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Mental Disorder → Nightmare Disorder

Nightmare disorder is also referred to as “dream anxiety disorder”. It is characterized by frequent nightmares which portray the individual being in a situation that jeopardizes their life or personal safety. Those who suffer from this disorder experience them with a greater frequency. Upon waking, the sleeper can often remember their experience in the nightmare vividly. The sleeper make have an increased heart rate and symptoms of anxiety. The individual may have trouble falling back to sleep due to their fear that they will experience another nightmare. These nightmares can be caused by extreme stress or anxiety is there are no other mental disorders diagnosed in this individual. Some medications could cause side effects such as the nightmares. Children are not usually diagnosed with this disorder since children normally experience many nightmares when they are young. Only a very small percentage of students and adults have reported nightmares. Ways this disorder is treated is relaxation therapy, psychotherapy, or possibly medication. Nightmare disorder is associated to those who have lower cholesterol, but it is unknown what the exact connection is.