disorientation as practice

A Way Out

Prompt request: when you get the time, could you write a loki x reader where she’s from asgard as well and when she discovers he was being held in the avengers tower she makes thor take her to him and it’s a fluffy reunion with cuddles and kisses??

Characters: Loki, Thor, Reader

Warnings: none

A/N: Thank you so much for the request, anon! I hope this is what you were looking for. Feel free to send me more requests. As always, thanks for reading!

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You stormed up the stairs that led to Odin’s palace, easily sidestepping the sentries that tried to prevent you from entering. You found your target quickly enough…his red cape was almost impossible to miss.

“Thor!” you shouted. The leader of Asgard begrudgingly turned to face you. “Where is he?” you demanded as you stalked right up to him.

“That is none of your concern,” he replied, trying to push past you.

“It absolutely is,” you said, following him out of the palace. The glow from the Bifrost Bridge cast a rainbow light in the evening sky.

“Leave it be, Lady Y/N,” Thor begged.

You still refused to take no for an answer. “But I can help,” you insisted. “He listens to me.” You hurried in front of him and placed both hands on his chest armor. “Please.” Your eyes were wide and pleading.

Thor sighed. “He might not want to see you,” he warned.

You stepped back and nodded firmly. “Then at least I’ll have my answer.”

Without another word, Thor continued his journey to the Bifrost Bridge with you by his side. Heimdell stood patiently, waiting to send you off to Midgard.

You had only traveled via the Bifrost Bridge once, and it was an experience you were not too keen to repeat. By the time you and Thor landed, your stomach was churning and your head was spinning.

“How do you ever get used to that?” you grumbled as Thor effortlessly recovered.

He smirked at your disorientation. “Practice.” He looked up and pointed to a large tower with an A emblazoned on the side. “This is where Loki is being kept.”

You swallowed and felt your heart leap into your chest. You were finally going to see Loki after everything he had done. You had to jog to keep up with Thor who had already walked up to the tower’s entrance. The guards simply waved him through, clearly familiar with his arrival techniques.

After walking through several hallways and taking an elevator down many floors, you arrived at a dark, cemented hallway. The light ding was a sharp contrast to your dank surroundings. Your breath shuddered as you passed empty cells guarded by bulletproof windows. They contained nothing more than a bed and toilet, and your jaw clenched at the barrenness before you. Thor finally stopped in front of the cell at the end of the hall.

You had seen Loki’s cell while he had still been captive on Asgard, and this one was fairly similar. Whoever was in charge let him have an ornate bed and stacks of books. You even saw what you recognized as a “television”, as Thor once called it.

Loki was casually lounging on the bed in a loose, white shirt and black pants. His mother would have had a fit if she had seen him in such simple clothes. His eyes barely peered over his novel to acknowledge Thor’s presence.

“Hello, brother,” he greeted, his tone one of boredom. “Come to yell at me some more?”

Thor cleared his throat and rolled his eyes, clearly not in the mood for his brother’s games. “I am here to negotiate your return to Asgard,” he announced.

“Return to Asgard?” Loki gasped dramatically. He slammed his book shut and pounced off the bed. “Why if only I was to be so lucky-” His voice stopped dead when his eyes finally landed on you. In fact, his heart practically stopped. He looked back to Thor. “What is she…” His voice trailed off and his cocky demeanor vanished.

“Hello, my love,” you said softly.

“Consider her visit a reward for good behavior,” Thor said. “I shall be back after the negotiations are complete. You have until then to speak.” He glanced briefly between the two of you before walking away, a smirk playing on his lips.

“Thor?” you called after him. “I want to go inside his cell.”

Thor muttered something under his breath about you “being difficult” before turning his head to the ceiling. “Tony?” A sharp buzzing filled the air as this “Tony” released a small panel on the bullet-proof glass. You had to wiggle a bit to fit, but soon, you and Loki shared the same space.

Loki still had a look of absolute disbelief at your presence. He walked around you, his eyes boring over every inch of your body. You blushed under his intense gaze, and shivered as his fingers traced lightly over your arm to make sure you were actually standing there. He finally stood so close before you that you could feel his soft breath on your skin.

“Are you real?” he whispered, his lips barely brushing yours. You answered him by cupping your hands around his face and bringing your lips together. His kiss was soft and sweet, and he pulled you closer to him. He broke the kiss and nuzzled against your neck. You wrapped your arms around his broad shoulders and hugged him.

“Was that real enough for you?” you asked.

Loki merely chuckled, but his breath became ragged as you played with the hem of his shirt and moved your hands over the hard planes of his stomach.

“Careful,” he said, grabbing your wrists in his cool grip. “There is always someone watching.” His eyes wandered over to the top left corner of his cell and you saw a blinking camera staring back at you.

“Let them watch,” you scoffed.

“Absolutely not,” Loki shot back. “Your body is mine and mine alone to worship. No one else’s.”

You giggled and kissed his nose. “And your brother was worried you wouldn’t want to see me.”

“And deny myself the most exquisite beauty in all of the realms?” Loki shook his head. “Never.”

You bit your lip and sauntered over to his bed. You slide up to the top and propped yourself up with one of his pillows. “Care to join me?” you asked, patting the empty space next to you. His eyes went warily to the camera. “Just to talk,” you clarified.

Well, how could he say no to that?

In a flash, Loki was on the bed, pulling you to rest against his chest. You hummed contentedly as his slender fingers found his way to your hair. Your own hand pushed up his shirt sleeve and traced absent-minded patterns against his bare arm. His heartbeat thumped rhythmically under your head, and Loki closed his eyes. If he imagined hard enough, it was almost as if he was back in his palace in Asgard with you instead of a cell ten yards under the ground.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered, breaking the silence.

“Shhh,” you replied, leaning up to kiss his cheek. “We can discuss apologies later. For now, let’s enjoy this moment.”

Loki’s hand moved from your hair down to the bare spot between your neck and shirt. “I wish I were free from these chains,” he admitted.

“Perhaps there is a way,” you suggested, causing him to raise his eyebrows.

Before he could question you, Thor returned with a man dressed in a red, white, and blue uniform. Captain America, no doubt.

“It seems our time is up,” you sighed, reaching around to hug Loki’s neck. He shivered as something cool and smooth slid down his back. You stood up and gave him one last searing kiss, causing the Captain to turn a brilliant shade of red.

“Goodbye, Y/N,” Loki said fondly from his spot on the bed as you crawled back out the tiny panel. You waved and before he knew it, you were ripped from him once again.

He shifted on the bed causing whatever you had put down his shirt to fall on the mattress. He picked up his book and repositioned himself so the object was within his view but not the camera’s. He glanced at the stone while simultaneously turning to the next page in his book to avoid suspicion. But he couldn’t help the smile that tugged at his lips as he realized exactly what you had given him.

You had given him a way out.

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robertisbisexual  asked:

Hi i'm at work and melting and I have the worst headache and tbh I feel like I'm dying and I'm pretty sure it's overheating but can I pls get cute sexcapade fluff ficlet from you to make my life suck less. Ty ily. If not its ok don't worry but also hi ily again

Aaron isn’t really sure how it happened, in the end. One minute they were putting their ensuite shower to use, Robert sneaking in behind him as Aaron soaped up his hair, and the next thing he knew, Robert had gone flying, cracking his head against the thick glass of their shower door.

“Jesus - fuck, Robert, are you okay?” Aaron shut off the shower, sliding a bit on the tiled floor himself as he crouched down to check if his husband was okay, Robert sitting on the shower floor, looking a little more than dazed.

“‘M… not sure,” Robert’s words slurred a little as he spoke, pressing a hand to the back of his head.

Aaron hooked his arms around Robert, his husband like dead weight as he hoisted him out of the shower, depositing him unceremoniously on their bed, knowing Robert would give him nothing but grief later for letting their fresh bedsheets get soaked through.

“Let me see,” he murmured, tilting Robert’s head slightly so he could assess the damage. Robert’s head wasn’t bleeding, or anything, so he took that as a good sign, but that shower door was seriously thick glass, and Aaron couldn’t help but be concerned.

Especially when Robert was still so dazed.

“Come on, get dressed,” Aaron said, pulling on his own boxers, wincing at the way his clothes stuck to his damp skin.


“Because I’m taking you to the hospital Robert,” Aaron said, as if it were obvious. “You just nearly cracked your skull open on the shower door, you could have a concussion.”

“I’ll be fine, just a bit woozy,” Robert shrugged, fumbling for the trousers Aaron was handing him.

“Robert, don’t argue with me,” Aaron shook his head, fully dressed now. He would have run down to grab something to eat, but he didn’t quite trust Robert to get down the stairs (god, why had they gone for a spiral staircase again) without tumbling head first down it, the state he was in.

Robert seemed too disorientated to argue, squinting at the button of his trousers as he tried to do it up.

“I can’t believe I’m dressing ya,” Aaron teased, covering his worry with a joke as he buttoned Robert’s trousers. “I didn’t think we’d be doing this until you were at least forty.”

“Ha-ha,” Robert attempted to roll his eyes, tugging on a discarded t-shirt of Aaron’s. “You try getting your pants on after you nearly brained yourself in the shower.”

Aaron gave him a sympathetic look, squeezing his hip. “It’s probably just a concussion, if anything,” he said, guiding a still disorientated Robert toward the stairs, practically sighing with relief as his husband held tightly to the bannister, taking the steps one at a time (usually Robert was worse than Liv, thundering down the stairs like a small herd of elephants.)

“I’m going to have a banging headache either way,” Robert sighed, picking up a hoodie of Aaron’s, Aaron having had left it thrown over the back of the couch the previous evening. “And I didn’t even get an orgasm out of it.”

Aaron snorted, leaning in to press a quick kiss to Robert’s lips. “I’ll make it up to ya, old man.”

It had been a concussion. A fairly mild one at that, the nurse barely holding in laughter as Robert explained how he’d slipped in the shower, his cheeks turning a bright pink as he did so.

They’d spend the day on the couch, Robert nursing a banging headache and Aaron more than making up for the orgasm that wasn’t by the end of the day.

Robert had all but gotten over it when he’d gotten to work the next morning, a shower mat on his desk, right red bow attached and Adam doubled over in the corner, laughing his head off. “You told him?” he asked, incredulous.

Aaron couldn’t do much to hold back his laughter now either. “I had to tell him why we weren’t coming in to work!” he defended himself, remembering how Adam had just broken down on the phone when Aaron had told him they were in A&E because Robert had fell in the shower, Adam quickly putting two and two together.

Robert glared at the two of them. “Don’t either of you dare tell Vic.”

A week later, a brochure for shower chairs arrived in their front door, Victoria’s neat hand writing stating she’d picked out a few nice ones for him, and that was the moment Robert decided he hated his entire family.