Normalize disabled voices

Echolalia, monotone voices, stuttered speech, slurred speech, labored breathing between words and sentences, mechanical AAC voices,  AAC or sign users who consider those to be their voices, selectively mute voices, disorganized speech, speech with vocal tics, speech considered to be of “inappropriate volume”, speech with vocal stims, all disabled voices and the ways they present

Normalize disabled voices

I love you.

I love you if you aren’t high functioning

I love you if you can’t go outside in the dark

I love you if you have a hard time with hygiene

I love you if you’re divine 

I love you if you’re monstrous

I love you if you’re not real  

I love you if you think no one does

I love you if you dissociate

I love you if you tape over your laptop camera

I love you if you pick at your skin

I love you if you have disorganized speech

I love you if you have awful intrusive thoughts

I love you if you have low empathy

I love you if you feel invalid

I love you if you never stop hallucinating

I love you.


[ 13th July 2017 ] well I haven’t posted my notes in a REALLYYYY long time since I wasn’t studying but now I’m back to grinding and they’re A WRECK

I’m not fucking kidding about ableism today - or any other day, for that matter.

If your response to Nazis marching in Charlottesville is to say ugly, bigoted things about disabled people, then you are just as bad as those white supremacists. You also need a fucking history lesson about how the Nazis treated disabled people because you are more alike than you think.

The Nazis, Klansmen, and assorted white supremacist fuckwits in Charlottesville are not “mentally unstable”

They are not “mentally ill”

They are entitled. 

They are not suffering from a diminished responsibility for their actions - their actions are made with intent and a clear mind.

They are not heedless of the consequences of their actions. They are acting the way they are because they think - correctly - that there will be no consequences.

They are not confused or disorganized in their thinking. They know exactly what they are doing and who they are hurting.

Disorganized Speech

Schizophrenia can cause you to have trouble concentrating and maintaining a train of thought, externally manifesting itself in the way that you speak. You may respond to queries with an unrelated answer, start sentences with one topic and end somewhere completely different, speak incoherently, or say illogical things.

Common signs of disorganized speech include:

Loose associations – Rapidly shifting from topic to topic, with no connection between one thought and the next.

Neologisms – Made-up words or phrases that only have meaning to you.

Perseveration – Repetition of words and statements; saying the same thing over and over.

Clang – Meaningless use of rhyming words


chronicles of bakugou-sensei pt.2


mmmm will i ever get enough of these three being adorable together?? no, the answer is no

I started this a week before season 3 premiered. After the recent episode, i have a feeling this thing will be outdated by the end of the season, so here’s the WIP. I don’t know if i’ll finish it because i was very disorganized with the animation process, and i realize it really isn’t that interesting.

Regardless, it’s my first animation of this length and i’m happy i learned a lot from it. i hope to make better (and more organized) ones in the future.

The Rising Signs

Aries rising: You are active, confident, adventurous, voluntary, and sometimes you tend to have accidents. Proud of your independence, it is difficult for you to get settled.

Taurus rising: You are obstinate, warm, you seek safety and you change slowly. There is something reassuring in your presence, but you don’t open easily.

Gemini rising: You are loquacious, emotional, funny, you’re however easily bored , maybe you also do insomnia. You collect information quickly, you react quickly, and your adaptability is great.

Cancer rising: You are of a changing mood, you are sensitive, imaginative, wise and protective. You like safety, comfort, your home and look after others. Your feelings are still deep.

Leo rising: You like to have fun, you are wellvieillant (???), charismatic and friendly. You cannot stand not being noticed. You do your best to give yourself the image of a light and confident heart. People appreciate your presence.

Virgo rising: You have the practical sense, you are master of yourself, nervous and considerate. You are also clear and fast, you can discuss any topic, and you are an observer.

Libra rising: You are full of tact, easygoing, and friendly, but you would do anything to avoid a conflict. You can not stand being in a hostile environment. You also have the artistic fiber, you are attractive.

Scorpio rising: Your intense eyes and your irresistible manners attract people. You are secret, magnetic and sexy. You are also a fighter who takes the reins in times of crisis. You have the will and opportunity to transform yourself, both internally and externally. You can completely change your facets from one person to another.

Sagitatrius rising: You are extrovert, independent, optimistic, restless and reckless. In your search for a life of communication, you travel as much as possible and you can settle completely on an udée. Opportunities come to you.

Capricorn rising: You do not like disorganized places. You are someone serious, reserved, who has a method for everything. Ambitious and competitive, you assume responsibility and exercise authority effectively. But you do not relax easily, and sometimes subject to depressions.

Aquarius rising: You have lots of interests, and a calm and friendly personality. You still have a certain distance that can make you seem indifferent. You follow your own rhythm.

Pisces rising: You are romantic, influential, sentimental, and compassionate. Your psychic abilities are strong, and you are a person of great kindness.

Ted Bundy can be classified as an organized killer due to his high IQ, his charm, the fact that he got away with murder for so long, and the fact that he was able to keep a steady relationship while on his spree.

Some characteristics of disorganized killers:

•Low IQs
•Bad at socializing; don’t have a partner
•Poor hygiene
•Most likely a high school dropout
•Aren’t interested in the news
•Have a hiding place at home
•Cluttered living spaces
•Drive an average car
•Will return to crime scene to relive the murder
•Have an obligation to taunt victim’s families
•Usually leave behind incriminating evidence
•Will leave the corpse at the scene of the murder
•Uses “blitz” attacks to stun victims

Characteristics of organized killers:

•High IQs
•Are able to keep a steady relationship
•Usually follow the news
•Won’t have a hiding place at home
•Clean and organized at everything
•Own an expensive car/decent car
•Won’t taunt victim’s families but will taunt the police instead
•Dump the corpse at other sites
•Use charm and/or seduction to gain victims
•Are careful not to leave incriminating evidence
•Most likely educated; college graduate

anonymous asked:

I love Kirishima. A lot. And I love your blog because it mainly focus on him. I love how he brightens the show and how great his character is. But the thing is I saw some of your posts shipping him with bakugo. I don't ship him with bakugo though. I like their friendship and all. I think it's the most beautiful progress I have seen in BNHA. Their dynamic pair is good. May I know why you ship them? And please don't hate me.

Reasons to Ship Bakushima

Since you already like their friendship and think they make a good dynamic pair, you probably have a good idea of why people like their relationship. There are a countless number of reasons to ship them and their relationship has so much going for them, so I feel like whatever answer I give won’t be enough. I’ll try my best to answer this. Maybe it’s best if I list some of the main reasons why I ship them. 

1. Kirishima is important to Bakugou’s character development. 

Early on, he encourages Bakugou to have friends and allies by being a friend and ally to Bakugou himself.

Kirishima does such a good job making himself a friend and equal to Bakugou that he becomes the only classmate Bakugou can accept being rescued by without hurting Bakugou’s pride. This is a huge step for Bakugou’s character development because it shows Bakugou can learn how to accept help from someone without his ego being bruised. 

The character development Kirishima gives Bakugou helps Bakugou become a better hero by encouraging Bakugou to be a nicer individual and to work with other people. 

2. Bakugou CARES about Kirishima. 

Usually Bakugou doesn’t give a crap if someone is sad. However, Bakugou has been shown multiple times trying to cheer Kirishima up when Kirishima is sad, which is something he hasn’t done for other classmates. Bakugou cares about someone besides himself, and the classmate Bakugou cares about the most is Kirishima. 

Bakugou doesn’t care about people like a hero should. As Bakugou learns to care about Kirishima, he can become capable of caring about other people, further showing how Kirishima helps Bakugou become a better hero.

3. Despite Kirishima admiring Bakugou and wanting to be his friend, Kirishima doesn’t let Bakugou walk all over him. 

He’ll tease Bakugou like any friend would, even if Bakugou doesn’t like it. 

And he doesn’t let Bakugou get away with shit. He understands Bakugou needs to improve his behavior and will call Bakugou out on his bad behavior. 

Kirishima won’t let Bakugou get away with not calling him by his name either. Kirishima not only wants Bakugou to be his friend, he also wants Bakugou to treat him with respect. Kirishima doesn’t want to be Bakugou’s minion. He wants to be his equal. 

4. This point goes without saying, but similar to how Bakugou cares about Kirishima, Kirishima REALLY cares about Bakugou. 

Kirishima is one of the people who is most worried for Bakugou when Class 1-A hears the villains are after Bakugou.

And despite the dangers for him and his classmates, Kirishima is willing to break the rules to rescue Bakugou because he is one of the students hurt most by Bakugou’s capture. 

Kirishima checks to see if Bakugou passed the hero license exam and is worried about Bakugou when he sees Bakugou doesn’t pass.

5. Bakugou respects Kirishima. 

Bakugou sees Kirishima as a useful ally because their Quirks work well together and is willing to accept Kirishima into his cavalry battle team as a result. Then during that cavalry battle, he listens to Kirishima when Kirishima tells Bakugou to calm down, and Bakugou even refers to Kirishima by his name, something Bakugou rarely does and only does with people he respects. 

Kirishima puts up a good fight against Bakugou during the Sports Festival, showing Bakugou that he’s more than just his hardening Quirk, making Bakugou respect him even more. 

Not only does Bakugou respect Kirishima enough to be rescued by him without hurting his pride, but Bakugou remembers words Kirishima told him months later. Kirishima told Bakugou he’d be unshakable during the cavalry battle, and then Bakugou recalls those exact words months later. Bakugou doesn’t remember things unless they’re important. The things Kirishima says have a huge impact on Bakugou.

Furthermore, Bakugou thinks Kirishima is so strong that he states Kirishima can be unbreakable like All Might. Considering how highly Bakugou thinks of All Might, that’s a huge compliment and shows how much Bakugou respects Kirishima’s abilities. 

6. Bakugou is good for Kirishima’s character growth. 

Kirishima looks up to Bakugou for his unwavering determination and strength and tries to be a strong hero more like Bakugou. When Kirishima expresses how little he thinks of his Quirk and abilities, Bakugou gives Kirishima advice and helps Kirishima create his new super move, Red Riot Unbreakable. 

As demonstrated by Red Riot Unbreakable, Bakugou helps give Kirishima conviction and a more unbreakable spirit, making Kirishima more of an unyielding wall, which will improve Kirishima’s hero career. Kirishima wouldn’t be the mighty brute force he is now without Bakugou. In addition, the things Bakugou says improve Kirishima’s confidence. For instance, Red Riot Unbreakable raised Kirishima’s confidence and makes him feel stronger, which is important for Kirishima’s self-esteem. Keep in mind, Bakugou usually says things to hurt and lower other people’s confidence, so it’s very remarkable that the things he says helps Kirishima’s confidence instead. 

Although, it’s difficult for Bakugou’s threats and insults to faze Kirishima anyway. 

Considering Kirishima’s low self-esteem, Bakugou is an important person who’ll help raise Kirishima’s confidence. In addition, both Bakugou and Kirishima suffer from painful inferiority complexes, with Bakugou’s inferiority complex manifesting into a superiority complex. They can both relate to their issues and help each other. 

Overall, Bakugou and Kirishima’s relationship gets lots of development throughout the series. They mean a lot to each other and help their characters grow. They’re arguably best friends. They’re so close that Iida automatically turns to Kirishima when asking about Bakugou’s whereabouts. 

I don’t expect this answer to convert you into a Bakushima shipper anon. It’s cool if you don’t ship it. This is a very loaded ask because there’s so much I can say about this. I don’t think this answer does this ship or their relationship justice because I can go on and on about why Bakugou and Kirishima are great for each other and why their relationship is important. If I didn’t list some reasons why I like them, then my answer would get disorganized and incoherent. By the way, thanks for asking this specific question. I’ve never really stated why I like Bakugou and Kirishima’s relationship, and it’s nice to finally get my thoughts out there. Although, I could still say more on the topic. 


A lot of people get carried away by their growing popularity and forget to be thankful for the community. Lucky for us, Sean’s not like that. I realize I say this way too many times but I mean it every single one of them: thank you, Sean, just for being there and doing what you do and cheering me us up whenever we feel down and making us feel even better when life is going okay. You taught me the value of kindness, respect and honesty so thank you, Sean. 

Thank you.

Please ignore the disorganization (look, I tried, Tumblr wouldn’t let me put all 20 screenshots in at once)