22 October: Esmeralda
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996)

People hold a stereotyped image of you based on the role you play in society instead of seeing you for who you really are. Outspoken, you won’t tolerate discrimination against others or yourself. You are compassionate, spirited person who can endure repeated hardships and still keep fighting. Mysterious and defiant, you capture the attention of everyone around you, and they readily listen to your message.

Esmeralda bestows the gifts of bravery, empathy, and humour. She will guide you in making ethical decisions and teach you whom you can trust.

Keys to your success: Using your magical powers to defeat injustice.

27 October: Little Green Aliens
Toy Story (1995)

You form strong attachments to people, especially those who have gone out of their way to help you. You imagine a better world and hope to transcend to a higher place where you will know pure joy. Considerate and socially orientated, you are just as elated for the successes of others as you are for your own. New experiences impress and excite you, making every day an intergalactic adventure.

Little Green Aliens bring you spontaneity, devotion, and curiosity. Call on them when you need and out-of-this-world experience.

Keys to your success: Choosing the destiny that thrills you the most.

13 November: Peach
Finding Nemo (2003)

You are keenly aware of your environment. Exciting and unusual happenings spark your interest, and you share what you discover with friends. Insightful and focused, you acquire knowledge just by watching people. You’re sympathetic to the moods and needs of those close to you and comfort them when they feel lost or scared. Your wit helps you make the best out of any situation and lifts the spirits of those around you.

Peach brings the gifts of honesty, individuality, and compassion. Ask her for guidance when your circumstances require perfect timing.

Keys to your success: Keeping your mind active.