La prima volta, sì, proprio quella hai capito
Ricordo che dopo stavo disteso, zitto, fumavo e guardavo il soffitto
Con gli occhi d'ombra all'angolo
Era la prima volta che ho visto dormire un angelo.

‘’Μας έχουν ρυθμίσει,ώστε να μην εμπιστευόμαστε τους εαυτούς μας,να μη γνωρίζουμε την απόλυτη αίσθηση,να μη νιώθουμε έντονα την εμπειρία της ζωής. Έχουμε ρυθμιστεί,ώστε να αποδεχόμαστε τον εξευτελισμό της μισθωτής εργασίας σαν αναπόφευκτο.Έχουμε ρυθμιστεί να αποδεικνύουμε πως είμαστε κάποιοι μέσα απο την εργασία και την παραγωγή.Έχουμε ρυθμιστεί να αποδεχόμαστε την ανία της πολιτισμένης επιβίωσης αντί της απόδρασης προς την πραγματική ζωή.Πρέπει να εξερευνήσουμε τρόπους για να διαλύσουμε αυτές τις ρυθμίσεις,να απελευθερωθούμε απο την πολιτισμική εξημέρωση.Κατά ένα πολύ γενικό τρόπο ξέρουμε τι θέλουμε: να ζήσουμε σαν άγρια και ελεύθερα πλάσματα σε έναν άγριο και ελεύθερο κόσμο’’

Many people stop believing after facing trials and hard times, this is when they question “If Allah loved me why is he doing this to me?” But most of us face so much struggles because we stand firm to our deen. Because:

The Prophet Muhammad SAW said: “If Allah wants to do good to somebody, He afflicts him with trials.”

Allah says in a Hadith Qudsi;
“O son of Adam, I do not forget the person who disobeys Me, so how can I forget someone who obeys Me?”

We was so far from Allah, yet to us Allah was always so close. Allah did not forget, yet we did. We were lost in the depths of our own sins, with closed eyes to all the signs put in our way, Allah did not forget. Yet, the we walked everyday in the dark, further away from Allah. Allah did not forget. Allah brought us to the straight path, despite what we did.

Allah did not forget. Every time you bowed your head before your Lord, he did not forget. Every time tears rolled down your face before him, Allah did not forget. Every time your mind shut off, Allah did not forget. Every time you BREATHED, Allah did not forget. Every time YOU forgot, ALLAH did not forget!

Turn to Allah. Before you return to Allah.

May Allah remind us, when we forget. Ameen.