Can we just

Can we just talk about Mulan for a minute. She saved her dad, like literally saved him and the rest of China from the Huns. She left her home regardless of the restrictions put on her societally and the values imprinted in women’s brains but she overcame them because of family love. She even consciously denounced her honor, which was a prominent feature. Then she not only took her fathers place in battle but went farther by gaining respect, friendship, ranks, and finally her own honor. She didn’t leave for a man, she didn’t leave because she had the skills, she left for fucking righteousness, even though I’m sure she was aware of her mortality in battle, probably even thought she was marching to her death! I don’t care what anyone says, Mulan is THE badass of all Disney characters.

I will be…
Your Cinderella who makes you believe that dreams come true. Your Mulan who in your honor will fight for you.
Your Snow White who you’ll believe is the fairest everyday. Your Rapunzel who is waiting for you to take me away.
Your Jasmine who has hair that’s gorgeous and long. Your Ariel who can sing you a beautiful song.
Your Alice who is adventurous and curious at heart. Your Jane who is talented when it comes to art.
Your Aurora who is happy to wake up to your kiss. Your Giselle who will give you a life of endless bliss.
Your Merida who is unique and brave. Your Tiana who can cook you the food that you crave.
Your Pocahontas that doesn’t care about the color of your skin.Your Belle who loves you for you are within. #originalpoembyme#disney#disneywomen#love#poetry (Taken with Instagram)

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