls have experiences with parents that leave them overwhelmed, traumatized, and frightened, they become disorganized and chaotic. Coping mechanisms may include dissociation, withdrawal, extreme passivity to aggression in getting needs met. 


Dark Cities: Paris Daniele Cametti Aspri

“When we go into a dark place from a bright one we live a kind of disorientation, our eyes struggle for the first minutes to get used to the dark.
With every passing minute, slowly, thanks to the residual light that filters under a door, or maybe from a street lamp far away, reality begins to take a different shape. The dim light rests on the surrounding structures by drawing a game of achromatic surfaces, painting more or less intense shades of dark gray that almost reach the black. This first trip in the dark urban starts from Paris, the City of Lights. Which better place to start capture the dark side?”