it has been 73 days since the last taylor swift candid that is at least 73 Looks ™ we will now never see lost forever into the abyss and that is not even considering mid-day outfit changes how are we supposed to go on where am i supposed to be taking my fashion cues from i am disorientated and confused

some magical things

- seeing your breath in the air on cold winter mornings
- falling in love with someone 
- being so lost in a book or movie that you become disorientated when you finish
- dreaming about being in love and then waking up and being in love 
- gardens where all the trees and bushes are trimmed into shapes
- snow covered forests and woodland animals
- rose gardens in the spring
- the entire existence of dogs
- when a song evokes strong emotions it makes you cry 
- when someone is gentle and kind without any bad intentions
- making a sad friend smile again
- the stars and the moon on a clear night 

I’m still not over how disjointed The Final Problem is… it’s all woosh, we’re at Mycroft’s house, woosh, 221B, woosh, and now a boat!, woosh, Sherrinford… just as the explosion faded into the ship scene with no explanation, my mum was all ‘oh, I get it now. it’s a dream’ just on the first watch… you’re meant to feel disorientated. Like a dream that doesn’t make sense but you’re still dreaming, so you just go with the flow…

Human Shield - A SuperCorp fic

I don’t always have time to make complete comics. I work. A LOT. But this was a really interesting idea I wanted to explore. And @luthoring​ encouraged me, sooooo… here you go.

Beyond the cut is the result, expanding on this comic. Written entirely from Lena’s perspective.

Fair warning: there is violence, injury, and angst. 

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Planet Earth 2 insist they saved every baby turtle they could in series finale

Last night’s episode of Planet Earth 2 had hearts breaking as terrified viewers saw newly-hatched hawksbill turtles get disorientated and walk towards a deadly main road in Barbados.

The turtles usually follow the moon’s reflection to the sea but the city’s lights proved too confusing for the babies, with many instead making their way to the city and consequently falling down drains or getting run over on the roads.

Passerbys failed to save the newborns and fans of the show were left distressed and outraged by the footage, but show producers have now insisted that the crew saved the babies off-screen.

Traditionally, Planet Earth’s crew never intervene with the wildlife but they made an exception with the turtles and reportedly carried the creatures back to the sea.

A statement on the BBC’s Planet Earth Twitter account read: “Every turtle that was seen or filmed by the #PlanetEarth2 crew was collected and put back into the sea.”

It is not known whether they also rescued the ones who slipped down the drain.

The Barbados Sea Turtle Project are also an organisation that aims to save as many of these turtles as possible, patrolling the beach and helping newly-hatched turtles to the sea.

Speaking at the end of the series, host Sir David Attenborough made an emotional plea to help these organisations, allowing wildlife to live beside humans in harmony.

He explained: “Only a small number of animals have managed to find ways of living alongside us. And every ten years an area the size of Britain disappears under a jungle of concrete. But it doesn’t have to be like this. Could it not be possible to build cities more in harmony with nature?

"Now over half of us live in an urban environment. My home too is here in the city of London. It’s also sobering. It reminds me of just how easy it is for us to lose our connection with the natural world.

"Yet it’s on this connection that the future of both humanity and the natural world depend. It’s surely our responsibility to do everything within our power to create a planet that provides a home not just for us, but for all life on Earth.”

Needless to say, we couldn’t agree more.

Do you ever see really weird and utterly inhuman animals like the big-fin squid, living in utterly inhospitable environments like the deep sea, and experience a weird sort of disorientation when it occurs to you that, given the history of life on Earth, there must have been a point, perhaps hundreds of millions of years ago, when you and it had a common ancestor?

“Kill your curiosity. Kiss me already.” - Nishat Ahmed (x)

Castiel sighs as the feeling starts up again.

“This again,” he mutters in annoyance, hoping it won’t take too long to notch down to ‘normal’ amounts.

Cas has long since been able to deal with Dean’s longing. At first, it was horribly disorienting but soon enough he had gotten used to carrying on like it wasn’t even there, like tuning out background noise as he waited for Dean to make a move.

However, lately, Dean’s longing had kept surging sporadically and Cas was back to being disorientated whenever the levels of Dean’s longing fluctuated.

When this particular surge doesn’t go back to its usual level no matter how long Cas stays, (not that Cas is complaining about spending time at the Bunker or near Dean; he likes the Bunker and is in love with Dean, anyway) he decides he’s had enough.

He corners Dean in the kitchen one day and growls, “Dean.”

Dean turns - a picture of nonchalance -  and asks what’s up.

“What’s up?!” Cas cries a little hysterically. “What’s up is your longing!”

“My what?” Dean chokes out, eyes widening in horror.

“I have had it up to here with you and your longing,” Cas tells him. “Kill your curiosity and kiss me already.”

Dean just stands there, gaping at him.

“You’ve known all this time,” he gets out eventually.

It’s not a question but Cas nods in confirmation.

“Why didn’t you say anything?” Dean asks, frowning.

Cas deflates a little now, irritation leaving him in a whoosh.

“There was always something in the way: the Apocalypse, the civil war in Heaven, the amnesia, Purgatory, Naomi-”

“Okay, okay,” Dean interjects. “You don’t have to list out all the crap we’ve been through.”

Cas’ lips quirk into a sad smile before turning into a teasing one. “There was also you coming to terms with it and that took long enough, you emotionally constipated… assbutt.”

“Ugh, Cas,” Dean groans. “Assbutt is the worst insult ever.”

“It’s still an insult.”

“Sometimes-” Dean huffs “-you’re so frustrating I don’t even know why I’m in love with you.”

You’re frustrating,” Cas says lamely, as he rolls his eyes at Dean. “I thought I told you to kiss me.”

“You always gonna be this bossy?” Dean teases even as he moves to close the distance between them and finally kisses Castiel.

Astral Projection Warnings

  • Only astrally project if you are in a stable mood (if you are clouded by negative thoughts and feelings, you will attract negative entities). 
  • Do not astrally project if you are on drugs - this will take you to a lower plane of disorientation and will be less vibrant. 
  • Just in case, ask your guides to protect you (as there can be malevolent beings). 
  • Ideally, only do it if you believe it will be spiritually benefiting (it is not a necessary part of spirituality) rather than a source of entertainment. 
  • If you do it incorrectly, it could lead to sleep paralysis
  • You cannot get possessed by malevolent entities, but they can get attached to you.
  • Always surround yourself with nurturing and higher vibrational energy, and avoid beings with darker/clouded auras as they tend to be less benevolent (but not always - it is just a precaution if you are new to astral projection). 
  • Avoid fear - do not worry that you can die while astrally projecting (as you will not), if your astral body senses danger it will immediately return to your physical body. 

how does one draw snow in SAI again…

anyhow, here’s a fanart for @pemprika‘s werewolf!yuu AU! >w< i haven’t done any proper colouring in a while so this was sort of a challenge for me as well TwT

i hope you like this!~ ;v;

i’m already crying but you know what makes me cry more? the fact that jace and alec have only just reunited and yet they’ve been torn apart again. imagine them feeling their parabatai bond grow stronger whilst hugging each other, them breathing a sigh of relief and crying because they’re finally back, they finally know one another is safe and okay. yet that feeling being ripped away from them. alec waking up in his brother’s arms after days of worrying about him only to watch on, confused and disorientated, while his brother gets arrested by the clave. that feeling of losing him all over again and not being able to stop it. jace finally getting to see his brother, his family, after days of torture and wanting nothing more than to return home and be by his siblings’ side, only to be arrested and having to look alec in the eye and tell him ‘it’s okay’ even though his whole world is being taken away from him again.

hi! we’ve gotten a lot of anons lately wishing for an easier time finding mlm created content in fandom - so i took the liberty to create a discord group where this is possible! it’s made to discuss fandom and how fandom treat mlm, recommend fanart and fanfiction that are created by mlm, and find other mlm creators in fandom spaces.

it’s minor-safe with specific nsfw channels, and completely free from harmful content. only mlm are allowed - though it’s not limited to binary men. 

if you want to join, ask off anon for an invite!

Don’t give up

There’s a lot of upheaval in the American political system right now. 

Donald Trump is violating political norms in ways that we haven’t seen before. In ways that are both dangerous and confusing.

Most people are disoriented — including people who work in government and politics. 

No one has experience dealing with this. No one is very good at it yet. 

Getting good at things takes time. We’re still learning to deal with this new reality.

But a lot of people care deeply about this country and the world. A lot of good people are working to figure it out.

Republicans are reacting to disorientation one way; Democrats are reacting another way. But they’re all figuring things out, and there are good people in both parties.

A lot of awful things are happening — and a lot of people are working to make good things happen. 

It’s hard, but it’s not hopeless. It’s frightening — but we should not let fear become despair. 

If we don’t give up, we can figure out what to do.