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Good Girl (Chapter 3)

Summary: Negan brings you back to the sanctuary after you disobeyed the rules. 

WARNINGS: Slight smut, bad language.

Notes: Here is the third chapter!! Again, it is kind of short but that will change with chapter 4, and 5. Thank you for reading!! If you would like to be apart of the tag list please let me know!

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You both walked through the giant factory doors, struggling to keep up with Negan’s long strides.

“So when do I find out what my job around here is? I think I would be good at scavenging for supplies.” You spoke in a cheerful tone, which was quickly shut down.

“I think the fuck not.” he retorted.

“And why the ‘fuck not’?” you mimicked him.

He glared down at you “Thin ice darlin’, thin fucking ice.”

It was weird walking through the sanctuary beside Negan. Since everyone kneeled to the sight of him.

“Creepy.” you said to yourself.

“Creepy? I call it respect, you should try it sometime.” he replied. You had walked in silence after that not having the energy to reply with a comeback.

“The sight of you on your knees seems pretty fucking spectacular to me.” he thought aloud. Your face quickly flushed red, a chill ran through your body.

“It seems like you fucking like the idea of it too.” he smiled

“So where are we going?” You changed the subject. He didn’t seem to mind as he answered,

“I thought I’d take you on a grand fucking tour. A thank you would be nice.”

You rolled your eyes in response.

After touring the entire compound filled with dorm halls, a gorgeous garden, kitchen, and a variety of workplaces, you finished at Negan’s bedroom.

“And this is where you’ll be staying, also known as my room. Don’t fucking touch anything unless you ask me first.” He spread his arms out towards the room. You stepped in and ducked underneath Negan’s long arm. The room started off as an office, with a desk filled with papers, a bookcase, leather couch and a door that seemed to lead into his bedroom. You could see a large bed with gray covers. Walking into the bedroom, you gazed in awe at the nice setting. Beside the large bed was a coffee table and a woven black couch it laid beneath yellow-lit lanterns next to a large window. Wanting to piss off Negan, you jumped on the bed face first.

“It’s so pretty and comfortable!” you said rolling over and spreading out on the bed.

“What the fuck did I just say?”  Negan stepped into the bedroom glaring at you. You giggled rolling onto your side.

“I’m not going to fucking lie though sweetheart, the view of you on my bed is quite a fucking sight.” he said in a low tone. You sat up on your knees and looked at him, some hair falling into your face. He slowly stepped towards you, almost as if he was seeking your approval. As he got closer, he brushed the hair out of your face and tucked in behind your ear. You gazed up at him, mesmerized by his features. He stared into you, his eyes grew dark. You knew what was going to happen so you spoke,

“I want to get to know you,” you said softly. He smirked, still extremely close to your face.

“I’m an open book darlin’”

“I don’t buy it. There’s more, I know there is and since we’ll be spending a lot of time together, I’m going to get to know you. Not the leader Negan, but the Negan you are when you’re alone.” You leaned in nearly closing the space between the two of you.

“And until then, no sex. Get one of your wives for that.” you smirked before falling back onto the bed, brushing your hand against the bulge in his pants. He laughed to himself.

“You’re quite the fucking tease darlin’. We’ll see about your little plan.”

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simon: *spends seven years following baz’s every movement*
simon: *describes the color of baz’s eyes with metaphors*
simon: *actually disobeys rules and does things that could get him in trouble just to wander around uselessly looking for baz for weeks*
simon: *stammers a lot when seeing baz after two months of looking for him*
simon: *gets distracted by baz in jeans*
simon: *kisses baz*
baz: do u like boys
simon: Who Knows Lmao

We associate civil disobedience with grand protest movements. But it is quite simply the active and non-violent refusal of rules and norms that are unjust. And so I am here to say that when the rules create inequality, disobey the rules.
Matter of perspective

Not to say I’m in favor of Negan buuutttt:

Rick about the prisoners: Wanted to kill them all. Spared Oscar and Axel but pushed to exile them.

Rick about Woodbury: While Woodbury did kidnap Glenn and Maggie, Rick pushed the group to kill them all because war was inevitable.

Rick about Terminus: Yes they’re cannibals but Rick pushed to kill them all, even though the group didn’t want to. When Gareth begged for mercy, he told him to fuck off and slammed a machete in his neck.

Rick about Grady: His first and only plan was to kill all the police officers, leaving the patients defenseless. Shot Officer Lamson in cold blood.

Rick about Alexandria (initially): Planned to take over the camp if the Alexandrians couldn’t protect themselves. Deliberately disobeyed the rules, instigated a fight with the lead doctor, and pointed a gun at Deanna and the community.

Rick about the Saviors: Convinced the group to strike first since the Saviors were going to be a future threat.

NOW, what about Negan?

Negan about Rick’s group: Despite losing several Saviors, he decides to spare most of the group as long as they swear fealty to him. Also, while he does kill two people and takes one of their own, in comparison, Negan has shown far more mercy than Rick has.

If it was Rick with the baseball bat, he would’ve just killed them all. In fact, Rick was in Negan’s position when it came to Terminus and he showed no mercy. Makes you wonder how different the story would be if it were told from Negan’s perspective.

Okot, Bikol Spirit of the Chase and the Forest

“A type of good spirit, duende, that spoke through whistling.” - Blumentritt’s Diccionario mitologico de Filipinas

“… in the forest where I came from there is also a god called Ocot, the god of chase… I know several people in the forest whom I know turned to stone for disobeying the rules of the god.”  - from “Nahaponan”, Philippine Folk Literature - The Myths Compiled and Edited by Damiana L. Eugenio, p. 181

  • Wilde: Hey, Chief Bogo... can I date Judy?
  • Bogo: I'm torn, Wilde, between being flattered you asked for my permission on something and being baffled you asked for my permission on... this.
  • Wilde: Can I or can't I?
  • Bogo: I would suggest that asking HER that would give you a more accurate answer.
  • Wilde: Well, I'm gonna, it's just that I don't want to get in trouble for even asking.
  • Bogo: Why on earth would I care if you two dated?
  • Wilde: Because you're our boss and we work together and...
  • Bogo: Do you solve the cases I assign you?
  • Wilde: Of course we do.
  • Bogo: Do you deliberately disobey my perfectly clear rules and cause massive collateral damage in the process?
  • Wilde: Well... not LATELY.
  • Bogo: Then anything else is fine by me, Wilde.
  • Wilde: Really?
  • Bogo: You seem surprised.
  • Wilde: It's just you always seem like such a hardass.
  • Bogo: Only where it MATTERS.
  • Wilde: Is that why Clawhauser never gets in trouble?
  • Bogo: Well, aren't you the observant one.
  • Wilde: That sounded like sarcasm.
  • Bogo: It was, and maybe, if you squint VERY hard, you can figure out why.
  • Wilde: Wait... are you and Clawhauser dating?
  • Bogo: What do you think?
  • Wilde: I think... it was very silly for me to ask you permission to date Judy.
  • Bogo: Precisely. And Wilde?
  • Wilde: Yes?
  • Bogo: Ask her permission, that's a very important step.
  • Wilde: I know, I know, I'm gonna!
Just Sorry? (Chapter 1/??)(M)

Summary: The Seven Boys throw a party to welcome back Jackson and Jaebum to the Mansion. You decide to tease both boys by flirting with their guests but neither of them are too please. 

Warning: Smut ahead, Daddy Kink, Rough Sex, Explicit Language, Threesome later on.

Word Count: 3297

Author’s Note: First time writing in a while so I have no idea how this will go. Hopefully you all will enjoy it. If you are uncomfortable with smut then please skip because following chapters will include it. 

If there was one thing about the Seven Boys one shouldn’t do; it would be to disobey them. That was rule number one you learned when you entered the house nearly two years ago. You were one out of four women selected to live with the boys. The job was simple. Spend time and develop strong relationships with them. However, you never would have guessed some of those relationships had sexual acts included. You didn’t mind though, each of the men were different and each of them cared about you differently as well. Youngjae, Yugyeom  and Bambam were like your best friends. You hung out with them more than you did with the other girls in the mansion. You knew the girls were jealous of your close connection but it wasn’t your concern.

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The Stars In His Eyes Resembled Mine || Hoshi

Word Count: 2386 words

Genre: Fluff, Angst??, Best Friend!AU

Summary: She was supposed to go to a temple to wait for her family. When she decided to stay long enough, a big, familiar pheonix disobeys the rule of conduct to go visit her before the winter season ends. She remembers his eyes and the memories they brought her when in childhood.

A/N: I changed this plot hence, this is very last minute! So sorry to those who waited… :( This is quite alright, I guess so.

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I looked up, the last bits of snow that came falling down were the fading signs that Christmas was all over. I felt a pang in my heart whenever I thought of it that way, refusing to accept the fact that after the twenty-fifth of December, life and the real world needed to take over. Something in my head ached as I got off the red bus, only to see the big, cherry red building towering over the tiny ants that walked in. I sighed, shaking my head in denial as I initially took a step on the steps. I closed my eyes, letting the stench of ash and joysticks burning to a crisp waft towards me like a thick blanket. I smiled, finding that comforting somehow as I placed my hands in my pockets.

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Fred Weasley x Reader: Focus (Part 1)

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Warnings: N/A

Minerva McGonagall reminded Fred Weasley way too much of his mother – they both had the same pursed lips when he disobeyed the rules and would have his knickers on a flagpole if he continued to get poor marks. Therefore, he wasn’t that surprised when Professor McGonagall assigned him to be paired with one of the most apt transfiguration students he knew: Y/N Y/L/N.

She was definitely skilled, her large y/e/c eyes focused on McGonagall during her lectures, and her wand whipping objects into different forms with ease. Professor McGonagall praised Y/N many times in front of the class, but Fred and George never really paid much attention as it was. They were usually bent over a Zonko’s catalog or brainstorming ideas for their trickery. However, their fun was foiled when McGonagall made a prime announcement one morning.

“As it is your fourth year of midterms at Hogwarts, I suggest that you take these exams very seriously and study for them with intention, seeing as next year you will be performing for your OWLS.” She proclaimed. “Seeing as this is the case, I will be partnering you for both your exam and these weeks prior. When I call your name, please take a seat.”

The list was lengthy, and the twins had a short attention span, so it wasn’t long until they were extremely unfocused. They hadn’t considered the possibility that they wouldn’t be paired together. Y/N, however, clutched her textbook to her chest, swishing her y/h/c hair out of her face and listening keenly. Most of her friends were either below or above her grade, so she didn’t have many acquaintances in this particular class. This made her uncomfortable. The thought of having to introduce herself to someone made her hands tremble and her face glow pink. She flushed even brighter at the thought of being paired with her crush – Fred Weasley. While she enjoyed watching him pull his tricks from afar, the idea of working in close proximity with him for several weeks – therefore the idea of making small talk with him every day for several weeks – made her want to be sick.

However, with her spectacles low on her slim nose and a tight smirk, Professor McGonagall set her plan to improve Fred Weasley’s grades in action. She unfurled the parchment scroll further, and looked Y/N right in the eyes. Y/N’s heart stopped in anticipation. Professor McGonagall scanned over to Fred, who was staring absentmindedly at a bee buzzing through the classroom. She cleared her throat.

“Y/L/N and Weasley – Frederick – find a seat.” She declared, and after pairing George with another student, she rolled up her scroll.

Y/N squeezed her eyes shut and tried to breathe as her heart rate went from dead still to a wriggling caterpillar. Fred snapped to attention and furrowed his eyebrows. He had always been paired with George, and now he was paired with – what was her name? He wasn’t even sure he could pick her out of the crowd. This was most certainly a trap, a trick to get him to behave and follow the rules. Seeing as Fred wasn’t moving, Y/N took her place at a table and set her materials on its surface, folding her hands in her lap politely. George left to go sit with his partner, letting out a low and strangled groan, and Fred still hadn’t moved an inch.

“Mr. Weasley, I do believe you heard me call out your name.” Professor McGonagall said, lowering her head to make eye contact with the perplexed boy.

He opened his mouth to protest, but in utter confusion said nothing and took his respective seat. McGonagall was overly pleased with herself. She began into the day’s directions while Y/N opened her notebook and began flipping through it, her chin poised on her open palm. She scanned the pages with a sort of focused intensity, and Fred figured she was going over some notes. McGonagall finished her instructions, and with a flick of her wand, set a jar of fruitflies on each table. Their task was to turn them into pieces of hard candy.

Fred began scanning his textbook for instructions, when his eye was caught by something far more interesting. Y/N had vivid, intensely detailed drawings in her notebook, sketched in ink and some colored with bright markers. He had never seen anything like them – the closest he could think of being stained glass windows in some of the prohibited bathrooms at the school. Fred was at once intrigued.

“Blimey, those are wicked!” He said, poking his freckled face over her shoulder and his freckled nose into her business.

Y/N hadn’t noticed his prying and was at once scarlet in the face when she saw that he noticed her artwork. She snapped the book closed, and pulled her chair away, giving him a shrewd look. He sat back in his seat, staring at her.

“I’m Fred. Fred Weasley.” He said, with a nod.

“I know.” She said, an irritated look on her face.

She at once folded her arms as a barrier. Her last partner had slept through most of the class, allowing her to doodle without anyone snooping. She was sure that McGonagall knew, but seeing how transfiguration came naturally to Y/N, she didn’t mind at all. However, NOW she had someone poking his nose into her private works, not just someone, but the boy who had fueled most of her inspiration. Y/N pulled the sketchbook under her arms, scowling. She wouldn’t let him in to mock her. Fred was scowling too.

“And you are…?” He replied, annoyed.

“I am willing to do all of the work if you want to go faffing around with your brother.” Y/N replied, flatly.

Fred cocked an eyebrow. He felt challenged by Y/N, and he… sort of liked it. He never paid much attention to the shy girl in the front, glued to a bit of parchment or novel, but now he was intrigued by the y/h/c spitfire that sat beside him. A cheeky grin carved into his face.

“Now if I let you do that, then how would I learn?” He inquired, scooting his chair closer to hers. “And I meant your name, love.”

Y/N blew a lock of hair out of her face, and turned to look at him, her nose centimeters from his. She tried not to concentrate on the smell of sage and aftershave that made her heart flutter like a moth over light.

“Y/N Y/L/N.” She replied, indignantly.

She snatched her wand, instructed him on the pronunciation of the spell and the manner in which his wand was to be waived, and folded her arm once more. With a few failed attempts, she could see that Fred was getting fussy and irritated.

“Now, now, you’ve got too much of a sharp edge on it. Let your wand float through the air.” She said, grabbing his wrist and showing him the motion once more.

Fred was yet again, confused. Not at the spell. His eyes glued to Y/N when she was assisting him, and he suddenly noticed her. He noticed everything about her at once; the way she squinted slightly when she focused, how her hair shaped her face and landed where it pleased, and the way her cheeks were dusted a blush pink when their skin made contact. He wanted to see her, not necessarily her body but her mind, where her drawings came from, where her brilliance rested. He was too entranced with her that when she pulled her hand away, he was still staring. Y/N paused, and flicked him on the forehead.

“Ouch.” He said, snapping back into reality.

“You really don’t pay attention.” She said, sighing. “Try it again.”

He thought of the way her hands gracefully moved his and how her voice was calm yet sturdy when she spoke the words. With a quiet snap! one of the flies had turned into a butterscotch candy. He grinned wickedly, repeating the spell over and over, watching the whole jar turn into sweets one would find at Honeydukes. He knew that it was not focus that allowed him to complete the task, but the thought of her soft skin touching his. Just as he turned to speak with her once more, he was faced with nothing but an empty seat. The classroom was vacant, and she had sashayed away.

The notebook however, had stayed put.

How to Be a Heartbreaker

inspired by the song “how to be a heartbreaker” by marina and the diamonds.

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Words: 1,331

A/N: hello im still v new to this writing thing so bear with me while i try to improve but i hope you enjoy!! also i just had to repost this bc i had to fix something so here u go again

Rule number one is that you gotta have fun. But baby when you’re done, you gotta be the first to run.

You never disobeyed rule number one. No matter who you were with, no matter where you were, or what the time was, you would leave as soon as you’ve had your fun. Even if your fling of the night would plead on their knees for you to stay; your answer was continuously no. It was something you had always done: Fuck and leave. Simple as that. And tonight would be no different. You were on the prowl at one of your favorite night clubs, waiting. You preferred to stay seated at the bar, not go on the dance floor. There was no need to put yourself out there. Men and women would come crawling. Maybe it was the untouchable aura you gave off and the excitement of a challenge that reeled them in, but that didn’t mean you would bring home just anyone who approached you.

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Doctor Who - Attack on Titan Recast

Recast the Doctor Who characters with Attack on Titan characters and explanations too! Go!


10th Doctor (David Tennant) - Eren because they are both guaranteed to get the job done due to their sheer determination.

11th Doctor (Matt Smith) - Sasha because they both probably love weird food combos and I can 100% see them arguing over the last bowl of fish fingers and custard. Also both quirky and adorable.

12th Doctor (Peter Capaldi) - Levi because they’re both very down to earth and would rather get the job done and relax later with minimal messing around. Also both very capable of sassy comebacks.

Rose Tyler - Mikasa Ackerman because they’re both smart and observant and will disobey rules if they feel the need to but are otherwise obedient and hard working.

Martha Jones - Armin because both are smart and logical and are fairly capable by themselves until faced with immediate danger.

Donna Noble - Connie because I can’t imagine either of them being very capable by them selves and they probably need the company of others to keep them sane.

Amy Pond - Jean because they are both slightly gobby and will express their opinion but will listen and obey when they need to.

Rory Williams - Marco because neither are always 100% sure on what’s going on at times but can be useful when needed. Also both are probably really good at cheering people up because let’s face it Marco’s a little ray of sunshine!

Clara Oswald - Probably Hanji because both are fairly smart and confident but are kinda crazy and wacky at the same time. Both can be loud as well when necessary.


AN: Hey hope this ones okay! Thanks for the request I really enjoyed writing it!! :)

Open McPricely RP

//If you are an Elder McKinley RP’er and would like to take part in this roleplay, please feel free to reblog with a reply or send a reply in a message/ask.\

As the sun peeked through the small curtains that framed the windows in Kevin and Arnold’s tiny bedroom his eyes fluttered open, feeling his body ache for more sleep. He sighed and sat up, his body as heavy as bricks and the need for coffee filled his being. After he had ‘accidentally’ downed twelve cups of coffee he felt he needed more, but of course didn’t oblige. While the other Elders in the Ugandan district had all agreed that it was okay to disobey some of the rules in the Book of Mormon, Kevin still felt coffee wasn’t very good for his system. So he had been straying away from the coffee stand and getting over the caffeine withdraw he had been experiencing for a few days.

As his mind came back around he knew he had to get up, so he sighed and placed both feet on the ground, stretching his arms and yawning. Turning around he noticed Arnold had already left the room, presumably to watch the sunrise with Nabulungi like they did every morning. Sighing, the blond haired Elder stood up and made his way to the door where he had hung his clothes. Slipping on his shirt and pants he thought of what he was going to do that day. Perhaps Bible verse studies with some of the newer Church members or something else. After he finished getting dressed and fixing his hair he rubbed his eyes and exited the small room.

The Mission Control Center was bustling with the different Elders chatting away as they snacked on different foods for breakfast. Kevin sighed and took a seat in the only empty place, which was next to Elder McKinley he rested his chin in one of his hands and gazed around the table, his eyes half-lidded with exhaustion. “Good morning, Elder.” He greeted, mainly to be polite. He didn’t necessarily want to begin a conversation with the other Elder.


It is about time I start sharing the whole Lavellan family! First, the parents.

Dhavihal Lavellan  ↦ 48 years old | One of the clan’s lead Hunters | Dual Blades | A sweetheart | Doesn’t know when to stop joking

Adhaleni Lavellan  ↦ 48 years old | Hunter | Warrior | Two Handed Greatsword | Noone disobeys the clan’s rules and the Gods’ will in her aravel | Disrespect her and she will hunt you down

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I've had my eating disorder for 3 years -.- even that's a lot shorter than you, I'm almost 16 😨 it's the worst when you feel so lost yet 'safe' in your eating disorder.

It honestly really is the worst. That’s the thing about eating disorders though, they create a false sense of safety and breaking out of it or disobeying it’s rules feels un-natural, harmful, difficult.. but actually it’s only through breaking out of the false sense of security, we can eventually become safe in a real fulfilling life without it. You can do this, you can recover and you can get better. Please don’t ever give up <3

OC-tober - Day 2: Kai Amon

Age: 17
Birthday: February 24th  ♓
Height: 6'0" | 182 cm
Universe/Story: Mark of the Spiral
👌: Reading, writing, swimming, keeping organized, rain, archaeology, peace and quiet, meditating, flowers, poetry, the sea, dabbling in sea witchcraft, complex puzzles and riddles

👎: stress, confrontation, disorder, untidy work spaces, having is quiet bubble disturbed, lying, disobeying rules, loud and sudden disruptions or noises, hiking or walking for long distances, not being able to find logical solutions to problems

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