disorder heaven

those nice sensory things:

  • when your bed is clean and the blankets are all straight and when you get in there’s a nice heavy pressure but it’s not hot and it’s so comfy
  • drinking water that’s cool but doesn’t hurt your teeth and just flows through your body
  • soft breezes, warm and comforting
  • rainstorms, that light pitter patter
  • putting clean clothes on after swimming/being at the beach and just having that break from all the craziness that is sand and water
  • putting your hand into a jar of beads/rice/beans
  • when *that song* comes on and you just dive into it

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Underappreciated gazette songs

Forbidden beaver
Break me
Crucify sorrow
The one where Ruki moans at the beginning
Disorder Heaven,,,,,,

add as u see fit