“Are they going to live happily ever after, mama?”

“Of course, my dear. Of course.”


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Magic Kingdom by Ryan


Missing at Sea - The Disappearance of Rebecca Coriam

24-year-old Rebecca Coriam’s dream finally came true in 2010 when she beat hundreds of applicants and got the job on the Disney cruise ship, “Disney Wonder.” It was a much sought after job and Rebecca was perfect for the role - she was outgoing, bubbly, and could connect with children. After being hired, Rebecca travelled to Florida to train for the job at Disney World. Rebecca spent four months at sea in the Bahamas before going home for two months. Afterwards, she returned to America to work on the Disney Wonder which was sailing from Los Angeles to Mexico. The 1,000 foot ship could accommodate 2,400 passengers in 875 staterooms plus 1,000 crew members.

On the 22nd of March, 2011, Rebecca’s parents’ received an alarming phone call from Rebecca’s colleague. Rebecca hadn’t turned up for her shift that morning. When a colleague went to her bedroom, she wasn’t there nor did she respond to her name being called from the public address system. A crew member decided to trawl the cctv footage from the past 24 hours. At 5:45am, Rebecca was spotted speaking on the phone in the crew area. She appears to be distraught. A young man approaches her and asks if she is okay to which she replies: “Yeah, fine,” before walking away. This is the last ever sighting of Rebecca. Later, people would suspect that maybe Rebecca had been a victim of sexual assault. In the video she is clearly distraught and is wearing men’s clothing. She was in the vicinity of the medical centre which was situated on the same deck.

After it became evident that Rebecca was certainly missing, the U.S. coastguard was notified as well as the FBI. As the search on the ocean was underway, Rebecca’s parents’ were en route to the Disney Wonder. The Bahamian police would announce to Rebecca’s parents’ that they believed she had been washed overboard by a large wave and that foul play wasn’t suspected. After just a day of investigation, police were satisfied with this explanation. They questioned some crew members but never bothered to question any passengers. Police even gave her parents’ a flip flop that they claimed was Rebecca’s. It had been found at the edge of Deck 5, where she was supposedly washed overboard. However, the flip flop had someone else’s signature and cabin number. It didn’t belong to Rebecca at all.

After Rebecca’s parents’ went back to Britain, they discovered that somebody had been using Rebecca’s bank card. Another glimmer of hope that she was still alive came in September, when somebody changed her password on Facebook. They decided to investigate further and uncovered a crew member on the ship had said “Disney knows exactly what happened. That phone called she had? It was taped. Everything here is taped.” Many, including Rebecca’s family, believe that Disney knew exactly what happened to Rebecca but are covering up to save face and to protect their brand. To this day, Rebecca is still listed as being missing at sea.


I found a goldmine of my old VHS rough animation tapes in my attic! This is the last scene I animated at #Disney (until Bro Bear). It’s #mushu from the Drawn To Animation attraction that played for over ten years in #Disneyworld, #californiaadventure and #disneyparis

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Explaining Isengard vs Mordor


  • evil
  • smaller than Mordor
  • less famous than Mordor
  • Mordor for people who can’t get into the real Mordor
  • Second thing you think of when someone says “Evil vacation spot”
  • in west


  • evil
  • bigger than Isengard
  • more famous than Isengard, has attractions everyone knows by name 
  • everyone (who’s evil) wants to go here
  • first thing you think when someone says “evil vacation spot”
  • in East

so basically

Isengard is Evil Disney Land,
 Mordor is Evil Disney World